Monday, October 31, 2005

I am writing to you today on my new work computer. Well, it isn't "new" actually, but it's newer than the piece of trash Mac I have been using since I interned up here in Graphics 2 summers ago. I am delighted!!! It's got a 19 inch flat screen moniter, it makes sounds, it doesn't lock up when you put a jump drive into it, and it can have more than one program open without freezing up! I love it so much that I feel like holding it up over the edge of the roof and reinacting the beginning of the Lion King! I have a feeling I'd drop it though, and I'd be back to where I began.

I need a good name for it too. Any suggestions?

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I've sat through 100 of the Scariest Movie Moments on Bravo...and i don't think I'm going to sleep for a while. Anyone want to recommend a good book? Or come over? Anyone?


I've made a new rule:

Any desserts you buy for a good cause, are not fattening. This includes, among others, Girl Scout cookies, candy bars for sports, and certainly baklava for United Way.

Something I forgot to add in my post about my trip back to Athens. Since I wasn't sure that I would have my bearings if I drove down the highway, I drove into East Limestone so that I could go into "town" the way I used to. As I drove, I kept seeing these signs that puzzled me. They said: "El Indians", "El Gas Station", and "El...whatever". I kept thinking to myself that I couldn't understand why those signs were there because I knew East Limestone didn't have a large Latino population. It dawns on me (much later than it should have) that the signs weren't saying "El Indians", they said "E.L. Indians". Boy, I felt stupid. I mean, how could I not remember that?! I was only subjected to "E! L! S! Go Innians!!!!!!" *spirit fingers* for 9 years.

By the way..."Innians" is not a mispelling. It's the way our cheerleaders said "indians", along with "card-null and whyte" for our school colors. It's amazing I learned to speak english.

Friday, October 28, 2005

I got your jack-o-lanterns right here!!!

Who ever this person is, they are amazing. Go to this link!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

You CAN go home again...but there is no guarantee that you can still find your way around.

Wednesday I finally got a chance to visit with my friend that had been in the hospital for so long. For those of you who asked about her and kept her in your prayers, thank you. For those of you who were apparenly indifferent, you can bite me. She's getting better without you. : )

I drove out to Athens, where she is staying with her mom for the time being. It was really weird for me to drive out there again after so long. I usually don't go any further than East Limestone when we go out there to visit my parents, and everything looked so much the same and different at the same time. It's hard for me to believe that I used to spend so much time out there doing teenager stuff. I absolutely thought it was the most boring place on the face of the earth. Of course, I think every teenager thinks where they grew up is boring, though. I only got lost a little bit once, and that is an amazing feat since the whole town is the size of my backyard. Actually, it has grown quite a bit since I last cruised the streets. Anyway, I finally found her and we had a good, long visit. I sort of feel like I might have stayed too long and talked too much, actually, but there is nothing that makes you want to spend time with a person like thinking that they might have "shuffled off their mortal coil" not long ago. I had a good time, and I was really glad to see her again, so hopefully she and I can visit again soon.

There was only one dark spot of my whole trek out to Athens, and that was the Creme Delite was closed when I passed by. That is one of those drive in ice cream stands with the neon sign hanging over the whole deal that has been around since my parents were kids. They make the BEST chocolate milk shakes in the whole, wide world. If you think I'm wrong, I want to know where YOUR milkshakes come from and I'll do a comparison. I was hoping to grab one, if for no other reason than to taste a few memories, but alas, it was closed. Oh well, it's not really that far, and trust me when I say that I will travel a long distance for something that tastes as good as that milkshake.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

According to this quiz, I'm only 53% southern.

With my calculations, this means I'm 47% yankee.

Is this why I'll eat ice cream in winter?

; )
You know, I love being an art student. I love the creative process, knowing how to translate something into a new medium, and being able to make something that is worth hanging on someone's refridgerator. I do not love, however, the way my hands look after making something. Right now, I look less like an artist and more like an auto mechanic who needs to wash her hands. I worked in the lithography studio last night to catch up with where I'm supposed to be, and I got really messy. I bet the people at work think I don't ever wash my hands! It's hard to look ladylike with black ink under my fingernails. Oh well, I don't think I've ever been accused of being ladylike anyway. : )

It's cool outside! Yay! I finally got to wear my mee-maw sweater and my long stripey socks. Besides the fact that I hate being hot, I think I like cold weather better because of the clothes. You can keep adding and layering and covering up when you're cold, but when you're hot, you can only take off so much before the neighbors call the police.

I got an e-mail today with the subject title "One Word" and it asked for me, and the million other people it was sent to, to send back one word to describe the sender. That one was hard for me. I'm not a girl of few words, so after some thought, I was able to narrow it down to two that I thought fit. I should send that one to Steve. He can carry on whole conversations by only saying one word as an answer to whatever questions you ask. : ) I think I need to take a few lessons from him.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Well, as you probably guessed, I didn't do anything even remotely entertaining this weekend. Except for the afore mentioned spider killing incident, anyway. : ) I was still working on feeling better, so I didn't exactly feel like going anywhere, and I spent all weekend in the house not talking. I almost went nuts.

On Friday, Steve left me to go back to Atlanta to go to Six Flags AGAIN. I swear, he should just buy a house out there or something. I'm beginning to think he doesn't like spending time with me! As he so eloquently put it when I asked, he DOES like to spend time with me, but I never want to do anything fun. Hey, thanks, Steve. Anyways, he was gone, so I was going to be on my own for the weekend. I'm not completely sure what all I did that night, but I remember being bored. I know I watched a few episodes of CSI and tried on some old clothes to see if anything still fit. Not an awful lot did, but I have two formals that I can still wear. However I have nowhere to wear them. Heeheehee. Oh well, I'll figure out a reason to wear them to work or something. I'd hate for them to go to waste.

Saturday I cleaned. I cleaned all freaking day. I did laundry and I hung a shelf. I am a wild woman. Had it not been for the steady stream of cheesy horror movies on the Sci-Fi channel, I might have gone insane from boredom. I came within an inch of asking the Steak Out guy who delivered my dinner to come in and watch TV with me. I mean, I couldn't talk to him, but I am good at the comfortable silences. : ) A Sci-Fi original movie called "Lost Voyage" with Judd Nelson was being advertised for that night and it sounded pretty good, so I worked on some sketches for class until it came on. It was actually pretty lame, but it was good enough for a C grade horror flick, so I just let the bad movies play and sketched until about 1:00 Sunday morning when I realized that I was so tired that I had drawn a fairly detailed picture of a woman, but forgot to give her a face.

Sunday I got up and read a little, watched TV some more, and then fell asleep on the couch. I didn't realize how hard I was sleeping until I woke up freaking out because of the tattoos. I dreamed I got three huge tattoos on my back, chest and shoulders. I was so mad at myself because I knew I would always have to cover them up, and I couldn't believe how stupid I was for getting them, and I practically ripped my shirt while trying to look at them. That was when I realized that I shouldn't read Red Dragon before taking a nap. : ) Steve finally came home, and we spent the rest of the evening finishing watching 1st season Battlestar Galacticas. Everything makes so much more sense to me now!

Anyways, that was my weekend. Yee and/or Ha.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I know this might sound a little arrogant, but I believe God made maple trees turn red in the fall just for me. : )


Friday, October 21, 2005

And I'm freeeeeeeeee- free fallin'...

I wasn't sure I was going to write about this, but after careful scrutiny of the situation, it WAS kind of funny. So at the expense of my dignity (again) I'll tell you.

When I got to work today, I had a billion things to do. Apparently, missing a day and a half in my job is BAD. So this morning, I was trying to get some things done, and I was in a hurry. Someone had left a big bag of laminated posters in my office, and I wanted to know what to do with them. So I grabbed them and was on my way to take them to my boss and find out what I was supposed to do when I tried to walk through the door to the hallway. I say tried to walk through the door, because the big, stupid bag caught on the doorframe, and I went down like a ton of bricks. I don't know what happened. I can only assume that the laminated posters were so stiff that when they caught on the door, they also caught my leg and tripped me. All I know is that suddenly I was on the floor...and I was in PAIN. Now, in the fraction of a second I was on the floor, several things happened:

1) I had some really embarrassing flashbacks of falling down in the lunchroom/football field/hallway/& Etc. at school and everyone laughing at me. I'm so freakishly clumsy. THIS is why I won't hold babies.

2) I think to myself, "Is my leg broken? I think my leg is broken. So I'm going to have to lay here like a dead roach until someone comes out and checks on me! Wait, no, it's not broken, but it hurts like hell. I wonder if anyone saw me! Oh, how embarrassing! I need to get up!"

3) I realize that I fell right outside of the office of one of my co-workers, and he had a guest. I heard someone say "Oh my God!" and then I hear footsteps.

In that next second, I gather enough of my senses together to get up on one knee (the one I hit when I fell) and pretend that I'm just down there picking up the bag of posters. The guy in the office ran out and looked at me on the floor and asked me if I was okay. Since I couldn't talk, I just kind of whispered/squeaked out that I had just caught my shoe on the door and dropped the posters. Now, I don't know if he believed me or not, but he walked back into the office. I'm going to vote for Not believing me because there were only 7 posters in that bag, and I doubt that they come anywhere close to sounding like a Kelly my size hitting the floor. Anyways, I go in and ask what I needed to do, and limp back to my office. I was so embarrassed. I didn't even notice how bad I hurt my leg until I had been sitting down long enough for the shame to go away. Don't worry, it's all better now, but it's going to take a couple of days for the bruise to my ego to go away. : (

As an off topic note, I just had to kill a spider the size of Steve's head, and in case you don't know my husband...his head is HUGE!!!! I had to flush it out from under the blue chair, which required me to do the "Spider-In-The-House" dance while I looked for a shoe. Then I had to scare the dog while I repeatedly hit the chair with the shoe and move all small objects that the hastered spider could hide behind out of the way. When the spider didn't emerge, I sat back on the couch, knowing that there was no way I could go to sleep knowing something that big and uninvited was in my livingroom. So, I go on a hunt for some kind of bug spray, any kind. All I could find (once again) was the fruit and vegetable pesticide which I sprayed liberally around the doors, under the chair, and around Bear's kennel. I really hope that it doesn't make his fur fall out. Anyways, so I sit back on the couch, eyeing the chair and trying to decide whether it would be worth it to burn it while it's still in the living room, when the giant spider comes running out from under the chair and I grab the shoe and proceed to chase it around until I corner it and kill it. I am the spider killer!!!!! I felt like Bravehart! You can crawl uninvited into my livingroom, but you'll never take MY FREEDOM!
Well, I'm back among the land of the living...sort of.

I'm back at work after a day and a half absense, and feeling a little bit better. The only big thing right now is that I can't talk (much to the delight of everyone I work with, I'm sure). I can whisper, and every once in a while a voice eerily like Kathleen Turner's breaks through, but other than that I'm relying on everyone's lip reading abilities and my own version of American Sign Language. I'm saving the latter for insults, though. My knowledge is fairly limited. I was supposed to sing this Sunday morning, but now I'm not going to be able to! This sucks. The last time I was asked to sing was July, and the same type of thing happened. The minister of music is going to think I just don't want to sing anymore!

Yesterday I thought I was feeling better, but I was wrong. I had to go to my first class, math, where I found that I failed my test. I don't think I would have done so badly, but that was the day I started really feeling bad, so I'm going to blame it on that. : ) Anyways, I ran an errand, and came home and fell asleep until about 4:00. The only thing bad about it was that I had one of those water filled eye masks on that you put in the fridge. I had it pushed up to my forehead and I had forgotten about it, so when I woke up, I reached up and touched my head and freaked out and started clawing at my face until it came off. I didn't realize what it was until I had it pulled off! Yeah, I'm not that lucid when I first wake up. It's best to nudge me with a long stick until I know who you are and can talk rationally. Steve can tell you some horror stories. Heehehee.

Other than that, nothing exciting has been going on.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Note to self..and everyone else

The orange cough medicine has codine in it. Even if you think the warm fuzzy feeling will go away before it's time to drive to work, you are wrong. It's also hard to try and listen to the lady from NASA talk about stuff when her earrings are suddenly so sparkly. Steve warned me, but i didn't listne. I'm [robabyly going to fall asleep soon, so call same and tell hhim that it's becuase of the drugs.
Someone put me out of my misery...

I'm still sick and it looks like it's not getting much better. I don't mean to complain, but this is all I need right now. I still haven't finished my latest lithography project, I had an algebra test yesterday that I wheezed through (while also having another blank out session, even after studying until 3 that morning), and I haven't touched my history project in two days. Oh well, when it rains it pours, I suppose. If I go to the Doc-in-a-box, they will do what they always do, give me a shot, an antibiotic, and the orange cough medicine. We still have some of the orange stuff left from when Steve went last, so I'm self medicating. I figure, I've been in school long enough to be a doctor, I might as well. : ) Besides, I don't need the shot, and I'm kind of afraid of antibiotics unless I'm super sick. Oh, well, this too shall pass! If not, I'll be in the process of making my Captain Kirk video will. Who wants my collection of weird socks with the individual toes? Huh? Anyone?

I finally got my little scavenger hunt booklet back from the printer, and I'm so proud! Once I fixed all of the mistakes, it came out really good (for an amature, you understand). I'll scan in the cover and post it one of these days. : )

Steve is going to a sleep clinic tonight, and I hope they can help him out. He's been extremely tired lately, and they are going to check and see if he has sleep apnea or something. I hope whatever it is, that he doesn't have to wear one of those CPAP things. I can't imagine turning over one morning and coming face to face with Darth Vadar! *whooooooo-purrrrrrrrrr* Kelly, I am your husband. *whoooooooo-purrrrrrrrrrrr*

I embarrassed Steve last night by walking into Publix wearing my big fuzzy slippers with the dragonflies on them. I needed bagles, and I didn't care. One of these days, he'll get used to me. I mean, we've only been married for, what, 5 years?! : )

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Maybe it's just me, but has anyone else ever wondered if the cast of Grease 2 is embarrassed? I watched it again tonight, and it was...well, it was unfortunate. I mean, maybe it wasn't meant to be an Oscar (tm) nominated film, but you'd think that with the pull Michelle Pfiffer has in hollywood, she would have had the Motion Picture Archives purged of that little flick. Yikes.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Have you ever gotten the feeling that you suddenly don't know how to talk to one of your friends anymore? I mean, you can still talk and everything, but it's suddenly weird and awkward? It's like something subtle has changed, and you weren't notified?
You start talking with them and you don't know any differently, and you might make a joke or say something that has always been a funny between you and they don't laugh or you try and talk about something that you've always talked about and they change the subject? It's like you just told a dirty joke to the Pope or something. Then you want to ask if something is wrong or if you've suddenly started making them feel awkward and weird, but the question it's self makes YOU feel awkward and weird because you know they are going to lie and say no, even if you do. Then you feel even more awkward and weird and it gets to the point that you don't talk to them anymore just to avoid the feeling and then suddenly you realize it's been years since you've talked to them and then you miss them, but the feeling you make them feel awkward and weird never really ever went away, so you don't try to contact them and the you find out they've died or something and then it's too late to do anything and then you spend the rest of your miserable life wishing they had just told you the truth about whatever changed in the first place and saved you the trouble of freaking out over it?!!!!


Why can't people just be honest?
Prepare to be amazed...

I actually went out and did something social on friday night! Anthony H. had a birthday on the 13th, so a bunch of us went out to Silver Point in Madison and had dinner. I swear, that was the first time in so long I'd been out of the house that I almost didn't know how to act. : ) We had a nice time, but I was so tired by the time we went home that I just went to sleep. I am a party animal!!!

Saturday I worked again. Apparently my customer service skills are in high demand! Heeheehee. Actually, customer service is still really understaffed, and they needed someone to smile and put armbands on the guests. You would be proud of me, there was absolutely no people I stared at! In fact, I was a little bored, but I was getting paid, so I can't complain too much. After work I went home and started working on my research paper. I didn't get any of the actual paper written, but I started getting my information amassed, and that will be very healpful. I finally got my angle for the paper, so I will be writing about *fanfare* The Last Judgement Fresco of the Arena Chapel in Padua, and the affects of Scrovegni's religious and political connections on the work and artist, Giotto. Well, I'm sure I'll think of a better title, but that's what it will be about. Sounds exciting, huh? Steve was gone to a cornfield maze with our church class, so I had several hours of blessed silence in which to research. It was kind of depressing! At any rate, at least I'm on my way to getting started writing it. I will be so glad when it's over. That night I started getting sick, and I haven't felt well since. Can someone please explain to me why you have allergy problems in the fall? Everything is dying, not blooming! This used to happen to be a lot when I was younger, but it was always a bad cough and nothing else. Now my head is all stopped up, my nose is running, and I want to sleep all of the time. I probably looked drugged at church Sunday morning! : ) Well, gotta keep the other Baptists guessing, right? : )

Everyone keeps saying that they never see me anymore, and I didn't realize how true it was until yesterday. I've sequestered myself in the house every night to work on homework and I haven't gone to church at night in a month or more so I can have that extra time to study. You'd think my grades would be better...

I have a favor to ask you. If you see me toting around one of those purses that are covered in those big, round, sequins - just shoot me where I stand. Yuck.

Steve and I have noticed that 80's styles are in style again. It was bad back in the 80's, why do they want to bring it back? I just-JUST got my hairstyling time down to 10 minutes in the morning! I can't go back to the "Mall-Hair" days...I just can't! I'm also not giving up my flaired jeans and I will not buy anything florescent. I refuse.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Something doesn't want me to do my research paper.

I know this because every time I sit down to do it, I get sidetracked. A few blogs ago, I said I was going to start writing, but I never did. I had even decided that I would work on it when I had some free time during work, but I have not had any free time because of one thing or another. I haven't been busy for the past three weeks, and now I get busy. I have made myself promise myself that tomorrow night I will at least have two pages written! This is ridiculous. I have never had so much trouble with getting school work done. I think it's because my body is saying "Kelly, you're 27. College should have been OVER by now. I demand that you be lazy!" My mind trys to rebel, but it's a very weak thing, and it doesn't put up much of a fight. I suppose it doesn't help that I've already got the attention span of a jack russel terrier with ADD.

I'll cook dinner for anyone who wants to do this for me. Please!
About two weeks or so ago, I finally felt enough shame to e-mail that guy I used to date and admit to getting accidentally signed up for his class reunion website. I figured since he had been class president, he would be the administrator for the web board, but apparently not. Now, I'm just plain embarrassed! I come out of the blue to correct what I thought was a mistake, and it just made me sound weird.

Well, at least he said I never came across as being a stalker, so that's a plus for me. : )

There is going to be a Sangeet at the museum tonight, and I really, really want to see what goes on. A sangeet, or "night of music" is a rehersal dinner/wedding party for people of the Hindu faith, or so I'm told. Everyone wears their customary dress and they eat and drink and apparently drop it like it's hot. : ) The general consensus is that Hindus know how to party. I was at work late yesterday trying to make menu plackards for the buffett. I only recognized three things on that menu, and two of them were rice. I'd love to sit in the background and watch the party, but that seems kind of intrusive to me. Eh, intrusive-schmentrusive. I might just "work late" and happen to walk by and see what's going on. I am SO sad. Heeheehee.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Something both weird and funny happened to me today. There is a guy named Anthony who works in the marketing department. I've only spoken to him, maybe twice, ever. We had just left our obigatory wednesday meeting and gotten back upstairs when I turned around and Anthony was there. He said he was about to embarrass me, so I was intrigued immediately. As I started to ask him what he was talking about, he looked at my left hand and said "Oh! You're married." I was all, huh? Apparently, he has a friend from Birmingham who he is trying to set up. He's an internal medicine doctor, or some such thing. I told him if I had known he was going to try and set me up with a doctor, I wouldn't have gotten married! Anyways, maybe I was taken aback because I no longer think of myself as someone anyone would want to date, or maybe it's because I've only spoken to this guy twice, but why in the world would he think of me? Oh well, I got a good giggle out of it. : )

Oh yeah, my friend is FINALLY home from the hospital. She still isn't feeling well, and I'm supposed to go and see her at some point, but I have no idea when. She is supposed to be getting back with me to tell me how to get where she is staying, but I haven't heard from her yet. Keep up the prayers for her, because it will still be a long road ahead until she is well, but at least she's on the right track. : )

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Long time no blog, huh?

Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything, but I have a few minutes before I have to dive into the fascinating world of medieval frescos, so I thought I'd catch up on my self centered talking-about-myself! : )

Saturday was the day that I had offered to work for a special function in the museum. It's been about three years and change since I had any face to face customer service expirence, so I was afraid that I had forgotten what to do. I didn't do so bad, actually, except for when some smart alec asked me some technical questions about the SR 71 Blackbird (which is a spy plane we got from the CIA some years back). Now, when I worked in the museum, I might have known the answers to such questions, but now I have no clue. The dude just looked all smug and walked away telling his buddy that "people who work here should know about stuff like that". It was all I could do not to jump over the information desk and snatch the hair off of his fat head! I mean, HELLO, even if I did work in the museum, how am I supposed to know how the tracking system of a CIA spy plane works?! Trust me, when you get paid minumum wage, you don't take the time to do research on such stuff. Something tells me that he already knew the answer to what he was asking, but he was just showing off for his friend. Wow, Mr. Smart Guy, you knew more about the spy plane than the graphic artist, give you a cookie. Anyways, all I really had to do was tell people where the bathroom was and give out movie tickets, so I did fine for the rest of the day.

The only thing that made the day uncomfortable was that it was hard not to stare at people. Now, I'm not a rude person, and I don't usually just STARE at people who look different, but there was A) a little people's convention going on and they were meeting in our museum. I would have been fine if Shannon hadn't started singing the Oompa Loompa song earlier that day. Yes, I know that is horrible, but the seed was planted in my brain, and I had no way to keep it from growing. B) There was a guy who had apparently been in some kind of horrible accident and had, at some point, had the top of his head taken off and stapled back on. I looked up and immediately looked at his head. I looked away, and then my eyes went back to his head. I answered his questions, and COULDN'T STOP LOOKING AT HIS HEAD!!!! I was horrified at myself! I mean, I've seen scars before, but nothing like that. Ever. C) This last one was extremely uncomfortable for me, but I know for a fact that I wasn't the only one who stared at this lady, so I don't feel quite so bad. There was a woman who had obviously had...enhancement her chest. She was wearing a low, low, low cut top, and she had a tattoo on her right breast. Now, as a woman myself, this shouldn't have been anything I haven't seen before, but when you see them pushed up under someones chin with a rose growing out of her cleavage, they were like magnets. She was also kind of tall, which put her chest right about eye level with me. I really tried to look at her face...really. I finally just had to look at the top of the desk and answer her questions. It was horrifying. Pretty much after that, I got groceries and went home. That was as exciting as it got.

Monday night, I got so sick. I was doing my homework and I noticed that my eyes were getting really blurry. I took off my glasses, thinking that I was straining my eyes, but I started getting a headache. Not a bad one, but it was uncomfortable. As I did more homework, the headache got steadily worse. At first I thought it was a sinus headache, unplesant but not unbearable, but the longer I waited to take anything, the more huge it got. It finally got to the point that I couldn't think without my brain pounding against my skull, and it was making my stomach do flip-flops. It was like being severely car sick, but I wasn't moving. I called Steve in the room and asked if he would bring me a piece of candied ginger (because this stuff is magic! If you get nauseated, eat a little bit of that and all the yuck feeling goes away. Try it.) Well, he brought some to me, but it didn't work. I got up and stumbled to the medicine cabinet to get some Excedrine, and I went back and laid down and wrapped my head in a blanket to keep out the lights, but the medicine didn't help either. Suddenly, I knew that I was about to be sick, so I had to get up and once again shuffle to the bathroom. I was trying to talk my body out of rejecting dinner, but it didn't work. That was the first time in almost 7 years I have thrown up (TMI time, huh?). After that, I started feeling less nauseated, but the headache wouldn't go away. So I didn't get to finish my homework, and I went to bed. I still felt like trash when I got up the next day, so I had to call into work, and I just went to school long enough to drop of my math homework and take my plate to the printing lab. I came home and slept for hours. I felt much better by that night, and I'm glad. Apparently I either had a true migraine or someone shoved an ice pick up my nose and was stabbing the right side of my brain. I hope this doesn't happen often. Yuck.

Well, that's about it! Aren't you glad I took the time to write about that?! : )

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Pina Coloda lifesaver + Lemon Ginger lip balm. I don't recommend this.

Yesterday I talked about how my first little booklet didn't have that many mistakes? Well, I was right, there weren't many. However, until I looked at the little booklet, I didn't realize two whole pages were missing!!! Yikes! I thought at first that the printer must've screwed it up, but when I started looking through my files I realized that I didn't include the missing pages in the original disk I sent them. Oy, vey. Well, it's fixed now at any rate. I was having trouble with replacing the logo on it's cover today, so I spent all morning and the first part of the afternoon tearing my hear out trying to figure it out. One of my co-workers said they would help me, and for a second I thought that he was going to tear out his hair too! However, he figured out that the version of software I was using wasn't able to do what we needed, so he fixed me up. I'm so glad it wasn't just me being stupid. I think my boss already thinks I'm an idiot. He doesn't say it (cause he's way too nice), but sometimes I see that look in his eyes.

I found out something that disturbs me. My dad likes watching Desperate Housewives. That show makes ME blush, so my dad shouldn't be watching it! It's just...wrong! Wrong in SO many ways. : P

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I don't care what anyone says, chocolate can indeed make everything better. For a while, at least.

Godiva, I am not worthy...
I am an utterly low and common person. I know this because I've stepped back and analysed my feelings and realize that there is nothing good or honorable about any of them right now.

I wish I could elaborate, but it would involve revealing a side of myself no one knows about. The one that talks like Gollum (thanks, Jason), looks like Medusa, and would possibly boil a bunny if coerced in just the right way.

Sorry about that last one, I saw Fatal Attraction the other day and that seemed to be a particularly evil thing to do.

I need chocolate.

Anyway, on a nicer note: I got a proof back from the printer of the scavenger hunt booklet I did for Guest Services, and it actually looks pretty good with only a few very minor changes. I will have to replace two page numbers (because I reversed them), replace the logo (because it pixilated when it was printed), and there is a blank page at the end, a common problem with saddle stitched booklets, that I will add a graphic to. All in all, not bad for my first little publication. Go me. Whee.

Steve and I, and possibly our entourage, will be going to Carrabbas for dinner tonight. I'm so hungry, I could eat a moose. A Whole. Frikin'. Moose.

Speaking of Mooses... Monday night I was in the bedroom studying, and Steve called me into the living room. You will never guess what is hanging on our wall. A moose head. Oh, but not just any moose head, an INFLATABLE moose head. Apparently while hunting in the big, plastic forest, he snuck up behind that sucker with a needle and deflated the poor beast. Well, at least we have the majesty of his big, inflatable head to remind us of the wilderness. I swear, I would have fainted if it hadn't been so funny. I can't bring myself to ask him to take it down, yet. I mean, it's such a great compliment to our Big Mouth Billy Bass that sings "Take Me To the River" and our set of Dale Earnhardt commemorative plates from the Franklin Mint! ; )

Somewhere, Martha Stewart is writhing in agony...
Dear Soccermom,

Why is it when I see you on the interstate or even the highway, you will speed up, cut me off, or even practically run me down to get ahead of me in your giant Mini-Van or Hummer, but when I see you driving down the ONE street I need to get onto so that I can get out of the neighborhood, the street where I have very few windows between cars the evil crossing guards let through, you slow down so that the cars coming the other way are too close for me to get out by the time you pass? Is my SUV cammo not working anymore? Does the lack of magnetic soccer balls on the back of the Durango tip you off that I'm not really one of you? What did I ever DO to you people?!

Love, Kelly


In other news, I shocked myself by offering to work this weekend for guest services. Nothing big, but they are short of staff and some company is having a picnic here, so I will be handing out the movie tickes and arm bands to those guys. So if you want to come by and see me, I'll be one of the two behind the guest info desk. Wow, it's been five or six years since I stood behind that desk. I hope I remember how to be perky. *shudder*

I took a quiz in Algebra yesterday and completely bombed it. I know for sure I did this time. I studied and everything, but the quiz was given at the end of class, so by the time she handed out the sheet, I was confused with all of the stuff she had talked about earlier in class. My brain was not meant for numbers.

Tomorrow starts our fall break from school...all two days of it. It was weird not having to immediately do homework when I got home yesterday. I didn't know what to do with myself! I finally cut out the picures from Florida and taped them inside an album, but I'm going to have to redo them because it was a sloppy job. Tonight, if nothing happens, I will work on my lithography projects and get them ready to print, and do dishes. I've decided to take the original lithograph (you know, the vulgar one) and water color it as is. Then I'm going to wait until spring and enter it into the student art show! : ) I'll make up some lame artist-rant about how it's symbolic or full of angst. Who knows? That might work. Nothing else I've turned in has ever been accepted. It wasn't "edgy" enough! I mean, I'm edgy, aren't I? heeheehee. I'm about as edgy as a pillow.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

You've GOT to be kidding me. Look at the kid's name...

Cage Is a Dad Again

Hollywood star Nicolas Cage is celebrating after his third wife Alice Kim gave birth to their first child together yesterday. The Oscar-winning actor, 41, and Kim Cage, 21, welcomed their son Kal-El Coppola Cage in a New York City hospital yesterday morning. The Leaving Las Vegas star's publicist Annett Wolf confirmed, "They are healthy and happy and it's quite lovely." Cage and Kim wed in July 2004 after a whirlwind six month courtship. They met when the actor visited the Los Angeles restaurant where Kim was employed as a waitress. The actor has previously been married to actress Patricia Arquette and singer Lisa Marie Presley. He has a son Weston, 13, from his relationship with ex-girlfriend Kristina Fulton.

Monday, October 03, 2005

It's not safe to be an old person...

Have you noticed lately that a lot of old people are dying in really horrible ways? First there was the retirement home in Louisiana that flooded and killed 35 of the people left in there (and just for the record, I hope the people responsible for that are placed in a large glass tank filled with those bugs that clean flesh off of bones for forensic teams). Then there was the awful bus fire that happened while trying to get the elderly out of Houston before hurricaine Rita. Now I just found out that about 49 of the people on that tour boat in NY were senior citizens on a pleasure cruise. How freaky is that? Note to self: When I get old, I'm not leaving the house.

Anyway. I had a plesant weekend, sort of. Friday night after work, I went home with the express purpose of working on my proposal. I fell asleep for a while, and then I got down to business. Steve was out to dinner with some friends of ours (I had to beg off to study. I swear, if I don't get out of school soon, I'm not going to have any friends left!) so I had the house to myself. I got quite a bit of work done as far as research, but I got sleepy again and so didn't get it finished.

Saturday I was going to finish the stupid thing in the morning, but I got caught up watching a marathon of Smallville. I really like the show, but I get frustrated easily with it because it contradicts its self so often. I usually just walk out of the room so as not to try to get into a deep philosophical conversations about the inner workings of Superman. It's really not worth it! That night Steve, Greg, Shannon and I went to see The Corpse Bride, and I really liked it. Much like other Tim Burton movies, it was plesantly macabre. I found out that it is based on a legend based on a true story, of sorts. I mean, the story told isn't true, but apparently once upon a time anti-sematism was so bad in this one place (Russia, maybe?) that some people would waylay Jewish wedding parties and kill the bride and bury them on the side of the road in their wedding dresses. Ew. That is where the original legend was born and THAT is what the movie was based on. Anyway, it was actually cute, in a Stephen King-ish sort of way.

Sunday was the norm. Church and my parent's house for lunch. I got totally burned by my 11 year old nephew, Logan. I wouldn't normally think it was funny, but it WAS funny coming from him. He was sitting there eating and said "My face hurts!" I think he had a sunburn. I looked at him and said "Well, a face like that ought to hurt." He laughed and said "Does your face hurt, Aunt Kelly?" I said no, and he said "Well, it sure is killing me." I was not expecting that! Spoken like a true smart-***. : ) I also threw a football with my dad, and I've come to realize that I might not have been half bad with sports if I had ever had the inclination to play them. I mean, my 7 year old nephew is better than me, but I'm not totally hopeless. I went back home to finish the paper, and I finally did in time to watch MORE Smallville (on DVD) and have dinner. I really, really hate MLA style bibliographies. REALLY!

That's about it I guess. It wasn't a bad weekend at all, but it would have been a thousand times nicer if I didn't have the homework! All life is like that, I guess. It makes me wonder if I really want to go back and get my masters, after all!