Thursday, November 30, 2006

I think I have the bobonic plague.

Well, OK, it's a cold or something, but I feel like warmed over death. My boss made me a huge jar of colloidial silver solution, which he swears by, and I've taken a little bit. So far, I don't feel any different.

I turned in Stupid Paper III yesterday, so WOO-HOO! I don't think I am going to do very well on it, but I hope I at least get a passing grade.

I'm going to crawl under my desk and sleep for a while.

Hastared Germs!

Monday, November 27, 2006

For the third time in the past 5 days, I have awoken with absolutely no idea where I was.

That's a strange feeling, you know. I mean, it possibly has a lot to do with whatever I'm dreaming at the time, I guess, but it's still kind of frightening when you wake up, tangled in bedsheets and have to really concentrate on the last thing you remember doing before you go to sleep. Not that I tend to fall asleep in strange places, mind you, but Crazytown is apparently a place that can follow you around no matter where you lay your head. : )

Thank goodness I remembered who Steve was before I smothered him with a pillow. Heeheehee

OK, so Thanksgiving.

I won't lie about it. I was dreading the trip this year. As you know, Steve's mom passed away earlier this year and since the Thanksgiving tradition has always been one that revolved around her side of the family, I was worried that there would be too many painful memories to really make it easy to be thankful for anything. Luckily, things actually turned out very well. True, we all missed her and there was a definite empty spot where she should have been, but I think we were all able to remember her in our own way and work it out. One has to do that, or go crazy after all, right?

Wednesday Steve and I left work at noon so that we could get home and ready to go. We had to take our two babies to the kennel, which was an adventure. The vet had given us a bottle of tranquilizers for Bear to take before he came back for his next appointment. Since Butler and Bear are roughly the same size, I figured that I could give them both a pill (done with no fuss and no muss, amazingly) and after that, it would be gravy. Well, it wasn't so much gravy as it was THE FREAKING PILL DIDN'T DO A FRACKIN' THING! Bear was cool, albeit a little nervous, but Butler was all but bald by the time we got to the pet resort. It's only about 5 minutes or so away, but he still managed to cover me and the interior of the car with about twelve pounds of dog hair. So after we take care of them, we go back home to rewash clothes and get on the road. Steve had decided to take a *koff, koff* shortcut this year. Well, not really a shortcut as much as a different route as it turned out. We ended up getting a little lost due to one wrong turn, but I got to see a whole lot of new places. We passed Barry College, which Steve says is lovely, and I got to see Cartersville again. I think I've only been outside of the car once in Cartersville, about three years ago, but one day I hope to get to explore. Sometimes I think my lot in life is to see the world through the car windows, but never get out to experience it! Grrrrr. Oh well, I have friends who travel and get out in interesting places, so I get to live vicariously at least! There were more places, but I don't remember the names of them all right offhand. We finally found our way and made it to Waleska and the Puckett plantation. : ) It was about 8 our time when we got there, so there was plenty of time to talk and laugh before I just couldn't stay awake anymore. Steve and his dad ended up staying awake much longer than I did! Just when, exactly, did I get older than them? : )

Thursday I slept in a bit, for me anyways, and then got up to begin the traditional helping of the cooking of Thanksgiving lunch. We normally don't do the whole dinner thing since Steve's cousins are married and have other family functions to attend, so we have our big meal in the middle of the day. Aunt Brenda and Uncle Garry had already gotten most of the food cooked, but there were still a few things left to do. I got to set the table, and unfortunately I still have no idea which side the knives and forks go on! The effect was nice, though! Heeheehee. We had SO much food and babies everywhere! Thank God this part of the family doesn't bother asking when I'm going to spawn anymore. I'm running out of witty things to say! We ate and laughed and I cliche-ed myself by falling asleep on the couch after I ate. Granted, it was an accident, but how can you NOT nap after a meal like that? It should be a law! Later that evening, as the family went their separate ways, we ended the day with more talking and laughing...and me going to bed before everyone else!

Friday was the designated "Christmas Dinner" day, so the morning passed quite lazily. Steve, Jon and Mr. Lee had decided to go shopping that morning. Can you believe it? I'd rather remove my own gall bladder with an oyster fork than even drive anywhere on Black Friday, but the menfolks always want to go shopping! I spent most of that morning working on "Stupid Paper III" because I have been procrastinating. Unfortunately, all of the research I thought I had done turned out to be quite useless. I had managed to save information on my thumb drive, but absolutely none of it was what I needed! GAH! I realized at that moment that I wasn't going to be able to do much of anything while all of my info was in Alabama! So I went outside and played with the animals. Olive, the basset hound; Lucy, the jack russel...something; and a cat which amazingly decided it loved me. I found this odd, because cats, as a rule, kind of hate me. I think they realize that I prefer dogs and they get offended. Somehow they know this without me having to say anything! I like cats. Heck, I like any kind of nice animal really, but somehow they always seem to suspect that I'm a dog person and they quietly plot my death in the ways only cats can do...except for this one. So the 4 of us played for a while before I went back inside to crochet. Sadly, I ended up falling asleep again with my hook in my hand and about 6 pounds of yarn in my lap, but at least I was warm! : )

*As an aside, you can tell I'm quite the party animal, right? The three-toed sloth of good times!*

We made it to Kristen and Greg's house for our "Christmas" and everything was, of course, perfect. Kristen is one of the few people I know who can make her house look like something out of Better Homes and Gardens! So, of course, I tried not to knock anything over. : ) I hung out with their 6 month old son, Collins, and talked about theology and philosophy (as anyone would with a 6 month old, of course) until we opened our gifts. I was filming everything with my early Christmas gift from Steve, which is a DV recorder, and everything was so great. At some point I had a violent FFA State Convention flashback. I swear, I experienced the whole three years of those conventions through the view-finder of Mr. Harris' video camera. : ) Mr. Lee had brought a gag gift for Katie, Amy's daughter. To my chagrin, I had turned the camera off to open my own gifts and didn't get this recorded. Inside the box was a roll of toilet paper. Katie, who I swear is a 30 year old woman in a 6 year old body, kind of looked taken aback for a moment before smiling and saying ever so politely..."I was really not expecting this, but thank you very much!" What a great save! After gifts was dinner and then the sitting about and talking. Poor Sean, Amy and Jon's son, wasn't feeling well, so they had to take him home early. Once the rest of us got back to the house, I did a little more work on my paper and then we went to bed. I actually stayed up later than Steve, but all that got me was locked out of the bedroom. I had to knock for about 5 minutes before he woke up and let me in. Geez, he could have just ASKED me to sleep on the couch. : )

Saturday Mr. Lee left for home and Steve went back to Greg's house to watch the Georgia/Georgia Tech game. Greg went to UGA (hunker down dawgs and all of that), so he's a serious Bulldogs fan. I stayed with Aunt Brenda and Uncle Garry and did more homework. When I went as far as I could, I watched the game with them. It was a good game, as far as football goes, so that was fun. Then we flipped on the funniest holiday film ever "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation". It's not the holidays without that being on at least once! Steve and Greg came back later on and everyone else played cards while I crocheted and listened to an Agatha Christie "Miss Marple" audio novel on my iPod. I swear, a can of Ensure and a Matlock marathon, and I'd be set! : ) Actually, it was nice and cozy and I enjoyed it a great deal. I'm very glad I'm the kind of person who can entertain themselves and be satisfied with "Kelly-Time". Otherwise, I think, I'd be quite miserable!

Sunday Steve and I got up, had breakfast and headed back to Alabama (no banjos on our knees, though). We picked up two very clean, very happy to see us dogs, and came home.

All in all, a very lovely holiday.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Can someone please explain why I still pause to decide what floor to go to when I use the elevator at work?

FYI, we only have 2 floors.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Isn't it funny how things work out?

You go to a lot of effort to do something for someone, realize that they don't care, and then you're stuck with 1000 plastic flamingos and a Little Bo Peep costume that you can't take back to the store because it was on sale.

OR, in case you don't know the same people I do, the sparkle goes out of the things you used to love to do, because it turns out it doesn't really matter to them anymore.


This weekend was busy. Busy, busy, busy...but you wouldn't know it by the state of my house. This was another one of those weekends that I have all of these plans, yet I get few things done. It wasn't lazyness this time though, it was my underestimation of the time it would take me to do certain things! : )

Friday after work, Steve came to pick me up and we went to get my turkey from the Employee Association guys. As always, every year the SpRocket gives all of their employees a free turkey for thanksgiving. I realized I already had a turkey in the freezer and wouldn't have the need, nor the space, for another one. So I donated it to the needy. Nothing like a little benevolence to start off the weekend. I got a warm fuzzy. Once we got home, I picked up some crocheting that I needed to finish. I was making a baby blanket for a friend of mine and needed to have it done by this weekend. I had a LOT left to go, so I put on my headphones and began. About 5 to 6 hours of straight crochet, and my hands swelled up like water balloons. It was weird. I literally had to soak my hands in ice water to make the swelling go down. I still wasn't finished with the blanket, but I put it aside to work on the next day. For some reason, after that I couldn't sleep. I didn't end up getting sleepy until about 4:30 Saturday morning, which sucked, because I had too much to do to sleep all day. I wound up sleeping until about 10:30, so most of my morning was gone.

Saturday Steve and I were doing laundry and gathering clothes to give to Goodwill. It's not until times like this that I realize that I have a lot of clothes that I hang on to for no good reason. I suppose it's because I think...OH! I'll wear this again! Not so much. So I will be seriously thinning the wardrobe this time. We also went out and got our oil changed (woo-hoo! Party Time!) and I had to go to Wal-Mart for some supplies. Steve had planned on hanging out with Anthony and Watching the 'Arn Bowl' so I got the blanket and made myself finish it. My hands hurt so bad that it took about 20 minutes for them to get limber enough to move correctly. It took 3 hours, but I finally finished the gift. I was very proud, too, because it's the first real, useful and not just decorative, afghan that I've ever made. It's sort of in the shape of Montana, due to the accidental addition of a couple of extra stitches, but otherwise I'm very pleased with it. : ) While I was working on it, I was once again wearing my headphones and listening to an audio novel, when I heard screaming outside. It scared me at first, but then I realized that the ballgame must have ended and Auburn must have won. The people across the street are die-hard Tiger fans, and they had this HUGE flag thing planted in the front yard. I'm going to guess it was them hollering in the front yard. I had completely forgotten about the game being on. I've lost my taste for watching football, even though I used to love watching the Alabama/Auburn game with my dad. I'm sure he was upset at the outcome, because he has always been a Bama fan, so don't tell him I said this: War Eagle! If anyone in my family sees that, I'll have to find someone to adopt me because I'll be disowned, so SHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Sunday was a good day. Church in the morning, of course. Steve has the worst habit of making me laugh during service, though. Everything was fine except that some medicine I had taken was making me sleepy and I kept fading out of the sermon. I sort of half noticed that Steve had his leg crossed and was moving it when all of a sudden SNAP!!!! I thought that he had accidentally ripped the hymnal holder off of the back of the pew! What had happed was that the cuff of his pants had caught on one of the little pencils that they keep there and he wasn't able to stop moving his leg before it broke. The two elderly ladies jumped about a foot in the air. So, of course, I got tickled. Amazingly enough I was able to keep from shaking too much, but I kept thinking about those little old ladies jump, and that would make it worse. That made Steve start laughing and the people behind us start laughing. I was able to regain my composure by the time we had the invitation, so it wasn't too bad. However, we got a good laugh out of it on the way to the car. My parents weren't going to be at home during lunch, so Steve and I went to lunch with his dad. Then we did some errands and went home. I had so much to do for this week that I spent Sunday evening trying to get everything done before I went to bed. Alas, I didn't get it all done, but there's still tonight! I may get things finished. I'm not holding my breath though.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Greetings everyone!

You know, I haven't been posting very much lately, but I have a perfectly good reason. I've gone into what is known as "Kill Me" mode. Basically that just means that I've had so much to do that I haven't been doing anything at all. Sounds crazy, but it's true! I've literally gone home from work and not done anything useful!

However, this is going to change. As of today, I have to do a lot of stuff before our trip, so I must, MUST, get busy!

I start tonight, so we'll see how that goes! : )

Monday, November 13, 2006

This morning, already late for work, I jumped into my car only to find that the battery had died a quiet death sometime in the night. Luckily, Steve came home and jumped Lois off and gave me the truck for the day. He's my hero!


10:13 am UPDATE:

Finally got to work and Ed came in to my office, as he always does on Mondays, to discuss our various weekends. After listening to me mourn my car troubles, he left and came back with two boxes of fresh Krispy Kreme donuts, a Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia milkshake, and a Christmas tree ornament that looks like the "Hot Sign" at Krispy Kreme - and it blinks. All because I had a bad morning. Sometimes it's the little things in life that people do for you that make all of the difference.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Premature Weekend Update!

It's actually Sunday morning, but I decided to go ahead and do my weekend update! Go me!

Friday was the longest day in the history of long days. We had a new girl start in out web position, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to nail her office door shut. Don't get me wrong, she is very nice and I like her a lot, but she hovers. Granted, she doesn't know anyone and is just wanting to be friendly, but geez. She came into my office three times and stayed for long periods of time. I was even wearing my headphones and listening to an audio book while I was working, and she kept talking. At the end of the day, she came into my office and stayed two solid hours. I can't wait until she gets some stuff to do. I wouldn't ever hurt her feelings for anything, but I'm afraid if this becomes a habit, I'm going to snap. Friday night, Steve and I went to dinner with Anthony. He has some anger issues he's working on, so we tried to keep him cheerful. :) We had dinner at Beaureguards (yum) and we were going to go for fro-yo at TCBY, but it was closed! Not for the evening, but closed for good! OH THE HUMANITY! After that we walked over to Books-A-Million and hung around for a little while. Can someone please explain to me why BAM feels it necessary to keep the art and design magazines directly underneath the gay pride magazines? I could actually care less about what new TV star (ahem....Doogie) has just come out of the closet, but now the guy who stocks magazines thinks it's a favorite subject of mine. To be clear, I was looking for a specific art magazine, so that's why I was at that section. SIGH.

Saturday was mine and Steve's 6th wedding anniversary. We didn't have anything really planned like we did last year, but we had at least decided to go to breakfast at the new Cracker Barrel that they built on Drake Ave. You can sit on the front porch and look out over Wal-Mart. Very scenic. I can't wait for the novelty to wear off for that place. It was PACKED beyond safe numbers. It took Steve and I forever to eat, but it was good. I haven't had breakfast there in so long! We were going to get our Anniversary gift from there, but we had a hard time finding anything. Apparently, year 6 is candy or iron. How they paired those two, I'll never know. We finally found a section of cast iron skillets and stuff, but people were standing in front of it and wouldn't move. We finally made someone uncomfortable enough to walk somewhere else -I knew Steve was good for something!- and picked out one of those cast iron stove top griddles/grills. This Austrailian lady helped us decide. She said you can make good steaks on them. :) After that we went home and watched some movies. I worked on some Christmas gifts, and then because God apparently has a very strange sense of humor and a grudge against me, we found that the entire series of Star Wars movies was playing on Cinemax. All Day. Over and over. Episode 1 through Return of the Jedi. All. Day. Long. So that's what we did that night. Well, we did stop watching long enough to play a short and rather one sided game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. I'm sure you can guess who won that game! : )

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The No Sick Leave Blues

When I woke up that morning (dum de da dum*)
I couldn't get out of bed (dum de da dum*)
and so I called into work (dum de da dum*)
and used a personal day instead!

Because I'm not full time
and I have no sick leave
so if I don't go into work
they take away some of my green!

I've got the not full time,
no sick leave,
sick in bed,
no other choice,
lost my only accrued personal day blues!

*That would be the obligatory harmonica blues riff

Sorry about that. I've been listening to B.B. King a lot lately. : )

So yesterday I woke up sick and called into work. I just sat in the recliner for six hours and watched TV. I think it's just the weather and my ever present sinus problems, but whatever it was...sucked. By evening, though, I was feeling a little better. Poor Steve, though, he came home sick too. I knew he was really feeling bad because he wasn't being a baby about it. The last time he felt bad and didn't whine, he had pneumonia, so I've become wary of the quiet, sick Steve. I made a pot of soup and some low fat cupcakes for dinner. Steve doesn't like the soup, but he liked the cupcakes, so it all evened out. The cupcakes were awesome, though! I snatched the recipe off of a blog I read every day, and you should try it! It sounds gross, but it isn't at all! You need:

1 box devil's food cake mix
1 can of pumpkin
3/4 cup of water.

Mix it up and bake it like the box says! They don't taste or smell like pumpkin at all! No extra fat or oil and possibly even vegetarian safe, although I don't know what sort of animal bits may be in the mix.

Later that evening I got a call from my very favorite Kenny, whom I gave a little over-the-phone Flash help. Let me just say this, it's hard to help someone with a GUI based program when you aren't looking at what they are doing. I'm afraid he got frustrated with me because I kept telling him to do this one thing, and he kept telling me that it wasn't working, and I kept telling him - slower and louder- to do that thing, and he -slower and louder- kept telling me it didn't work. It turns out that one of his layers was locked and so we couldn't edit it. Duh, on my part. I forgot I locked all of the layers when I made the original file he was working with. However, we sort of got it all sorted out...sort of. Don't worry, we'll get it! I'm determined.

I haven't started on my research paper and it's due in less than a month. I've had so much to do that I keep putting it off, and even when I have time I put it off. It's like having a snake in your living room that might be dead. You see it, you know it's there, but you're too afraid to poke it because it might rise up and swallow you whole. :( I also was a hit with my chocolate themed project in graphics. Everyone was duly impressed with my magnets and postcards. The teacher actually liked it too, but I'll wait to do my happy dance until I get my grade back. He may have changed his mind once the glow of critique was over.

Speaking of school, I finally registered for what should be...*dramatic pause* last semester before I graduate! I will be taking 19th Century Art history, to fulfill my final oblilgation to my minor, History of Theater I, to fulfill my last elective, and Aerobic Kick Boxing, to fulfill my need to exercise and be able to whoop up on Steve if I ever need to. : ) I'm kind of iffy about that last one because it's right in the middle of the day and I'll have to come back to work all sweaty and tired, but I'm not currently exercising like I should, so I'm hoping it will give me a boost.

So that's all for me for right now! I'll be back.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Are ya ready kids? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!


Sorry about that, I have a new guilty pleasure. I love the Spongebob Squarepants cartoon! Anyways...

I had a lovely weekend, thanks for asking! It wasn't terribly event filled and I did sleep a lot, but come on, that's what weekends are for, right?

Friday was a "Stay at Home" night for Steve and I. We went and got dinner and came home to watch he TV shows that we missed thursday night. My Name is Earl, The Office and Smallville were fabulous as usual, of course. We also got to watch Battlestar Galactica when it came on, instead of just recording it. I can't believe I'm so caught up with this show, but it's really, very arresting. I stayed up a litte later than normal playing a game on the computer, but then slept. Very Exciting.

Saturday I was awoken by a ringing telephone. Since it ripped me out of a very sound sleep, I was in Crazy Town when I answered. The caller ID said it was my mom, so I was immediately afraid that something had happened, but luckily it wasn't anything like that. My friend Sara was going to be on the local news in a short interview about her transplant and my mom wanted me to make sure I saw it. I don't remember much of what I said, but I do remember asking her what day it was. She told me later that I sounded kind of crazy, but then again, when you wake someone up and they aren't altogether lucid when they answer the phone, you'll have that. I got Steve to turn on the TV and we were just in time to see her spot on the news. She looked great and seemed to be doing really well! I was so glad to see her! After that went off, I was officially awake. Steve still wanted to sleep, so I got up and started my day. I folded some laundry, made some cinnamon rolls and watched "Saw II". I was expecting that to be a little more scary than it turned out to be, but it WAS a movie that made me squirm. The needle pit was the worst part! The girl was thrown into a big pit fill of dirty hypodermic needles that she had to dig through with her bare hands. I almost couldn't watch. It was a pretty good movie, though, all things considered. : ) At 2:00, I went to our church carnival and painted fingernails in the face painting room. It was fun, but it made me feel horribly uncool. That sounds pretty strange, but there is nothing like little kids to help remind you how out of touch with things you are. I brought my box full of all the rainbow fingernail polishes I have. When I was a teenager, so very long ago, that kind of thing was cool and I suppose I just never grew out of it. Not one little girl wanted anything other than pink or red nails! In fact, the brush in my hot pink polish actually fell apart fom use! Oy, vey...I'm old. Anyways, it was fun. :) I had to run to Wal-Mart afterwards to get some stuff for a christmas gift I'm making, and when I got home, I crashed. I don't know how long I slept, but what was supposed to be a power nap raged out of control. I finally did get up and worked on some of my homework. I now have a new reason why I love being an art student! For my most current project, I needed pictures of a box of chocolates as well as a Whitman's Sampler box. So I ended up buying a load of chocolates (for homework, of course) which Steve and I have enjoyed all weekend! WOO! We had made plans with Josh that night to have dinner and see the musical "Hairspray"! It was so good, although I'm thinking that Josh has an unnatural attraction to that movie that I can't really understand. I truly enjoyed it and it was really funny! I could totally play that chubby girl part, but alas, I cannot dance. So I have the chubby and the singing part down, but I move like a spaztic iguana. Nice. So that is how we finished the day, going to a musical. Even Steve enjoyed it! A miracle!

Sunday was our regular day. Church in the morning and my family's house for lunch. We were celebrating my dad's birthday that day, so we had presents and pie. It was a nice day. When we got home, Steve and I slept again. He got up in time to go to church, and I stayed home to work on my homework. I still have a lot to do, but at least I got the gnarly part finished. When Steve got home, we watched "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" and it was surprisingly good. There have been times I would have liked to have super powers to get back at an ex-boyfriend. Who wouldn't like to throw an angry great white shark into someone's bedroom? : )

Today I have to do a presentation for my history class on the Boscoreale Treasure and I don't feel completely ready. It's weird, I'm nervous and there is only about 20 other people in class with me. I'm afraid that my teacher will know how severely uneducated about the subject that I am, but it's not totally my fault! That subject hasn't been researched by too many people since about 1923, and even though I can find infomation on it, everything seems to cover the same ground. My teacher has done archeology work in Pompeii, for the love of Cleatus, so it's not like she doesn't know everything about it already. Heck, she's probably held the stuff in her hand for all I know! Ugh, keep your fingers crossed for me!

That is all.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

OH! I suck! I forgot to give you an update on Sara! I was actually included in a mass e-mail that she sent out herself! : ) She said it's been painful and kind of embarassing, but that she's doing well, all things considered. Her doctors seem to think she's doing well enough to be moved to the recovery house fairly soon, if she isn't there already. I was very glad to actually hear from her, so I did a breif happy dance in which I didn't knock anything you know there was joy involved. She will still need our thoughts and prayers, so keep them coming!

And Sara, if you're reading this, there are a lot of people pulling for you, so get well soon! : )
OK, so Halloween.

We spent the evening with Mr. Lee so that we could finally know what real, hardcore, trick or treating is like. I didn't wear a costume, much to my chagrin, because I believe that my fondness for wearing costumes kind of embarrasses Steve at times, and if that is the case it would probably mortify his dad. So since the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few, I wore jeans and a t-shirt. Sigh. Steve and I both left work a little early so we could get consolidate cars and be over in Madison early enough, but that didn't seem to matter much. It was raining, and there was SOOOOOO much traffic that it took us an hour to go from our house to his. Not that the drive was terrible, we were listening to an audio novel called "The History of Almost Everything" or something like that. It's all about physics and biographies of scientists who discovered (or at least took credit for) all the things scientific, like gravity, atoms, dinosaurs and etc. Normally that kind of book would be saved specifically for use as general anesthetic before major surgery, BUT this one happens to be very interesting and written in an entertaining manner. I recommend it highly.

But I digress.

We finally made it over to Mr. Lee's house, and there were no kids in sight. We figured the rain was putting damper (look! A pun!) on things, so we sat back and watched the FOX news channel. Yeah, I hate news. Granted, it was funny that John Kerry made a fool of himself, but I'm almost completely sure he had no real intention of insulting anyone but George Bush...sour grapes, you know.

Anyway, the rain stopped and the kids started. Having lived in the butt-crack of Limestone County for my formative years, we never really had anyone trick-or-treat at our house unless they were out scouting for some house to roll or something. Even in our neighborhood now, we rarely have anyone come to get candy. However, Mr. Lee lives in one of those neighborhoods where the houses are right up against each other and so it's possible for kids to go door to door. We had lots of them come by, and one little girl came twice. I owe that to my patented "Fistfull-Of-Candybars" passing out tactic I developed. I saw Jedi (Steve would be proud I knew at first glance what they look like), monsters, pre-pubescent girls in very inaapropriate outfits, and one kid who I couldn't place finally told me what he was. He was wearing a pink hooded sweatsuit with a red cape. I hated to admit defeat on the guessing game, but he said he was someone called Captain Underpants. This he said with a lisp, so it made it that much harder not to laugh. Who the heck is Captain Underpants? I don't know, but any super-hero who runs around in his tighty whities has got to be awesome. We even had kids come by who weren't even dressed up! The next door neighbor, who is super sweet and always reminds me of the lady who played Glinda the Good in "Wicked" brought her little girl by and we were her official FIRST TRICK-OR-TREAT! She is only about a year old, I guess, and was dressed up as this little cute witch. I knelt down to give her candy and she dove into my bowl. She also kept giving me her hat, so at least she has come kind of idea of give-and-take. At one point, two brothers came by and the first one said "Don't give my brother any candy!" and actually blocked me from getting to him. I just smiled my best "You aren't my kid, so I won't kick you" smile and put my hand into his brothers bag to drop the candy. Brother then closed the bag around my hand and pulled me several steps outside of the doorway before I jerked free. AS I was closing the door, I heard the mom say "OK, we'll take him home so you can finish." Wow. Wonder how often they have those Mom-Likes-You-Best conversations?

At about 8:00 we closed up shop and went to dinner. We discussed politics and war. So, I watched the news and had a serious conversation about such things. On Halloween. Weird things DO happen on that night!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This is why I love Autumn! That link will take you to my Flickr page where you can see all of the glorius trees I took pictures of at the SpRocket!