Thursday, December 30, 2004

OK, so here are my feet while I was waiting in the examining room at the doctor's office today.

You will probably be seeing a lot of my feet in the pictures I post. Why? Well, I don't really know, I just have cute feet, I guess. ; )

I was given a clean bill of health and told the thing on my shoulder was a Cherry Hemangioma and it's nothing to worry about. Christie was right! I also got a prescription for something to help me not want to eat, so hopefully that will help me too.

Steve calls me when I'm in the office and tells me he and Josh had been in a fender bender because some idiot in a dooley truck (which kept on driving) forced him out of his lane and into the path of another car. Both they and the car is fine, though, but the stupid Knoxville cop gave Steve and ticket for not yelding to traffic. Can you believe that? Even the lady who bumped them saw what the truck did! Steve said if he hadn't of moved out of the lane, four or five cars would have been in an accident, not just two AND the accident would have been worse. I can't believe he got a ticket! Stupid cop!!!

*Left my wallet in El Sagundo*

Why is it called International House of Pancakes when CLEARLY, the architecture of the building is Norwegian?

Just sitting here at ye olde switchboard this morning until the operator comes back from her doctor appointment. So if anyone wants me to transfer them somewhere, give me a call at 837-3400. I'll be here until 9:00.

Speaking of doctor appointments, I have one today at 10:20. Mom finally wore me down enough to make an appointment to have the spot on my shoulder looked at, and I'm also going to talk to him about some kind of weight loss program. More than likely I'll sit in the waiting room for half an hour, wait in the actual exam room for another half an hour, talk to the doctor for about 15 minutes, and be on my way. I hate going to the doctor. Even if I go in for something simple, I'm scared they're going to give me a shot or poke me with something sharp. I have some kind of weird needle phobia. I thought I was over it, but last year when I went to get checked out for a sinus infection, they pulled out the needle and I broke into a sweat and started to panic. Yeah, fun stuff.

I was such an idiot. One of the girls I work with called up here and asked if I could work for her on saturday. "Sure, no problem" I said. After she hung up, I looked at the calender and realized that Saturday is New Years day. UGH. Oh well, I already said yes. What was I going to do?

The holiday season is almost over, so the only things I'll have to look forward to for a while is having dinner with a dear, but rather far away, friend of mine on the 4th and going to see the *trumpets please* Vincent Van Gogh exhibit in Atlanta on the 8th! Dinner was my idea (built, of course, on a long standing agreement that we will get together whenever we can). The exhibit was a Christmas gift from Josh. Woo-Hoo! Got to love a man who remembers that I basically go into a coma when I get near a Van Gogh.

That's all I can think of.

End. : )

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I promise, as soon as the novelty wears off, I'll stop posting pictures. This is a picture of my priveate slice of Hell. Otherwise known as my cubical. Actually, it isn't exactly a cubical, it's more like a glorified study carrel.

So I got a new phone for Christmas and it has a camera in it! Woo-Hoo! Yeah, I know, practically every phone has one of these, but I don't care. I'm excited! Here is the picture I took on the way in to work this morning. Saturn5.bmp

That's the Saturn 5 rocket that ended up costing the SpRocket so much money. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

So here I am, sitting at my computer on the Christmas morning of my 26th year, thinking about all I have to do before we head out to see my parents and wishing there was still more time in the day. Today I'm feeling a little blue, but I'm not sure why. Don't worry, it isn't a deep blue, but just a delicate light blue.

I love Christmas, really I do. I love visiting my family, singing Christmas carols, eating way more than is decent, and giving presents. We had a great time at my Grandmother's and Steve's parent's house yesterday. I got to see all of my sweet little cousin babies and all my older sweet, but not so little, other cousins. I had my Grandmother's dressing, which is heaven on earth thankyouverymuch, and we opened our gifts at the Pratt's. We can never wait until Christmas day! It's strange when you get to be an adult and you realize that you don't anticipate Christmas like you used to. Even as a teenager I held my breath for Christmas. Now it's all about getting ready, going, making sure everything is done, and then going back to work when it's all over. I miss the Christmas afterglow, don't you? When you're a kid, you sit back, covered in whatever you got, watching TV or whatever, and Christmas seemed to last until whenever you had to go back to school. There is one thing I'm grateful for now that I'm an adult. Christmas has a whole new meaning for me. It isn't about getting gifts and Santa Claus, but I've finally realized that being with the people you love and having those around you be happy is one of the greatest things about this holiday. Of course, I don't get to be with all the people I hold dear, but I still hear from them and think of them and e-mail/talk on the phone with them, and that is great too. I just hope everyone out there has a great holiday and can remember at the end of the day that if you can reach out and touch someone that you love or who loves you, nothing else matters.

With love to my friends and family, Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Guess who updated her web site? ME!!!!! Nothing fancy, of course, but at least I changed it a little.

Oh yeah, I will eventually be changing my website to a different address. I'll warn you though so you can change your bookmarks.


Monday, December 20, 2004

French Spy Satellite Launched



Greetings and salutations, everyone!

Friday night was the SpRocket christmas party and we had a really great time. I ended up having to wear the same black dress that I wore to Steve's party, because the shoes I had to wear with my blue dress didn't fit, and I couldn't (with a sound mind) wear black shoes with a blue dress!! I actually bought tickets to the raffle this year and I brought home three prizes, a $20 gift certificate to Applebee's, and a $25 and $50 gift card to the mall! Woo-Hoo! You'll also be happy to know that I didn't hurt my back this time, even though I danced in the same shoes. It's amazing what a difference having sufficent seating for everyone can make on the well being of my feet.

Saturday morning I had to work (BOO HISS) but while I was at work, Steve and his dad installed my surprise christmas present from them. It was a great, new stove! It's one of those with the flat glass tops, and a much bigger oven. I baked a cake in it saturday evening, and I didn't catch even one thing on fire! YAY FOR ME!!!!! I named the new oven KITT because it's black and has this "nightlight" that goes all the way across the thingie with the knobs on it. Granted the light doesn't move back and forth and it's not red, and it is more like a Cylon, but I still named it KITT. I hated to get rid of Kenny the Second (the old, avacado green Kenmore stove) but we all knew that the day was coming. I mean, an appliance can only catch on fire so many times before you have to give it up. Saturday night we had our christmas dinner with Anthony, Josh, Shannon and Greg. James and Becky were supposed to be there, but their little boy was sick : (. We exchanged our gifts, which were awesome, and we ate Lasagna and chicken wings. We also had our yearly viewing of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. " 'Tis the season to me merry! Well, that's my name!" Heh. Good times, noodle salad.

Sunday the choir had it's Christmas cantata and Steve was one of the narrators. He did a wonderful job! I was so proud of him. He's usually so shy, but he was great! My friend Christy, who had the solo this year, also did a great job! We didn't have a very long afternoon, so we didn't go to my parent's house, because Steve had to be back at the church early to do the cantata over again for another congregation. I was going to go again, but we realized that a) we had no food and I needed to go to the grocery store before everything was gone and b) we needed clean clothes. So I stayed home and played the domestic goddess for the evening. Apparently some idiot weatherman said the magic word "Snow" and everyone in my neighborhood ran to the local Publix to buy them out of milk and bread. Can someone explain this to me? Why in the world do people buy milk and bread when they think it's going to snow? Those are the two things that go bad the most quickly, but when it snows, everyone thinks they need it. All I wanted was some bread, only for sandwiches - not survival, and the aisle was cleaned the freak out. It's also a good thing I didn't want milk! I would have had to wrestle an elderly lady down to the floor! I finally got done and got everything put away, and I spent the rest of the evening playing the Sims 2. Celeste had twins, by the way. Elija and Amanda is what we named them. She had to hire a nanny because she hadn't slept much the whole three days she was pregnant. : )

So that was it! A full and fabulous weekend. Now, onward to the holidays!
I Want an Otter!

That is all.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

So, apparently I'm a huge dork. One of my dearest friends had a birthday on the 17th and I didn't say happy birthday on his birthday. See, for some reason, I always think his birthday is on December 11th...even though I have written his actual birthday down in many places to remind me. I was so proud of having it in BIG letters near my desk at work, but I kept thinking the 17th was today, saturday, which in fact is the 18th. So, dear friend, I didn't forget your birthday, I just didn't know what day it was. : ) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYWAYS!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hey you. Yeah, you. The person who always types in "Kelly Pratt UAH" in the google search to find my page.

Bookmark me! : ) It's easier!


Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I never told you what happened with my Lit final. Let's just say, I love my teacher! I was completely freaking out while driving to school, but when I got there, I saw a girl from my class coming out of the door and I heard her complaining about the teacher. I thought "Certainly he can't have canceled class, it's the freakin' final!" So I went into the classroom and there he was. We talked for a second, because in a non teacher/student relationship parallel universe we would probably be really good friends, and he took up my extra credit assignment and said that was all. Apparently he just decided that he didn't want to give a final if he didn't have to. I must've looked alarmed because he told me I would do fine with my grades, so not to worry.

Whew! All that freaking out for nothing! : )

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I don't like bothering people. If you know me, you probably don't believe that, but it's true. I've called well over two hundred people, and I've bothered most of them. This makes me feel icky in a way I can't articulate.

I wish I could just drop off my work tonight and go home. However, I have to reclaim my screen before I can go. That sounds like I've got to go through some Indiana Jones-ish temple obstacle course to get it back, but it's just a fancy way of saying I have to clean it before I can leave. Otherwise, I'll get the dreaded INCOMPLETE.

Is there anything more personally embarrassing/disappointing than when you think someone likes you and you find out that you were wrong? Not only that, but that you were so convinced that they liked you that you got really comfortable with the idea, and you ended up making a fool of yourself. This happened to me years ago and something I heard just brought it back to the front of my mind. I'm still embarrassed about it. Do we ever get over humiliations or do we just forget about them? I vote on the latter.

I tried to do a french manicure on myself. Key word: tried. I now know why I didn't go to beauty school!

Here is my "Yes, Please" list. I stole this from a friend of mine who has good ideas. It's a list of things that, if offered to you, the reply would be "Yes, please". Clever name, no?

1. A long, quiet day reading a good book. In my pajamas, no less.
2. Waking up with a craving for cake, baking one then and there,
and eating it right out of the pan.
3. Walking on the beach looking for shells and interesting drftwood.
4. Going to an aquarium for the long as it had otters.
5. Going to a bookstore and staying for hours.
6. Playing with a puppy.
7. Having your art praised by someone you respect.
8. Fuzzy slippers, hot chocolate covered in marshmallows, and
biscotti while watching Pirates of the Carribbean.
9. Walking aimlessly with a camera in a place full of pictures
begging to be made.
10. Looking at my hands after a day in the print studio, knowing
that the colors on my hands are as meaningful as a Jackson
Pollok painting, and tell a story of the things I've created.
11. A good, long hug.
12. Finding the perfect gift for someone, and KNOWING that they'll
love it.

I have lots more, but twelve is a nice round number. : )

Wow, I'm procrastinating!

I may have to go home and plug in the Kareoke machine. I feel a song trying to get out of me and it will only be satisfying if it is loud and has reverb. Gloria Gaynor, who?

Anyways....back to the manacles...uh, I mean telephones!

Monday, December 13, 2004


You think you're so smart, don't you! Finishing your paper and everything? Well....yeah, you are.

Four freaking hours on the laptop and nothing I did is going to be useful. Even with the extension, I'm running behind. With that and the fact I'm now working the second shift at work two nights before the final... Oh yeah, and I fell asleep while studying for this morning's final. If anyone holds telepathic powers and wants to give me insight on Wallace Stevens, Robert Frost, and Modernism in Literature, I'd appreciate it.

If you'll pardon me, I'm going to find a comfortable spot on a busy highway!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


No, not a soccermom! We've been told by management that we have to start a call back program (A.K.A Telemarketing) to try and garner some reservations for Space Camp. I absolutely hate doing it because I know how it feels to get called out of the blue from one of these annoying creatures! I've been putting it off every day, but all I'm doing is making myself look bad by not being further along on my list. I don't like hawking anything to anyone. I got enough of selling when I worked at Pier 1 thankyouverymuch! I've finally found a groove to get into, though. If someone answers, I just tell them who I am, what I am calling for, and ask if they're interested. If they say no, I'm all "Well, thanks anyway."
Little known fact about me? I have an issue about phones. I don't like to talk on them. Sort of ironic since I work in a call center, huh? I literally start feeling all sweaty and weird when I think I may have to talk on the phone. It's not that I don't like people (well, most people). Answering isn't so bad, but calling someone is. So I'm sitting at my desk, feeling nauseated, and having to call people and beg for money. Ulcer much?

On a lighter note, I won a Customer service award today! I got a $25 gift card from Wal-Mart and balloons. I rule! : )

Speaking of Soccermoms, I now have proof that they are out to kill me. Yesterday, while I was driving to work, an honest to God soccer ball flew out of the window of a Mini-Van and came right at me. I had to swerve. It's like they're setting depth charges now!

I've got to go to the print studio tonight and work on my final project. Woo and/or Hoo. I wore the lab coat that I use as a smock into the grocery store this morning, and it has a huge, bloody looking handprint on it from were I had a messy accident with some maroon paint. There is nothing better than walking into a public place wearing a lab coat that looks covered in blood. Heeheehee. Totally worth the looks of alarm! : )


Saturday, December 04, 2004


Yes, I'm talking about Steve's corporate Christmas party last night. We went to the Holiday Inn Research Park and I finally got to meet the people he's always talking about. Everyone told me how much they liked Steve, so of course I'm all proud of him and stuff. I knew he was awesome, I'm just glad someone else sees it too!

*Oh yeah, Kenny. Steve's boss admired my shoes. : )*

He works with a bunch of engineers and computer geeks, so the best way to explain my first impression is for you to imagine walking into a formal Star Trek convention! : ) Heeheehee. Actually, not everyone was like that. I got to meet the man who owns the company breifly. He looks a LOT like the guy who plays Niles Crane on "Fraiser" and I must say, a very snazzy dancer! Which brings me to another point; white people should not be allowed to dance to songs like "Wild Thang" by Tone Loc in public. Corporate executives, drunk, out on the floor gyrating is a phenomena that should be studied at MIT. Very Scary.

Steve and I didn't dance much, but what little we did caused me to hurt my back like you wouldn't believe. I could barely move when I woke up this morning. I think it was those tiny little medival torture devices, called high heels, that I was wearing. I felt bad, but I had to keep sitting down so that I wouldn't lose feeling in my toes. Steve looked very handsome, and he said I looked nice, but it wasn't without paying a price.

On the way to the party I realized that I was having bra issues. My dress had sort of a low neckline (don't get scared, I was decent) and I realized that unless I was completely still, my bra would show, so in a flash of understanding unusual for my husband, he asked if I wanted to go to Target and get another one that would work better. So I'm all dressed up, walking through the lingerie department of Target trying to find a bra that will work with this dress. It took me quite a while, but I finally found one. However, I realized that because my dress had no zipper or buttons, I was going to have to take off my dress to change the offending piece of underwear. Well, I knew I couldn't do that in the car, so while Steve went to the car I went into the restroom to change. I was hoping that there was some other alternative to stripping in a public restroom, but alas... So there I was, undressed except for my hose and shoes, trying to hurry and get redressed so that the lady in the next stall wouldn't know what I was doing. I still got weird looks when I walked out.

So, if any of you happen to go into the ladies room at the University Drive Target, could you see if you could find my dignity? I'd appreciate it.

Or does anyone else get a secret loathing feeling when listening to John Mayer's song "Your Body Is a Wonderland"? I don't know why, but it makes my skin crawl. In fact, I don't really enjoy any of his music. It makes me think of being in high school and having a creepy guy write you poetry. Yuck.

Even Butler says "PAH" to John Mayer.

Friday, December 03, 2004


I completely forgot Butler's birthday until I came home from work! There were no treats or hotdogs at all!! Not only that, but I got caught up in a project I was doing and forgot to let him in the house before it was almost 10 o'clock!

Luckily, Steve is a better person than I am. On his way home from church, Steve stopped by Krystals and got 2 boxes of fries, one for each of the boys. Of all the things I've ever eaten, Krystals fries have been the thing Butler has begged for*. Too Funny. He's too much like me! : )

*Just in case you stumbled onto my blog by complete chance, and you don't know me, Butler is my 2 year old Yellow Lab. Please don't call DHR.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Have you ever overheard a conversation between two people who you didn't really know, and totally want to punch one of them in the neck? Normally I would never really be tempted to actually get turn around and say something to the people who were talking (I'd come home and rant to someone else, of course) but I actually wanted to pimp slap this girl.

Apparently she was telling her life story, because I heard all about how she is dating this guy who told her he doesn't want a comittment, but she wants to get him because she KNOWS he's the one whether he knows it or not, so she's basically been manipulating him to change his mind. It's insane. She also got upset because someone in his family was in some kind of accident or sick or something, and she was whining because he was upset and wanted some time alone, so that meant she had to sleep at her own apartment instead of going to his house. Wow, hope you weren't inconvenienced or anything, lady. She was also talking about how he's still friends with his ex-girlfriend, and she can't stand it. She was just being so mean and catty about everything, like she was convinced she deserved all of these things to go her way instead of being happy with what she has already. As for the jealous girlfriend thing, I've been there, but I don't know if I was at the level she was at. Sheesh, I want to warn the ex that she needs to run in the opposite direction as fast as possible or (if I'm being Evil Kelly) convince the ex to try and get the boy back...and succeed.

You know, I know this shouldn't bother me because I honestly don't know these people. It's none of my buisness, and you'll be glad to know that I didn't turn around and tell her that I wished I knew her boyfriend's name so I could call and warn him about what a psycho-hose-beast he's dating. I just bit my tounge and got away. Just barely.

I know, I know, I shouldn't have been listening, but it was like a car accident that everyone slows down to look at.

Why DOES it bother me, then? I have no idea. maybe I seriously need some St. John's Wart or something! : )