Thursday, October 22, 2009


1) Yikes. Yesterday I realized that I have finally caught up with everything on my "To Do" list at work. I'd even finished the stuff I'd been putting off because it sounded boring and/or complicated. So today I come into work with a kit for a papercraft model of the Haunted Mansion from Disney World to keep me busy until someone requests something. I know how that sounds, but since my job in an "On Demand" kind of thing, I will sometimes spend my free time making stuff so that my idle hands can't be used as the devil's tools. :) You guys already know this, though, right? OK, so I sat down at my drafting table and started putting the model together. I had bits of paper and glue scattered all along my work space and I was in the ZONE! Out of nowhere I heard the voice of our COO coming down the hall and there is absolutely nothing I could do about my paper model stuff all over my table. I thought briefly about diving under the desk and pretending I wasn't here, but there was no time. Plus, I'd be pretty easy to spot crouching under a table. Apparently once you hit a certain age, covering your eyes doesn't make you invisible anymore. Bummer. He walked in and talked to me for a minute before going outside to see how the roofers were doing and he didn't say anything about what I was doing. Of course, he would probably go to my boss if he had a problem with what I was doing instead of saying anything to me. It would do no good for me to try and explain the nature of my job to him, nor would it do any good to tell him that I'd regularly been checking to make sure I hadn't gotten a work order. I've got to hope that he thought I was doing something for work. Please? Curse my need to keep my hands busy!

2) Speaking of the things I do in between graphics jobs: I have been working on a remembrance altar for Dia de los Muertos. It sounds kind of grim, but I like the idea behind them and I thought it would be a nice thing to have. Since I don't have a lot of space, I decided to make a mini version of one: I know it looks crazy, but there is a formula for how to make them and they have to include certain things. Therein is my problem so far. Since it is a small version of one, made in an Altoids box, no less, I can't exactly light candles on the tiers in it and any real flowers or food would completely dwarf the thing. I'm going to take it home and make all of the other stuff out of clay, I think. It's the thought that counts, right? I've been having fun snapping apart my dollar store skeletons and hot gluing them back together in new positions. Of course, now I have a pile of plastic bones sitting on my other work table, so there is no telling what people think if they come in here when I am not in my office and see them. Oh well. What are you going to do?

3) Today my co-worker Andrew showed me two hilarious commercials. They are 100% real and made by an outfit that specializes in local commercials. Please, please, PLEASE watch these. If they don't make you laugh, then you have no soul. NO SOUL, I SAY!

I think the whip cracks are what sell it for me.

There are no words...should have sent...a poet...

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Kenny said...

If I have to buy a car I might not go to North Carolina, but if I ever find myself living in a mobile home I'm going to that guy. Because he covers up the stains, and that's more than you'll get from anyone else, really.