Monday, January 30, 2006

A late in the day WEEKEND UPDATE!

How was my weekend, you may ask? Well, as I described it earlier to a friend of mine: Not nearly long enough, soaked in bleach, yet still kind of nice.

Friday night, Steve had made plans to hang out with the fellas from the SpaceDome (you know, the IMAX theater at the SpRocket) and I had the evening to myself. I had to go to Target to pick up a prescription and buy milk. I hate not having milk in the house. Even if I'm not drinking it and it turns into cheese or something, I still want to have it there. At any rate, I made my purchases, grabbed some bad-for-me fast food for dinner, and headed back to the house to watch my DVR CSI. Unfortunately for me, I didn't know that a glitch had caused only the first 30 seconds of the show to be recorded (Curses, she said, and shook her fist). Eh, well, it'll be on Spike eventually. So I rewatched "Earl" and "The Office" while I ate instead. Steve said he wouldn't be home until 10:00 or so, so I just slothed around and uploaded some files. He actually got home at about 9:30 and immediately started watching his "Firefly" dvd. Wow, fun stuff. I'm thinking I'm going to have to invent an LCD screen, dvd playing tee-shirt so that I can at least pretend he and I are talking! He might at least face me if I had one of those! My kingdom for a decent multi-syllabic conversation that didn't involve space ships. : )

I had bought the newest Stephen King novel called "Cell", so I curled up on the couch and got lost in the story. I hope that man never retires! The book was awesome, but it wasn't exactly the best story I could have read under the circumstances of the dream I had the night before. I had the reocurring nightmare about zombies, with only a couple of new additions to it. Apparently this time I knew the whole zombie thing was going to happen, but when I would try to warn people, no one would listen to me or take me seriously. Paging Dr. Freud, right? Well, the book wasn't about your typical zombies, but close enough. The readers-digest-condensed-version of the book: A man visiting Boston for a business meeting is standing at an ice cream truck people-watching when everything goes haywire. Everyone he had seen on a cell phone suddenly goes insane. We find out later that in some kind of terrorist-plot-gone-wrong that an electronic pulse was sent through the cell phones in a mind control attempt, but it did the organic version of formatting the hard drives of people's brains. This turns them all into violent animal like creatures,and opens a telekenetic part of the human brain. So basically it was "Dawn of the Dead" without the added plus of the zombies being dead. This crumbles the infostructure of the civilized world and forces the people who were not driven insane to band together and try and end the madness. Stephen King does post-apocalyptic America better than anyone else I know. I couldn't put the book down. Partly because it was THAT good, and partly because I had the feeling that if I stopped reading it the zombies would get me. At any rate, I finally forced myself to go to bed at 3 o'clock.

Saturday I woke up bright and early (okay, it was 7:00) and tried to decide how to best spend my day. Since there was no way I could get Johnny Depp to the house on such short notice, I went for the close second on my list: "Super Cleaning" the front bathroom. Steve had already made plans to help some friends do some work, so we at least got to spend the morning together before he had to leave. After that, I got my bottle of bleach and began my task. "Super Cleaning" is something I've invented that, as you can imagine, doesn't happen often. This is where you take one room and clean it from top to bottom and focus on all of the little places you don't normally clean when you do normal cleaning. I was also going to take this time to do a little redecorating as well. Since I've lived there, there has been a definate dragonfly theme going on, stemming from the broken metal garden stakes that I bought ar Pier 1 when I worked there. I nailed those little dragonflies to the walls and had other dragonfly knick-knacks sitting around. When we were first decorating that room, we accidentally ripped some chunks out of the dry wall when we were removing the fugly wallpaper that was hanging in there. I tried everything to cover the scars, but I could never get it smooth. So I found this poster of "The Mermaid" a Waterhouse painting that exactly matched the color we painted the walls, framed it, and hung it over the scars. Perfect, except for the fact that Mermaids and dragonflies don't exactly go together. So in between cleaning stuff, I was trying to find all of the seashell and ocean stuff I could to put in there. Luckily, the beach is my favorite place in the world, so I had a lot of it. This task took me all day, but I think it's because I have a very specific kind of ADD when it comes to cleaning. Right in the middle of something, I would think of something else that needed to be done, so I would go do it. Then I'd go back to the bathroom and begin again, and the same thing would happen. FINALLY I got it clean, also disinfected since I got bleach all over the floor! Now it's lovely, but it will probably revert back to it's original state in about 3 days. SIGH.

Sunday was a little different than normal because we didn't go to my parent's house for lunch. We were going to, but Steve's truck died and he had to spend the afternoon fixing it. I couldn't go myself because he needed Rudolph to drive around to find the parts he needed. It took a while, but he figured out it wasn't a complicated things afterall, and he fixed it as good as new. I spent the afternoon working on my FLASH animation for class. I am now seriously tired of The Partridge Family. As soon as I can figure out how to post the sad thing, I am going to link to it so you can see it. As much as I hate Valentine's Day, I do love you guys, so consider it my Valentine to you! Yay! After night service, we went out to dinner with a couple from our church. We were a little raucous, but we couldn't help it. We're like that when we get together. It was a lot of fun!

That's about it for the weekend. It was full, but not unbearably so. I've got to get to work on research for "Stupid Paper #2". This one will be on Jewelry of Hellenistic Egypt. At least I am interested in jewelry. Whee.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Granted, this is very sad and pathetic, but I'm still excited! I went to the website to check on the weather this morning, and the first thing that popped out at me was this:

This is my poster! I mean, it's not mine, but I made it for the Challenger memorial ceremony that they held the 28th at the Sprocket. I know that it was probably just the only thing that had the crew's picture on it, but heck, I don't care!

Once again, simple cat-simple pleasures!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I should really be working, but I've gotten frustrated. I'm supposed to be recreating some lettering and graphics for something called a "Drone" which looks like a big, orange missile. Quite honestly, I think that's what it is!

I've never seen one of them until my boss brought me the measurements and pictures of the old one. I was doing okay until I tried to transfer some of my graphics and another file onto the computer which is attached to the vinyl cutter (which sucks). It will not read any of my files! I had to delete all of the programs off of that computer so that it would quit freezing up, and so I can't recreate any of these things from scratch on it. It will also not read my font file. Why can't the Air Force use Arial?! I've been working on it for a while, but I had to take a break and fuss about it.

Today has been a pretty vanilla day. I accidentally woke up my friend that has been sick for so long when I called her! I felt so bad. I haven't gotten another chance to call her back, but I'll try tomorrow. I'm such a dork with the telephone!

I have been busy since I got here today. I couldn't believe how much stuff was coming my way. I guess since the holidays are over, people have nothing better to do than come here. : ) I'm not complaining though, it keeps me employed. While I was working this morning, my mom called. I had just changed my Exacto knife blade (#11, the one with a wicked sharp point) when she called, so I moved the phone to my drafting table and reached over to get the knife. I bumped my hand on a roll of tape, and drove the tip of the knife into the tip of my finger! It's hard not to scream curse words when you do something like that, but since I was on the phone with Mom, I was able to get away with just screaming ouch. I bled a lot, but luckily not for very long. While the injuries are becoming less frequent, they are becoming more painful and messy. Let's just hope I keep all of my fingers!

Okay, back to work with myself! Oh yeah, and tonight is Earl and The Office! Woo-Hoo!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

This is getting weird.

Okay, I checked my tracking site today and I've noticed a weird trend. For the past two days, someone or someones keep typing the search phrase "pictures of girl's butt cracks" and somehow ending up on my blog. It's been searched for often enough to start to worry me. I swear, there is nothing of the kind on either my webpage nor my blog!

If for some reason you (the reader) have typed in the above phrase and have found this blog, please get help, you pervert!

In class today, a friend of mine was walking out of the room and tapped me on the head. She shocked the you-know-what out of me with static electricity. She kind of froze in her tracks and started apologizing, and I joked with her that I lost my ability to count to ten. She must've really felt bad about it because when I ran into her later on, she was still apologizing. It was actually kind of funny, but I felt bad that she thought she hurt me. I was going to pretend that it had given me a tick or something, but I didn't want to make her feel worse than she already did.

My Greek history class is actually really interesting when I'm awake. The last couple of times I've gone to class, I've dozed off. I went full fledged "Pez Head" on Monday. I took a No-Doze before class today, and I actually learned something. Maybe it's the time of day we meet or something. Who knows? We talked today, and I've got to soon pick my subject for "Stupid Paper #2". Hopefully I can get my proposal in in time to be able to do the book review and a shorter paper. I hope so. I don't want the screaming stress headaches like I had last semester. Today I happened to sit by one of those big wall vents, which I always thought were for the air conditoner, but apparently it's part of the exhaust system for the vents on the studio floor. I was breathing in spray paint and adhesive fumes all during class. When I stood up, I almost fell over. The last thing I need to do is get high during my class by inadvertently huffing spray products. I was also hearing voices, but I wasn't sure if it was just the sound carrying from the studios below, or if it was a side effect of the fumes.

Tonight is the gym, but I kind of dread going in. On Wednesday's, the place is packed. You can't get to a cardio machine for love or money. They've started a yoga class, which I would love to do, but I don't want to give up the other stuff as of yet. I never thought I would ever enjoy lifting weights and working out, but it's been kind of nice to get some kind of exercise. Of course, it's still January. Talk to me in May, we'll see if I'm still going!
Sorry about the booby-trapped last entry, if you're a Battlestar Galactica fan that is. A friend of mine was being punished for teasing me. : )

As a part of my first project in Flash, I had to design an animated Valentine's day card. I've been having so much trouble trying to think of something, and I've had to change formats twice, but I've finally found something that will work. We had to show our preliminary stuff to the class today, and I was a little embarrassed about the state that mine was in. I figured the teacher would tear into me, but he actually liked it! The only thing that's pretty much annoying about the whole thing is that I have the song "I Think I Love You" by the Partridge Family playing along in the background, and it's been stuck in my head for about 4 days now. I also accidentally forgot to turn the sound down on the computer while I was working on it in the computer lab and it scared everyone. Oops!

Today I was trying to move an office sign from one place to another and instead of only pulling off the part with the name on it like I had intended, I ripped down the whole thing, plus a couple of chunks of dry wall. Oy... Now I have to go put up something to cover the scars on the walls!

You know, every day I'm amazed at how some people can be rude and not care. As most of you know, I have a few keloid scars on my chest. I don't know why or where they came from really, but they've been there for practically forever. This morning in class, while we were all walking around and watching the flash presentations, I noticed this girl in front of me turn around and just stare at my chest. At first I thought she might just be glancing at my necklace or something, but she was staring hard. In fact, she stared at me for so long that I started to get freaked out. I finally moved away, but it weirded me out a little. How rude! I mean, it would be one thing if I had a tattoo of a dragon wrapped around my neck or something, but these are just small reddish scars. I'm going to have to invest in some turtlenecks or something!

My newest package is supposed to be arriving today. Let's see if Professor Delivery Guy can get into the right ZIP code this time! I shouldn't be so harsh, I guess. Everyone makes mistakes. The person is supposed to come by and confirm that the first package was not delivered. I just don't know when he'll come by when I'm at home. Hopefully I can get my money back from them at some point. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Oh yeah, Ms. Rhonda found out that her next surgery will be on Feburary 14th. She'll have about 3 weeks to regain strength from her chemotherapy and then she will go back into the hospital. They are also going to complete the surgery that she was having originally when they found her tumor, and that will keep her in the hospital for 8-10 days at the least. Please remember to pray for her! She's been really icky from the radiation and meds, but hopefully she will be feeling much better soon.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Oh, By the way: Blood from the cylon baby cured the president's cancer.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Wow, no one ever told me I have freakishly huge eyeballs. It was a shock when I saw this picture. My computer snapped this while I was talking, so don't think I'm just making "rodent face" for no reason!

If you read my blog since Saturday, you'll know the "Parcel Service" debacle that happened to me. Well, I have gotten it somewhat taken care of. I sent an e-mail to the customer service link I found on their webpage, and was sent a reply by Sunday morning. I was told that the package had indeed been delievered, and they gave me the address where it ended up. All I can say, is that whom ever delivered my package was an idiot. I could understand if my order had been sent to another house on my street, or even returned to the company that I had ordered from, but noooooooooo. It had been sent to another place, not even in my ZIP code. I was one number short on my street address, but that was it. Everything else was fine. The delivery person sent my order to another house, on a "similar" sounding street, at another ZIP code miles away from my house. I don't get it. Anyways, I filed a claim with the company, hoping to get reimbursed for my lost package as well as asking a good friend of mine, who also works for this delivery service, to check and see what the problem was. I also contacted the company where I made my original order and they are sending me a new shipment, free. The only thing is that some of the parts I ordered to go along with my original order are no longer available, so I'm getting reimbursed for what can't be sent. I don't believe I'm going to complain about that! : )

Well, other than that, I didn't have a very exciting weekend. Friday night we met Josh at Casablancas for dinner and we went to Coffee Tree to hear one of Steve's co-workers perform. He is a kind of folk singer kind of guy who plays a guitar. We enjoyed his set, and Steve got him to play "The Wedding Song" that we had in our wedding. It was sweet! I had never been to the Coffee Tree before, but it was cool. It's actually a used book store with a cafe in it. They make really good lattes. I also found a couple of books for myself and am planning to haul some of my paperbacks over there to sell. I always hate to get rid of a book, though. Even raggedy ones. It's like telling a friend you've had forever that you can't hang out with them anymore because all they wear are old Metallica tee-shirts and Birkenstock sandles with socks.

Saturday I drove Steve to work and I went shopping for Steve. I went to Marshall's, and I love that place! I had actually gone for something specific, and I ended up with what I came for and three more things. Don't worry, I made sure I was getting a good price on everything! Heeheehee. Later that night, Anthony came over and we had planned to go eat and to the boat show at the VBCC. We are all realistic enough to know that we will probably not get aboard a yacht any other way! However, I don't know if it was something I had eaten from where we went to dinner or what, but I got sick. : ( I told them to just take me home and go on without me, but they stayed home with me and watched TV. Awwwwwww. It's nice to know that people love me! : )

Sunday was church and visiting the parents. My 7 year old nephew has a cell phone. He saved his Christmas money and bought it himself. Please tell me what a 7 year old needs with a cell phone? I was still playing with those phones that let you talk to the cast of Sesame Street when I was 7! It's not one of those little Firefly things either. It's got more bells and whistles than my own cell phone. I know that when his older brother got one for Christmas (and even at 11, I still think he's too young), Seth has been begging for them to get one for a point of the crying, screaming fits. Oh well! Remember when parent's used to say "No"? You don't hear about that much anymore. Why does everyone need cell phones anyways? I mean, if you need to be reached, I can dig it, but just having one to have one? It doesn't make sense to me. I don't always like the fact that I can be called at anyone's convenience. I leave my house so that I won't be there when people call, but now my purse rings and if I don't answer, people panic. It's not like I have to be called back to the hospital to complete a kidney transplantation or anything! I'm sure there are times when we will all be grateful for our cell phones, but I can't help but feeling a little silly for carrying a phone that gets called once a month. Sheesh.

Anyways, that's about the extent of my ravings for the day!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I. Am. Ticked.

About a week ago, I made a significant purchase online. It was nothing important, but a purchace I had thought long and hard about, and was really excited about receiving. Since I'm all of 4 years old when it comes to getting things in the mail, I had been avidly tracking the package as it made it's way across country. The day arrived, yesterday, when the tracking website said that the package had been delivered, at 1:44pm and left by the front door. Woo-Hoo! I get home, and immediately I realize that the package isn't by the door. I wasn't too surprised, it was raining after all, but it also wasn't in the mailbox. There was also not a little slip of paper stating that the package had been returned to the shipping company because of the weather, to be picked up at my leisure. I immediately panic a little. As I said, it wasn't an important package, but I had spent quite a sum on it, and I couldn't help feeling as if I'd like to have a little something in return for my order. I went back to the computer, and found that I had made a mistake. When filling out my shipping information, I had somehow neglected to enter in all 4 of the numbers on my street address...only three. OK, I thought to myself, my bad...they must've taken it back to the shipping company when they couldn't find my address. So I do another track and NO, the package was delivered at 1:44 pm and left by the front door. Now, here is what is concerning me. No other street in town has the same name as my street. No house on my street has any less than 4 numbers in it's street address. As far as I know, my house is the only one with a 7 in it's street address, so even if they were going to leave the package at some random destination, it makes sense to leave it with the house with the most numbers in common with the address on the package, right? Not, apparently, according to the "Parcel Service" (which shall remain nameless for the moment). So I ask you, how do you leave a package by the front door of a house that doesn't exist? I have tried to find the information about the shipping hub here in Huntsville, but the number is unlisted. I called a "Parcel Service" store in town, and they even admitted that the information isn't published, probably because they don't want people like me calling and asking how their delivery people can apparently find a rip in the space-time continum and enter a parallel universe where this house exists. Now I am going to have to walk up the street and knock on the doors of people I don't know to ask if my package is there. If that doesn't work, I'm going to have to go to the stupid hub, that Steve knows the location of, and see if they are even open today. I'd call, but OH YEAH- this "United" service doesn't feel that anyone should be able to contact them. Great customer service, by the way folks. Now, I can take part of the blame for not entering the correct address. That was all me. But what burns my scones is the fact that now the expensive package, that I've been waiting and watching all week to receive, is in someone elses hands, and who knows if they are going to decide to give it back to me!!!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some knocking on doors to do.


Friday, January 20, 2006

You know PMS is bad when you have to physically remove yourself from the frozen food aisle at the grocery store because you almost beat a perfect stranger to death with a day old baguette. Please pray for my husband....

Okay, enough from the TMI files!

I don't think I've posted anything since Monday, and mainly that's because nothing interesting has happened! I've actually gotten busy this week, as attendance at the SpRocket has picked up and people are needing their signs. : )

Wednsday, I went to class and realized that I had forgotten my homework. So that's great, I haven't been in school two weeks yet and I'm already losing my mind! Ack! I also almost fell asleep in my history class and had to resort to eating these things called "Warp" Hyper Charged Mints, because they are supposed to be caffeinated or something like that. They did keep me awake, but they don't taste very good! That night Steve, Josh and I went to the gym, and it was kind of crappy. There were WAY too many people there for the size of the gym, and we had to wait for everything. I was kind of ticked because this one girl was on the machine I needed, talking on her cell phone and watching the TV in front of her. I would have asked her to move if she weren't half heartedly moving the weights. That way she could say she was using it. Another two guys were taking turns using a machine, so I sat and waited for them to be done. They were actually using it, but in between sets they would stroll over and talk to their friends and talk to each other. Every time I'd head over there to get on it, one of them would jump back on! Oh well, it gave me some time to rest in between, I guess. I'm glad Steve and Josh go with me, because I simply don't think I'd have the patience for this gym otherwise.

Yesterday, the Governor himself graced us with his presence. I suppose it goes to show you just how little I know about our state when I had to ask someone what his name was. All I could remember is that Steve said all of our governors have 3 letter first names. He was here because the Huntsville Mustang Club (or something like that) was donating the proceeds of their car show to him for the Katrina victims. I always get nervous when I am near show cars. I don't think of cars as anything other than a conveyance, so I'm always tempted to lean on them or something. I didn't let myself get too close to any of them, because the owners got panicked when you'd get too near. : ) I do have to say, though, that I wouldn't mind having a mustang myself! The new body style, of course. I also saw a Mach I that I would have taken off of someone's hands. Of course, by the time I drove it around a while, it wouldn't be worth anything! The governor seemed a little ingenuine to me, but I always kind of feel that way about politicians. He was too hand shakey and smiley and wavey...I guess that's just what politicians are, though. He seemed like a used car salesman. Actually, he DID used to be a Ford dealer, he said. Maybe the schmoozing thing is in his DNA.

Last night we had dinner with Josh, who was slumming on our end of town. Afterwards, I went to the grocery store, where the above mentioned frozen food aisle incident happened. All I wanted was some ice cream!!! I finally got some and went home. I spent the next hour in my room, with the lights off, eating ice cream out of the container and watching "My Name Is Earl" and "The Office". Of course, then I had ice cream induced nightmares. All I can remember about it now is that the color green was freaking me out. Then I woke up at 4:00 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep!

Today has wound up much nicer, seeing that I'm not hiding in the dark with dairy products. The CIO (I think) of the SpRocket had requested a sign be changed to reflect some seasonal changes. He was very specific about what he wanted, and much like Veruca Salt, he wanted them NOW. Unfortunatly, he wanted me to put some vinyl stickers over some back lit directional signs, and he didn't seem to realize that unless the image is within the sign itself, it's not going to work. So the arrow he wanted me to add doesn't show up, and the arrow he wanted to be covered by a star glows through. Oh well, I don't try to reason with folks, I just make the signs. He can deal with the rest later. : )

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Actually, I'm just playing with this neato thing on my computer. I know it's for video conferencing, but it takes pictures too.

Here is me playing with the camera. Please remember that I'm normally much more visually stunning. ; )

Oh yeah...I'm a babe!

I forgot to add in my last post why I am a horrible, horrible person and a bad friend! After dinner Friday night, Steve turned on Battlestar Galactica. I had been in the shower, so I didn't get to see anything but the end of it (and it was awesome, too). Fast forward to Monday, where I was innocently e-mailing a very good friend of mine, who just so happens to also like Battlestar and I mentioned the ending of the show. Well, aparently my best-good-friend hadn't yet had a chance to see either the first nor second episode...and I ruined it for him! I don't know why I didn't ask before I said anything! I had forgotten that he has places to go and and people to see and all of that, so I just assumes he had watched it. Since I don't have a life, I just assumed (maybe to make myself feel better) that neither did he!!!!

I actually really do feel bad about that, though. I hate it when people ruin books or movies for me, so I know how he felt. He forgave me, because he's cool like that, but I still feel bad. : (

Friday Steve and I went to the gym. It was much nicer there on a Friday, without so many people hogging everything, but it closed earlier than we were used to. Josh had gotten there earlier, so was on his way out when we got there, and he invited us over to his place. By the time we were done with our workout, both of us were too tired to go anywhere. We just went home and had dinner and watched Monk. Steve went to bed, but I stayed up to finish the third novel in the series about the Amish family. Those books are what I like to call "Little Debbie" books, because reading them is like being hungry, but not wanting to deal with anything too complicated, so you grab a Little Debbie cake and eat that. Quick, satisfying, and nicely wrapped up. : )

Saturday, Steve had planned on hanging out with some of the fellas, so I stayed home and did laundry. I know I've been saying I did laundry all last week, but it was bad. When I had gotten so busy last semester, I let a LOT of things in the house go, so there was a backlog on clothes. In fact, I found a couple of things that I know for a fact that I hadn't worn since before Thanksgiving! I hadn't realized how behind I had gotten. I guess I was just grabbing what we needed and washing it whenever we were almost completely out of clothes to wear, and not going to find all of the other stuff. Oy vey! Anyways, I also worked on the kitchen and bathrooms, and I had some errands to run later that day. I had also downloaded 2 more episodes of The Office and watched those as well. : ) Steve called and told me we were having dinner with friends, so that evening we met Shannon, Greg, Josh, and Anthony at Chili's. Afterwards we went to Barnes and Noble and Coldstone Creamery! I'd been craving it, what can I say? At the bookstore, I found the last two books in the Amish ('Abram's Daughters', actually) series, and by the time I went to bed that night, I was more than halfway through the fourth one.

Sunday was church and the requisite parent visits, per usual. I was supposed to sing during the evening service, so I did. Unfortunately, I had drank some kind of energy drink (probably just loaded with caffine) before we got to church, and by the time I got up one stage, I was a nervous wreck. I'm always a little nervous whenever I sing, even though I love to do that more than just about anything, but add in the caffine and I was jittery and paranoid. Anyways, Steve said I sounded all right, but I couldn't really tell. After church, Steve and I went over to Josh's place for a cold weather cook out. We ate, watched a couple of movies and played a game. Since I was not too hungry, but thirsty, and because they was free, I had me about 15 of Josh's Dr. Peppers! : ) I don't normally drink soda anymore and I have little to no tolerance for any kind of stimulent, add that to the cup of espresso that Josh made us, and I was wired for sound. Since we didn't have to work Monday, we ended up staying much later than we had intended. Actually, Steve wanted to leave a lot earlier, but he wouldn't come right out and just say it, so I never got whatever hints he said he was dropping. By the time we got home, I could have no more slept than I could have flown. I downloaded 2 more episodes of "The Office" and finished up the 4th novel before I went to bed. By then it was almost 5 AM.

Monday, Steve had an appointment at the sleep clinic, so he was gone by the time I woke up at 9:00. I hate sleeping that late! It always feels like most of the morning is already gone. I decided to finish up the laundry (which STILL wasn't done. I swear, either we have way too many clothes or Steve comes home three times a day and changes outfits). Since Steve was going to be napping all day, I was trying to get everything done so that I could spend time with him that evening. I also baked some chocolate pistachio biscotti just for funzies. It is gooooooood if I do say so! : ) Steve got back home at about 3 pm, telling me that he didn't hardly sleep at all. The doctors kept making too much noise, so after dinner he fell asleep and only woke up long enough to go into the bedroom to get into bed. I was alone, again! So I got my last novel and read that all of the way through.

What a wild weekend!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Okay, so I didn't go to the gym last night. It wasn't entirely out of laziness, though, because I felt like I was coming down with the flu or something. Steve had also had to go into work early two days in a row and was wiped out, so we decided to wait and go tonight. Yee and/or Ha. Anyways, I got home later than Steve did and he asked what I wanted to do for dinner. I had eaten lunch kind of late, so I hadn't been thinking of dinner at all. So while I was doing something in the office, I hear Steve puttering around in the kitchen, and went I walked in, he was making dinner! I actually had to go check the weather conditions in Hell, but no, it hadn't frozen over yet! He did a very good job, and dinner was wonderful. He made chicken and couscous with mango salsa. To celebrate his culinary masterpiece, I did laundry. Oh, it was a debauched and excessive evening for us all. : ) Actually, Steve was falling asleep in his chair, so he went to bed early and I stayed up and watched my two shows. After they went off, I had planned to do some more house cleaning, but I got caught up in this book I'm reading and I couldn't put it away. It's a book about an Amish family, and it had me boo-hooing by the time it was over. It was so good! However, it's part of a series, so now I'm going to have to find the next book! Of course, when I went to bed, I had nightmares about Amish people. Very Children of the Corn...

The dream I had made me think of some mennonite people who came to the SpRocket. You'd think that this would be the last place a mennonite would come to visit, but I see them here quite frequently. This was when I was a simulator operator out in Rocket Park. It was high summer and we were all wearing our summer uniforms, which were khaki shorts and a gray polo shirt. Pretty much out of nowhere, about 70 mennonites, all fairly young adults, walked over to the ride I was running and got into line. I don't know if it was the fact that they were almost completely silent as they stood waiting, the fact that they were all dressed alike, a la "Village of the Damned", or the fact that they seemed to stare us down without blinking, but I was freaked out. I also felt like I was silently being damned for my lack of modesty, because of the shorts. I'm sure they weren't doing anything of the sort, but I had never felt quite so naked before. : (

Steve got a whiff of Karma last night, literally. While I was in my office, I heard Steve open the refridgerator door. Then I heard something fall and he said "Oh no. Hey, Kelly, what is Karma?" The first thing I thought was "This is an unusual time to discuss aspects of eastern religions." Then he said "And why is it in a glass bottle?" Then it was my turn to say "Oh no." About two years ago I bought a bottle of hand blended perfume named Karma. I happen to love it, but it IS an aquired taste, or smell, rather. Because it was made of oils and such without seporators, I couldn't leave it on my vanity with my other perfume, so I put it in the fridge to keep it from spoiling. Of course, then I forgot about it. I probably should have thrown it away a while ago, but I never thought about it. So Steve reached in to get some butter, and the bottle fell out of the fridge and broke, spilling the stuff all over the floor. Not to mention, the purfume had turned, so it was no longer the fragrance of oranges, patchouli, and other lovely things. Now it smelled like the Grateful Dead had gone on tour in the kitchen. I tried my best to clean it up, but it was still there. Not only that, but it got all over my hands, and I couldn't get it off! This morning I went to throw the bottle away, and I got it on me again. I can't get away from the smell of it and everything I eat tastes like it! Yuck, I don't think I'll be buying any more of that ever again. : P

Thursday, January 12, 2006


I 'heart' iTunes. Last night Steve had to work late, so I went home and had leftover pasta in front of my G5 (who's name is Fuji -get it? Apple...fuji...). I had planned on cleaning, but once again talked myself out of doing so when I found out that you can download episodes of "The Office" from iTunes. The only thing that truly sucks about it is that it costs $1.99 for one episode. I downloaded two! I'm becoming such a nerd for that show, I can't stand it. In some ways, I'm sad I've gotten so sucked in to a TV show, but when you take into consideration that I don't really watch anything else on TV regularly, it's not too bad. I downloaded the pilot, which truly makes me want to put something off of one of my co-workers desks into Jell-O, and I watched the one called "Hot Chick" which about made me spew tortellini out of my nose. Ahhh, good times...

I had to buy my books for Art History class today, and they were all out of what I needed at the off campus used-book store. I had to go to the University Center Bookstore and buy them. I figured out while I was in there that I have no school spirit. At. All. I don't want a shirt or anything else that has the school name on it. I just want to freaking graduate. Save the college souvineers for the Freshmen! At any rate, my books weren't as expensive as I'd feared, so no harm no foul. One girl in line got reamed by the store manager because she had the GALL to wear her backpack into the bookstore! They have these little cubbies to deposit your baggage before you go in so that you don't get the urge to steal I guess, but she didn't do it. I suppose it was a hard choice to make between getting prissed at by the manager who "will have to search her if she ever does that again" - which will be the only time he ever volentarily touches a woman I bet- or leaving all of her worldly goods with the obese goth dude with green hair and a lip ring the size of a dinner plate. Hmmmmmm...what will she choose?

The print ad I was asked to do wasn't so much something I had to design, but something I had to rearrange. I felt much better about doing that! I do hope that one day I will be able to design stuff for the SpRocket without much ado, but until that day comes I'm glad to be making signs. I've already had to redo the SC one three times. Nothing major, but I'm having trouble fitting everything in that is supposed to be there. Oh well.

I have to go back to the gym tonight. I only just stared to get sore from the last workout this morning. It's not fair! Oh well, no, I don't think that would be such a bad thing!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I'm probably putting the mojo on myself for posting this, but I'm going to do it anyway! I went to Target the other day and in the $1.00 section (which I love), they had little tiny growing kits. I got one that is for a plant called "Burning Love". I normally can't grow anything. In fact, I'd say I have more of a black thumb than anything, but so far they are doing fine. Here is how they look as of today.

The one on the left is William and the one on the right is Mary. I only planted 5 seeds in Mary's pot, per the directions, and I put all of the rest of the seeds in William. I hope that at least one of them live!

You know, if this is the kind of thing I feel is blog worthy, I might be too boring, even for me!
My Ancient Greek history class has started out being much more interesting than Midieval Art History. Of course, this doesn't mean that it will be sunshine and giggles all semester! So far we've talked about Homer's Oddesy, which is actually funny when explained by my teacher. Her thing is ancient civilizations anyways, so I guess she enjoys teaching it more. Today we discussed some ancient Greek party etiquette (sp?). I'm sure this advice is just as useful today as it was back then.

1) You never ask anyone to leave a party. Even if they decide to move in and consume the revenue of your fields and stockyards, its rude to ask them to go. Apparently a god must intervene before the overzealous guests will be on their way.

2) You must give expensive gifts to your guests. Normally, they will just ask for them, but you can offer them beforehand if you prefer. Think of it as positive marketing. A good gift might be admired by their friends, but a great gift will assure that your lands will not be plundered and your women not raped and abducted.

3) Canniblism is a serious party faux pas. This is pretty much self explanitory.

I know this has cleared some things up for me!

Steve, Josh and I went back to the gym last night. It was actually less bothersome than it was the first night, but it was because we were working on our legs instead of my weak little arms I guess. When I went to the gym at Calhoun, I could do 400 pounds on the leg press, but not anymore! Of course, I was 10 years younger and in much better shape back then heeheehee. By the time our workout was over, I had that light feeling again, and it felt like my legs were moving in slow motion. Kind of weird when you aren't actually moving slow. : ) I hope I can keep up with the working I just have to work on eating better. It's no fun to eat if you can't eat stuff that tastes good! That's one of the first things I'm going to ak God, I think. Why does all the bad stuff taste so good?!

I've been giving the task of designing an actual print ad. I'm scared! Of course, I will be told what to fix if I mess it up, but still... Oy.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

For those of you salivating over information about our favorite Newlyweds-no-more, here's a little tidbit I picked up from

Jessica Simpson's estranged husband Nick Lachey blames his wife's irrational thinking for their marriage breakdown. The former 98 Degrees star, who split from Simpson two months ago, believes women and men have very different thought processes. He says, "Women argue in ways that aren't rational to men." Lachey also found buying clothes a size too big for his beloved scuppered their chances of marital bliss, adding, "They don't take kindly to that.

Um, hello? Is he just now figuring this out? I'll admit it, women are crazy! We have harmones that keep us from being rational. Most of us don't want to be rational, we want to be right. We will figure out ways to argue with you for no reason. It's in our DNA sequencing. Don't blame Jessica, blame Eve! As for buying clothes a size too big for his wife...Nicky, honey, she thought you were calling her fat. No woman likes that. You shouldn't have had divorce papers drawn up, you should have placed a large box of Godiva outside of her bedroom, knocked on the door, and ran away.

What fools these mortals be.

Monday, January 09, 2006

: (

School's back in for the spring semester, and I already wish it was over with a cozy little A marked in my record for each one. I started out with three classes, but I decided at the last minute, i.e. Thursday night, to cancel my yoga class. Don't get me wrong, I love doing yoga, but I got to thinking that I just don't want to take any more classes than I have to anymore. After this semester, I'll have 4 more and then I can graduate. Now, how long will it take me to get those 4 classes? Who knows? Not long, I hope! My graphics class isn't what I thought it was going to be about. It's a class on Flash, but I'm glad. I'll probably need to learn how to do that kind of stuff one of these days. I've got my Greek history class this afternoon, so I'm going to be keeping busy this semester too. I can only hope it won't be as stressful as the last one!



Friday after work, Steve, Josh and I had planned to go to dinner at Surin of Thailand. It's a teeny, yet popular, Thai resturaunt not far from our house. I decided that I wanted to dress up a little, because sometimes that's fun to do, and so I picked out a fancy top I had bought last year while we were in Florida. I don't really wear it much because the neckline is a little low, but it has one of those little tie-on sweaters that goes on top of it to keep me from flashing everyone. Well, as soon as Steve and I got out of the car, I don't know what I did, but "the girls" decided to make a break for it. Luckily, I didn't let them get too far. I kept on walking while fixing my top and said to Steve, who was behind me: "Good Grief, my boobs just about fell out of this!" and then I heard the voice of the person who was behind me, who was NOT Steve, say "Popular place here tonight." as he walked ahead of me and into the resturaunt. Then I heard Steve start to laugh. I about died. Steve laughed until we actually got into the lobby of the place, which was packed beyond belief, and then he laughed some more. I can only say thank you to that man for covering for my inadvertent chest revelations. I didn't think that my face could get any the time. Fast forward about 15 minutes later. Steve and I didn't want to stand outside in the cold, so we wedged our way into the only standing room available at the time, which was right by the bar. It was a good spot, and we weren't in the way too much, but there was a giant flower arrangement behind me that kept poking me in the head. I kind of placed myself in between the sprays of plastic foliage, so it wasn't a big deal. They called our name, and I started to follow the hostess, but I felt something tugging on my purse. I thought it was Steve, and since I was afraid I would lose the hostess before I saw where we would be seated I decided to keep walking and find out what he wanted when we sat down, but I didn't get to far before I realized that it wasn't Steve tugging on my purse. When I put my purse over my shoulder, an orchid or whatever, from that stupid plant got caught underneath the strap. So there I was, dragging a gigantic flower arrangement behind me. I almost stopped, but I was too embarrassed to turn around, so I just kept on going and leaving Steve holding the flower I managed to yank out of the plant as well as a waiter trying to get the arrangement upright again. I just sat down and covered my face. It would have been embarrassing enough to do that, but with about 250 people watching me do it made it worse. Of course, Steve got to the table laughing so hard he could barely breathe. Even the waiter was laughing! I can't go back there for a couple of months!!! I managed not to do anything else embarrassing that night, thank goodness.

SATURDAY: Saturday was a nice uneventful day. Not only did I stay away from big flower arrangements, I did dishes, made soap and I got to go shopping. Steve and I had lunch together later and I went to Target. While I was there I got the expansion pack for my SIMS 2 game, and immediately became sucked into it. Steve had been taking a nap, but Josh called and asked if we wanted to go to dinner again, but I begged off so that I could play my game some more. It's like crack. That is the only way to describe it. : ) Steve said he was only going out to dinner "and nothing else", so I expected him home a couple of hours later. I settled in, and decided that between game sets I would make some soup for dinner, which I did. I had gotten the movie "Dark Water" in from Netflix, and since Steve doesn't care for spooky movies and he wasn't home, I watched that while I ate dinner. I don't know if it was me being alone or the surround sound or what, but I got scared from that movie. I mean, the movie it's self wasn't that scary. It was even a little bit predictable, but I kept hearing noises! When the movie was over, Steve was still not back. I was wondering if they had been on a long wait list for a table or something, so I pulled out my book and read a while. By 11:00 or so, though, I started getting worried. So I waited up until my meathead husband came home, and it was about midnight or later. Apparently, they had decided to go see a movie and he didn't call to tell me! I don't care at all if he makes plans without me, that's not the thing. I thought he was dead somewhere. He normally calls me if plans change so that I don't worry, and since he didn't this time, I worried! : ) It wasn't really his fault, though, he was just about to call me when he got sidetracked by some friends that he bumped into in the lobby of the theater. I think I can forgive him for that. Heehehee.

SUNDAY: This was a nice, normal day as well. Church in the morning, my parent's and Steve's parent's house in the afternoon, and church again at night. Then I started playing my game again and didn't get into bed until 1:00 this morning.

That's about it for the weekend. I am a wild woman.

Friday, January 06, 2006

If you saw someone had hurt themselves, let's say they cut their fingers on something and were bleeding, would you stop them three times on their way to the bathroom to ask stupid questions?

Me neither.

This happened to me yesterday. I was hanging a sign in the hallway, and the edge of it was kind of rough and it sliced my fingers up pretty good. Nothing serious, but I was indeed bleeding. I didn't notice all of the cuts right away, but while I was outside looking at a sign I needed to replace, I realized that both of my hands were bleeding. On my way to wash my hands, I was stopped three frickin' times and asked if a ride would be open soon. My hands were out in front of me so that I wouldn't get blood on anything, so I know it had to be obvious, but no one seemed to care! I put on my customer service face and answered, but what I really wanted to do was hold my hands up in front of my face, roll my eyes back and start chanting in Latin to scare them away. Customers suck.

I have GOT toget a different ring tone on my cell phone. The one I picked from the list on my phone is the least annoying, but it's still really bad. It's called Funky Farm and it's a bunch of chickens clucking with a beat. It scares me when it goes off, and it's embarrassing when I'm in public. To know that it's the lesser of the evils is kind of sad.

Does anyone need any crushed pineapple? Apparently I have been obsessively buying cans of it since before Christmas. I had two recipes that called for the stuff and I kept forgetting that I had already bought some and I was buying it every time I went to the grocery store. Now I have quite the stash of it in my pantry. I will either have to make unseasonable recipes or I will have to have a luau (sp?).
"Ease flows through a cup of tea and I find my life large enough to hold me."

I can't believe it. My tea just called me fat! ; )

I think Steve is trying to kill me. Don't be fooled by his innocent face, people, he is trying to get rid of me slowly and painfully. He got me this membership at the gym because he knows what they do to people there. Last night we went for our first official workout. We were going to go there together, but he ended up having to work late, so I had to meet him there. We had picked a time when this gym just happens to be at it's busiest, I guess, and I got there a little early and let them know who I was. The front counter lady told me to jump on a treadmill or some other form of cardio torture and someone would be with me after that. Well, I picked a stationary bike. No big deal, we used to bike a lot, so it wasn't as if I was doing anything I wasn't familliar with. So I biked, and waited. Steve came in and changed, and I was still waiting for my trainer. Steve came back with his trainer and started his workout, and I was still waiting. So finally I walked back up to the front desk, and you'll never guess who was with me. That little dude who helped us out the first day, who will forever be known to me as Flakey Smurf. Well, me and Flakey got down to business. Of course, he wasn't paying attention to what I was doing at all, but I did my best. Every time I finished a set, he would write it down on my little sheet, but not before I had to snap him out of his reverie to tell him I was done. Not even midway through, he says to me "I think you could do this yourself, I mean, you write this here and this here." I was ready for him to just go and find out where he'd left his brain, so I agreed. Who knows if I was doing any of it right, but I struggled through. I did have to go and find him for two of the machines, because I'd never seen them before, but other than that, I was alone. By the time I was done, I didn't so much hurt as feel like someone had replaced my muscles with jello. It was the same kind of feeling that you get when someone startles you really badly and you have a surge of adrenaline, so you just shake, but I felt oddly light. It was probably because I was either about to throw up or die. When I got home and showered, all I could really do was lie there like a basset hound after that.

I did get to watch The Office, though, and that made me happy. Well, sort of anyway. The character Jim on that show just breaks my heart. He's in love with the receptionist and she's engaged and had been for three years because her jerky fiance wouldn't set a date, and Jim flirts with her all of the time and you think it's going somewhere, but then she finally sets her wedding date and he just looked so sad! I mean, I know it isn't real, but that actor can just rip your heart out about it. Maybe the same thing happened to him in real life once. Who knows?

I've always heard that time can heal all wounds, but I wonder how much time it takes? Last night I ran across someone whom I haven't really thought about in forever, someone who knowingly did something very hurtful to me once, and thinking about it made me feel bad all over again. Trust me, it isn't as if I have been dwelling on this person or what they did, but when it slaps you in the face like that, it's hard to ignore. Is it so wrong to want an apology or retrobution of some kind? I'd like to think if they were honestly sorry, I wouldn't feel bad about it anymore, but I don't think that I'll ever know. I haven't talked to them in so long, they probably don't even remember doing anything. Oh well, maybe I just need more time. : )

By the way, Annie, I don't think Coldstone could even make anything worthwhile out of that tea from yesterday. It would rank right up there with their Wasabi ice cream and that was just - horrifying. : )

Thursday, January 05, 2006

You know, I haven't been giving you my Tea Wisdom lately. Today's is a doozy.

"Seeking the obvious, I become lost in my tea."

I'm not even sure what to make of that enough to make fun of it! The directions are funny too. They say:

"Appreciate how fresh water comes to a boil and pour it over a bag of Smokey Tarry."

Uh, yeah, and the tea is called Smokey Tarry Lapsang Souchong Black Tea. Doesn't sound like it's going to taste that good, does it? In fact, it sounds more like a Chinese repaving project than a cup of tea...but I'm willing to give it a whirl.

Tonight Steve and I go for our first official workout at our new gym. Steve got a good deal on a membership through his work, so he signed us up. I'm kind of excited about this because this particular gym gives you an evaluation, walks you through the first workout, and then makes up a personalized work out program to help you accomplish whatever your goal is. We had our evaluations on Tuesday, and what an embarrassing event that was. All the weekend before, I kept asking Steve if we needed to change into workout clothes for this and he said we didn't. I wasn't completely convinced, but I do think my husband has sense enough to know about stuff like this, so I didn't worry about it. Earlier that day, I got the niggling feeling again that we needed to have on workout clothes, but once again, he said we didn't need to worry about it. When we got there, the lady behind the counter said "oooooooh, you didn't know you were going to have to work out today, did you?" and all I could do was give Steve "wife face". For those of you not familliar with Wife Face, that's the look you give your husband when they've screwed up. It's different for every woman, but every husband recognises it immediately. : ) Anyways, so this kid, who was probably about 17 or 18 years old took us over to the corner and weighed us and did all of the preliminary stuff that we needed to have on file. Bless his heart, he was afraid to take my measurements, so he asked me to take them and then tell him what they were. The general manager saw this and he came over to teach him how to measure people without getting a sexual harrasment lawsuit. I got to be the guina pig for that. Anyway, so here Steve and I are in our office attire, on the floor doing crunches and then on various machines doing leg presses and everything else. It was awkward, since I was also wearing heels. The little guy was only halfway paying attention to us, so we could have totally cheated and not done what he asked, but we were good. Of course, afterwards we were all disheveled and rumpled looking - probably no more than anyone else there - but it loked worse since we were in dressy clothes. At one point the guy looked at us and said "You weren't prepared to work out, huh?" Since we had already gone over this ad nauseum with the front desk lady, I tried to make a joke and say "Oh yeah, we knew. These are our gym clothes. We're just really formal people." I think he believed me. Oh well. Anyways, tonight we both have proper workout attire and shoes, and I will have to make my sore muscles do all of the things the trainer says they must.

Yuck, by the way, the tea tastes like liquid beef jerky. Don't think I'll be drinking that kind again. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go find a place to bury it.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Well, it turns out that the idiot who knocked out the power to our chunk of Huntsville the other night was a drunk driver. What a moron. There I was all worried that someone got hurt, and he didn't -amazingly enough-, and it turns out that he was a drunk driver. What lothesome creatures drunk drivers are.

--That message brought to you from former BACCHUS president, Kelly Pratt

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

BAD BOYS, BAD BOYS Whatchoo gonna do? Whatchoo gonna do when they come for you?

Last night we had a wee bit of excitement. Well, as much excitement as can happen in our neighborhood, I guess. Steve and I were eating last night when all of a sudden, BAM! The lights go off. Then come back on. Then go off again and stay off. It wasn't the kind of power outage that happens during a storm, mostly because the sky was clear, but everything snapped off with a vengance. When you have as many computers, printers and scanners as we have, that is a noisy thing to happen. So we're sitting there, and I'm immediately scared. I hate the dark. I'm scared to death of it. I don't know why, it's just an irrational fear I can't explain. I suppose that's why it's irrational. : ) Anyways, I'm sitting there with my dinner, and I can't move. I say "Steve, could you go find a candle? All I hear is him munching. So I say it again, sadly close to panic, "Steve, could you go find some fire or something PLEASE?!" and he laughs and gets up. Luckily he has one of those little LED lights on his key chain, and Mr. Lee had gotten us some emergency, no battery flashlights for our cars that we hadn't taken out of the boxes yet. Once I had those, I was okay. As I walked through the house, patting myself on the back and congratulating myself on my obsessive candle buying, I made sure every room I might have to go in was lit in some way. So we sat there trying to figure out why the lights were off, and then we go outside to see if we can see any problems. I personally never knew there were so many stars over our house, but with all of the light gone, the sky was beautiful, so we stood out there for a while. While we were out there, we saw about 15 or twenty cars slowly drive around our circle, which is weird because we hardly ever have that many people on our street at one time. It was kind of creepy! Then Mr. Lee called and let us know that someone had had an accident just down the street from where we live, and knocked the power out to about a fourth of downtown Huntsville. Wow! That explained the cars too, because the cops were rerouting them around our circle. So Steve and I drove down the street and saw all of the emergency vehicles and cops that had converged at this nasty curve where the accident happened and then we turned around and went home. Steve got bored really quickly and decided to go to bed. I didn't want to be up in the dark by myself, so I took a book and my flashlight to bed and decided to read for a while. I'm not sure how long we had been in there, but Steve had already fallen asleep, when I heard angry voices outside. Steve was snoring, so I had to shake him awake to hear what was going on. I went into the guest room and opened the window, and I saw two cars on the side of the street in front of our neighbors house, and people were arguing. All I could hear was "You (explitive deleted) (explitive deleted), you can't (explitive deleted) do this (explitive deleted) to us! I know all about the (explitive deleted) law! (Explitive deleted) you!" and so on and so forth. I told Steve we might need to call the police, because stuff like this doesn't normally happen in our neighborhood. Before he could do it, though, two police cars from the accident scene showed up. Steve and I, under the cover of darkness, went into the living room and opened the front windows so we could hear better. We never could hear everything that was said, but we could hear snippits. Apparently, some regular citizen had detained these teenagers for something. We could hear this loud older person saying this to the cops, but then he got muffled again. When they had been rerouted, the older person stopped them on our street and they had gotten into an argument. This was when the police were called. At some point, one of the people yelled out "WAR BUZZARDS!" and I thought, Great. Only in Alabama could a crime scene of some sort turn into an Alabama/Auburn pissing contest. All we needed at this point was for the police to handcuff some drunk redneck in a wifebeater and drag him to the car while a coked out, half dressed girlfriend hurled insults and beer cans at them. (Insert eye rolling here) Anyways. This went on for about 45 minutes, and in that time we gathered that the kids had been driving and partaking in some illegal drinking, and this guy stopped them (thank you, sir). The kids had then tried to throw out their beer bottles and cans, but the cops found them. We aren't sure, but we think that a couple of the kids were arrested, and some parents were called. Another cop car showed up, the first two left. A wrecker came and hauled off one of the cars (which wasn't wrecked, so we figure the driver was being taken in) and the solo cop took down the report. Darn the bad accoustics on our street!!! We couldn't hear anything but someone laughing after that.

At some point before the car was hauled away and the kids were taken off, the power came back on. Steve and my cover was totally blown. We had been sitting backwards on the couch with our faces pressed to the screens, and then not only did the lights come back on, but so did the TV and the computers, scanners, printers and clocks. We couldn't have been more obvious if we were sitting on the stoop with a pair of binoculars and a bowl of popcorn. We dived into the couch and started laughing and then got up to turn everything off. After everyone left, we went back to bed, but it took me a long time to sleep. It's not everyday that we get to see the justice system in action on our quiet, conservative little street.

Monday, January 02, 2006


Greetings to you all in the year 2006. How many of you are going to have trouble remembering to write the new year on your checks for about 2 months? I know I will. I hope you all had a great New Years Eve and spent it with people you love. As I said before, Steve and I went to a party at Josh's new house, and we had a good time. Of course, being me and the wild woman I am, I fell asleep at about 11:00. : ) My gooey butter cake was a big hit. I was proposed marriage by an already married man after he tasted it : ). I suppose that old adage about "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" is true. I'm also pretty sure his wife didn't appreciate his sentements, though. heeheehee. Later that day, we went to my grandmother's house to have pig face (or hog jowls to those of you who know it as that) and collard greens. After all of the junk I had at Josh's house, I didn't partake of any of the food, but the company was nice. I got all of the 2005 dirt on the people I grew up with, so it was fun. The rest of the day, Steve and I spent being lazy. It was awesome.

I didn't make any new years resolutions, but I did make several anti-resolutions. My thinking is this: Every time I make a resolution, I never keep it. In fact, I usually do the opposite. So this year, maybe if I resolve to do all of the stuff I usually end up doing, I will accomplish the opposite and therefore the resolutions I would normally want to make!

I hope reverse psychology works when you use it on yourself.