Wednesday, January 26, 2005


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You'd think that basically standing in one place and stretching your arms would be easy. I've been doing pretty good in my yoga class so far, but yesterday I thought I was going to die. We only learned one new move, called "the tree", but just doing the routines we've already learned kicked my rear. I limped out of there feeling like someone tried to pull of my leg. I felt better once I got home and sat down for a while, so I didn't think I'd have any more trouble, but I woke up this morning and everything hurt. You've heard the phrase "muscles I didn't even know I had hurt?" I finally, truly inderstand it. I mean my ankles, chest, and even my armpits hurt! And this morning, I got to work just fine, but while I was walking to the copy machine, my big toe suddenly committed suicide and I had to take my boots off. Oy.
I am also afraid one day I'm going to break out laughing while we're doing our routines. It's hard not to laugh, but either everyone in the room has more control over their laughter than I do, or no one else has a sense of humor. It's the names of things that kill me. Here is what we've learned so far: Child Pose, Standing Mountain, Downward Fold, Monkey Stretch, The Plank, The Cobra, Downward Dog (that's my favorite. I saw Butler do it the other day.), Open Triangle, Pyramid, the Warrior Positions, and the Tree. Don't get me wrong, I love doing Yoga, but it gives me way too many chances to embarass and hurt myself. I'm so not graceful, but amazingly enough I'm more bendy than I knew. : )

Monday, January 24, 2005 - A Paranormal Adventure!

New pictures have been posted in the gallery for this month. It's about TIME! If creepy stuff scares you, don't look at it.


I think I'm getting that "lack of sunlight" depression thingie. I'm sitting here in my evil little cubical feeling sad. I can't really even put my finger on why, though. Maybe sad isn't the right word. You know that feeling that you get when you're leaving for a trip, and you're already two hours away from home, and you get the feeling that you forgot something important? I feel like that.

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I just saw myself in the mirror. You know how sometimes I end up dressed like Laura Bush? Not today. I just realized that I bear a striking resemblance to the Baroness from the G.I. Joe comics. All I need is a Cobra emblem on my sweater.
Kenny Smith

You know what, I'm just going to leave that link there. I'm tired of erasing the HTML links that appear when I hit the "Blog This" shortcut button. Go read his blog, he's interesting.

Anyways, time for my weekend update! Woo-Hoo!

Saturday I had the day off. It was wonderful! I had so much planned to do, like washing dishes doing laundry, getting groceries. Did I do any of it? Of course not! There was a Stephen King mini-series-athon (is there such a thing?). We watched Rose Red and IT. In short, I did NOTHING productive at all. The only time Steve and I moved from the living room that morning was to go get breakfast. That evening, we had plans for dinner and a movie with his parents, so we finally did get ready and left to meet them. We saw the movie "National Treasure" and I loved it. I love movies where the main person has to follow clues. I mean, it was sort of a rip off of "The DaVinci Code" but it was still good. I don't even like Nicholas Cage, but I think he did a great job with this movie. I was telling a friend of mine that I would love to have an adventure like that, but I can't even play Myst without the cheat codes, so I doubt I'd get very far.

Sunday morning I woke up and it had snowed! I couldn't believe it. It wasn't much, but it was so pretty. I love snow! Steve and I didn't know how the roads were going to be, so we stayed home until about noon and then we went to my parent's house for lunch. I was fine until right before we left, and I got sick. I honestly think I have a sinus infection or something that has been making me sick by turns. I usually take a pill or something, but I didn't yesterday and I could tell. By the time we got home, I could barely move. I stayed in bed and watched TV until Steve got home from church. Then I got up and made some Ramen noodles and a peanut butter sandwhich. Note to self, let's not have that again, ever. Did you know that if you leave Ramen noodles in a bowl for a few minutes and let them cool, they stick together in a bowl shaped lump making it impossible to eat them? *shudder*
Anyway, we also watched "Monk" and I have to say, I miss Sharona. I hated that she had to leave, but I think the new girl will be okay. I'm willing to give her a chance! One particular thing about the episode of monk that made me laugh was that they were in a museum where there was an exhibit of a moon rock that people could reach in and touch. We have a moon rock in the Space and Rocket Center museum in a lucite box-within-a-box display and as far as I know, no one but the astonauts, NASA folks and the curator that put it in that box was ever allowed to touch it, and I doubt anyone who pays THAT MUCH for a rock from the moon is going to let anyone with dirty hands touch it. Of course, then I realized what a dork I was for thinking that. SIGH. I also pick apart movies that take place in shuttles and in space. I am indeed a space dork. I've been tainted with the knowledge I've amassed from working here.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Isn't this cool? I know a real, live, official Sweet Potato Queen! My cousin Amy was inducted into the North Jawja (Georgia, for those of you who don't speak SPQ) Queens!

Friday, January 21, 2005

What did I do today, you may ask? I went to Space Camp! Of course, most of you are probably thinking; "But you go to Space Camp every day!" and you would be right. However, today I actually got to participate in the program for the first time, and it was so much fun! I was the shuttle commander, and even though our mission had some problems, I didn't crash anything and for me, that means success! : ) Shannon was my pilot and of course we had a great time being Latina and acting goofy. It was only a 1 hour mission, but it was fun. Our department got to do a mini-camp because it was finally decided that to be able to answer the questions about the program, we should get more familliar with it. Why we didn't do this before, I'll never know. Anyways, we also went down to Aviation Challange to see what it was like and learn details. I hope we are able to go down there when it's warmer and do some of the activities there. I have never had a desire to do any of these programs, but now I want to do them all! Mwahahahahahahaha! By the way, the MAT still makes me sick. I don't care what anyone says. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post soon so that you can see me in the flight suit.

Monday, January 17, 2005


Yes, Constant Reader, I am actually going to write about our trip to Atlanta! It's been over a week since we got back, but I've finally got the time to update. Along the way, we had adventures! ADVENTURES I SAY!!! I had some pictures, taken by my trusty camera phone, but I haven't been able to figure out how to get them out of the phone yet. I'll post them later.

It was a dark and stormy night on January the 7th. We left Huntsville at about 6:30 pm, and we made it all the way to Albertville (heh) before we stopped to eat. After deliberating for a while, we decided to stop at the Peking Chinese Buffet. I was a little apprehensive to eat in there, to say the least. You know, questionable chinese food right before a long drive isn't always safe. Anyways, we walked in, and the first thing that greeted us was a lady with a She-Mullet. All three of us snorked back some laughter and were led to our booth. Behind us was a huge bald man with a tattoo of a spiderweb on his scalp. I was scared. As for the place itself, let me paint this picture for you. It's a huge, family style resturaunt with mid-eighties decor (pink and baby blue tile), a labrynth of a buffet in the center and two giant oragami swans decorating the dessert table. We went to get our food and nothing seemed too out of place until I got to the mozzerella sticks. I was all...huh? Further down was the POTATO BAR FROM ANOTHER WORLD. Fries, Au Gratin, Mashed, stuffed...any way you can make a potato, they had it. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't know that the Chinese used the potato in quite so many ways. The food? Mediocre at best - sticky beast vomit at worst. Anyways, after dinner I stepped into the ladies room and saw three things that made me wish I hadn't eaten there: 1) An Outhouse Door used as a decorative element 2) A Cockroach and 3) Wet floors. I don't know why they were wet, and I didn't want to wait around to find out. SHUDDER.

Once we got back into the car and on our way, we had to tackle the "where are we staying" issue. Apparently we were just going to go into Atlanta and demand a room! No plans, no warning, but a room we would have. Being someone who likes to have at least that much taken care of, I was a little nervous. I could see us showing up completely ignorant of the fact that there was some kind of convention that took over the south, and the closest hotel with a vacancy would have been in Savannah. Luckily, we found a room, and a nice one, right on Peachtree street. Chalk up a point for Steve and Josh. The next day we got out bright and early to go to the museum, only to be told that they were booked until after noon. We had quite a time getting into the MARTA station (lack of quarters being the culprit) but we finally found our way around before we had to turn back and go back to the High Museum of Art. As I had mentioned before, this was Josh's Christmas gift to both Steve and I. We stood in line for what seemed like ages before we got into the exhibit, but it was totally worth the wait. I was agog. I have never been agog before, but that day, in front of Cafe At Night, I aggoged. I was right in front of his paintings. I was SEEING his brush strokes. I was also taking what I'm sure were illegal pictures of the paintings with my cell phone. It was amazing. By the time we got through, my feet were in agony. I decided to wear my boots with heels, not thinking that I would be walking so much. We also took a walk over to the mall so that I could buy some jeans. Steve and Josh saw a robbery in progress while I was in the GAP. I miss all the good stuff. By the time we got back and relaxed a bit, we had to decide what we were going to do next. You'd think, hey, we're in Atlanta! We don't have to worry about work, kids, pets or immigration! Let's go out and find something exciting to do. Not so much. We talked about it for a while and finally decided to order room service and rent a movie. We are so OLD!

Sunday we got up, checked out, and went to the CNN building to take a tour. I was just starting to get sick, so I couldn't have cared less for how they make the news or to pad Ted Turners pockets. I just wanted to go home. We also drove out to Waleska to return a book from Rhonda. I had a full blown sinus headache by the time we got there. My poor Aunt thought she was boring me because I looked glazed. I was just trying to focus on keeping my eyeballs in their respective sockets. I wasn't bored, I promise! On our way home, my head hurt so bad that I was nausiated, so I had to lay down and sleep until we got home. Fun stuff.

All in all it was a great trip (minus the head's-a-bangin headache). I love going places and seeing fun things. There was a lot more that we did, but the subtle nuances of our trip can't be accurately portrayed in a simple Blog. : )

Thursday, January 13, 2005


ATTENTION! ALL HUNTSVILLE DRIVERS! The little blinking lights that are on your car that tells people which way you're going to turn is not an optional feature. I hope you noticed when you bought your cars that the options package didn't include the blinker, it was already installed on your car. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO USE IT!!!! This amazing little light can keep me from running you over in my giant SUV when you decide you need to turn into the Wal-Mart parking lot and if you feel the need to change lanes, I'll know and start to slow down. In fact, there are laws that say you are supposed to use the blinker if you are going to do any of the afore mentioned activities. Is it too much trouble for you to put down your cell phones long enough to flip that little switch when you're merging into my lane? Especially you, Mr/Miss Dodge sports car who thinks that starting to merge while you haven't even passed my car yet is fine. The next time you do this, you're going to know why the company who made our cars is called DODGE. Because I am going to follow you to your destination, wait until you get out of your car, and we're going to play Death Race 2000.

Oh yeah, I still have to tell you about my trip to Atlanta, but I'll need to wait until after class.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Wow, I just read an interesting tid bit. Did you know that, on average, one teaspoon of honey is the output of the lifetime labor of twelve bees? That's a tiny little thing to take so long to produce. Kind of like me getting my bachelors degree, I guess.

I was stupid yesterday. I took back those DVDs that I rented the other day, but I forgot to put the DVD in one of the cases I returned. I had to put the movie in a CD case and put it in the night drop box this morning. I was late to work. SIGH.

Has anyone seen my husband lately? I sure haven't! : ) Nah, he just went to sleep at about 6:50 last night and didn't get up until this morning. I can't believe he went to bed while I was watching something scary on tv. He left me unprotected with scary TV shows! The GALL! Actually, what I saw was scary, but interesting. There is a show on Sci-Fi that is called Ghost Hunters. These guys from somewhere up north have a business called TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Searchers or something like that) and will come to your house or business and see if the place is haunted. Last night they were at this old lighthouse and they took a lot of video and what-not. When they got the footage home and were looking to see if anything happened, on one of the tapes they saw something that freaked them out. What happened was that this one guy was alone in the attic trying to record EVPs and he wasn't getting anything so he left. The video camera was still rolling and you could the chair he was sitting in. Everything is quiet and the CHAIR MOVED BY ITSELF. Not the kind of movement that might happen if it was settling, it actually moved across the floor. They had the video analysed and could find nothing in the room that could have moved the chair. No one was on the island with the researchers except the crew, and the way the camera was set up, it was filming the whole room and there was nothing in there. I thought for a second that someone might have pulled a string or something to move it, but it moved AWAY from the door. Of course that was the perfect time for me to get a reflection in my glasses that scared the...well, scared me a lot. Freaky, man.

Well, that's all I've got for now. Keep us in your prayers this weekend!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

I have found the perfect poster for me. You can find it too at

Last night I dreamed about vampires. Looking back, it wasn't a scary dream really, but I woke up terrified I was one of the undead. Don't you just love that area between being awake and being asleep where you don't know what's real and what isn't?
Another thing I remember in my dream was something so rational it was comical. While hiding from this vampire, me and some other person who I don't know, were talking about the vampire and how everyone it bit turned into one. The person said "wait, that doesn't make any sense. If they turn everyone they bite into a vampire, the amount of vampires would increase exponentially and eventually there wouldn't be anyone left to bite." I wish I used words like "exponentially" in real life. It's sad when some random person in your own dream makes you feel stupid.
Okay, so I'm drinking cider. Here's a picture of it!
Need a life. Need a life SO BAD.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Have I mentioned that for the second time this week, I am dressed like Laura Bush? This has GOT to stop!

Well, last night I was totally blown off for a dinner date (heeheehee) that I was supposed to go to, so I went shopping instead. Amazingly, I didn't buy anything but dinner! Woo-Hoo! I also went out and rented a couple of movies and went home to veg. I rented Napoleon Dynamite (again), which is so great! Rent it when you can. It's kind of weird, but otherwise hilarious. Maybe it just reminds me of high school, but it's dead on describing some people I've known. Deb reminds me of me, but I'm not sure why. I also rented "Anchorman" but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. Steve and I were going to watch it when he got back from dinner with his fellas, but the "Complain About Not Having Fair Playoffs Bowl" was on and Steve watched that instead. All I know about that is, the yellow pants guys pretty much spanked the white pants guys. Go Yellow Pants Guys!

While I was waiting for Steve to get home, I cleaned the livingroom. It was gross. We had finally taken down the christmas tree, but had never rearranged the furniture back the way it should be and there were clothes, art supplies, christmas gifts, and dog hair everywhere . Now the true test is whether or not I can keep it neat for a while. I certainly hope so. Tonight... I clean the kitchen.

I'm a wild, wild, woman.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

You know, I think it's great that all these celebrities are donating so much money to the tsunami relief fund and all that, but it's kind of...I don't know...tacky to have the amounts published. Granted, it's not exactly the celebrities fault it keeps getting brought up, but when CNN keeps it as one of their Top Stories, it's a little much. It's like giving someone an expensive gift and telling everyone how much you spent on it. It is enough to know they donated, don't you think?

On another note, I've been listening to a LOT of NPR, which in my opinion should stand for No Patience for Republicans. I have never in my life heard such biased reporting. They take every single chance they get to insult the president and anyone who is conservative. It's gotten to the point where the only reason I listen to them is because all other radio stations around here have very little news on them...too much Britney, not enough Breaking News. I do, however, like the "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" and "Car Talk Shows", and that's what keeps this station on my buttons. Another reason I still listen is because I'm kind of fascinated at the way EVERYONE who reports news sounds like an android. Even the local lady who does the station breaks sounds like she's broadcasting from a library and doesn't want to disturb anyone. It's always almost whispered "You're among friends here at NPR, National Public Radio, this show and others like it are brought to you by I Hate Conservatives Inc. and from listners like Dr. and Mrs. Ungiggitygiggitybaba on their 53rd wedding anniversary. Up next we have Martina Chang and her views on how horrible it is that some people don't approve of homosexuality."

Monday, January 03, 2005

Well, I feel like an idiot. Apparently S. Morgenstern doesn't exist!. Oh well. The effect was a good one, anyways! : )
So I bought the book "The Princess Bride" by William Goldman.

Actually, he didn't write the book, a man named S. Morgenstern wrote it, but Mr. Goldman adapted it into the story we all know and love. Apparently, his father read this book to him when he was a child and sick with pneumonia, and Goldman fell in love with this story, and all books in fact, after that.

This version of the story came about when he found the book and gave it to his own son and realized that his father had abridged the story to cut out all of the exposition and hoopla that the original author had added. It had originally been a satire, much like Gullivers Travels, but Goldman's father just wanted to tell his son the good parts. In fact, the book I'm reading is called *Ahem* "The Princess Bride S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure The Good Parts Version Abridged by William Goldman" and that is where we get the movie and the inspiration to dress like the Dread Pirate Roberts at DragonCon.

May I just tell you that this is one of the best books I've ever read? I know, I know, it was made into a movie and this book basically follows the same path (because Goldman also wrote the Screenplay) but it's so much more than that! You get to know all about the characters and why they are the way they are and it's just amazing. I recommend it to anyone looking for a story to read their kids, or to anyone who - like me- just loves to read.

That is all.

Sunday, January 02, 2005


Tonight Steve and I were watching that 90 minute gay joke called "Batman and Robin". I, of course, am wondering why the suits have nipples. So I ask:

"Why do they have nipples?" to which Steve replied "Because they're mammals."

Maybe you just had to be there, but I laughed until I was sick.

Saturday, January 01, 2005


Yay! *Fireworks, Confetti, Clinking Glasses and Etc.*

We were invited to a get together at Josh's house last night and we had so much fun! He and Steve had just gotten back from Gatlinburg at 6:30 last night and we were scheduled to go over there at 8:30. I had been cooking since I got home from work yesterday, and I was kind of scared that he wouldn't have food, so I went overboard making and buying everything I could think we could eat and we headed over. Turns out we had tons of food (half of which never got eaten. Eh, that is a party risk we take after all.)

Anywho, we ate and played Trivial Pursuit 90s Edition, which my team apparently sucked at. You'd think in the decade I spent my formative years, I would have remembered more. Time went by so quick that we didn't realize it was almost midnight, so we had to jump up and grab the fireworks and run outside. The men lit the big fire works, and Shannon and I got to play with sparklers and those little snappy-pop things that you throw on the ground. We Almost caught the house next door on fire a couple of times, but luckily that didn't happen. By the time it got to be midnight and I kissed every guy who didn't have a date (On the cheek, you perverts!), we finished up our fireworks (which we realized that would go off underwater due to the magnesium - very cool) and went back inside to sit around the table and pick at the food. After that we all got changed into our jammies because it was a sleepover party- didn't want to be on the road with the drunks and all- and they turned on a movie. Since I had to come into work this morning, BOO HISS, I was the first to fall asleep.

I had to jump up this morning and try to get ready fast, but there was no hot water at all, so I didn't get to take a shower and I officially feel gross! I felt bad for running off, because we were supposed to have breakfast with everyone, but I woke up so late that we had to leave. Of course, I actually eneded up being early, so I rushed for nothing!! I never realized how used to a routine I was until I woke up in an odd place with no alarm clock or whining dogs. I'll be missing my grandmother's annual Hog "Jaws" and Black Eyed Pea lunch, but it's my own stupid fault for forgetting what day today was and agreeing to work. I also somehow ran off with Greg's cell phone in my purse, so now he's got to come by the house and get it from me.

Well, anyway, I hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve expirence, and I hope you have a happy and blessed new year! : )