Tuesday, November 15, 2016


1) Heh...this job. 

I want to start off my admitting something. I hope this isn't the last job I will ever do. I know I'm good at it and I love being able to help my church, and I love the people I work for, but I do hope I'll be able to work in a more lucrative and creative field again someday.  I don't mean to come across as ungrateful for my job, but it isn't exactly the kind of thing that stirs the imagination, if you get what I mean.  

On paper, the whole thing seems pretty straight forward. I'm called a secretary, but in reality I suppose I'm more of an office manager for our church.  I answer phones, keep up with files and things  like that, but I also do accounting and insurance stuff, as well as keeping up with payroll and taxes.  Exciting stuff.  :)

However, I do have to admit, that aside from the things that I will be able to put on my resume, I have also gotten some really interesting experiences.  This morning for instance.  My pastor has been having some trouble with his vision and his eye doctor wanted him to try wearing contact lenses for a while instead of glasses.  Like a lot of people starting out with contacts, he has a lot of trouble putting them in himself, so he asked me if I would help him. He knows I wear contacts, so I thought he was wanting some advice on how to put them in.  No, he needed more help than that.  I spent about twenty minutes this morning putting his contacts in his eyes for him!  I was surprisingly not grossed out about doing it, which surprised me. I think maybe he has the hang of it now, though, so I don't think I'll have to do that again! Fingers crossed!

2) Last night Steve's company gave the employees tickets to the Galaxy of Lights at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens.  That is where they do an elaborate light display along the path and you can walk along and listen to music and look at the lights.  We haven't actually done the walk through in years, so I was excited to go!  Plus, we found out that we were going to be there on one of the Dog Walking nights, so the gardens were full of people walking their dogs!  Steve had to give me a pop quiz before we got there so that I could try and remember the names of the people he worked with (which almost backfired in a spectacular way, but luckily I didn't have to say his company's owner's name out loud.  Let's just say that had I said his name the way I thought it was pronounced, I would have called him something that wouldn't have been flattering.) 

We had such a good time!  I met a lot of people and I got to pet a lot of random dogs!  I also accidentally stepped onto a dog turd, which was less than ideal, but when you've got a lot of dogs, you'll have the occasional turd.  Such is life. 

3) Um...anyone else kind of feel like there might be some slight overreaction about the election turn out going on?  Just a little?  Like...oh, I dunno, maybe some of these people need to calm down and deal with shit like adults?

(By the way, just me saying that much apparently makes me racist, homophobic, a misogynist, and possibly pro-hate crime, or some such thing.  I thought maybe you should know what a horrible person I was, just in case it means you can't be friends with me anymore.  Sorry.  It's been a good run, though, hasn't it? I'll miss you. I'm sorry that my past as not any of those things at all has just been proven false and I turned out to be such a disappointment.)

*rude hand gesture*

Wednesday, November 09, 2016


I know that I don't have any right to say anything about the election.  I didn't vote.  I couldn't.  I know that sounds stupid, if not downright reprehensible, to a lot of people, but I couldn't, with good conscience, support either candidate.  My gut didn't trust Hillary Clinton, and my brain didn't trust Donald Trump. 

I struggled with it. I didn't want to be one of those people who just couldn't make a decision, but I couldn't see how either one would be good. I felt guilty about not going, but I didn't want to just go and vote for the sake of getting a sticker so I could post a selfie, either.  I also wasn't going to let anyone shame me into making an empty gesture, because screw that noise.  The world is full of empty gestures, you know?  If I'm going to get behind something, I want to believe in it with some conviction and not just because it's the "thing to do."

Last night I was alone, bored, and not feeling particularly well. I think if I'd had someone to watch the election results with, I might have done so, but instead I went to bed early.  I kept up with some of the results online until I got sleepy.

When I woke up this morning, I was truly unprepared to find out that Donald Trump had won this election.
I genuinely thought Hillary Clinton was going to win.  I really did.  Whether or not I trusted her, she at least had some experience.  I can't say I'm sorry she lost, but I can say I'm confused that she lost.

So for better or for for worse this living muppet, Donald Trump, is our new president.  I honestly hope it isn't the disaster that it very well could turn into.  All of this really blows my mind.

So...yeah.  God bless America.