Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's official. I can't take me anywhere.

At the risk of sounding all girlie (and that sounds weird to some people, but when the majority of your friends are guys, they do forget you are a chick sometimes and become alarmed at feminine emotions. Therefore I always warn when it's about to happen.) I had to walk around Target yesterday pretending that tears were a result of some kind of violent allergy problem. Yes, I was crying at Target. Why is this, you may ask? Well, I did a stupid thing. I went to PetSmart while they were having a pet adoption. You all know my soft spot for puppies, or you should at least if you know me well. I walked up there determined that I wouldn't fall in love with any dogs and I'd just take the opportunity to see, and possibly hold, a puppy. Well, that was stupid. Almost the first thing I see is a pen full of Labridoodles (or maybe mutts, if you want to call a spade a spade) and they were all sleeping and being puppy-like. I wanted to pet them, but I knew if I did, I'd be in trouble. So I turned to the next pen and there was a black puppy that reminded me of Bear when he was about 12 weeks old. He was all alone, and he had his little paws up on the edge of the fence wanting attention. So I reached down to love on him and that's where I got into trouble. The lady who was watching over him told me his brother had just been adopted and this little guy was sad and confused. I bent down to see him better and he put his paws up on my shoulders and nosed the side of my face. The dog hugged me! I suddenly knew how Angelina Jolie feels like when she goes to a new country and sees a child she wants to take home! So I put his paws back on the ground and went on to Target. I wanted that dog, people. It was only the knowledge that A) Steve would be pissed and B) the killer B's would eat him, that restrained me from grabbing that dog and running towards the car. So I wound up trying to look allergic rather than sad as I walked down the sidewalk away from him.

Somtetimes being soft-hearted SUCKS!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Last minute projects. Finals. Work. Sick.

These are all reasons that you have not seen very much new stuff on my blog lately, if you've been checking, that is.

It seems like everything is bursting up around me all at once, as things are wont to do at the end of a long journey, I suppose. I can't say for certain, since I've never really had that many long journeys! That's a resounding BOO for me not having more concrete goals, I suppose. But hey, I'm working on it! : )

I finished my first final yesterday (woo-hoo) and since no one else was around, I had to settle for hugging my dogs in sheer delight of that fact. (You know, since Steve left me and all. For the week, people! For the week. Geez.) However, I can't say that was terrible, because I like to hug my dogs, and they were both very excited for me. I have one more final on Tuesday and then I will officially be done with school. Well, at least until I feel masochistic and go back for my masters about fifty years.

I actually have been doing lots of interesting stuff, but being so busy, I haven't had a chance to write about it. Don't worry, though, I will. I will also be taking a short sabbatical from the blog for some other reasons, but nothing too interesting. I suppose some of the joy has gone out of it lately, for one reason or another, but not all of it. Once I do finally get back and write up all of the stuff that has been going on, it'll likely take me a long entry, or two. : )

OK, so I leave you with this, and I'll talk to you soon!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


- Do you know what sucks? I rarely use special creams on my face, mainly because I haven’t reached the age where the fear of wrinkles and such might nudge me to do so. Also, I don’t really know that much about that kind of stuff and I don’t feel like going to a dermatologist to ask. However, I got a free sample of this awesome stuff called Freeze 24/7 that has helped erase the duffle bags I get under my eyes from lack of sleep and school stress. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes! So I thought that I would buy some so that I could keep using it. Not so much. Holy Botox, Batman! That stuff costs too much! They must literally use the blood of Martian virgins in it for it to be so expensive! I’ll stick with the duffle bags, I think.

- Something I learned from my trip to Miami and the subsequent troubles befallen me along the way. A pair of GAP jeans will only hold its proper molecular structure for three consecutive wearings without being washed. On that third day of wearing them, wear a belt or have emergency pants somewhere nearby, because those suckers are going to lose integrity.

- Allergies are evil. Pollen is Evil. Stopped up noses and scratchy throats are evil. Coughing is evil. However, sneezing is rather fun.

- I’d also like to thank all of the stank Meth addicts who have made it impossible for me to walk into a drug store and purchase any type of medicine that might actually relieve the symptoms of allergies without going through a three day waiting period and giving a DNA sample. Whatever the drug companies are putting in their OTC stuff now make them about as effective as swallowing a Skittle.

- David Tennant is so adorable. I know I’ve said this before, but I wanted to reiterate.

- Also, a Mr. Nibbles update! He apparently likes the graham crackers.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Just a quick weekend update this time due to the fact that not much happened. Thursday night we had dinner with Josh and Sazio’s (we go there a lot so that he can use up the gift certificates he’s accumulated before that vow of poverty kicks in.) Friday night we had dinner with Anthony at Beauregard’s. That place always makes me feel a bit like Homer Simpson…mmmmmmmm, Beauregard’s. It’s one of my favorite places to eat! Afterwards we went to Books-A-Million to walk around. Very exciting.

Saturday, we didn’t have much planned except for working around the house, but very little got done. My allergies made me sleepy and pitiful and Steve got sick with some kind of stomach virus in the middle of the day. We thought it was just a reaction to taking some medicine without eating anything, at first, but as the day wore on, we realized he must have really been sick. He slept for a while and I made cookies. They are darn fine cookies, too! Oatmeal Cinnamon Chip, if you might indulge me to be specific. I never thought I could enjoy cookies that didn’t have chocolate in them so much!

Sunday was church day, of course. I backed off from going over to my parent’s house so I could stay home with Steve in case he needed anything. I was also scheduled to sing during the night service and I had found a website where I could download accompaniment tracks for .99 cents apiece. I was so glad, because I need some new music, but it’s a pain to go to the Christian Bookstore to find a tape or CD unless you are going out that way, and I wasn’t. Steve had been after me to sing “He Is Alive”, but I could never find it in my range. However, I did find it on this website! Woo-Hoo! Unfortunately, Steve was too sick to go to church that night, so I sang another song and promised to sing that one when he was able to hear me. I reiterate: I am the Best. Wife. Ever. After church I had to run an errand and got dinner for Steve and myself. Unfortunately, he got sick after eating just a little and then went to bed. Me, I hung out with the doggies and watched TV. Butler is doing much better and he says thank you all for your good wishes. He also said he wished you had sent bouquets of Snausages, but that he isn’t mad about it or anything. Bear knows that he wasn’t sick or recovering from surgery, but he wishes you had sent the Snausages, too.

On to the good news front! Sara is home! Not just out of the hospital, but out of Miami and back home–home. Her mom told me that she got in on Saturday. I could have gone and met them at the airport like a nice friend, but I was guessing that other people would be there to greet her AND she was probably exhausted from the flight. I hope to go and visit her soon, but I’m waiting for her to e-mail me and let me know she wants company. AHEM…HINT – HINT! I feel kind of bad because the last letter I sent her before Easter didn’t make it to her. I didn’t get it until Thursday of last week, but apparently I didn’t put enough postage on it. Well, that’s what they said, but I don’t see how. Stupid Postal Rates. : P

I have a new buddy at work.
I call him Mr. Nibbles. He is a little squirrel that has been visiting the balcony outside of my office. He’s a brave little soul, normally, but he has been jumpy today. I have been crumbling graham crackers up and leaving them outside, but he hasn’t been near them today. He came right up to me last Friday when I was standing by the screen door, but he seems a bit skittish if he thinks I’m going to come outside and grab him. I don’t know how, but I think he knows Steve made me taste squirrel once. Trust me, I don’t think I’m going to make eating them a habit. *shudder*

That is all.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm sorry if you've been dropping by and have been bored with the same entries day after day. Normally I update my blog during slow time at work, but because our (expletive deleted) IT guy set a time limit on how long we can stay on certain sites, I don't ever have enough time to write what I want and still have enough time to publish it. I'd love to throw a dart at him.


There are two really good reasons why I should start having my eyebrows professionally waxed and stop doing it myself. Unfortunately they are both on my face. Oy. I know someone who will be investing in some eyebrow pencils very soon. Oh, and speaking of that, if you're talking to me and I look surprised...just ignore it.

Poor Butler had to go to the Vet yesterday and have some dental work done. He was only going in for a cleaning, but they found out that the tooth he broke was on the verge of being abscessed, so they had to pull it. To do so, they had to give him a general anaesthetic, so they had to shave a band around on of his legs to give him an IV. Now the neighbor dogs laugh at him. Very sad.
When Steve brought him home, he wondered around, looking dazed and staring at the wall. Occasionally he would stand by either Steve or I and just lean. Bless his little, furry heart. He walked into his kennel and I went to get him some cheese as a treat. After I'd given it to him, I walked out of the room again for a second to get something, and when I walked back in I said "Go to sleep, Butler" without looking at him. I didn't need to say anything because in that second and a half of being out of the room, he fell over and slept. :( He was actually really goofy until this afternoon, but he's acting more normal now.

I finished my research paper for Theater History. I wrote about - ahem - Visual Elements of Characters in Traditional Japanese Theater. Yeah, I know. It's actually thin enough to read through, but I hope it can pull off a B. I want to keep my honors status. Why? Because I'M GRADUATING SOON! WOO-HOO!

I faced a fear the other day and read, or listened to the audio novel of, The Exorcist. Believe it or not, it was actually a good book. Scary, but good. It didn't terrify me like the movie did, but I still got the heebs. Ed walked up behind me while I was listening to it and scared me. Luckily I had already put down the Exacto knife, or he would have needed a priest.

Steve and I went for a walk last Friday night and I realized something. I've realized that I will leave Steve behind if I feel we are in danger. I don't have to run fast, I just have to run faster than Steve! : ) We were at the elementary school where he had gone as a kid and he wanted to see if an old tree was still there. The original school was destroyed in the tornado of 89, so I suppose that's why he wanted to stop. It was dark, I wasn't wearing my hated glasses, and as we walked up to the tree, I saw a man crouching in the shadows. So I did what anyone would do, I pushed my husband out in front of me and ran. Boy, was my face red when I was told that the weird man in the shadows was actually a tall stump. Ha

Well, that's all for now. It seems like there was something else I was going to say, but I can't remember it!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


1) Just a bit of advice: Try not to wear a wrap dress on a windy day. I learned this the hard way, and so did that nice family from Michigan. Sorry, you guys!

2) Apparently my adolescence-long fixation with 4-inch high heeled shoes did not give me an eternity of balance. I wore low heels today and I walked like a new born moose. Had I knobby knees, the picture would have been perfect. Thank goodness I haven’t fallen yet! I used to be able to run in heels. Oy, getting old sucks.

3) I only have 6 more classes to go! Six! Six! Woo-Hoo! *Does the proverbial dance of joy*

4) I was supposed to do a class presentation today and got all set to present, but the teacher kept us busy reading Othello all class period. I had psyched myself up all day for this, and now he expects me to do it next Thursday! Woe to he who diverges my creative flow! WOE!

5) I was feeling snacky when I got back from school today, so I stopped by the break room to grab some chips. Our employee break room has the single oldest vending machine on earth in it, and it never fails that at least 3 out of 5 things will get stuck on the spiral thingie before it falls. Today it was my turn. Apparently the chips didn’t get stuck so much as they hovered in mid air in front of the spiral thingie, so I rose up righteous and beat the machine within an inch of it’s miserable life. I got my chips, though! That machine BETTA RECOGNISE!

6) I have 100 cranes! Only 900 more to go!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Because Steve has some odd friends...

Todd, Sharon, this one's for you!

Monday, April 02, 2007


Oh yes, it’s that time again.

FRIDAY: After work, things seemed to get fairly busy for Steve and I. We went to our tanning place (Shut up, I’m pale) and then we had to go to Sam’s and buy drinks. We tend to buy them all at once and then drink them all before we restock, so I’m pretty sure we must look slightly nuts every time we go in there. Slightly thirsty nuts. At any rate, we finished up with the shopping and on the way home I got a horrible stomachache. I don’t know what caused it, but I literally thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. Luckily, it went away just as suddenly as it came. Weird. Anyway, we were supposed to go to dinner with Josh, but he called about the time I thought I was dying, so we cancelled on him. Sorry, Josh! We spent the rest of the evening goofing off.

SATURDAY: I had planned to come into work and catch up on some of the work I had missed while I was n Miami. I have this one rather huge project (not huge in size, but huge because it’s complicated) that has been keeping me busy for several days and I figured that I’d be able to finish that up and then do some of the other things on my list. Unfortunately, I am an idiot. I brought my airbrush and compressor so that I could paint this sign faster with less drying time. I got everything set up except for attaching the airbrush nozzle, which took me a while, and when I opened the case for the nozzle, I realized that the hose wasn’t in there. I just sat there and stared at the thing for a few minutes and felt stupid. So I ended up having to paint the old school way, which took the entire time I was there. I also had to redo some of the vinyl and then remove other parts I had already applied. It sucked. After I got as far as I could go, I went home and got ready to go to dinner at Sazio’s, which is a very wonderful Italian place in Five Points. We rode with Greg and Shannon, and met Josh and Anthony there. We had a great time, but I think we were a little loud. We didn’t mean to be, though. The only dark spot of the day was the service was BAD. I don’t know if the servers were new or what, but even though we were a party of 6, they kept forgetting about our table. That had never happened there before. We spent the rest of the evening with Shannon and Greg at our house talking and playing with the dogs. Butler LOVES Greg.

SUNDAY: Church and lunch with the parents. I embarrassed myself first thing that morning because I was talking to our associate pastor down in the office and accidentally called him “Babe.” I didn’t mean to, but he had started looking around for something and I said “What do you need, babe?” like I do to Steve. We both turned red and I just walked out. Oy vey.

I had also taken my cap and gown over to my parent’s house so that I could have a picture made to put in my graduation announcements. Now, I don’t know if I am completely deluded, or if the camera hates me, but those pictures turned out horribly. I don’t remember looking in the mirror and seeing the person who I saw in those pictures. It was embarrassing! It’s no wonder Steve doesn’t like to take pictures of me…yikes. I think I’ll just stick to pictures of my feet.

I stayed home from church that evening to do some research for one of my papers. I’m beginning to run out of time, so now I’ve got to focus. I have two research papers and one class presentation to prepare for. Yuck. After I got as far as I could go on the research, Steve and I watched an episode of “The Weakest Link” from BBC which had characters from “Dr. Who” on it, and then the first episode of the new season of Dr. Who. David Tennant is so adorable, and Scottish, so his accent makes him twice as cute. : )