Sunday, April 04, 2004


Well, at least saturday was. Now that it's over, I can safely say that I had a wonderful, wonderful day on saturday. Wrote a song about it, like to hear it? Here it go...

9am-1pm- I had to go to work, which wasn't all that fun, but I got all of my yucky repetitive work that had been building up out of the way. Mechele and I had to pack 180 program guides apiece, which doesn't sound all that bad until you have to do it, and I had to enter in a ton of program guide requests. I normally don't mind doing that, but when I stare at a spreadsheet too long I get cross eyed. It wasn't too busy phone wise, and I got a few good games of freecell done. The only truly sucky thing was that I had homework to do, and I didn't do it. I just felt it would have completely killed my buzz. Let's hope I can get it done tomorrow before I go to school.

1pm-3:00- Went shopping. Okay, it's official, I have a shopping addiction. Of course, I was going out to buy specific things so it wasn't a random drive by shopping. I was supposed to meet My-Favorite-Kenny-In-The-World, and I didn't have a thing to wear. I went to Lane Bryant, because that is usually the only place where I can find clothes that fit, but they didn't have what I was looking for. So I went into the GAP, which honestly I haven't shopped in in years, found what I wanted in what I hoped wasmy size, and crossed my fingers. To make a long story short, WOO-HOO! Not only WOO-HOO but I also looked darn cute. I also went to Target to run a small errand and then I went home to get ready for my lunch date.

4pm-6:45ish- Had lunch with one of my very best friends, Kenny. I had told him to meet me at a Ruby Tuesday's in Madison, and when I got there I waited out in the waiting room. He wasn't there and I got scared that my directions sucked and he couldn't find the place so I called his phone. When he answered, I asked where he was and he said in the waiting room of Ruby Tuesdays. I thought "Oh no, he's at the wrong one" but I thought a second and poked my head into the area with the benches in the actual resturaunt and ended up looking right in his face while I was on the phone. So I felt a little silly. Anyways, I had a great time eating, talking, joking, fighting over the check and swapping stories. I hope he did too! Even though we e-mail each other almost every day, I always forget how much fun he is to go out and do stuff with! We also went and picked out some shoes that he can wear with one of his new suits. Did they look okay? I already had plans for that evening, so I wasn't able to spend more time with him, which stank, but it just makes me look forward even more to seeing him again. Besides, I never mind saying goodbye because he gives great hugs ; )

7pm-12am- Steve and I had a dinner date with Matt and Christy Frazier and we had a lot of fun. We went to Wings, and pretty much laughed through most of dinner. They are fun! We also went to see the Adam Sandler movie 50 First Dates. It was funny, but I'm not so sure I liked it. I mean, okay, the girl had a head injury and had no short term memory. This means that she could do things and meet people one day, go to bed at night, and wake up not having a clue that anything had happened. She literally thought that every day was Sunday, October 13th. Her Dad and brother did everything they could to keep up the charade, but then Sandler meets her and falls in love with her and she falls in love with him too. However, when she wakes up the next morning, she doesn't remember any of it. So this poor schmoe has to make the girl fall in love with him every day so that he can have a relationship with her. So he makes a tape that explains what happened to her and explains who he is so that when she wakes up every morning, she can see it. You'll have to watch it to see the Groundhog Day-esque movie, but the end is what made it suck. You see her wake up, see a video that says "Watch Me" and she sees the familliar "Here is what happened to you, here is who I am and oh yeah, here is a video of your wedding to a guy you can't even remember" then she walks up stairs and he says, good morning honey, meet your daughter. Apparently they were married and had a kid, and she didn't remember any of it. It was creepy! I will allow you to see it for yourself, but I felt so sorry for her, I couldn't be glad at the ending.

So, that was my great day! Thanks for letting me share! : )

Thursday, April 01, 2004

You know, I've read the book Misery a thousand times, and I've seen the movie about 5 times. You'd think that I'd be desensitized by it at this point. Not so much... I saw it again last night and it still makes me ball up on the couch and wince in pain. Kathy Bates makes a great crazy lady.

I went on a Dollar Tree shopping spree last night. How can you not love a store where everything is a dollar? I love going in there, and believe it or not, they actually are getting some decent things in there. I usually set a limit of about 10 dollars before I go in there (unless they have new cookbooks), and more often than not, I always get 9 or 10 things. I got 3 surprisingly pretty goblets that I use as candle holders, and so far those and my cookbooks are my favorite things!

Does anyone know where I can find a good looking, shirtless, muscular, French or Spanish man who would meet me at my car on Studio days and help me carry my stuff to and from class? Anyone?

I am about to go down to the museum and be a part of a photo shoot for brochures and websites. I can't believe I said I'd do this. I'm not a photogenic person at all! Oh well, they probably won't use my pictures anyways.