Monday, December 28, 2009


1) We had a wonderful Christmas, thanks for asking! It was busy, busy, busy. Our Christmases always begin with Steve's birthday on the 23rd, where we go to Mr. Lee's house and have dinner with him and Grandma. Dinner was delicious, as usual, and we also got to have some of Grandma's dried apple cake. OMG, it's good. If I thought I could get her to write down the recipe instead of trying to just tell it to me, I'd make it for you sometime. It is what fruitcake dreams it could be! :)

2) Christmas Eve was nice and mellow for us this year. We didn't have much to do in the morning except for getting a few last minute things wrapped up, so we spent our morning playing Lego Star Wars. We're on a mission to finish the game with as many achievements completed as possible. That will probably not make sense to anyone who has never played the games, but it takes a LONG time to do. It's fun, though. :) We were going to have official Christmas dinner with Mr. Lee and Grandma that night, so we packed up our gifts and made one last run to Costco for last minute supplies and one more gift. It was much quieter in there the day before Christmas, so we got in and out pretty fast. Dinner with the Pratts was nice and quiet, and we got to open our gifts. Grandma made out like a bandit! :) I love seeing her face when she opens gifts, because she loves everything she gets. We got her a leopard-print Snuggie, among other things, this year and she was excited about getting to use it! We got a lot of lovely things, but I think my favorite was that Mr. Lee handed me a small bag and said "This is from Rhonda." (That's Steve's late mother, if you don't already know that.) He gave me 5 pairs of absolutely beautiful Native American made earrings that had belonged to her. Since they traveled out west so much, she had a lot of turquoise Native American jewelry, so it meant a lot to me that he passed those down to me. We got all verklempt, but made it through just fine. :) The weather was starting to get freaky, so Steve and I had to leave earlier than we normally would have so that we wouldn't get caught in any bad weather. On our way out, the wind was blowing so hard that it knocked everything out of my hands! Luckily, we found everything before it blew away. Geez, the wind was strong. Luckily we made it home before the rain had started, but the wind rocked my poor car almost to pieces before we got there.

3) Christmas morning was a bit busier than it had any right to be, because I had not wrapped my family's gifts yet. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I hate wrapping gifts. I'm not good at it and it takes forever! However, I sat down and began wrapping things up...until I realized I didn't have any more wrapping paper. Oops. I tend to buy a lot of it every couple of years and just use it till it's gone, but I hadn't bought any for the last two years and apparently the rolls I thought I still had were only small pieces, just big enough to cover the rolls they were on! So, I got creative and wrapped things the best way I could. We found enough non-Christmas paper and tissue paper to finish things up. I guess I should be glad most of the gifts we bought were small! :) So, after that I invented a holiday snack that included ham, so as to get rid of even more of the ham we still had, and we went to my mom's house. Once we got there, my mother's husband's family had already arrived, so we sat around, ate hugely of the snacks my mom had made, and talked until my sister and her family got there. We had a lovely (and loud, don't forget loud) day with my family. We laughed a lot and it was good to see my mom. I don't see her as much as I would like, but since she lives in another county, we are not out that way very much. We had a lot of fun! I also got to save Steve the hassle of working on electronics (which he doesn't like to do when he's on a social, family visit) and act as First Tier I.T. for my nephew and brother-in-law because they couldn't figure out how to get a PSP Go (?) working and loaded with programs. I R.T.F.M. and got the game loaded. Now my nephew thinks I'm "technological." I told him that his dad was just having an I.D.10.T issue with the computer, so it wasn't any big deal. :) *evil grin* When we left my mother's house, we went back to Mr. Lee's so that we could open our stockings and watch the terrible, terrible movies that Steve and Grandma insist on seeing every year. Fortunately, for me at least, there was a problem with Steve's DVD, so we only had to suffer through about an hour of "Babes in Toyland" and didn't have to see "Christmas Comes to Willow Creek" (patooie) at all! Huzzah! I ignored that hour by making a hat, so it wasn't time wasted, at least. :) We finished the evening by watching the old version of "The Hound of the Baskervilles." All in all, it was a great day.

4) I hope everyone out there had a great holiday! If you couldn't have a great one, I at least hope you had a good one with something nice to remember about this year. I know it isn't always easy for everyone during this time of year, but as long as you can try and forget your troubles and problems with family and/or friends for one day, it can't be all bad, right? Right? No, seriously, someone tell me I'm right or all of my good, post-holiday feelings are going to implode... :)

5) I have other things to talk about, but I'll leave that for later. It's after 9:30 and no one else in my office has shown up. You know what that means, right? NO PANTS MONDAY! WOOOO! I've got to get started on that! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


When I came home from work last Thursday, I noticed a large box on our front stoop. I love when I see boxes on our front stoop, because it either means that something I've ordered had been delivered or that someone has sent a present! (Well, it can also mean that Steve got ANOTHER Han Solo figure he found on Ebay, but I'm going to ignore that fact for the moment.) Anyways, I hadn't ordered anything, so it must have meant it was a present! Yay!

When I retrieved the box, I noticed that it had Steve's name on it (but was much too big to be a Han Solo) so I just sat it on the ottoman in the living room until he could get home from work and open it. Of course, after about half an hour I got curious, and I noticed that it was a box from the Honey Baked Ham place and it was from his boss! Nice! We'd never been mailed meat before! So I figured that if there was meat in the box I needed to go ahead and open it up and put whatever we were sent into the fridge. I removed the (thankfully) still frozen ham and placed it into the refrigerator to thaw.

I'll be honest here and let you know that I didn't pay much attention to the ham, I just put it away. I promise that this is important. Remember it for later.

I thought it was incredibly nice for Steve's boss to send us such a nice gift. Had I known the man better (and not accidentally snubbed him at Steve's Christmas party a couple of weeks ago) I would really have liked to send him a thank you note that happened to mention we were Jewish...but I figured I'd get to know him a bit better before I joked on him about anything. You know, just in case he isn't a very jolly sort of fellow. It usually takes a bit before some people can appreciate my sense of humor, anyways and I don't want to get Steve fired. :)

OK, so Saturday rolls around and I figure that the ham had time to thaw, so Steve and I were going to make sandwiches for lunch out of it. I pulled it out of the ham, which was still vacuum (that's a weird word to type, isn't it? It doesn't look right.) sealed inside it's gold foil packaging. I managed to cut the foil open and I turned the ham out onto a platter. What I had failed to notice when I initially removed the ham from its packing box on Thursday was that the ham was huge. The foil packaging was quite a bit larger than the ham itself, so it seemed much smaller then. I probably should have noticed that the ham was heavy, but I just figured that since it was frozen, it was heavier than normal. Oy. The ham was huge, and now the ham had thawed out. Therefore, we are now in a situation where we have to eat them ham before it goes bad. We have to eat it before it goes bad during a week that is notorious for people shoving food down our faces at various Christmas and other family events. Urg, I feel full just typing that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not ungrateful about getting this ham, it is delicious and I'm glad we got it. Also, if having too much food is a problem, then things aren't that bad at all, obviously. However, we've just been eating so. much. ham. Had I realized just how big it was to begin with, I would have put it in the freezer and saved it until after the new year or something! I'm also determined that I'm not going to let this ham go to waste! It was my own stupid Kelly Fail and I will not let it ruin this nice gift we got. I will eat as much of it as I can in as many ways as I can! I am determined! I am also full of ham. So very full of ham...

Anyways, so does anyone got any recipes that include ham that you'd like to send me? Please?

So. Much. Ham.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm avoiding work right now because my boss peeved me off and is making my working life irritating right now. More on that another time though, because I stole a meme from Lauren!

Did anyone watch you the last time you kissed someone?

Well, it depends on whether or not anyone had their eyes open at my wedding. :)

When you’re walking, do you stop to drink?
Only if I have to turn the cup/can/ bottle up to get the very last of what is in there.

Do you believe that if you want something badly enough, you’ll get it?
Noooooooooooooooo. If that was the case my life would be very different!

Have you ever kissed someone in a vehicle?
Indeed. Several someones. Not at the same time. Pervert!

Ever sneak out of your house?
Not after seeing my sister get her ass whooped for sneaking out. I was too scared!

What did you do today?
Thus far: Got up, looked on the interwebs, got ready for work, done some of my work, waited for some of my work to be approved. My life is a carnival.

Would you ever get a tattoo?
Probably not. I used to want one because not many people had them and I thought they were cool. Now everyone has them and they aren't as cool as they used to be. I may change my mind, though!

What was the last thing you ate?
2 chocolate chip cookies from my lunch box!

Are you a morning person or a night person?
I change up every few days!

Do you snore?
Steve says I do, but I think he's a LIAR-FACE!

Do you like to spend time with people?
Well, it depends on the people, really. Some people make me very uncomfortable!

Are you hungry?
Not anymore. I just ate lunch.

Are you a forgiving person?
I try to be. I'm probably too forgiving at times.

When was the last time you did the dishes?
Ew, I'm not sure.

Are you talking to anyone while doing this?

My statue of Hurley.

Do you want a relationship right now?
It would depend on what type of relationship, I suppose.

What are you about to do?
Print some stuff.

Have you ever thought someone died, when they really didn’t?
Once. It was weird seeing her come to school the next day. Apparently another girl with her name had died, so...honest mistake.

If you could be a superhero what would you want to do?
Control people's dreams, or travel in time at will. I'd probably be more of a super villain.

Your name plus “ness”?

Three feelings at the moment?
Sleepy, irritated, cold

Done anything you regret so far in life?
Of course

Are you listening to anything?
Space heater, Under the Dome audio novel.

Where are you right now?
My office.

What are you scared of?

The Dark, Roaches, Being abandoned and lonely, being a burden to anyone.

Last movie you watched?
Part of Mekenna's Gold

Last song you sang out loud?
Walking In a Winter Wonderland

Are you thinking of someone right now?

Who is the last person you talked to on the phone?
A lady from Guest Services

Last thing you downloaded on your computer?
Porn. Nah, kidding. An antique crochet pattern.

Have you changed much this year?
None on the outside, much on the inside.

Where was the last place you went besides where you are?
Wings Restaurant

Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?
Yes! Mostly Kelley Martin, but I've also had someone tell me I looked like Tracey Ullman. Weird.

Do you speak any other language?
I'm fluent in chollo and bitch.

Do you dress for style or comfort?
It depends on where I'm going and how much cleavage needs to show.

Ever had a drunken night in Mexico?
No, I was the designated get-people-back-to-the-boat person while in Mexico.

Favorite color(s)?

What are you looking forward to this summer?
Nothing at all. I rarely do that anymore.

Last time you smiled?
...and meant it? 8:14 am this morning.

If you could have anything in the world, what would you want?
A private island with a fully stocked little bungalow and a hammock between two trees that overlooked the beach. Not much, you see.

Oh, and world peace! :)

Monday, December 14, 2009


1) We had the Christmas cantata yesterday, and you'll never believe who had a solo. No, it wasn't me, it was Steve! Steve did very well singing the male solo in "More Than Wonderful", which isn't exactly a Christmas song, but it was arranged to fit into the cantata. I wish I had had a free hand to catch a video of him singing so you guys could hear him, but I was running the sound and microphones and couldn't get to my phone in time. He rarely talks, but be sang a solo. Will wonders never cease? Anyways, the whole cantata was really good and everyone sounded great! :)

2) I'm so tired! In fact, I've been extremely tired almost every day for over a month, but I can't figure out why. My doc did blood tests and everything, but nothing showed up. I suppose I should be grateful for that, but I was hoping that he could tell me something that would help. Silver lining, though, is that it definitely isn't anything serious, so I can be glad about that! Yay. Maybe I'm just lazy and am CONFUSING it with being tired. That is probably it!

3) As part of our Christmas, Steve and I got ourselves a Wii Fit and we've had a lot of fun playing with it. When we first set it up, we had to enter our vital statistics into the Fit program so that it can keep up with any progress we make. While I was doing that, the board started acting all weird and not responding to what I was doing. I thought, "Great, I'm so overweight that I've killed it!" Turned out that I just had the board turned around backwards. Oops. Another thing is that it checks your balance while you are setting up your file, and it asked me if I had trouble walking and not falling down. Not in those words, of course, but still... How did it know I'm clumsy? SKYNET! SKYNET!!! We don't have any extra games except what came with the system, but those are a lot of fun, too. I was skeptical about how useful, exercise wise, the actual Fit stuff would be, but surprisingly they will give you a workout. Through playing the games, I've found out that I have no rhythm and I can't follow directions worth a darn, but I am having fun. The only problem I have with the system is that it taunts you. Yes, TAUNTS you. If you don't get on the thing and at least weigh everyday, it says little snarky comments to you about it. It even knows what time it is, so if you get on the board after midnight, it tells you that you should be sleeping! I haven't tried all of the games yet, but so far my favorites are Tennis and Kung Fu. I'm not good at either one, but I don't care. :)

4) When we went to the gym this morning, I got to name a new guy! He's IRON GRANDPA! Seriously, he's old but ripped. I'd hate to see what he does to the kids that won't get off of his lawn!

5) The greatest Christmas song ever? O Holy Night.

6) I don't want to wrap presents. I don't like wrapping presents! I'm not good at it!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wow, it's been a while! Not that there are many of you who come and read my humble little blog, but I apologize if you have clicked the link in vain. I've just been kind of blah for the past couple of weeks and it hasn't been conducive to blogging. If you don't mind, I will go ahead and get started by writing about:

THANKSMAS '09!! (Say that with a deep and reverberating voice to get the right vibe.)

Thanksmas was really wonderful this year! We all had a lot of fun.

Steve and I rode out to Georgia with Mr. Lee that Wednesday morning, making a brief stop in Boaz to visit one of the outlet shops. Steve really likes Bass shoes and has stopped by the outlet store for the past few years to pick up a pair whenever he needs them. Unfortunately, the Bass outlet had closed, so I took it upon myself to make sure we didn't waste a trip by visiting the GAP outlet! You know, for morale. :) I spent the rest of the trip crocheting a hat, which made time go quickly, and we made it safely to Aunt Brenda and Uncle Garry's house. We talked, visited with all of the cousins and their offspring, ate and had a great time.

Thanksgiving day, Brenda and I cooked all morning long. We really didn't mean to do it it that way, because we actually weren't going to eat until much later on in the day. In our attempt to do a lot of the prep work in advance, we somehow ended up actually just making everything we were going to eat instead! It was all delicious, of course. :) I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't get to taste our dressing, because it is awesome! The whole family came over and we had a great time talking and eating. I think I ate way too much. I feel kind of bad, because when I went to sit on the couch after dinner, I sort of just leaned over and fell asleep without meaning to! I don't think I got to tell anyone goodbye or anything! Sorry, guys. I was in a turkey coma or something!

Friday was super packed and we started it all when we had the "Mas" portion of Thanksmas by having brunch at Kristin and Greg's house! They always have their house decorated so lovely, and all of the food was excellent (I snagged the French Toast recipe from Kristin, wheeee!) and afterward, we all gathered around the tree and exchanged our gifts! We got a lot of lovely things, and had fun watching the kids playing with their new toys. After visiting for a while, we headed back to make sure we were in front of the TV for the Iron Bowl! Well, OK, honestly, I took a nap until the last quarter, but I did watch that last quarter! Even though I normally don't care who wins, I was glad Alabama won this time simply because I didn't want to hear the Auburn fans I work with gloating. I apologize to my normal Auburn fan friends who wouldn't have been obnoxious about the win (or would you? Hmm. I choose to believe that you wouldn't have.) but if I had to listen to this one guy I know who takes football WAY too seriously, I'm afraid I would have beaten him to death with one of my fake Ugg boots. Luckily, the only obnoxious Alabama fan I would have had to deal with is my sister, and I can always delete her gloating from my inbox. After that (lucky & last second) win, Steve and I drove down the road a piece to visit Amy and Jon. They had wanted us to play on their Wii system, which we had never done before. It was So. Much. Fun. If you don't have a Wii, go out and buy one immediately! We bowled, we dueled with light sabers, and we played Mario Cart! Greg had stopped by and so he played along with us! I think we ended up staying out there until about 1:30 that next morning, but it was worth staying up late for. We had a really great time.

Saturday was a more mellow day. We cooked, visited, watched television, talked, and all of those "winding down after a holiday" things that people do. I got to have the epitome of after thanksgiving meals, the turkey sandwich, and we played games and visited until that evening. Then we watched the Georgia/Georgia Tech game, since the family are big UGA fans. Go dawgs, right? :)

Sunday we had breakfast and talked for a while before heading home. It was a wonderful holiday visit, and I hope we get to have many more just like it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


If you ever want to know just how many degrees truly separate you from everyone else, just let someone post a rumor about you on Facebook.

First, let me explain my feelings on Facebook. I enjoy having a profile, really I do. It's fun to be able to keep in touch with old friends, see their pictures, and send a "note" to them whenever you feel like it. Because I enjoy it as much as I do, I try to keep it a "Drama Free Zone" for myself, as in, I try not to talk about really private things on public threads and I try not to say things in my status that has TMI or a "poor me" sound to it. After all, that is what my blog is for, right? Heehee! However, not everyone feels the way I do about the site, and what I do not like about it is how quickly one tiny, innocuous statement can spread and mutate throughout the width and breadth of the universe!

Case in point: At some point early Tuesday afternoon, someone made this comment on my status update..."Have you picked out a name yet."

Let's all pause for a moment and reflect on this question and all that it entails.

Now please understand that my status update had *NOTHING* to do with anything that could possibly be construed as an announcement of procreation of ANY KIND. Within minutes, literally, I had people asking me "names? Names for what?" "Are you pregnant?" and all of that. The last post was Josh saying "Are you prego? If you don't tell me, I'm starting a rumor!" Unfortunately for me, I didn't check Facebook until the next morning, so I left all of these people dangling out in the wind about what was going on. At about 4:45 the next morning I happened to see all of this. Oy vey. Luckily I saw it before Josh started a rumor, and said that no, I was only chubby, not pregnant. Whew.

I figured that was pretty much that until I got to church last night. We had our annual Thanksgiving dinner, so I went down to the kitchen to get started helping out with the food. One of the ladies I work in the kitchen stopped me and asked if there was anything I needed to tell them. Of course, my mind immediately went to the whole Facebook debacle, but since this lady isn't on Facebook, I couldn't see how she would know about it. Then she asked if I was expecting.

Great googly moogly, y'all! Apparently one of the people who saw the original comment, a girl I used to go to church with and who now lives out of state, emailed her mother and asked if I was going to have a baby. The mother, who also lives out of state, then text messaged the lady who I work with in the kitchen, who then told the other lady on the hostess committee, to whom I also had to explain that, no, I wasn't pregnant. Yikes.

Honestly, I was touched that so many people would give a great, big darn about whether or not I was having a baby, so I couldn't get even remotely angry at anyone about it. I personally think it's hilarious.

The weird thing about how it started is that I don't really know the lady who posted that comment that well. I know her, or I wouldn't have added her as a friend, but I don't know her all that well. My first guess is that she made some kind of mistake and added that comment on my status when she must have meant to add it to what someone else had posted. Who knows? I never got an explanation from her about what she had heard or anything!

But just in cast your great grandmother's college roommate's niece's best friend's dentist's daughter's first grade teacher's gardener asks you if I'm pregnant, you can tell them no. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just one more time to get it out of my system.


There. I think I'll be fine now.
For some reason, there is a spot close to where we live where people tend to post signs. They are the annoying, stick-in-the-ground signs that you see millions of during voting years, only these signs usually have nothing to do with voting. These signs are there to advertise things like community soccer clubs to sign up for, or church fundraisers, or sometimes start up businesses. Normally I don't pay much attention to these signs except for a brief look to see if anything of them had been replaced.

The other day, though, a new one caught my eye. The sign was advertising Boston Butts being sold to benefit the Huntsville High School wrestling team. My guess is that the word "butt" caught my eye, because my inner 12 year old started giggling. I read the entire sign and saw that there was a web address down at the bottom, and that is what actually got me laughing out loud:

No, I don't think you get the full force of that web address. Let's look at it again.


I nearly ran off of the road because I was laughing so hard. Now, granted, this probably isn't as funny to anyone else as it is to me. The HHS mascot is a panther, so the address should make perfect sense, right? It totally doesn't! Who in their right mind would think "hmmmmmm, we need a website for ordering these roasts, but what could we all it? How about Nah, those are not catchy enough. I KNOW!! Perfect! Let's go get some signs made!"

All I can think of when I see that sign, is that some web master for a very specific brand of niche porn is probably PISSED that the domain name is already taken. Hee.

So please, for the kids, go to and order a Boston Butt from the wrestling team. This way they can keep the domain name out of the hands of the perverts.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Steve and I went to The Melting Pot for our anniversary dinner last night and we had a lot of fun! We'd been to the one in Myrtle Beach, so we knew what to expect as far as food and such. I like this kind of restaurant, because it forces you to talk to whomever you eat with! Steve doesn't usually talk much when just the two of us go to restaurants, but since we had to share plates and a cooking pot (and because I had sharp, metal forks that I could poke him with if he got too quiet) we talked much more! I like good conversations over meals. I get there rarely. Everything was so good, and our waiter was really great! I did manage to drop cheese on myself, and burn my mouth with a potato, but we had a very nice time. Part of me wonders if we could be getting a bit taken advantage of, though. Don't get me wrong, I like the restaurant a lot and I'll most definitely go back, but I have this sneaking suspicion that eating there means you pay more for less food AND you have to cook it yourself.

Oh, well, being able to poke Steve with sharp, metal forks kind of makes it all worth it! :)

After we ate, we dropped by the fancy Barnes & Noble for a few minutes. OK, so it probably isn't exactly any fancier than any other Barnes & Noble, but it's in a fancy shopping mall, so I call it fancy. But I digress. On our way in, we heard this terrible sound. We stopped and looked around, and we realized that what we were hearing was some guy throwing up out in the parking lot. Only it didn't sound like a normal person puking...well, if there is such a thing as a "normal" sound of someone puking. I wish there was a way for me to explain so that you would understand how bizarre it sounded, but if it tells you anything, we stood there listening to this sound and looking for its source way longer than we would have if we had known it was someone barfing to begin with. Once we realized, we hastily walked into the store and Steve remarked that it sounded like some kind of creature from "Star Wars" and we busted out laughing because he was exactly right. He sounded like a Taun Taun! I realize how evil we must sound, admitting that we laughed like fools and someone who was obviously sick (and possibly non-human), but it was just one of those things that you can't help laughing at. Poor guy. I hope he's better today!

Our trip to Barnes & Noble was so that I could pick up the new Stephen King novel in hardback. I was going to make myself wait for the weekend before I got it, but I didn't. "Under the Dome" is an enormous book! I'm not kidding, at a glance, it looks longer than "The Stand" and that had over a thousand pages! It's supposed to be a book he started writing in the 80's and just couldn't finish, but he went back to it and figured he might as well clean it up and release it. I mean, the man can publish a grocery list and see it go on the NY Times Best Sellers List, but I hope that the story is good. If not, I could always hollow it out and use it as a panic room or something. Seriously, the book is huge!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


- I feel that if anyone has/has ever had an actual chance of being shot while protecting my way of life, they should be honored! HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY!

- Today is my 9th wedding anniversary! Hard to believe, isn't it?

- I complained about it being too hot in my office, so I turned the heat down. Now I'm cold. I'm too proud to go back in and change the thermostat.

- Krispy Kreme mini donuts are awesome and there is a very good chance that if I have some, I will not share. This is not selfishness, this is just fact.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I was locked IN the office last night because no one noticed I was here.

I always say goodbye before I leave, and my light was on, and I sit in front of the door! They still didn't notice I was still here! They turned off the lights and everything. I had to feel my way down the hall and down the stairs.

It's official. I've finally become invisible.

On the bright side, though, if I'm invisible I never have to wear pants again! :)

Monday, November 09, 2009

I found a site that tells about the history of my hometown! It is unexpectedly interesting. :)

Limestone County Historical Society

It is not the best designed site I've ever seen, and it doesn't have the most information, but what it does have was interesting (to me at least).

1) Well, yesterday was a total bust. Steve and I got up and went to church in the morning. Everything was fine until about halfway through Sunday school, when Steve got a bad headache. He said it just hit him, and since he rarely ever gets headaches (or at least he hardly ever complains about them if he does get them) I knew it must've been pretty bad. We ended up leaving church before worship service and going to get him some medicine and breakfast to see if that would help him feel better. When we got home, I changed and lay back on the couch to read a magazine. The next thing I knew, I was waking up at 5:00 that evening. It was a ninja-like nap attack! I didn't see it coming in the least, and for me to sleep for such a long time was just irritating. When I woke up, I also had a terrible headache and wasn't feeling well, so we ended up staying home from evening services as well. I didn't accomplish anything of usefulness and that makes me mad! :P

2) I still wasn't feeling very well this morning, so even when I got up at the butt-crack of dawn to go to the gym, I didn't actually make it over there. I actually enjoy going, but I've missed the last few days for one reason or another. I'm quite frustrated with myself about this! I'm going to have to figure out how to make myself go after work if I can't make myself go in the mornings. On a lighter note, however, since I woke up so early and got ready for work earlier than normal, we were able to stop by Starbucks on the way in to work! They have already started serving their holiday drinks! Hello, Peppermint Mocha, I've missed you so!

3) Speaking of Starbucks. As much as I like the things they serve, and as much as I have enjoyed going there with friends to talk and hang out on occasion, I think I have finally decided that I prefer the non-chain coffee houses. There is something so blatantly mass produced about Starbucks. I don't know if that makes much sense, but it annoys me. It's like the place is trying so hard to be hipster-ish, but it's just too glossy. I don't know what finally made me notice this about the place, but I did and now it irritates me. Give me a place like Jittery Joe's (The original Athens, GA one) or Blue Sky Cafe (sadly, now closed) any day.

4) I entered a logo design contest the other day, and while I'm trying not to get my hopes up, I really, really want to win it! It's for Lollyphile, which is a swiftly growing company that has begun getting some attention across the country. I don't think I have much of a chance to win, because I've seen the other entries and they are awesome, but I'd love to be able to have something like that in my portfolio! I have so few things in there right now as it is. Fingers crossed! :)

5) My boss finished ripping down the wall in my office on Friday. Once again, he did it with a hammer, a drill and his bare hands! I was so scared that he was going to fall off of the rickety ladder that he was using and break himself, but he didn't!
Office Deconstruction 95% complete.

It feels weird having that wall gone, because now I have this empty space in the middle of the room that I don't know what to do with. He said it was so that I'd have more room, but room for what I'm not sure. Andrew took this photo of the hallway outside of my door:
It looks like some kind of modern art display. I call it "Office, Deconstructed" by Sam. :)

Friday, November 06, 2009


I have just recently re-discovered my very favorite book, "Gone With the Wind." I'm not actually reading it this time, but listening to the audio novel. It's quite a different experience to listen to it instead of reading it, but it's just as enjoyable.

It has been years since I've read it, but mainly because I couldn't find my copy of it anywhere. Since the 8th grade, when I first read the book, I've tried to remember to pick it up every couple of years and read it, even though I've learned it practically by heart. Reading it is like finding a pair of comfortable slippers that I thought I lost. I just kind of slide into the story and get comfy. :)

I remember opening it for the first time and getting completely sucked into the story. I had seen the movie a thousand times, but the book was so much better! I had actually forgotten how much I really did love this book until I started listening to it a couple of days ago. I actually read my first copy of it to pieces, literally. I remember the cover fell off and I think I lost about half of the second year of the civil war!

I wanted to be Scarlett O'Hara. I remember employing some of the "southern belle" stuff I learned from the book and finding out that it worked just as well on the boys I knew in real life as it did in the story! Not on everyone, of course, but I learned to use it when I needed to. Heeheehee! My mom even made me a Scarlett costume for Halloween one year, with one of those dresses with the big skirts and ruffles and everything. Shut up, I was adorable! :)

I think Scarlett was probably my hero for years, but alas, I didn't realize at the time that she wasn't exactly the best role model for a young girl to have! So, of course, with all of the things that I emulated about her, I think I also picked up some of her less desirable traits. I didn't realize that until much later, though!

Oh well, I won't worry about that now. I'll think about it tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


From Saturday night to Monday evening, I had a bad sinus headache. I get them a lot this time of year. Well, I have them all of the time, actually, but they aren't always this persistent. Anyways, this was the kind that can completely wreck your day and make you feel as if you would gladly remove your head with a kitchen implement if it was possible. One of those that are thisclose to migraine status. Nothing I had on hand in my emergency purse kit would make a dent in it.

Yes, I have an extensive emergency purse kit.

After work, I asked Steve if he would stop at the ghetto Wal-Mart, which is on our way home, so that I could get some of that medicine that you have to show ID for. You know, the stuff that actually works. There are plenty of cold and sinus medications that you can just pick up and buy without bothering to show ID, but those are the kind whose active ingredients were long ago replaced with Kool-Aid and fairy dust because of the hastared meth-heads. When I walked back to that section where you pick up the cards to take to the pharmacy, there was nothing there but empty slots. I kind of stood there blinking and wondering if I was just hallucinating from the pain in my head, because the lack of patent medicine was quite baffling to me. I finally scrounged around and found one card for some "Tylenol Severe Sinus" pills that I didn't want, because I knew they would put me to sleep, but I was desperate! I figured if I had to take them at work, I'd just wear a sign around my neck that explained my situation or something. When I took the card to the pharmacy, I asked if this was all they had. The lady behind the counter told me that they didn't even have the medicine that I was holding a card for. They had nothing. They were out. OUT!

Now, am I mistaken, or is this cold and flu season? Wouldn't it be prudent to restock medicines that are affective against certain ailments during this time? Isn't it obvious that when you have shelves and shelves of medicines for colds and sinus problems that no one wants to buy because they are basically glorified Tic-Tacs, that you should probably order a back log of things that people do buy?! My head was in the process of splitting along my skull sutures and they are going to tell me that they DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING?!!!!!! *pant pant pant pant*

Of course, being the well bred southern lady that I am, I didn't yell or fling myself across the counter, rip the pharmacist's throat out with my teeth and bathe in her blood like I wanted to. I said "Thank You" and left the establishment. Then Steve took me to Walgreens and I found what I needed. Once I got home, I took some meds and finally got rid of the headache.


Until further notice, they are on my list.

Monday, November 02, 2009

I have loved to read since I was in the third grade. I was indifferent about it up until then, but circumstance gave me a long car ride and one of my sister's books, and my love of reading was born.

Because I'm a long time reader, I have learned to read very fast. This is OK when I am reading a novel, but it is bad when I need to pay attention to facts written within the text. This has caused problems with me when doing homework or doing research for something. I also have the kind of mind that will jump off on a tangent with very little provocation. So, if I misread something, I tend to have a few moments where my mind wonders off and I ponder what it was supposed to mean! This kind of thing isn't conducive to being a productive person.

Recently, this little quirk of mine has begun happening more and more often. I blame my advanced age of 31. :) Last week I was reading Kenny's blog, and there was a sentence that started with "Habits are hard to break." I read it as "Hobbits are hard to break." My first thought was: Hobbits? Why was he trying to break a hobbit? I didn't even think he liked Tolkien that much! What does he have against hobbits?! (By the way, if you type the word 'Hobbit' enough times, it stops making sense.) I went back to read that again and got what he was trying to say, so that ended my confusion. Of course, when I told him about it, he assured me that he doesn't make a habit of breaking hobbits. He grinds them up and keeps them in the pantry.

Saturday I had another one of these moments. I was looking for SEC football scores online & I saw a list of games that were going on. I noticed that Auburn was set to play Ole Miss. I read it as "Olé Miss." I immediately wondered when Mexico got a college team.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm not sure why, but I have this great desire, nay, a great need to stand on my desk and really belt out "We Are the Champions" by Queen. I want to gesticulate grandly and sing into my water bottle.

I feel kind of like I did that day when I wanted to sing "It's All Coming Back To Me" by Celine Dion, but without the need to turn the fan onto me so that my hair would blow around my face.

I probably won't do it, though. Gracious, what would the roofers think?

Monday, October 26, 2009


1) I had a dream last night that I was back in college. Apparently I had missed the last class and was asking what we did in class and my Art History professor told me I had a 20 page paper due today. I woke up in a panic, trying to figure out when I would have time to work on it. Then I remembered I graduated 2 years ago. I'd never been so glad to be out of college before.

2) Steve and I stopped by Starbucks this morning on our way to work! I ordered a latte with no whipped cream, thinking it might not be as fattening. I took a sip and almost barfed! I forgot that no whipped cream also means that the latte won't be sweet. HORF! I love coffee, but only if it has sugar in it. That'll learn me!

3) OOOOH, speaking of Starbucks, they have this thing that I've never seen anywhere else before that probably shouldn't impress me as much as it does. It's like a coffee stirrer, but it has a bit of molded plastic at the top that you can use to plug up the opening on your travel coffee cup lid! It's brilliant! It is one of those things that you would never imaging needing, but realize how useful it is once you have them. That link doesn't go to the exact same product I'm describing, but it's the same concept. I am amazed when people think up these things that seem like such basic common sense, but didn't exist before. I wish I had a smart. :(

4) Our church potluck went well yesterday, thank goodness. We had a TON of food! Of course, we usually do, but I always git a tiny niggle of fear that we aren't going to have enough to feed everyone. As far as I can tell everyone ate as much as they wanted and we didn't run out, so that is always good. We had a lot of people just forget to pick up what they brought, so we ended up throwing food away, which I hate to do. However, most of the places we could otherwise donate food to won't take it if it's leftover from a big meal like we had. I guess I understand that, but I hate to see it go to waste.

5) Halloween is this Saturday! I wish I had a reason to dress up, but alas, I do not. I need to check and see if we even have any candy to give the few kids who come to our house and trick or treat. I'll probably just give them a handful of the weird foreign candy we bought from World Market if we have any left. If not, we will probably have to turn the lights off and hide. We have no shame. :)

6) I watched a couple of episodes of House last night, and I've decided that I like that show. I've figured out the formula for it though. Ahem...

Someone comes in with a weird illness that looks to be one thing. The doctors treat it and make it worse or the patient gets worse on their own. The doctors sit around and talk about what it might be, only to have Dr. House make fun of their stupidity. He tells them to run some kind of dangerous test, they argue about it, but almost always do it anyway. The patient doesn't get better. House snarks to the dark haired lady or the other man doctor. While he's talking to them, they say something that helps him figure out what is wrong with the patient. This in turn causes him to rush back to his team and tell them what to do just in time to save the patient. Ta dah!

House. Good show. About as predictable as a Scooby-Doo episode.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I can't decide if I am bored, or boring.

Steve had to go on a business trip last Wednesday, and I absolutely did nothing of note or merit the entire time he was gone. It wasn't because I didn't want to do anything, I promise. It was because I couldn't think of anything to do!

Usually when he has to go out of town, I do things he doesn't like to do. This time, though, I was completely useless. Well, not completely useless. I did laundry. I tried to make cheese straws. Well, let's just say that if Fail was cheese flavored, it would taste like my cheese straws! Heeheehee. I also made cupcakes for the pot luck we had at church on Saturday. They weren't pretty, but they at least didn't catch on fire or anything.

I think I've lost my will to be interesting. I don't know. It's disheartening. I'm 31 and I've run out of things to do!


Thursday, October 22, 2009


1) Yikes. Yesterday I realized that I have finally caught up with everything on my "To Do" list at work. I'd even finished the stuff I'd been putting off because it sounded boring and/or complicated. So today I come into work with a kit for a papercraft model of the Haunted Mansion from Disney World to keep me busy until someone requests something. I know how that sounds, but since my job in an "On Demand" kind of thing, I will sometimes spend my free time making stuff so that my idle hands can't be used as the devil's tools. :) You guys already know this, though, right? OK, so I sat down at my drafting table and started putting the model together. I had bits of paper and glue scattered all along my work space and I was in the ZONE! Out of nowhere I heard the voice of our COO coming down the hall and there is absolutely nothing I could do about my paper model stuff all over my table. I thought briefly about diving under the desk and pretending I wasn't here, but there was no time. Plus, I'd be pretty easy to spot crouching under a table. Apparently once you hit a certain age, covering your eyes doesn't make you invisible anymore. Bummer. He walked in and talked to me for a minute before going outside to see how the roofers were doing and he didn't say anything about what I was doing. Of course, he would probably go to my boss if he had a problem with what I was doing instead of saying anything to me. It would do no good for me to try and explain the nature of my job to him, nor would it do any good to tell him that I'd regularly been checking to make sure I hadn't gotten a work order. I've got to hope that he thought I was doing something for work. Please? Curse my need to keep my hands busy!

2) Speaking of the things I do in between graphics jobs: I have been working on a remembrance altar for Dia de los Muertos. It sounds kind of grim, but I like the idea behind them and I thought it would be a nice thing to have. Since I don't have a lot of space, I decided to make a mini version of one: I know it looks crazy, but there is a formula for how to make them and they have to include certain things. Therein is my problem so far. Since it is a small version of one, made in an Altoids box, no less, I can't exactly light candles on the tiers in it and any real flowers or food would completely dwarf the thing. I'm going to take it home and make all of the other stuff out of clay, I think. It's the thought that counts, right? I've been having fun snapping apart my dollar store skeletons and hot gluing them back together in new positions. Of course, now I have a pile of plastic bones sitting on my other work table, so there is no telling what people think if they come in here when I am not in my office and see them. Oh well. What are you going to do?

3) Today my co-worker Andrew showed me two hilarious commercials. They are 100% real and made by an outfit that specializes in local commercials. Please, please, PLEASE watch these. If they don't make you laugh, then you have no soul. NO SOUL, I SAY!

I think the whip cracks are what sell it for me.

There are no words...should have sent...a poet...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


1) Steve was a hero this morning! Yay! I was sitting at the computer this morning when the phone rang. Phones that ring so early in the morning are usually bad news, so I snatched it up and answered it. It was our neighbor across the street, who is an elderly man. I like him. He talks like Foghorn Leghorn.

Anyways, he asked for Steve, who was in the shower, and I asked him if there was anything I could help him with. He didn't sound upset, but he said his wife had fallen down (and couldn't get up) and he needed Steve to come and help him get her up. I was all "?!" so I told Steve and he got out and went over to help. I was afraid that maybe the lady had been hurt, but once Steve got back he told me that everything was fine. The lady had just had a hip replacement and she tripped over her walker. Her husband is over 80 and couldn't help her back up because he is old and has back problems. So Steve picked her up and put her in her chair! Yay! Steve was a hero!

2) There are men outside fixing the roof on the SpRocket, and they are using my office as a hallway so that they don't have to climb up the side of the building on a ladder. They are nice guys, but they have been knocking things over all over my office. Also, they come in and explain to me what they are doing, and I have no idea what they are talking about, so I just smile and nod. I'm just grateful that they are fixing the leaks! So far so good. There is only one leak left and they are concerned enough about it to make an effort to fix it. It's nice to meet a contractor that is actually trying to finish on time AND do a good job. Of course, we have our COO coming up here every other day to oversee them and I think he makes them nervous. They're probably just trying to get away. :)

3) The cat has been back, and I guess that I might as well admit I've halfway adopted her. I still hope she has a real home, but she now has food and a toy at my house when she wants them. She still can't live inside, but only time will tell on that. I'm such a sucker.

4) I was hungry this morning and I ate my lunch for breakfast. Now what am I going to do?!

Friday, October 02, 2009


Going Home

I am beginning to lose faith in the the human race.

Yes, I can make such sweeping statements because I have just had to deal with airports today. Oy vey. Anyone who flies kind of loses hope after a day of traveling, though, right?

OK, so nothing specific or terrible happened, I guess. I'm just kind of shocked at how selfish strangers can be to one another when their own comfort and convenience is at stake! It's just little things, but those things matter when they are so obvious. Remember that, frequent travelers!!! Be Warned! People blog about your rudeness later!

So, we left Port Orleans this morning after breakfast. I love the way they handle your luggage from the Disney resorts, because you can actually check your baggage before you ever get on the bus to go to the airport! No long lines at the airport to hand over your stuff! Yay! Well, not entirely. We still had to stand in line a bit because the flight number on our connection flight from Atlanta to Huntsville was changed and we had to get new boarding passes for that leg of the trip. It wasn't bad, though. We got our tickets and went to one of the stores at the airport I wanted to visit.

It was actually a store called LUSH that I visited once, years ago, in Toronto. The stores have finally filtered down to the US over the past few years. Of course, there are none in Huntsville or even close so I wanted to go when I had the chance. Anyway, the sales people were super nice and helpful, but they followed me around almost the whole time I was there and I do not like that. They were so busy being helpful that they wouldn't let me browse at my leisure. I didn't mind them wanting to help me, but I quickly wanted them to leave me alone so I could shop. I was trying to catch a flight, after-all, and I didn't have the time to chat. I made my purchases and finally got out of the door and we breezed through security (thank goodness). I've finally figured out not to wear a belt, take off my glasses, wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off and carry easily recognizable items in my carry-on. As long as my under-wire doesn't start setting off the metal detector, I should be OK.

The gate was really crowded and there weren't many seats available, but Steve and I finally found two of them together. I sat down while Steve went to get a soda and I placed his back pack on his seat so no one would sit there. While he was gone, a little girl came and sat down in his seat, practically on his back pack. I know it wasn't her fault for sitting there, she was only a little girl, but her mother didn't say a word. I kept thinking that her mom would tell her to move, but she didn't. Oh well, I just picked up Steve's backpack and when he got back, we had to sit on the floor. Nice. I also noticed that the reason there weren't that many seats available was because a lot of people had their bags on seats. It wasn't that they were saving the seats, they just didn't want to put their stuff on the floor. Rude!

Our flight was completely full and I was stuck in a center seat again, but at least this time I was next to Steve. There was a nice Latino gentleman on my other side and he didn't spill over onto my seat. He also fell asleep practically immediately, so it was much more comfortable on the flight back. The flight itself was fairly uneventful except for the lady in front of me who decided that she should lean her chair back on me. Maybe she was air-sick, I didn't know, so I didn't say anything. Also, when they gave me my little bag of peanuts, the bag was kind of hard to open, and when I finally managed to open it, peanuts flew out and landed all over Steve. I was so glad he wasn't a stranger! :) When we landed and were waiting to get off of the plane, a woman behind me started complaining. A lot. She couldn't wait to get off of this plane. The flight had been horrible. She wanted to go home and etc. It went on and on and got old really fast. Then she got on her cell phone and started bitching (pardon that word, but it is apt) at someone on the other end kind of loudly. It became clear that she was talking to her mother about being sure she (the mom) had the unity candles. Not just the candles, but the candle holders and she'd better made sure she had all of them! Other things were said, but by that point I realized that this woman was on her way home from her honeymoon and from the way she was behaving, she hadn't had a very nice time. The complaining got so bad that I came within an ace of turning to her new husband and wishing him luck, but I refrained. My mother raised me better! :)

Our flight to Huntsville wasn't bad, although it was cramped. We got stalled out on the runway for some reason. There was a guy on our flight who got on his cell phone and started talking while we were stalled, and he was so loud. There are a lot of people who seem to feel the need to yell into their cell phones, and this guy was one of them. He wasn't really supposed to be on his phone at this point anyways, but he didn't seem to mind. Once we were cleared for take-off, he finally put his phone away, much to everyone's delight. Seriously, he was loud.

It's kind of dark, but that's my foot looking plaintively out of the window. It was an advanced yoga move to get my foot to that point.

Once we touched down, and before it was allowed, Mr. Loud Talker got his cell phone back out and called someone. I thought that he must have some pretty important business to take care of if he couldn't wait the 5 minutes for us to get out of the plane, but that wasn't the case. He just called someone to chat. Loudly. It was like he really needed to show off that he had a phone or something. It was weird.

We finally got inside, and I realized how glad I was that our airport is so small. A lot of people complain, but I didn't mind. It's nice to get home and not have to elbow your way to baggage claim or take a tram from one gate to another. We got our bags and went home.

Thus endeth our vacation. Whew.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Downtown Disney and Less Stressful Things


Today was a day set aside to rest after the non-stop exposure of the "Happiest Place on Earth." We still had things to do, of course, but none of those things included getting up early to catch a bus to a theme park! Yay!

Of course, in true Kelly fashion, I awoke early, even though I didn't want to. Apparently my internal clock thought it was funny to wake me up way before it was necessary. Stupid internal clock. After a time, I just couldn't stay in bed anymore no matter how much I might have wanted to. I got up and got ready for our day, and eventually Steve woke up as well. We spent some time getting our suitcases in order, packing away souvenirs (of which we had a lot), and trying to decide what we would do.

Our first order of business was to get breakfast. I was determined that I would finally be able to finish a muffin before we had to go someplace. See, the Port Orleans resort has this big dining hall that has all manner of delicious food. Each morning, I had gotten what I am convinced is the best banana muffin on the planet. They were tasty, but huge. Since I have to take my time eating, I was usually not quite done with my muffin each morning before we had to leave. Granted, I wasn't being rushed or anything, but I just eat so dang SLOW! I can't help it. Anyways, I finally got to eat the whole muffin! Yay, me!

After breakfast, we caught the ferry boat and rode down to Downtown Disney, which is basically a small village of shops and restaurants. The shopping is almost exclusively Disney centered, even though there are a few other things sprinkled in. I thought my feet and legs had finally gotten a respite from hurting, but after half an hour or so of walking, they hurt just as badly as before. I was pretty much used to it by then, though. We walked through a whole lot of shops, but surprisingly didn't buy very much of anything until we got to a place called "The Art of Disney" which was a place where you can buy both one-of-a-kind pieces of Disney art as well as posters and other things. We finally found a poster we had spent all week looking for, which was a really awesome, retro-style, travel poster for Tomorrowland. I also got a small print of the Haunted Mansion (I said don't judge me!) that I liked. We took our leave from there and went back to the resort. I was just too damn tired to want to do anything at this point, so once we got back to our room, I fell asleep while Steve went to the pool. I don't know how he had the energy, but I guess he found it somewhere. I woke up when he got back and it was late afternoon, almost evening, by that point.

We had reservations at "Kouzzina by Cat Cora" at another resort area for dinner, so we got dressed up nicer than normal (I still had to wear my flip-flops, though, because my feet were in no shape to wear heels. Classy, I know.) and went to ask someone at the resort how to get there. The guy at the info desk told us to take the bus to Epcot Center and then take a boat from there. We had no idea what he was talking about, because we hadn't seen any boats while at the park, but he works for the place and had to know what he was talking about. Right?

Wrong. We got there and found out that we needed to actually go to Disney's Hollywood Studios and catch a boat from there. So we waited in another long line, in the hot sun, for another bus to come and take us to the right park. I felt bad that we had dressed up, because we were hot and sweaty by the time we made it to the boat that would take us to the Boardwalk Resort where the restaurant was.

We finally made it there, and it was awesome!! If you don't know Cat Cora, I guess you could consider her a celebrity chef. She's one of the ones on Iron Chef America (which I love) and it was a lovely place. It wasn't fancy, but it was nice. We ended up having to sit on the same side of our table, which was weird for me, because the family next to us had pretty much taken up all of the room around them, but it wasn't that bad. The food was good, even thought Steve didn't like what he ended up ordering, but I enjoyed mine immensely. Since this place was included on our dining plan, dessert was included on our tab and I think somehow my dessert became some kind of Mickey Miracle. A true mousekateer stigmata, if you will. I ordered yogurt sorbet, with berries and mint syrup. It sounded fussy, but was actually very good. The berries and syrup were served separately from the sorbet in a small wine glass off to the side and you were supposed to pour them onto the sorbet. I did, and I swear that I didn't arrange any of the berries to do this but:
Three Words: Mickey. Mouse. Head.

I wouldn't have put it past the "Imagineers" at Disney to somehow distort gravity to cause this to happen, but I hope to God that there are some things they can't manipulate. Impressive. :)

After dinner, we made our way back to the resort and finished packing for our trip home tomorrow. We also watched TV while we did this, and did you know that at a Disney Resort, there are approximately 300 channels of nothing but Disney shows?

My feet are still killing me, and I am ready to go home, but it hasn't been a bad trip at all. I promise!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The Magic Kingdom

Oh. God. I think I have permanent damage to my feet. I had another blister and the one on the bottom of my foot was swollen up again. It hurt to walk at all, but I didn't have a choice because today was the big day! Magic Kingdom Day! This one is Steve's all time favorite, and after yesterday's tiny come-apart, I decided that I was going to make sure I didn't do anything that would keep him from having the best day ever! It actually went well, believe it or not. I wasn't feeling great when I woke up, but I medicated all of my ills and we went on our way. Oh, it was a 5 band aid day today!

By this point, Steve was having to help me out.

Our bus was super crowded, so I just knew that the park would be jammed with people. I wasn't looking forward to the lines and the heat, but I had decided that it was going to be an awesome day and nothing was going to change that! We got there just as the park was opening, and we got to see the ending of some kind of Disney Welcome Musical Number! It was too cheerful for that early in the morning and I realized there and then that if I ever worked as a "cast member" in the park, I'd commit hari-kari with the blunt end of a Mickey Mouse lollipop. I'm usually cheerful, but I don't think I could reach the Disney level of cheerful without dangerous amounts of methamphetamine.

Anyways, I was right that the place was crammed with people, but the weather was actually nice. It was beautiful, in fact. That made things a lot better. My feet weren't hurting as badly at that point, but mainly because I'd wrapped bandages around my toes to keep them from swelling so badly, and also I managed to croggle my left ankle and knee on Tom Sawyer's Island, so my leg now hurt worse than either of my feet. Hey, silver lining!

It actually turned out to be a really great day. We rode everything we wanted to and there were no lines to speak of, even though the park was full, and I mean FULL of people. We finally figured out why that was, though. Part of the reason was the time of year, because even though the park was full, it wasn't as full as it could have been. The other reason was that everyone who comes into the park has the ability to do a Fastpass, which, as most of you know, is where you can reserve a time to come back and ride a specific ride. We heard people talking about how they were going to run in and get the Fastpasses for the rides they wanted to go on so that they wouldn't have to wait in line. That was a great idea...for them. So many people were getting fast passes to come back to do certain things, that they weren't getting in lines at all. Everyone who didn't get a fast pass, got on the rides right away! We got everything we wanted to do and then some. We got to ride a few things more than once without standing in any long lines (except for one because of what we believe was a delay caused by someone getting in and out of a wheelchair) but it was the fastest I'd ever gotten to do anything at Disney. There were a couple of drawbacks, but not many. "It's A Small World" still gives me nightmares. Mainly it was my leg hurting. I kept having to sit down because it hurt so badly. We also left before eating dinner at one of the park restaurants, even though we had a reservation. It was taking them so long to get us seated that we were afraid we'd get trapped at the park until it closed and have to wait forever to be able to catch a tram back to the resort. Also, and I shouldn't say this because it sounds kind of hateful, I was really very tired of children by this point in my day. Especially a particular child who's family was waiting to eat at the same place we had been waiting in. For a very long time I heard "Jeffrey! Jeffrey! Jeffrey! Stop, Jeffrey! Put that down, Jeffrey! Jeffrey! Jeffrey!" Also, Jeffrey thought that waving around a plastic, blinking light-sabre was great fun, even though he wasn't being careful of anyone else around him. As God as my witness, I have never in my life been so close to drop kicking a child. We cancelled our reservations as nicely as we could, and went back to ride the Haunted Mansion ride a 3rd time before we left. Shut up, I actually do like that ride.

Don't judge me.

After fighting a huge crowd, which had gathered to watch the electric light parade or whatever they are calling it these days, and only stomping on one or two of the inconsiderate buttheads that didn't respond to "pardon me," we finally managed to get out and get back to our resort. We had dinner and now I'm writing this. Today was our final day at the parks (thank goodness.) Tomorrow we have a day of rest and shopping. I'm really looking forward to that!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Park Hopping Adventure

This morning it took us a while to wake up. We were so tired last night that I seriously don't remember falling asleep. I don't even think I dreamed. That must mean I was really tired because I ALWAYS dream. Anyways, when I got out of bed, I remembered that my feet hurt. I was also forcibly reminded about the blisters on my feet because they were swollen up horribly. I had to plaster my feet with band aids. It was a three band aid day.

That hat might just fit Steve!

Today we went to Disney Hollywood Studios, formerly Disney MGM Studios. We got there right as it opened, and we decided to get on the Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster first thing to avoid the lines. It had a line, but surprisingly, it moved really quickly. We got on the coaster and Oh. My. Gosh. It moved fast. It was completely dark except for black light sensitive signs all over the place and it looped and turned like crazy, all with the soundtrack of Aerosmith music playing loudly. By the time I got off, I knew what it must be like in Keith Richard's bloodstream. Bizarre. I wanted to do the American Idol (basically Karaoke) Experience, but we didn't really have the time. Steve had a PLAN. We stopped for lunch at a place called Hollywood and Vine, which was good, but (horrors) there were characters in there! Characters from some cartoon called "Little Einstein" and they all had giant heads. I was horrified. I think someone told them that they were creeping me out, because they all came to our table and "interacted" with me. It was all I could do to keep from screaming and running out there door. They were unnatural. *shudder*

Absolutely terrifying.

I'll be honest here, after lunch, I don't remember much of what we did at this park. I mean, we did a lot, but it wasn't anything really spectacular. We rode stuff and it was hot. That is what stood out in my head the most, the heat. Oh, well, that and something was wrong with the cuff of my shorts that made them keep curling up, so I got a nice blister on my inner thigh to match the ones on my feet. Yesterday was the sore feet, today it was the sore thigh. Fun stuff.

We didn't stay at Hollywood Studios all day because Steve wanted to go to the Magic Kingdom and do a few things so that we could make sure we had enough time to do everything when we go back tomorrow. He specifically wanted to do the Adventure Land rides. He also wanted me to be able to ride the Monorail, so we got on a bus that took us back to Epcot Center, which is the only other park that the monorail goes to besides the Magic Kingdom. We were both hot and thirsty by the time we got there, so once we got into Epcot, we took a detour to the Cool Spot, where a Coke exhibit is housed and you can sample different kinds of sodas from different countries for free. FREE DRINKS! WOO! (Does this make us cheap or smart?) Anyways, so we drank all we wanted and jumped on the monorail that took us to the Magic Kingdom.

I was so hot, tired, and sore from all the blisters that I wasn't happy to be there, so I was probably a bit whiny at this point, but trust me, I didn't say half of what was going on in my head! It didn't seem like there were many people in the lines, and in fact we didn't have to wait in line at all. It must've been the time we were there, I guess. We pretty much got on all of the rides that Steve wanted to do and after that I was so very ready to leave. Very, very ready. My feet were killing me, my thigh was killing me, and I was tired. I told Steve I didn't care how we got back to our resort, but I wanted to leave right then! That probably makes me sound bad, and if you feel like being smug and thinking you would never act that way if you were in my shoes, fine. Go ahead. You'd be a liar, though, because by this point, Gandhi himself would be having a tantrum. Not that I had a tantrum, exactly, I am a grown woman after all. However, if we hadn't left when we did, I might have thrown something. I'm just saying...

We ended the day by going back and getting some rest (which did a world of wonder for my attitude) and we went to Down Town Disney for dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Cafe. I'm not sure what it was, but something I ate made me very, very sick. I thought I was going to pass out at one point, but I managed to get back on the ferry to make it back to our resort. Trust me, the rocking of a boat didn't do me any favors. I was a little better when we got back, but I still feel queasy. Don't let me deter you from ever eating at Wolfgang Puck's place, because the food was delicious, but it just wasn't good for my stomach. Blarg.

Tomorrow: Magic Kingdom!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Epcot Center

I slept hard. I slept so very, very hard. By the time I got up this morning, I was very rested, but kind of muzzy. The first thing that happened as we were getting ready to go, was that I realized that the new clothes I had bought for the trip were too big. I thought I was following the size chart on the website I got them from correctly, but I bought everything a size too big! BOO! I had tried them on when they were mailed to me, and I realized that they were a bit big, but it didn't dawn on my how big they were till I tried to put on one of my whole outfits and I looked bizarre. I kind of figure you can wear a pair of shorts that are too big OR a shirt that is too big, however, it just looks silly if you wear both at the same time. Luckily, I had gotten some new shorts at the resort gift shop and had a chance to change into them before we left! We had a quick breakfast and jumped onto the bus going to Epcot Center. Epcot happens to be my favorite (as it goes) of all of the parks, so I was glad to get there and get started on our day. It was a bit confusing at first, because they had changed around a few things since the last time we were there, but we still enjoyed ourselves. We rode a couple of rides and looked around a bit and then got to the part I like, the little countries. I think it's because I like to travel and I'm fairly certain that I'm never going to get to go to the actual places, but I like to walk through the place and shop and see the buildings and decor. Disney, of course, makes them perfectly.

We had lunch reservations at the Mexican restaurant (EDIT:I checked. It was the San Angel Inn Restaurant.) that is inside a big Aztec temple.
Disney sacrificial altar?

I find it hilarious that the setting is an Aztec temple since they weren't known to be the friendliest of peoples. All that is missing at the top is Mickey Mouse with his heart ripped out. Oh well, I guess they donít want to get THAT authentic! :) The food there was wonderful, and let me just go ahead and say that if you can do the meal plan on your trip to Disney, please do. So far it has worked beautifully! After lunch, we walked on and shopped, shopped, shopped. We both enjoyed the different countries, and the crowds weren't terrible yet, so things went well until we got to France. Something was wrong with my left foot. I had apparently made an unfortunate footwear choice when getting ready this morning, because my feet were hurting really badly. It wasn't just the walking, something had to be wrong with my shoes. I couldn't figure out what was wrong because I was wearing my Chucks, which are sneakers, but they were doing something bad to my feet. We stopped at a cafe and got something to drink and I rested my feet, but as soon as I started walking again, they got worse. They kept on getting worse during the last few countries we walked through and by the time we had walked back to the main gift shop underneath Space Ship Earth, I thought my feet had to be bleeding because that was all I could think of to explain the level of pain I was feeling.

There was an international food and beer/wine festival going on at Epcot, so that drew in a huge amount of people that weren't there earlier. It got so bad that we couldn't even walk side by side anymore. I almost lost Steve once or twice in the crowd. We didn't eat at any of the special stands that were set up, but I did get some mint iced tea at the Morocco stand. It was yummy, even without sugar! I added sugar of course, but it was good without it too! :) I've never seen so many people walking around with beer before. I suppose it shouldn't have shocked me, but since I think of Disney World as mainly a place for kids, I think I was thrown off a bit. Oh, well.

On a funny note, as we were walking out, we overheard a lady on her cell phone telling someone "Well, right now I'm underneath the Apricot" or she might have said "the Ep-icot." Whichever one, it got us tickled. She was walking underneath the giant silver golf ball looking thing, which is technically a ride called Space Ship Earth, but is commonly thought to be THE Epcot Center since it's the most recognizable part of the park. I really, really hope she thought the park was the Apricot Center. :)

We finally got back on our bus and got to the resort again and I took off my shoes as soon as we got to our room. They weren't bleeding, thank goodness, but apparently my feet had gotten so swollen that I was literally stepping on my own toes. No, seriously, they were so swollen that they were curling under the soles of my feet. I was wearing tennis shoes, but they weren't good enough I guess, because not only had I been stepping on my own toes, I had two blisters on the bottoms of my feet. I have had blisters on my toes and on my heels before, but never on the bottom of my feet! It was truly bizarre. I should have been gellin' I guess. I have only been able to wear my flip-flops sense I took off my shoes. I can only hope my feet are better by tomorrow!

So, other than the foot thing, we had a pretty good day! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009


That’s right. You heard me. I’m at Disney World.

You’ll notice that I don’t end that sentence with an exclamation point, right? Well, that is because when it comes to Disney World, I’m not a big fan. For some reason, that makes a lot of people think I’m a Nazi or something, but I promise I’m not a gigantic humbug. (Why do I feel as if I need to cross myself whenever I admit this?) This will make my 4th trip to the house of the mouse, so I don’t feel that I’m not giving the place a chance or anything like that. I’m just not a big fan. I have several reasons for this, and we can talk about it later if you are interested, but I'll keep it simple for now. It follows along with my general feelings about any amusement park: I don’t like getting hot, I don’t like crowds, and I don’t like getting wet and walking around like that for hours. Well, it is going to be hot, and there are going to be crowds, but I have been assured that I won’t get wet. We shall see!

Anyways, so why am I here then? Well, Steve is a HUGE fan of Disney World. He came here quite a few times with his parents and family growing up, and it reminds him of good times. He has wanted to come back for quite a while now, so he talked me into it. Seriously, how could I refuse someone the right to relive good childhood memories? Also, he went to Savannah with me over the summer, so I kind of owed him! :)

We started off our day getting the dogs to the pet resort, and surprisingly that went really smoothly. I guess the dogs have finally realized that they can’t prevent us from dropping them off, so they might as well be resigned to things. After that we ran some errands and got ourselves to the airport.
At Huntsville International Airport.

***I have a sneaking suspicion that I might have singlehandedly raised the Department of Homeland Security Threat Level a notch by accident. I promise I wasn’t carrying anything even remotely lethal, but my boss, in an attempt to spread the word about the upcoming Star Wars exhibit next year, gave me a gigantic pouch full of buttons that advertise the exhibit. She wanted me to hand them out at the Disney World parks we went to, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do that. Number one, where would I stash them while I was there? Number two, that would just be bad form. I knew I wouldn’t actually pass them out at the parks, but I thought that maybe I could just seed some around in public areas and hope they were picked up! I started doing that at the Huntsville airport. I only had four buttons outside of my suitcase, so it wasn’t like I was peppering the place or anything. I left one on a table at a gate and another in the ladies room. Our airport is so small that I knew I couldn’t put a lot of them out, so I hung on to the others for our connecting flight in Atlanta. We hadn’t heard anything about the threat level while in Huntsville, but the minute we touched down in Atlanta, it was repeatedly being announced that the threat level had changed to Orange. I really, really hope it didn't have anything to do with me leaving small, black disks around an airport. My apologies to the Department of Homeland Security if any of that was my fault! ***

I’m glad that we decided to fly, simply because of the time it saved us. Of course, as usual, our first flight out to Atlanta was late.
Connecting flight airplanes are very tiny.

It wasn’t terribly late, but we ended up having to change our connection flight because we were cutting it close in the first place. No big deal, we had counted on the plane probably being late. When we finally got to Atlanta, I was starving. I hadn’t been hungry all morning, so when Steve got breakfast, I didn’t have anything. As soon as we got to Atlanta and found our gate, we set off in search for some food. I was jonesing some Cinnabon and Steve was going to pick us up a couple of burgers from BK. I hadn’t even got to take a bite before our plane started loading. Crap. Steve had already snarfed his food, but I was loaded down with bags of food and a soda as I got on the plane. We were not seated together on this flight, since it was a last minute change, but that wasn’t a problem. However, what was a problem was that I had a middle seat between two women I didn’t know and not enough room to do anything unless I wanted to jam my elbows into them the whole ride. Sadly, that meant that I wouldn’t be able to eat. I probably could have done it anyways, but I was afraid that the smell of my food might be bad for them and I didn’t want to be inconsiderate. I managed to get the food inside my backpack and just hold my soda on my knee. I was so hungry. The flight into Orlando was uneventful, except that we had an incredibly rude set of male flight attendants. I sat as still as possible, trying not to bother the two women sitting next to me. I had kind of dozed off right before we had taken off, but I was woken up by the lady on my left pulling a hamburger out of her bag and eating it. I was so hungry by this point that I wanted to snatch it out of her hand and cram it into my face. I didn’t dare try. She looked like she could take me. I suppose that meant that I could have gotten out my own food, but being the one in the middle, I just kept as still as possible and got out my iPod to watch a movie. At some point, I realized that the woman on my left was playing Sodoku and the woman on my right was reading a book for smart people about politics. Me? I was sitting there watching “Shaun of the Dead” for the elevendy billionth time and trying not to laugh aloud. I felt so gauche.

We finally landed and made our way to the Disney busses that would take us to our resort. I was still so hungry and so very, very tired. I had been up late the night before trying to do all of the last minute things a person has to do before a trip, so I had only slept for about 3.5 hours and that, plus the low blood sugar, was really catching up with me. We are staying at the Port Orleans resort, which is really beautiful, and as soon as we got to our room and got settled, we went to the gift shop to look around and then had dinner. I was literally almost about to faint by that point, so I had to grab my food and sit down way before Steve was through his line. I just barely made it.
This is the sandwich that saved my life.

By the time we ate and came back to our room, I was almost asleep on my feet. With few preambles, we sacked out. Thus endeth my first day of vacation.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More soon, I promise. For now, though, watch RIVERDANCE DOG!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I just wanted to applaud this article.


On another note, I guess I should apologize for not posting much lately. Granted, there are just a few of you who come to check frequently whether or not I've written anything, but I wish I had been more entertaining for you! Honestly, though, I haven't done much of anything of interest, and unless I want my blog to become a glorified Twitter feed, I figured that I should do more stuff before I talk about it.

I actually want to tell you about my adventures in learning how to make jelly, but I keep forgetting to upload my photos! Also, I keep forgetting to take pictures during the end part of the process. It's not easy to take pictures while super-sticky. Maybe I can get Steve to take some. Eh...don't hold my breath, right? :) I don't know how those foodie blogs take such nice pictures when they are elbow deep in butter and stuff, but I can already tell you that my pictures aren't nearly as nice. I just thought it was a fun thing to document and I'm passing that fun on to you! Well, as soon as the pictures are up. Please, live vicariously through my jelly making!

Oh, and my 15 year old nephew found out that I had a blog and he said "Aunt Kelly, you have no life." Oy, out of the mouth of babes! It made me wonder, are the number of blog entries one has directly proportional to the lack of life a person has? If so, I'd probably blog more I guess. I really don't have much to talk about! Heeheehee.

Anyways, so I've just posted a whole post about not posting. Wow. I'm going to seek out something interesting to do this weekend just so I can talk about it later. I just made myself kind of sad.