Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Star Trek guy called again this morning. He hasn't called in a while, so I thought that he had forgotten about us. No such luck. He is calling and asking for me, because he thinks I'm his NASA contact. I'm glad the girls here are taking messages instead of just forwarding him on. Anyway, he finally called and I answered. He was so glad to hear from me because he had to tell me all about this new planet he discovered in the Alpha quadrant called Sector 031. Apparently they are in trouble because there is global warming, they are getting poisoned by Carbon Monoxide, the rain forests are being depleted, and the California of Sector 031 is going to sink into the ocean because there are too many people on the highways and overpasses. Oh yeah, and their San Andreas fault line is seperating at the rate of 3 inches a year. He says that planet only has about 15 years before it's destroyed. If you are a native Sector 031-ian, BEWARE! He also let me know he's been to the planet Russia, and has found out that he is full blooded Russian (he can also speak Russian and German, too). He told me that he's spoken to the Navy, and they have asked him to complete his mission. Whatever mission that is, I have no idea. Oh yeah, and he WAS Gus Grissom in the Apollo 8 Mission* where they crash landed on Neptune (*nerd note: Grissom died in the Apollo 1 capsule on the launch pad). Apparently he's been reincarnated several times, because when I asked who else he was, he just said "a bunch of folks".


Monday, May 24, 2004

Eeeeeeessshhh. The weekend isn't anywhere near long enough. Does anyone else notice this? Short as it was, it was still a nice weekend all around.

Friday night Steve, Anthony, and I went out for dinner to Greenhills Grille (mmmmmmmmmmmm) where I haven't been in ages. They have the best biscuits in the world, I think. I honestly can't remember what else we did that day. No more crack for me!

Saturday I had to work in the morning, but Steve and I got to have dinner together at DreamLand, where I saw my friend Beth and met her fiance. She's getting married in October, I think. THen I went shopping and bought a very cute shirt and skirt, which when I got home didn't look right together. Now I need to find another shirt to wear with the skirt. : ) I also bought the book "Petals on the Wind" which is a sequal to "Flowers in the Attic". Geeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz, it's twisted! Steve and I also went to see Shrek 2 and it was so funny. I liked Puss in Boots the best, but I think it's because he reminded me of Shannon and I when we use our Latina voices. The dance scene had me rolling in the floor, but I think it had more to do with Donkey and Puss in Boots singing "La Vida Loca" than because it was actually funny.

Sunday we didn't do anything but go to my parents house for lunch and have dinner with Josh. He conned me into seeing something called "Son of Paleface", which is a Bob Hope movie set in the wild west. It was actually funny! I don't usually like Westerns or old movies like that, but it was very good. Steve got me the DVD of Ghost in the Abyss, which is the James Cameron documentary of the Titanic. I can't wait to watch it! Woo-Hoo!

Since my weekend was so pleasant, wouldn't just make sense that today, Monday, sucked? I'm beginning to think that I'm like Garfield, and everytime Mondays come around I get smacked in the face with a pie or mailed to Abu Dabi. Mondays Suck!!!!!!

And with that, I leave you for now!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

It's taken me three days to publish this blog!


So, I'm back from my trip to Panama City, and I had a wonderful time! My mom and sister, and I left about 5:30 saturday morning and got to the condo around noon. We almost didn't get to stay in my Aunt's condo because the girl behind the counter told us that no one had called and put my mom's name on the register (which my aunt had). We had all of the paperwork, but no one had put the note in the computer. However, the counter girl figured that if we had all of the information on hand AND knew thw names of the people the condo belonged to, she would let us go ahead and stay. Wasn't that mighty high class of her? Anyways, we went to Shuckum's for lunch and came back to lay on the beach. I don't think I've laughed that much in ages! I forgot how funny mom and Angie can be. I swear, the whole time we were there we did nothing but talk, lay on the beach, eat, and we went shopping a couple of times. It was heaven. After school and work being so busy, a trip to do nothing was paradise. I wish I could have stayed until friday, but I would have been by myself and I would have never found my way home! : ) I got sunburned all around the edges, even with putting sunscreen on, but it's starting to fade to a tan now. I promise, I was a pair of pink eyes away from being albino before I went there, now I look a little less like a vampire, but my chest is still burnt a little. It's weird to look at myself and have color! The only drawback there is that my nose is peeling! I'm crispy around the edges.
Oh! In newer news, I got an internship in the graphics/web department here at the SpRocket Center, and so far I like it. Of course, I haven't been asked to do anything that could destroy stuff, so I suppose I've done fine so far. I'm only getting about 8 hours a week, but that seems to be fine for now. I'm working on a Mac for the first time in ages, so that takes a little getting used to, but I think I'll like it! Hopefully I'll learn some "mad skills" heeheehee, and everyone will want me to work for them. The guy I'm working with today, Jason, is completely awesome and talented. Maybe some of that will rub off.
I'm so hungry. Yesterday Steve and I went to Casa Blanca and had some exellent mexican food and I've been thinking about it all day!! I had to eat lunch early this morning so that I could get to the graphics department on time, and I could eat a dead horse right now! I probably could have stopped and had lunch, but I don't want to miss anything while I'm here, so I'll just be hungry I guess.
I have to go to the doctor next week and I don't want to! I at least hope I can talk him into giving me a new perscription for the pills I had. *Fingers Crossed*
Well, I know this hasn't been extremely exciting, but hey, you read this to know what I'm doing and this is it! Woo-Hoo!
Until next time.

Friday, May 14, 2004

I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow morning (if nothing happens that is)and I'm so excited! It will be my mom, my sister, and I. I'm hoping it will be a lot of fun.

I haven't had much to write about recently, which sucks. It's been pretty bland what with me only working and not much else.

I did get an awesome coloring book today (don't laugh). It's a book of modern art, but with no color. Sort of like Paint by numbers, but no numbers. My art history teacher would be so proud. Amazingly enough, I haven't used a coloring book in forever. That's what being an art major will do to you.

Speaking of school, I got my grades. I can't believe I made a B+ in my drawing class and an A- in history. That is so backwards. In the fall I'm going to need constant prayers to pull that semester off. My brains will be boiling! Wow, I want to graduate!

Friday, May 07, 2004


A couple of years ago, Josh (being a wonderful guy friend who will do this) went grocery shopping with me. This, of course, was when I worked at CST and got paid much more than I do now and could afford the bi-weekly grocery shopping where we could actually buy lots of groceries at a time. We were supposed to meet Steve back at home and then go to dinner together. Well, Josh and I got done shopping earlier than we thought and when we got back to meet Steve, I realized that I had forgotten my house key. So here we were, sitting in the driveway with a car full of groceries (meat, milk, and other things that should have been refrigerated right away). We knew that being in the trunk would be cool enough to keep some things for a little while, but we had a whole box of Dove ice cream bars that were not getting any colder. We had to wait for Steve and eat the entire box of ice cream before it melted. That memory makes me happy. : )

Thursday, May 06, 2004


Wheeeeeee! I'm so glad to be out of school for the summer. I mean, yes, I still have to work every day, but at least I don't have to run out in the middle of the day and struggle to stay awake in class! Now I just have to struggle to stay awake at work!

Last night we had a great time. Shannon and Josh came over for dinner (I made pot roast...and it was rather tasty if I do say so) and we watched a movie called "Malabu's Most Wanted". I was afraid it would be a stupid movie, but it was actually funny! Steve came home from his final and brought Anthony, so we had a good time joking around. By the way....J Q, Huntsville High Represent! : ) I am so un-ghetto.

I have some fabulous news. I am going to Florida with my mom and sister in a couple of weeks! We haven't done anything like this in 12 years, or at least since my cousin Janice got married in Daytona. I hope we have a good time. I will not wear a bathing suit, because I don't want anyone from GreenPeace to think I'm a beached whale! : )

The last episode of Friends will be on tonight, and I can't wait to see it. It is one of the five shows I make an effort to watch, so it better end well or I'm going to be mad! You know, the funny thing is that I didn't care anything about the show until I met Steve, and after watching some taped episodes I fell in love with it. I'll miss it. Well, as long as CSI, Scrubs, Dead Like Me, and Carnivale still come on, I'll be okay.

I'm so tired...so, so, so, so, so tired. I took Benedryl last night, and it will not wear off. I only took 2 of them and they seem too small to do anything. I feel like I've been walking through syrup all day.

Call me Dr. Feelgood! I've been wearing my lab coat as a jacket for the past few days because the only coat I have is the velvet one, and it's too heavy for just being chilly. Why do I have a lab coat, you may ask? I bought it on a trip to the college bookstore when we were working with plaster so I could wear it over my work clothes. I like wearing it because it's long, and I'm thinking I'd make a darn fine looking doctor! : ) Let me know if any of you need a physical! : ) I need to post a photo!