Thursday, March 25, 2021



About a month ago I was eating dinner and there was something hard in my food. The bite of food just so happened to hit right on the only crown I currently had in my mouth and it hurt so bad. SO BAD, YOU GUYS.

I thought that the pain would go away, and it did for a bit, but it came back and was persistent enough that I decided not to be stupid (like I was in 2006) and go ahead and go to the dentist in case I had cracked a tooth or something. Why? Because the last time I ignored a dental problem, for 2 years, I ended up getting a root canal which was horrible and which was the beginning of the shit year that was 2008. Granted, most of my problems that year were not because of my root canal, but the association is embedded in my head. 

SO...I go to the dentist and they tell me I have an infection (sorry if that's gross. It's not a, you know, festering mess, just a painful tooth) in my jaw and that I'd need to go see an endodontist and have it looked at. Why? WHY? Because it was the same effing tooth that had been root canal-ed and they might have to do something called a reversal, or maybe a retrieval, which means redoing the root canal. Why? I DON'T KNOW! Because my stupid tooth wasn't done giving me shit, I guess. 

Apparently it's just been waiting, watching, and biding it's time again. I've apologized to the tooth! I told it I was sorry for not taking it seriously back in the day. I've taken care of it, cleaned it, flossed it, given it fluoride, but for all intents and purposes, it has held a grudge this whole time!

So I go see the endodonist today, and yep, they are going to have to redo the root canal. They took pictures of my jaw bone and there the little pocket of misery was. Why did it happen? No one can explain it. All they can tell me is that they are going to have to drill into my mouth hole until they reach it and can fill it full of...cement...or whatever it is that they do. I told them I'd need nitrous or something, because I couldn't stand the idea of people leaning over me and breathing on my face, and so they agreed to that.

The kicker is that I have to wait until May before I can have it done, so my jaw is going to get worse before it can get better. They did say that if it gets very painful I can call them and hopefully get a sooner appointment for them to do horrible, yet helpful, things in my skull. I am so mad, I could spit.

The silver lining (and I'm determined to have one) is that they didn't mention maybe having to pull my tooth. I was scared of that. I mean, I don't have a lot going for me in the looks department, and I really hoped that being snaggletoothed will not be yet another strike against me in that category. Let's hope that the month and change I'm going to have to wait will not make an extraction necessary.

SIGH. OK, I think I may have ranted enough for today. I just needed to get that out of my system. Keep your fingers crossed that I get this done and this damn molar of mine will finally be content to just chew and allow me to smile with all the teeth I have. :)

Oh, and PS: Possible bad weather tonight. If anything happens to me remember that I like you a great deal. AVENGE ME!

Monday, February 22, 2021


 1) Well, shit, y'all.

On Saturday I got a text from the woman I work for at the cyber security office saying she was giving me a heads up because she was sending me an email with some bad news. She was very nice about it and apologized for telling me this on a weekend, but what it all boiled down to when I got the email was that the company had suddenly, and unexpectedly, lost the contract support she had built up. Because of that, she would have to lay me off.

She was quick to mention that it didn't have anything to do with me or my work, or anything like that, but it was just a bad situation business-wise. I totally understand that. One thing I've learned is that working for the government is like a particular boyfriend I had when I was a teenager. They slobber all over your face, promise you the world, tell you how much they like you, and then one day you find out that they've broken up with you and didn't bother to mention it, and they already have a new girlfriend. (Am I still bitter? Yes. He was a damn fine kisser and it sucked to be dumped without being told. My heart was BROKEN! Heehee.)

I wasn't angry, of course, but I couldn't help but feel disappointed. I know it was only my job one day a week for now, but I'd thought that it would turn out to be a real, long term job in the long run. As per usual, I counted my chickens before they hatched. I won't lie, I had a few hours of feeling a bit sorry for myself, but ultimately I realized I worked as hard and as well as I could, and you really can't ask more of yourself than that. Also, I'm very lucky to still have the job at church, and I'm still doing freelance graphic design, so it isn't like it was my only way of making money. I still have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing with my life, so who knows where I'll be next.

I think feel worse for the woman I worked for, because this company is her dream. She worked so hard to get it to the level that it was at before the dominoes began to fall. I mean it, she was working so much, so late, and running a non profit on the side, and raising her kids and it sucks that this has happened. Thankfully the company still exists, on a much reduced scale, but she hasn't lost it completely. I have all the faith in the world that she will build it back up and hopefully it will become more successful than ever. She's a hip, and very smart, lady. 

Maybe I'll become a welder. 

2)  I had a birthday! Another one! I'm (physically) 43 years old now and it was a really nice birthday. I got to have lunch with my mom, sister, and oldest nephew the Friday before, which was fun, and on the actual day I was at church. Lots of people remembered my birthday, which I though was sweet. It was a low key day, but the people who mattered most to me were a part of it one way or another. Got a great video card, someone at church gave me a cake, Steve gave me some funny gifts, and my mom called and sang to me first thing! 

It was a good day. It's nice when people are glad you're still alive! 

3) I know you'll be shocked to know that things have been quiet here. I wish I had more exciting things to write about. We got some snow, which was fun. Not everyone likes snow, but I like southern snow. It shows up, makes a fuss, and fucks off. There is none of that staying around that other parts of the country have to deal with. It got cold, but that only lasted about three days. It was actually warm here this morning, which - as nice as it is - doesn't bode well for tornado season. It rained like crazy last night, but the sun is out now. know, it's February. 

4) I've literally been sitting here trying to think of other, interesting, things to talk about and I don't have anything else. Maybe I'll be drafted to play for the Falcons or something soon so that I'll have some fun news. I hope so. There's been enough misery to last a few years. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


 1) Y'all, a homeless man has set up camp in one of the church doorways. 

The pastor noticed that someone was sleeping out in our breezeway yesterday morning. We have this gap between the buildings where our mailbox is, and the entrance to the building from there is a small covered area that has a security camera trained on it. We have had people sleep there before, and we generally don't bother them, especially if it is a woman, because we know they are probably looking for a safe space for the night. They tend to move on after they notice people moving around in the church. 

I may have screwed up, though. When the guy, a very slight, young looking man with prison tats all over his face, woke up, I knocked on the door and spoke briefly to him. He thought he was going to get yelled at, but I told him it was fine. I meant that I wasn't running him off right then, but I think he took it to mean that he could now live here or something. When I came in today, his stuff was scattered out in the doorway again. On days like today, when I'm here alone, I don't particularly care for having a strange man right outside the doorway where I can't see him, especially when I have to go out there as part of my job. I don't think that being homeless makes a person bad or anything like that, but because this guy is an unknown element, I don't know if he's someone I should be worried about or not.

I am torn for wanting this person to feel safe and for wanting myself to feel safe. If I was homeless, I'd want someone to have compassion on me, but I know we can't have this guy living in our doorway. I don't know what to do.

2) OK, I know you're going to think I'm crazy. Maybe I am crazy. However, I'm going to tell you this because it 100% happened, and if I am crazy, you can at least know where I started to lose it.

Yesterday afternoon, I was the only person left in the building. Our homeless friend had walked off of the property and according to all of our security cameras, there were no other people around. I was killing time, watching YouTube videos, and waiting for it to be 3:00 so I could go home.

I heard a child shriek out in the lobby of the church, which is just outside my office. It wasn't a scary sound, really. It was the kind of sound a little kid makes when they are either playing or just about to get mad. I wasn't even startled at first, because when little kids are around, it's a sound I've heard a thousand times here. Only thing was, there were no children here. It was loud enough that I looked up to see what was going on before I remembered I was alone. I stood up and looked out into the breezeway, just in case the homeless guy had a family we didn't know about, but no one was there. I looked outside, in case the family next door, which has kids, were playing in our parking lot. There was no one there.

Y'all, I don't know if you've ever experienced hearing a sound that has no reason to be heard, but part of my skin that normally doesn't crawl, crawled. My heart was telling me to GTFO of the building as fast as I could, but my brain was telling me that I should grab my bat and go check out the strange noise. I don't know what I was going to do with my bat, bludgeon a child to death, I suppose, but thankfully I listened to my heart this time. Before I left, I paused long enough to shout into the void of the empty church (you know, just in case a small child sneaked in through a vent or something. Kids can do that, right?) and ask if anyone was there, but I didn't get an answer. I was so unnerved that I was even afraid to turn off the light, but I did manage to do that much. I ran out to the car and locked myself in that, because as you know, ghosts can't get inside locked cars (allegedly...hehe) and went home early.

I'm sure there is a good reason for what I heard. Probably even a rational reason. Until I know for sure, I don't think I'm going to be comfortable alone in this building for a while.

If it is a ghost, do you know anyone I could call? 

3) I've picked up my crocheting again for the first time in almost two years! I don't know why I stopped, but I have so many different interests that when I put one down to try another one, sometimes it takes a while to pick things back up!

I don't know what made me grab my hooks again, but I sat down one night with a, mostly used, roll of yarn to make a dish cloth, and I just kept on making dish cloth sized squares! I don't know if I'll keep up with this long enough to make a whole afghan's worth of squares or not, but we'll see. To date, I've still only managed to make one entire afghan, and that was a labor of love and endurance. I was determined to finish that one because I'd set a goal and knew where the end product was going. Right now, I'm just chugging along to see where I get to on this one. 

If it ends up as a blanket, it's not going to be very pretty, but it doesn't have to be pretty to be warm!

(That philosophy applies to humans as well. Just FYI.)

Tuesday, January 05, 2021


I had some time today to go back and read the blog entries that I've written throughout last year, and this last entry, I realized that I basically wrote the same things, over and over and over!

Y'all, I know I have a terrible memory, but I genuinely had no idea that I had the same thoughts so often and that I'd write about them as if they were just occurring to me!

I blame the COVID. Oh, and 2020. It was Groundhog Day for an entire year!

Yes. That is what I will blame. Not my terrible memory and lack of things to talk about.

I'll try and do better, I promise!


Monday, January 04, 2021


 1) Happy new year, y'all!  

Did you guys celebrate in an appropriate manner like I did?  You know, a giant party, swapping drinks, and tongue kissing strangers at the stroke of midnight?  Hehe.  You know, just like every year!

OK, please don't call the police, I'm kidding. I had to work until noon on NYE, and then Steve and I met Anthony at the big park downtown and we walked around for a while. We grabbed dinner and then fell asleep asleep well before midnight.

Steve and I did, at least. Regardless of what some people think, Anthony wasn't involved in that part!

January 1st was an oddly disjointed kind of day for me, though. I tried to get in touch with people to say Happy New Year, as per usual, but I couldn't connect with some of them. It made the day feel kind of weird and incomplete. I didn't even get a new years kiss till way later in the day! Steve and I set about trying to clean out our pantry, but only managed half of it before we ran out of garbage space! He and I also didn't have the requisite black eyed peas, but we improvised by finding a plethora (... I just would like to know if you know what a plethora is. I would not like to think that a person would tell someone he has a plethora, and then find out that that person has *no idea* what it means to have a plethora.) of random beans and peas in the afore mentioned pantry. We invented a soup that turned out pretty good, but was too big for our soup pot! It had hot Italian sausage, every bean and pea we could fit in it, barley, and cabbage. Sounds pretty gross when I write it out, but it was a version of a real soup recipe we already had, and we liked it! I hope it checked whatever boxes that superstitious new year food might need to be checked. 

I picked up a crochet hook for the first time in about two years and made plain squares while we watched football games. It was a weird, yet cozy, day.

I hope you had a nice New Year's Day, too!

2) January is always an odd month for me. 

I admitted this elsewhere, but every single January I have this little voice in my head that whispers that someone I love has resolved to cut me out of their lives for good. I suppose that speaks volumes about my current self esteem, doesn't it? I constantly feel like I'm someone's bad habit! Haha! Even worse is that, as adults, people can choose at any time that they don't need you. They don't have to make a new years resolution. I know this. I don't know why that feeling always creeps around the new year, but it happens every year, and every year I pray fervently that it isn't true. I spend the entire month feeling on edge, waiting to see who is still talking to me by February. Anxiety is weird like that, though. Weird and irrational.  At least I hope it's irrational. 

You're still gonna love me forever, right? RIGHT?!

3) OK, I feel like I need to correct something I said in my last entry even though it's not really a big deal. It's been bugging me. 

In my attempt to explain our rather bland existence over the past few months, I think I might have implied that Steve and I had been keeping exclusively to the house for the duration of all the quarantine times. We have not. We should have, I know, but it didn't work out that way. I'm sorry if I made it sound like we'd been more conscientious that we actually were.

We've mostly stayed home, I guess you could say, but Steve has been exclusively working from home since early March and he did get the bug to get out of the house a few times, which meant some travel. Some of it was against my better judgement, I'll admit, but I won't lie and say I didn't go along. We were as careful as we could be under the circumstances, for what it's worth. I'm probably always going to feel like I had a hand in killing someone's grandmother, though, just because I have been someplace other than my house during 2020. 

It's hard, because literally no one else in my circle is the least worried about getting sick or getting other people sick. The main refrain is "You'll be fine. It'll be fine. Don't worry so much." I don't know what to do with that, so I just go along. Its easier not to argue. I always joke that Steve will have a COVID positive person just spit directly into my mouth at some point, so that I'll stop worrying, but let's hope that is something he resorts to down the line. WAY down the line!

4) I've found a version of "You Can Leave Your Hat On" that I might like better than Tom Jones' version. Its the one by Etta James, and a style of music I didn't know she made! Do yourself a favor and give it a listen. It's awesome!

5) You guys, I have jacked up my back big time and I don't even know what I did. I know I did something to it in August, but it's gotten much worse over the past month and change. I probably should have gone to the doctor way before now, but most doctors are very busy at the moment. 

I can't really do anything, exercise wise, without being in agony for two or three days afterward. I can't walk very far, can't run, can't even do Yoga. I'm fine if I sit or lie down, basically. I have gained so much weight and I hate it! I feel like I'm inside someone else's body. I also feel the need to apologize to people who have to look at me, and I'm terrified that I'm going to run into someone I haven't seen in a long time. I'm very embarrassed at myself at the moment, which is an icky feeling. I never knew how vain I was until now, I guess. LOOK AWAY! I'M A MONSTER! It's a good thing I have such a winning personality, right?! Heehee.

At some point I'm going to have to go see a doc about it, or I'll end up having to be moved around Hannibal Lechter-style everywhere I go, strapped to a moving dolly. At least I'll already be wearing a mask! :)  My dad had to have surgery on his spine, and they replaced some of his bone with cadaver donor bones. Maybe that will be what they do to me!

Go ahead and get the "Got a strangers bone inside you" jokes ready, if so. I'm going to want to hear all of them!  

6) This is a lot of randomness, so I'm going to stop here. I hope your 2021 is a hell of a lot better than last year was!

Oh, and I hope we're still friends in February!

Monday, December 21, 2020


 Hello there! I'm so glad you're still around.

This has been a weird year. What a time to be alive, am I right? Hehe!

I'm sorry that there hasn't been a lot to read about on my blog this year. I sat down to write here several times, but I just couldn't make myself be interesting. I wanted to write some stuff, because I like my little blog and I'm not ready to let it die just yet, but most of the time when I sat down to write, I didn't think I had anything good to say. There wasn't much I felt like writing about.

Plus, as I've mentioned several times, there just hasn't been that much going on. Steve is still working from home, and I've still been going into the offices. We buy groceries, wash our hands, watch TV, and eat. I worry about how much weight I have gained and how little exercise I actually do. Seriously, it's getting desperate! I miss my friends and I worry every time I'm with family that somehow I'm going to make them sick. It's been kind of a bummer for the past nine or ten months, and who wants to write (or read) about that?

But I'm still around, and good and virus free (so far!) I hope very much that things start to improve on a global scale very soon. I hope that the virus gets bitch-slapped, and people shut up about politics, and things can get back to a kind of normal in the days to come.

Also, I'm very thankful for you guys who still stop by to see what I'm doing. I just wanted to say hello, and merry Christmas, and that hope that the new year will bring you many happinesses and joys and the good kind of excitement! 

Let's hope that in the new year, we have a lot more exciting stuff to talk about!


PS: There is one more thing I need to say and it's very important.

For some reason the song "You Can Leave Your Hat On" has been circling my brain for the past little while (which means my OCD meds are probably not working correctly) and I have an issue.

First off, I learned about the song from "The Full Monty" soundtrack, where it is performed by Tom Jones. That is the version I love. I used to have the MP3 of that version before my old computer decided to shuffle off this mortal coil, and I didn't have a back-up of it. 

When I tried to go to Apple and buy it, there were a lot of versions of the song, but none of them were by Tom Jones. When I asked Alexa (shut up, I love her) to play it, she would only play the one by Joe Cocker. Cocker's version is not bad, but it doesn't hold a candle to the one by Tom Jones. 

Joe Cocker sounds like he's having fun singing a slightly risque song. Tom Jones sounds like he's trying to peel off your panties with his voice. I suppose you know which one I like the best.

Apparently you can't buy that version of the song for love or money anymore. Perhaps the incidences of spontaneous pregnancies due to Tom Jones' version of the song became overwhelming. I don't know, but I am bitter about this.

So if you come across that version of the song someplace other than YouTube and it doesn't cost an arm or a soul, let me know. I need it in my life.

That is all.

Saturday, October 31, 2020


 1) Up until last year, Steve had never carved a pumpkin for Halloween. 


Steve's childhood baffles me, because although he had loving, attentive parents and had a seemingly otherwise normal childhood, he didn't do a lot of things your average, non-Jehovah's Witness, kid would have done as a matter of course. Until we got married, he had never colored Easter eggs, never made a Jack-O-Lantern, and had never had a birthday party. None of this is relevant to what I'm going to talk about, but a tangent is a trip I always seem to take regardless of the direction I NEED to be going in. 


Last year he carved his first pumpkin and he seemed to enjoy it, so this year he went to a place and brought home two pumpkins so we could carve them to decorate the stoop.  Unfortunately, lack of time and waning interest in doing the carving left us two pumpkins sitting around the house. We moved them to the floor of the kitchen for a day or two to get them out of the way. Well, one of them started to mold. I didn't notice right away, because it started at the bottom, and it leaked pumpkin water (?) all over the floor and caused one two of our floorboards to warp a little. Gross and inconsiderate! So I took it outside and threw it against some rocks in our back garden to bust it open so that the critters could eat the seeds while they were stocking up for winter. No critter would touch it. I would watch squirrels and birds circle it, and none of them would go near it. 

For some reason this ticked me off. I threw a moldy, but still useful, pumpkin out there for them and they were not eating it! We have all kinds of small animals back there, and even some bigger ones that come around, and that stupid pumpkin was never touched.  Maybe they didn't want it because it was moldy or something, but still...

So I took the other, perfectly normal, non-moldy pumpkin that we had placed on our stoop to the back yard and cracked it open. No mold, full of seeds, and should have been delicious to any animal getting ready for winter, and yet, none of them will eat it! I literally watch animals walk over and look at it and then walk away!  Why do they not touch my autumn offerings? WHY?!

My only consolation is this: If I were to have woken up one morning to find a random bacon cheeseburger in my kitchen, would I eat it? Probably not. I would wonder where it came from, and maybe wonder if someone was trying to poison me with delicious foods. Maybe I'm not giving my back yard vermin enough credit. Maybe they are suspicious of the feast that suddenly appeared in their living space. Maybe they don't trust me. This makes me weirdly sad.

These are the kind of things that occupy me these days. Oy.

2) Y'all, I made a stupid, stupid, stupid impulse purchase the other day. 

In my defense, online shopping has made it WAY too easy to buy things when I'm tired, and when I'm tired, I don't make very good choices. Shopping while sleepy is how I ended up with two pairs of Pajama Jeans.

I already know that you are going to judge me and think I'm very dumb with money, and yes, obviously sometimes I can be, so judge away. I deserve it. I'm telling you this as a way to shame myself.

I bought a $49 dollar pineapple. It's not a fake pineapple that will last forever, but a real pineapple that we can eat.  Please don't disown me.

In my defense, it isn't a normal pineapple! It's a newly created and rare kind of pineapple that Del Monte has just put out for sale. I have this...thing...I guess you'd call it, about being able to taste interesting, new, different things! Usually, I never get a chance to do it, because whatever it is isn't sold where I can get my hands on whatever it is. There are fruits that I'll never get to try unless I backpack through South America, and dishes I'll never eat unless I decided to live in rural China. There are a million variety of apples I'll never taste because they can't be shipped! That isn't fair!!!!  So when I was reading about this pineapple, and saw there was a link to a fruit company that was selling them, I kind of lost my head.

It's called a Pinkglow Pineapple, which, now that I think about it, sounds like a kinky sex toy. 

OK, so pineapples usually contain lycopene, which is the same thing that makes tomatoes red, but a naturally occurring enzyme in the fruit usually converts the lycopene to beta carotene, which is yellow. This pineapple has been changed to contain less of the enzyme, so the fruit stays pink. It's supposed to taste a little different, be sweeter, and be pink. Probably for Instagram. I have no idea. This fruit takes years to grow and and is only just now available to be shipped. 

Look, I know none of this makes spending $49 dollars on a damn pineapple any better, but what is done is done. I have grounded myself from buying anything other than necessities for a while because this was indeed a stupid, frivolous purchase.

But...but... let's be real here, I'm probably still going to enjoy it, because right now, I'm going to take any chance for a new experience! If it takes a pink pineapple and some buyers remorse to do it, so be it. 

NOTE: We tried it last night. It was good! It was not $49 good, though. :)