Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I just got the word, I did indeed get the job. I don't know when I start, but I will find out as soon as my current boss comes back from vacation.

Now if you will excuse me...I need to go run around the building and throw confetti.
I am tense. Tense I am.

I know I shouldn't worry about whether or not I got the job, but I'm getting nervous. I wish I could articulate how I feel, but it all comes out sounding so lame. I've given up trying to tell people. I'm almost positive I should have heard something by now, but I don't know if it would be settled within a week or not. Ack. You know, it's not so much me wanting to get the job, which I do of course, but it's not knowing. I'm not patient at all! ; )

Josh just called me from Ireland. Lucky booger. He's having a great time and he's told me if he meets his wife while he's there that he's not coming back! Well, that means Sam gets to stay! Nah, he also misses Sam, so he'll be back. : ) He got me a snowglobe! He loves me! He's going to be in Scotland from Saturday until next wednesday...I just hope he doesn't come back wearing a kilt. *shudder*

Monday, May 30, 2005


The third official "Bless Her Heart" award has been given out this weekend, and the lucky recipient is yours truly. Story below.

Apparently I am the worst evesdropper ever. A few years ago I was at church and I overheard someone talking about a homeless man who lived in the church bell tower, who would sneak down to the church kitchen at night and eat the food from the kitchen. That had kind of freaked me out ever since, because our church isn't in the best of neighborhoods and if that could happen once, who is to say that someone couldn't do it again. Well, the kitchen comittee has noticed recently that food has begun missing from the kitchen again. While we were down there talking yesterday morning, it was brought up again, and I said "Could this be like that time the man lived in the bell tower and was eating the food?" Of course, this was met with blank stares all around. The head of the comittee looked at me like I was crazy and had me tell the story. Once again, blank stares. Immediately Steve starts cracking up, and I start feeling as if I have finally gone crazy. I KNEW I had heard someone talking about this, but no one seemed to know what I was talking about. I went and asked several of the people in church if the story was true, but no one else knew what I was talking about. It wasn't until Steve came home from church last night (I had a nasty sinus headache, so I stayed home) that I found out that what I overheard was someone talking about a BOOK they had read that happened to be in the church library. So I've been freaked out for several years about something that never really happend, and looked like a lunatic in the process. *wince*

Steve has had a ball telling people that I thought a man lived in the bell tower of our church. He likes to bring it up at odd times, like if I ask him if he's seen something I'm looking for, he says "I bet the man in the bell tower took it." Well, I got him back when he brought it up at my parents dinner table yesterday. Steve thought that "dolphin safe tuna" meant that there were certain kinds of tuna fish that was safe for dolphins to eat because the other kinds were poisionus! So for that, he gets the Jessica Simpson Chicken of the Sea Award! So there! ; )

Saturday, May 28, 2005

I am SO tired of dogs peeing on me! This morning when I let the boys out, I was standing at the garage sink filling up the water bucket, and Sam walks over to me to get petted and he just let go. Now, granted, he didn't actually pee on ME directly, but the ensuing spatter that happens when liquid hits a solid surface with moderate force, got on me. That's two dogs in less than a week. Sort of reminds me of my station in life. Heeheehee. : )

I still haven't heard who got hired for the job. I'm hoping that I did, but I'm wondering if Mr. Boyd isn't going to hire someone with actual paid expirence somewhere. Who knows. All I know is that I hope I got it! I'd hate to think that I can't get hired for an entry level position because I don't have any expirence. It's the age old vicious cycle...can't get hired without expirence, can get expirence without being hired. Oy! At least this time I know I'm qualified and good at what I do. After that, it's up to God.

It's memorial day weekend, and I don't have any plans. : ( I'm so boring! I offered to work for a friend of mine, so I'm here at the call center today (Saturday) and there is a chance that the elusive red-haired Scary Spice (or Sara) will come over and visit with Steve and I this evening, but so far that's it.

I was waxing nostalgic this morning, and I starting thinking of when I was a senior in high school and was first introduced to the internet. My first e-mail adress was Kmarti@elimestone.k12.al.us.edu or something equally as excessive. I could only get e-mail from the people in the other room of the school and my dear friend Kenny, who was at Auburn at the time. I also learned, and was pretty good at, coding html and building websites. I don't remember any of that anymore, but who needs it when I've got a program with a GUI that will code it all for me! I used to print out websites and show people instead of sending them the url. Ahhhh. Good times, noodle salad.

Oh yeah, another piece of proof that Soccermoms are out to get me! Within walking distance of my home is an absolutely gorgeous piece of property known as Jones Valley. I believe it used to be a dairy farm or a farm that raised cows for beef...either way cows are involved. Anyways, it's a beautiful deep valley filled with cows and grass and the farm house still stands in the middle looking like something Martha Stewart would live in to seve out her final days of house arrest. About a year and some change ago, I noticed that there was a large patch of the field, closest to the subdivisions built nearby, that was mown down and fenced off from the rest. What sprouted from that piece of property, you might ask? A flippin' soccer field!!!!!! Like a blob of bird poo on Michelangelo's Pieta, is a big ugly field ringed with safety lights. But that's not all, oh no, because next to that they expanded and built a softball or T ball field and a parking lot. You can argue that it's at least nice looking field with the press box or whatever built in the baffling "Southern Greek" style, but I don't care how many pediments and columns adorn the thing, it's still ugly. However, the simple fact that they ruined one of the most beautiful places around isn't what bothers me. I mean, hey, kids gotta have a place to play. I can dig that. What I cannot dig, though, is the fact that with the new sports fields down the street, it has lowered our property values so much that we couldn't refinance our house the last time we tried. The stupid fields aren't even within sight of where we live, but it still effects us. Just another way they are trying to get to me! Yeah, it's kind of a lame conspiracy theory, but it's the only one I have. Don't judge me!!! ; )

Friday, May 27, 2005

This story makes me so mad. I know that both parents should have rights to their children, but there comes a time when the law should look at the parent in question and realize that just because someone fathers a child, does not mean that they make an acceptable father. I'm not saying that what the mother did was right, but when a man is violent and has never cared for or tried to be a good father to a child, why should he get any rights to the child at all? In my opinion, this man is just trying to get back at the mother and using this little girl as a pawn. What a jerk. To take this little girl out of a family who loves her and wants to take care of her just to make a point ought to be beaten within an inch of his life, taken to a hospital to heal, and then beaten all over again.

I have to deal with arguing parents all the time in my job. I have lost so much faith in humanity just from the way some divorced couples treat their kids. Just yesterday a soldier in Afghanistan called me to make sure his child's camp got canceled because his ex-wife told him she wasn't going to let him send their kid here. I'm thinking, you know...this guy is in danger of being killed every minute he spends over there, but he has to call us to make sure that whatever plans he made for his child were scrapped because the ex didn't want him to have his way. What is wrong with people? I know not every divorced couple acts that way, but it's the bad ones that stick in my head.

Maybe I'm just spoiled because I was blessed to have grown up in a family where my parents loved one another and we were happy. Maybe I just feel everyone deserves that. I guess I am naive.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

I can't believe I'm about to say this.

I know I've complained about being forced to watch Star Wars time and time and TIME again, but I want to go on record as saying that I thought the movies were pretty good. I mean, I know I'm not going to a movie that is striving for an Academy award, unless it's the one for special effects, and I'm cool with it.

What bothers me is all the people who have written rants about the movies and talk about how lame and ridiculous it all is. I mean, hello people, they are just movies after all. For folks who seem to hate the movie so much, you know an AWFUL lot about it. Not to mention, if you don't like the movies, don't go see them. Star Wars fans don't go see stuff like Gangs of New York and have a festival of hate over Martin Scorcese (is that even close?)

Now, granted, there are some crazy folks out there who tend to go a little over board with the dressing up and the constant merchandising can get -tiring- but you know something? Let the Star Wars fans have their fun. I mean, this is their superbowl! Only they don't get to see a new one every year. I don't know that a man dressed as a Jedi is any more ridiculous as a sports fan that wears the team jersey or sits shirtless at a freezing cold football field with face paint and a rainbow wig on! I mean, it's all about perspectives. Are we supposed to think that because these writers that have such a disdain for a sci-fi flick that they are better than the people who like it? It's kind of silly in my book.

Anyway, there. I've just defended that which I like to make fun of myself. Oh yeah, and I knew that Aunt Baru wanted a protocol droid that could speak Bacci, when I played Star Wars DVD Trivia last night. Slowly, but surely, I'm being driven over to the Dork Side.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Okay, someone explain this. I found this online, and I want to know!

*Interesting, if Khan died from the Genesis thingy, and Spock was sent to the planet the Genesis thingy exploded on, how did Spock come back from the dead while Khan didn't?*

And I don't want to hear that the guy who played Khan had a TV contract!

Also, there is something I also would like to know. I was, once again, thinking about the people dressed up to see Star Wars, and I started to wonder, what is the ettiqute on that? When is it okay to dress up to see a movie, and when is it not? I mean, sure, Star Wars has a huge fan following and the costumes on the movie are amazing, but why don't other movies have people in line dressed up? What about all of the comic book movies that are out now? Those are just as popular as Star Wars. Why wasn't anyone dressed like Spider Man...or Harry Potter? If anyone understands this, I'd like to hear what you have to say.

Anyways, my interview is over and it seemed to go well. I'd like to say I got a feel for my chances, but Mr. Boyd pretty much always seems to be positive. He did say that it would be something I'm familliar with since I pretty much did the job as an intern last summer, and I found out that I know some software he isn't as familliar with, so who knows. I'd really like the job, but we'll see what happens. He still has a lot of people to interview. : )

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I almost had a heart attack last night. I didn't realize that my laptop had been left on for three days (flippin sleep mode), and with the air conditioning out it overheated. I couldn't get it to turn on! I unplugged it and ran through the house until I could hold it over a fan. I all but did CPR on it! However, once it cooled down enough, it was fine. Whew.

I finally got my portfolio in order, but it isn't as full as I wish it was. Of course, I've only got things from school I can put in it, but I had hoped it would be more impressive. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but my job interview for the graphics position in the museum is Wednesday at 9:30 am. Pray for me! I'm scared!

Speaking of the interview. I've been looking for an outfit to wear that will both make me look professional, but not overly stiff and not totaly outside of my own personal style. Well, I can't find a danged thing. Not only is everything uber-casual due to the season, nothing has sleeves! I mean, was there a congressional ruling that no clothes sold between the months on may and august could have sleeves? Maybe it's just me, but I don't think you should wear a sleevless top during a job interview. Also, and I know it's silly, but I don't want my arms all hanging out because I would hate to know that I'm sitting there talking to the manager and think he's interested in what I'm saying and find out later that he was only mesmerized by the swaying of my arm flap. Geez, and you know what else, unless you want to dress like Laura Bush or look like the whore of Babylon, there is nothing to buy anyways. No middle ground at all. I'm not kidding. I found a skirt, I probably have a top that will match it. Who knows? I was desperate!

I got my sticker from Cafepress.com, which is a lovely little website introduced to me by Kenny. I created a bumper sticker that says "I (heart) my Network Administrator". I know Steve isn't MY network administrator, but that's what he does. Now the computer guys here at the SpRocket are going to think I'm talking about them. Eh, I'll let them think so. They're good guys. Funny thing is, Steve is driving the Durango today, so he's going to look kinda full of himself. Heh.

Monday, May 23, 2005


Well, at least it wasn't boring.

Friday after work, when I got home from getting groceries, I walked into a sticky, humid, HOT house. Hot enough to melt the chocolate on my cookies. Apparently the power going on and off during that day's storm caused the compressor in our air conditoning unit to blow out. For those of you familliar with our house, you know that our house is a power conservationists nightmare. Our windows let air in and out, our front door has no weather stripping, and our insulation is kind of old. So on a hot day with no air conditioning on, our house turns into a sauna. Well, Steve calls a guy to come check on it, and sure enough, we are going to have to replace our unit. However, that's not going to happen for at least two weeks, so we borrowed a window unit from Josh's mom (THANKS BARB!). Now our room could store sides of beef for extended periods of time, but it's better than being hot.

We also have a temporary new member of the family for the next two weeks. Sammy is staying with us while Josh is overseas. Sam is so cute. I feel bad for Bear, though, because he doesn't like to share or play nice and Butler loves Sam, so Bear is all alone while they play dog games. It's his own fault, though. We've had this talk, so he's just going to have to learn to deal with it. The only downside to sam being here is that he starts his high pitched puppy-bark at 5 in the morning. I have to let all of them out at the same time because if I don't, the ones in the kennel start going nuts. SIGH.

Sunday I had another issue with a dog. Angie and Family went to Florida this week, and they left their little beagle, Bubba, at my mom's house. He is so tiny and cute, but he's a hyper little thing. I went outside and started playing with him and he was jumping all over me. I knelt down so I could love on his ears, and the dang dog peed on me! I had to change into some of my dad's pajamas while mom washed my clothes. It's a good thing he's cute.

I also have been getting quite a few hits on my blog lately, mostly because of the 100 thing list I wrote trying to keep awake. It's funny to see what brings people to my site. Here are a few examples:

*"What to wear with Palazzo Pants"= If you want my opinion, STAY AWAY FROM THE PALAZZO PANTS!!! They are bad. The only time I think palazzo pants are acceptable are if you are on the color guard in a marching band and it's too cold to wear a skirt. Even then....yuck.
*"1999 Dodge Durango Sucks"= I disagree. It may be old, it may be a gas guzzler, but doggone it, it will hold roughly 7 cubic tons of trash, art supplies, and emergency equipment. Another plus is that it's got 4 wheel drive, so if I get the wild idea to drive off into a field, I can.
*"The Sims 2 StarTrek Uniform"= You can make these yourself in Sims 2 Body Shop. With Photoshop and a little imagination, you can pretty much make anything for the Sims to wear. Slacker.
*"How to unblock Sims when they are in the shower." = PERV! Why do you want to see naked computer people? Good Lord. Maybe you should be doing a search for "psychiatrists specializing in weird fetishes".

Well, that's all for now, folks. Ciao!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

I want to go home!

The girl I'm working with today is having domestic disputes over the phone and she keeps walking outside and leaving me on the phones alone. I mean, it isn't busy, but come on!!!

I also wish I didn't know why they were fighting, but I do because she started yelling at him while she was near the door way. I know too much!!!!!

I don't know what to do, or say. I wish I could scream 'earthquake' and hide under the desk until 1:00.


Friday, May 20, 2005

Someome call OSHA!

I was sitting here at my cubie, on a call with a customer, minding my own business, when I start hearing this *thumpthumpthump* sound coming from the my moniter. All I could see when I looked up was movement. Of course, the first thing I thought was ROACH!!!!!!!!!! So I yell and launch myself across the aisle as far from the computer as possible. On second look, I noticed that the movement was not a roach, but a leak which was rather liberally pouring onto my moniter. I was still on the phone with the customer, whom I had to apologize to for yelling in her ear, so I transferred the call to another agent and we had to move my tea mug under the leak. That wasn't good enough, so we had to balance a garbage can onto the top of my cubical to catch the water. After a while, the rain stopped, so the leak went away. About two hours later, the rain starts up again and the leak comes back with a vengence, this time it's coming out of two places. I had to move the garbage can in a weird way, and it's precariously perched on the edge, to catch both drips. This also wasn't good enough, so I went into the storage area, found an old punch bowl and filled it with paper towels, and sat it on top of the garbage can. I'm just waiting for that to fall on me and soak me down with dirty, brown roof water. : P


Thursday, May 19, 2005

So, I'm going on about 2 1/2 hours of sleep today, and I can feel it all over. I'm WAY too old to stay out late anymore. : (

So, about the movie.
Well, we had to get there an hour and a half early. The theater went from selling one theater out to selling 8 theaters out, so the line wrapped around the building. Luckily, Steve purchased our tickets on Fandango, so we got to go to a special window with no line. However, that left us with a long time to wait before the movie got started. I spent that time constructively by taking pictures of the lunatics that were dressed up. Some people had really elaborate costumes and some had those cheesy ones like we used to get for halloween as kids, you know, the mask and the plastic parka like thing that says the name of the character. I saw a legion of Darth Vaders, some Jedi, several Palpatines and two pregnant Padmes. I even saw a Hobbit, I swear. My favorite costume, though, was the dude (keep this in mind) that was wearing a white bathrobe and what looked like some kind of headband that covered the tops of his ears with something. At first I thought he had done the ultimate Star Wars faux pas and came dressed as Spock from the 4th Star Trek movie, but it wasn't until Steve walked over that he noticed the dude had actual Honey Buns (still in the packages) somehow attached to his head. The guy was dressed as Leia. I almost wet myself.
The movie itself was actually pretty good. At first there was almost too much to see, but it evened out as the movie went on. Hayden Christiansen was extremely hot, and of course Natalie Portman was beautiful. I think my favorite characters were Obi Wan and Yoda. I've also got a new appreciation for sword fighting. The movie did finally answer some questions for me, but Steve still had a lot left unanswered. There was some cheesy lines delivered, and I swear it took him all of 7 minutes to become evil, but otherwise the movie was great. I could have done without the scene where Anikan (however that's spelled) got dessicated and burned, but hey. You gotta take the bad with the good, I guess.
I'm so freakin, flipin tired. I tried to send some pictures from the movie out, but my computer didn't want to work. So I didn't get to sleep until 3:30 this morning, and then the alarm clock woke me up at 5:30 and every 7 minutes after. Steve must've also been tired because instead of hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock, he kept reaching over and punching buttons on the remote control. At least he didn't pick up the alarm clock and point it at the tv like last time. : )

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hmmmmm, what does one wear to a Star Wars opening?
: (
This is not a great way to start my day!

I was just yelled at for about 5 minutes by the most unreasonable, hateful, selfish woman I have ever had the misfortune to have to deal with in my career as a call center agent. I would love to say that it was out of sheer love for her daughter that she was pounding me to the floor, but alas, in my heart, I know that isn't true. You know something else? It wasn't even our fault that the mistake was made, but she blamed us anyways. I mean, she came out and said it was OUR fault, when clearly it was not. The deal is this, her daughter is supposed to come to camp with a friend. To be on the same team, each child has to be signed up for the same program and same track, or learning area. When the mother of her daughter's friend called in, she signed her daughter up for the wrong track. I had to call lady #1 yesterday and tell her that this had happened and she was MAD. She crawled my case and then told me, yes told me, to have it fixed. I told her I would see what I could do. I was called by the camp manager and told that nothing could be done. I mean, he's the camp manager, so I told him not to worry about it, if he couldn't do it-he couldn't! Well, this morning we get a nasty little fax from this woman basically reaming the reservations department for making this huge mistake and saying that she would elevate the situation to whatever heights she needed to to get her way. Before I go any further, let me say this: We tried to fix this for her. We gave her no reason to believe that we weren't trying to do what she wanted. We actually went through some trouble to figure out how it could work out before I as told it wasn't possible. Okay, so the camp finally figured out a way to move the her little girl into the same program as the other girl-this should make everyone happy, right? Absolutely not. Lady #1 proceeded to ream me out AGAIN because we weren't able to move the other little girl into the program HER daughter was signed up for. It took all of the resolve I had not to lose my temper, and believe me, I am hungry, hormonal, and I have a short enough temper with people like her anyways. I actually had to say a prayer that I wouldn't "get into the flesh" with this woman and tell her where to go and how to arrive there safely. I tried to explain, but it wasn't good enough for her. Now she will be calling to speak to God only knows who...probably the CEO who will not only let her have her way, but uproot the entire workings of that week of camp because he doesn't understand how things really work. I also called the program manager to tell him he will probably have to speak with the lady himself, and just realized that he didn't authorize the girl to move into the new slot, so now I think I might have gotten someone in trouble.

Now I just want to go home and hide under the bed. I also need chocolate...IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!

What makes this so bad is that the camp bent over backwards to try and rectify the situation. People like that woman should be slapped with a flip-flop repeatedly until they cry.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

If I had just one last wish, I would like a tasty fish...

Darn that song. It won't go away! I like having brain songs, but I'd rather have a new one every day than the same one for a week! I guess it would help if I didn't have that as a ring tone, huh?

I'm getting so frustrated with my job! Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for my job, I'm glad I have this job, but I'm getting frustrated at the people I have to talk to on a daily basis. It seems like the closer we get to summer, the more ridiculous the parents become. I know that everyone thinks their kids are the most important, but gee whiz people. I hate to tell you, but your kid is not going to be the be-all end-all child of wonder at this camp. Every kid we get is apparently "gifted" and "wants to be an astronaut" and etc. When I don't act overwhelmed at the magnificence of their kid, they get annoyed. I'm also tired of people getting mad at me for things I have nothing to do with! I've gotten people actually angry with me because THEY can't get a fax to go through. Or they are mad because a camp is already booked solid and they say "well, I didn't know you had to call in and book so early!" I'm thinking, come on folks, we've been taking reservation for this summer since last May. We even had one lady go all the way to the CEO of the company to get her way...and she did, of course, at the expense of all of our rules against what she wanted. I am learning a little more every day just how spoiled and unreasonable some adults can be. I also got hit on the other day, over the phone, by some dude from Wisconsin. It was creepy. I mean, I guess it could have been flattering if it wasn't immediately followed by the story of when his wife died. No, I'm wrong, it would have just been creepy no matter what. I can only hope that one day I will have a job where I don't have to listen to these people anymore. I'll be pleasant and helpful and smile like an insane Mousekateer while I'm here, but inside, I'll be dying a little. : )

I tried to show Steve how to do some yoga last night. He has trouble with the downward dog, but he's excellent with the relaxation mode. : ) He will learn...oh yes, he will learn.

I think I'll getting oversaturated with the Star Wars stuff. I was in Target last night and found myself making Yoda sounds. I didn't mean too...I swear!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Begun, this Star Wars-athon, has...

So, did any of you doubt that I would be getting bombarded with all things Star Wars to get ready for the 19th? We've started with Episode I last night and will be going down the list all week. To end the week, we will be playing a round of Star Wars DVD trivia.

Help me.

As for the rest of the weekend, it was very nice! Friday I didn't do a whole lot after work because Steve went to dinner with a guy he works with and I was on my own. I stayed at home and washed clothes and watched a CSI marathon. They were all episodes I'd never seen, so I was in hog heaven. Saturday we worked in the yard a little and then went out. I also learned all the words to the "So Long and Thanks For All the Fish" song from the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie. Hey, you never know when that will come in handy!

We stopped by the Home Depot/Toys R Us building and looked around. I realized that I'm still kind of fascinated by Barbies. However, I noticed something that kind of bothered me. There is a very disfunctional aspect to the whole Barbie world. Barbie, as we all know, can do anything. She is the astronaut, the model, the vet, and everything else. Her friends all just basically ride her coat tails everywhere she goes. How many times have we seen Barbie in a wedding dress? Has she ever gotten married? No! Apparently Ken has problems with commitment. He is too insecure to be with a successful woman. We also notice that while Barbie does all of these amazing things, her friend Midge ends up as the unwed mother. I've seen Midge with her "husband" in the same box, but Saturday she was all alone. ALONE! It was all a facade! So I'm guessing that Ken leaves Barbie and hooks up with Midge, only to leave her in her own little box with a baby on the way. Also, we see Kelly, Barbie's little "sister", but do we ever see Barbie's parents? No! We see Barbie carrying her around all of the time. I'm completely convinced that Kelly is actually Barbie's illegitamate daughter with GI Joe or something. It's all very complicated. Also, Barbie seems to have a problem with getting older. She still dresses and acts like a teenager, but she's like...46? Not to mention, she's gone from being mostly a career woman to doing stuff like American Idol and pretending she's a fairy. Maybe Mattel should create Psychiatrist Bob (tm) so he can put Barbie on some Prozac or something and she can get her life straightened out.

Oh yeah, Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, and some Storm Troopers were at Toys R Us too. Steve was too embarrassed for me to sing at the kareoke machine that was on display, but he wasn't too embarrassed for us to go over there with the Dark Side and look at Star Wars merchandise. Go figure.

We were supposed to go bowling with our sunday school class, but we completely forgot about it. We ended up going to Josh's place and watching movies and eating muffins. Good times, noodle salad.

That's pretty much the highlights!

Friday, May 13, 2005

In the interest of keeping me awake today, I'm going to post 100 things about me. You don't have to read any of these if you don't want to, but the allergy meds I had the bad judgment of taking this morning are threatening to put me to sleep. I need to do something so to stay awake so that I don't get fired.

Yeah, I stole this idea...frickin' sue me.

1. My name is Kelly Martin Pratt, formerly Kelly Diane Martin.
2. I am 27 years old
3. I am afraid of walking by bananas in the grocery store.
4. I am fascinated by old graveyards.
5. I like to travel.
6. My favorite thing to eat is Godiva dark chocolate.
7. I love to smell coffee, but I can't drink it because I have a slight allergy.
8. My favorite movie is Napoleon Dynamite.
9. I wish I were psychic rather than empathic.
10. I don't like the way tomatoes feel or taste.
11. I am completely unfashionable.
12. I have the bad habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
13. I get claustrophobic in crowds and can't sit in the middle of an aisle of a movie theater.
14. I wish I had the power to control dreams.
15. I am an artist, but not a great one. I hope to be great one day.
16. I always tend to want what I can't have.
17. I have trouble remembering the words 'refridgerator' 'filing cabinet' and 'Shower Curtain'.
18. I am most content while sitting on a beach.
19. I don't like to wear a bathing suit.
20. I have a quick temper and a quick wit that tends to get me into trouble.
21. I am married to Stephen Pratt.
22. We have no children.
23. I like dogs better than people.
24. I am terrified of bugs.
25. If there is a Ripleys Believe It or Not museum nearby, I always want to go through it.
26. I have never been overseas.
27. I am a senior at UAH working towards a degree in Graphic Design.
28. At the moment I work for Space Camp.
29. I have a terrible memory.
30. I am extremely clumsy.
31. I am a Christian.
32. I cannot stand to listen to Enya.
33. I will not wear those rubber bracelets that are so popular, but I do own one.
34. Most of my closest friends, with some notable exceptions, are guys.
35. I drive a 1999 Dodge Durango.
36. I love to sing.
37. I have not sung the national anthem in public since I messed it up at a hockey game.
38. I can not stand being interrupted while I'm talking.
39. Christopher Walkin scares me.
40. I love to receive letters, but I have trouble actually writing people back.
41. I like to have pictures made, but I don't like to see the outcome.
42. I love to read and usually have two or three books going at a time.
43. My favorite movies are comedy and horror.
44. I don't go to funerals because I'm too emotional and I don't like to cry in public.
45. I have trouble being serious because whether or not it's a sad situation, I get teary.
46. The only thing I was good at in school was being weird.
47. I love Star Trek.
48. Numbers confuse me terribly.
49. I can't remember phone numbers. I have to memorize the dialing pattern to remember them.
50. I don't like to wear shoes.
51. I get irritated when I'm misunderstood.
52. Wearing pink makes me physically uncomfortable.
53. Every time I think about the time I ate escargot, I gag.
54. I make really good burritos.
55. I have actually started a fire while boiling water.
56. I want to learn Italian.
57. Even thought I don't show it, I am terribly shy.
58. I have very vivid dreams that have sometimes come true.
59. I'm too scared to watch The Exorcist.
60. I throw things when I get angry and I have wicked good aim.
61. I've actually practiced my Oscar winner's speech.
62. I have an aversion to food with textures I don't like.
63. I'm scared of the dark.
64. I am fiercly loyal to my friends and family.
65. I wish there were more reasons to wear costumes.
66. I am extremely sensative to medicines that make me drowsy (hence this list).
67. I can not grow plants from seeds. This has been proven.
68. I was a member of the FFA, and loved every minute of it. Even the jacket!
69. I am a worrier.
70. I will get outwardly angry with Steve but no one else.
71. I once started to cry because I sneezed while reasing the book "The Stand".
72. I have a problem with putting on my clothes correctly.
73. When I'm at home I wear giant fuzzy slippers that have dragon flies on them.
74. I am extremely insecure at times.
75. I hate reality TV.
76. Even though I've done it alot, I hate babysitting.
77. I want to retire to Key West and sell art to tourists.
78. I believe there is a ghost in my hallway.
79. I don't like amusement parks.
80. I'd rather stay at home than go out.
81. When I get uncomfortable, I start acting goofy.
82. I buy candles obsessively when they are on sale.
83. I shope when I'm bored.
84. I am an aquarious.
85. Blue is my favorite color.
86. My hair hasn't been it's original color since 2001.
87. I make beaded jewelry.
88. I can be horribly self concious.
89. Titanic STILL makes me cry, so I'll only watch the first half.
90. I love to give presents.
91. People tend to take my general optimism for naievety.
92. I don't like the icing on bakery cakes.
93. I've been hit by a pie once.
94. I give change to beggars.
95. Martha Stewart is one of my heros.
96. I'm soft hearted about animals, daddies, and old toys.
97. I love to cook, but I am not that good at it.
98. I play Sims 2 in my spare time.
99. I get way too involved in other people's business. I am working on this.
100. I have to restrain myself from buying dishes and cups.

I'm not quite sure that helped, but it did keep me awake a little longer. For those of you who made it to the end of my list...bless your heart. Thanks for being interested.
I have just found a very funny website called Uglyweddingdress.net. It is so funny. What brought this to my attention, you may ask? A girl I work with is getting married and was doing a search for dresses. She kept finding these hideous things that any self-respecting bride would never wear. I told her that I was sure there was a website that had nothing but ugly dresses on it, and lo and behold, I was right! I don't know anything about the author of this site except that she's from Alabama, but I truly enjoyed reading her wedding dress reviews. She hasn't been able to update for a while because a designer got mad at something that had to do with a dress she had on there, but hopefully she will be back soon.


To answer Nelson's question (posted below). Let's not think too had on it because it would cause a great disturbance in the blog world. I think it's probably the person who writes the blog, though, because it speaks of the hubris of the writer that thinks people are that interested in their life. I mean, the readers can't be held responsible for reading something they find amusing. I mean, there are people who read books by Paris Hilton... You can't judge the reader.

I'm dressed like a Spanish peasant today. See, I just assumed you were interested in that mundane aspect of my life. Ha!

There is a huge Mustang show (cars, not horses) outside in the parking lot today. Steve would have to be physically restrained to keep away from them if he were here. I've seen new ones, old ones, and something that I'm not sure fits into the Mustang category, but is still cool. Come one, come all!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I feel like Wylie Coyote this morning. I'm thinking seriously about making a little sign that says "Yikes" and holding it up over my head.

I don't know what is wrong with me this morning, but I have been so clumsy. I promptly ran into a wall, knocked over some things on my desk, and tripped when I went to the vending machine for a granola bar because my shoe flew off when I took a step. I made the mistake of going to the fax machine and almost fell again. I am pretty much too scared to get out of my chair anymore. Of course, with my luck I'll sit here and an anvil will fall through the ceiling and land on my head.

Last night we went to a new resturaurnt called Buffalo Wild Wings. It's pretty new, so the service sucks. However, I can forgive them for that because you can tell it's just because people are still training. They had that NIN (I think) trivia game to keep us busy, and we all played while waiting for the various orders to be corrected. Apparently I know absolutely nothing about Asian capitals and/or architecture. We had a good time though. Afterwards we went to Barnes & Noble and I drooled over the plethora (Jefe, what is a plethora?) of new books that I want to read as soon as I can get them. They probably wish I wouldn't do that as the pages get wrinkled and all.

I found the best thing to get Steve for christmas, but I haven't had a chance to get it yet. I've got to get started on christmas shopping for this year. Last year I don't think I got him anything. Chances are I probably did, but I don't remember what it was. That's pretty sad. I've already picked out some things, but to get motivated to actually get them will be the key.

Well, off to work.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear...

So guess who called me a couple of hours after my post? Yep, the bride-to-be. I am officially a horrible person. Apparently she was in the process of moving and had been so busy that she hadn't had a chance to call me and let me know why she hadn't picked up her invitations. That is also why her phone was disconnected. She was moving. Her fiance is picking the invitations up this afternoon.

You know, I wonder when people will start to realize I'm more important that anything else in their lives? Hmmm? ; )

I got some exciting news from a friend of mine. Apparently his girlfriend, whom I don't know but I'm excited for anyways, was nominated for an Emmy award! She works for a news station and her promo was nominated! I think that's great! Now he gets to go to the regional awards ceremony. Let's hope she wins! I've never known anyone who was dating an Emmy winner! To answer the question I'm sure is going through your head, yes, my life is so boring that I must live vicariously through other people's lives. People I don't even know. If I knew when the ceremony was, I'd wear my new Wilma Flintstone dress and wait around the house until I heard if she won or not. : ) Wait, don't get scared. I'm kidding. I'd buy a new dress for that...

This antibiotic is killing me. I keep getting hot flashes and dizziness. I wish I could go home and get comfotable and sit under an air conditioning vent. I'd do it here, but it's against the dress code rules to be comfortable.

Anyways, that's it for now. Ciao.
Yay! I fixed my computer so I can write in my blog at my desk. Apparently I accidentaly blocked cookies from blogger.com and that's why it wouldn't load when I'd come to the site. I finally figured out how to unblock them! Go me!

Some of the techno-weenie has finally rubbed off on me.

I rule.

Anyways. Yesterday I went to the doc and found out I have a sinus infection. I didn't think it was all that bad, but now I'm on antibiotics and various other types of things. Well, I will be as soon as I go to the pharmacy and get them. This is why I'm temporarily narcoleptic, apparently. I hate sinus infections, but I seem to get one every year. I guess I'm just too delicate. heh...

I embarrassed myself SO BAD yesterday. While I was sitting in the exam room, I kept trying to pull these strings out of the front of my shirt that I noticed sticking out. The one I had on had some embroidery around the neck, and it looked like it was falling apart. I also kept getting tickled on the arm by this funny little tag sticking out of the side seam. After leaving the office, I had a little time to kill, so I went to a shop to walk around and after I had been there for quite a while I realized that my flippin' shirt was on inside out and it had been since I left the house. It had to be obvious to everyone who saw me, but no one said anything! I was finally able to fix my shirt, but the embarrasment remained. This totally explained why I kept getting funny looks. There are just not enough rocks to crawl under when you're in public, you know?

I'm so ticked. Granted, I know that there are plenty of explainations that are possible, but right now I don't think I'd accept any of them. The wedding invitations that I made have still not been picked up. I tried calling the girl, but the only phone number she gave me has been disconnected. Now, I can understand a lot of things if they are brought to me and explained. I, however, can not understand being left with 100 invitations and 50 programs (all under charged for, and completely useless to me or anyone else) and an unpaid bill, with no word from anyone. I had counted on the money I was supposed to get to cover some checks I wrote (which is my fault totally, and I'll admit to it. It doesn't make me any less aggravated, though) and now I'm pretty much boned. Grrrr.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Last night while shopping, I found a great deal on a pretty black dress. $15 dollars for what used to be over $100, and it will serve for any other need-to-dress-up emergencies that might arise this summer. It's a little different than my usual style because it's short and has the one-shoulder thing going on. I thought it looked good, so I went to model it for Steve.

His words: "You look like Wilma Flintstone."

Now, if you will excuse me, I will be setting some 3 1/2 inch Star Wars figurines on fire. Burn, Han Solo, burn.

Monday, May 09, 2005

An Accurate Description of Medicine Throughout the Years (stolen from Blossom Farms website).

2000 B.C.- Here, eat this root.
1000 A.D.- That root is heathen. Here, say this prayer.
1850 A.D.- That prayer is superstitious. Here, drink this potion.
1940 A.D.- That potion is snake-oil. Here, take this pill.
1985 A.D.- That pill is ineffective. Here, take this antibiotic.
2000 A.D.- That antibiotic is unneccesary. Here, eat this root.

Yeah, I can see this...
Well, I had a lovely weekend!

Friday was, of course, the wedding reception. You can read all about that down below. What I didn't mention about that night was that Steve and I went to see The Hithchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Since I had never managed to read the books, I wasn't at all disappointed. In fact, I really enjoyed the movie as well as had a few mysteries cleared up for me. I now understand "Goodbye and thanks for all the fish", "42" and the whole babelfish thing. All in all, I liked it. I laughed pretty loud in a couple of places though. I hope I didn't disturb the HGG geek-nerds who were in there with us. I haven't seen such devotion since the Star Wars prequals started.

Saturday I had to work, but it wasn't too bad. I was training a new agent, Reina, who is very cool. We have a lot in common, so we talked for quite a while in between calls. After that I got to have lunch with my-favorite-Kenny-in-the-world and his mom, Bonita, who is a very hip lady. I don't know about them, but I had a ball. We ate at Cracker Barrel and goofed around and took photos. I wish we had more time, but they had family stuff to do. : ( Later that evening, Steve and I went to his parent's house and had a cookout and watched The Incredibles. We went ahead and gave Rhonda her Mother's Day gift, which was a canvas bag with pictures of Butler and Bear ironed on it and the words "Ask me about my Grand-Dogs!" She loved it.

Sunday we went to church and went to my parent's house for lunch. We gave mom her gift, two little blue and white china birds and a china snail. She thought they were cute. We also tried shooting the kids BB guns, and it turns out that I'm still not a good shot. However, my sister shot my dad by accident, so at least I can say I didn't shoot anyone. Once we got home, I was feeling kind of sick because of my allergies (darn the pollen!) so I slept and laid about while Steve went to church. I am a heathen, I guess. I met back up with him after church and had dinner with everyone. I was still sick, so I kind of wish I hadn't, but it was good to see everyone. After that I watched the first half of the Elvis mini-series and went to bed. It was an all around good time. What did you do?

Saturday, May 07, 2005

So we went to the reception last night. I thought I looked very good, but I was completely under-dressed. Yeah, that was uncomfortable. I, of course, didn't know a soul, and so we hung out at the table with some people Steve works with. We did get to eat some rightous party food, though. You all know how much I like food I can eat off of a toothpick! : ) There was a 5 piece brass band that played jazz and big band music - except for when they inexplicably started playing Stairway To Heaven. I was tempted to fins a lighter and yell out FREE BIRD! However, I didn't. Steve would have never recovered.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I'm so unfashionable.

I used to think it was beacause I wasn't the stick person that designers seem to create things for, but I found out that it's just that I have no idea what is stylish and what isn't. For those who know me, you know I'm a jeans kind of person. If I go out, I'm in jeans. My tops vary wildly, but in general I'm very casual. Since the onset of the yoga pants era, I've been even more so. I mean, I am married, I should be allowed to be sloppy, right? Heeheehee. At any rate, the reason I'm basically swallowing my own tounge over this is because Steve and I were invited to a wedding reception at the Botanical Gardens in one of those frou-frou, we have more moeny than God, after 7:00pm, Steve-has-to-wear-a-tie kind of things. Well, goodie for Steve, but what do I wear? I begged him to ask the lady who invited us, but she hasn't been available. So he asks another lady who tells him she is going to wear palazzo (?) pants and a beaded jacket. And this helps me, how? With very few exceptions, I do not wear a beaded anything anywhere that I can't win a tiara and a scholarship. I'm sure as heck not going to wear palazzo pants! I've asked around, but the answers are all different. Cocktail dress, simple black dress, sunday dress, black pants. I've consulted the internet and all I found were things that cost more than a semester in college or looked like a Mormon sunday school teacher exploded on the poor model! I've even done the unthinkable and looked in my own closet to see if there was anything useful (and if it tells you anything, apparently Steve doesn't think a black and purple velvet vampire gown is appropriate for a spring reception. Darn it!)

Someone call those gay guys from Bravo...I need some serious help.

Ooooh, what about this?

Well, it isn't black... ; ) I mean, yeah, it's a Star Trek uniform, but it's not black!

Also proving my point...look at the hair. SHE BANGS, SHE BANGS!

Monday, May 02, 2005


So I make my friend- who does indeed not read my blog (see below. Oh and by the way, I'm sorry I got so many of you paraniod that I was talking about you in that entry. I don't know whether to think it's funny or wonder at how many of you think you're ignoring me!)- by telling him the truth. Granted, I suppose I could have been nicer about it, but he made me mad and as you all know, I can't keep my mouth shut when I'm mad. I feel bad about making him angry now, but I didn't at the time. Maybe honesty isn't always the best policy!

I finally finished all of the projects that I had to do last week. That is a huge weight off of my shoulders. I finally bought the ribbon I needed and finished the gosh-darned wedding invitations. I asked the bride to come and pick them up today, but it doesn't look like she's going to show up! I know brides are busy right before their weddings, but I will hunt her down like a dog if I have to.

We had Logan and Angie's birthday dinners at mom and dad's yesterday. Logan asked for crab legs (gag) and all she could find to buy were the king crab legs. They were huge!!!! I picked up the end of one to look at the shell and found out that crabs have fur!!!!! It was gross and fascinating at the same time. Steve said that it was to help them climb on stuff, like a spoider has little furs on it's feet. That kind of grossed me out more. So, now I've got this vision of giant crab spiders with furry feet hanging around in the corners of my home just waiting to eat my face. Darn the seafood and it's resemblance to arachnids. I"m guessing that crabs and spiders are probably related somehow. I don't see how Steve can eat them if they are. Blech.