Monday, October 26, 2009


1) I had a dream last night that I was back in college. Apparently I had missed the last class and was asking what we did in class and my Art History professor told me I had a 20 page paper due today. I woke up in a panic, trying to figure out when I would have time to work on it. Then I remembered I graduated 2 years ago. I'd never been so glad to be out of college before.

2) Steve and I stopped by Starbucks this morning on our way to work! I ordered a latte with no whipped cream, thinking it might not be as fattening. I took a sip and almost barfed! I forgot that no whipped cream also means that the latte won't be sweet. HORF! I love coffee, but only if it has sugar in it. That'll learn me!

3) OOOOH, speaking of Starbucks, they have this thing that I've never seen anywhere else before that probably shouldn't impress me as much as it does. It's like a coffee stirrer, but it has a bit of molded plastic at the top that you can use to plug up the opening on your travel coffee cup lid! It's brilliant! It is one of those things that you would never imaging needing, but realize how useful it is once you have them. That link doesn't go to the exact same product I'm describing, but it's the same concept. I am amazed when people think up these things that seem like such basic common sense, but didn't exist before. I wish I had a smart. :(

4) Our church potluck went well yesterday, thank goodness. We had a TON of food! Of course, we usually do, but I always git a tiny niggle of fear that we aren't going to have enough to feed everyone. As far as I can tell everyone ate as much as they wanted and we didn't run out, so that is always good. We had a lot of people just forget to pick up what they brought, so we ended up throwing food away, which I hate to do. However, most of the places we could otherwise donate food to won't take it if it's leftover from a big meal like we had. I guess I understand that, but I hate to see it go to waste.

5) Halloween is this Saturday! I wish I had a reason to dress up, but alas, I do not. I need to check and see if we even have any candy to give the few kids who come to our house and trick or treat. I'll probably just give them a handful of the weird foreign candy we bought from World Market if we have any left. If not, we will probably have to turn the lights off and hide. We have no shame. :)

6) I watched a couple of episodes of House last night, and I've decided that I like that show. I've figured out the formula for it though. Ahem...

Someone comes in with a weird illness that looks to be one thing. The doctors treat it and make it worse or the patient gets worse on their own. The doctors sit around and talk about what it might be, only to have Dr. House make fun of their stupidity. He tells them to run some kind of dangerous test, they argue about it, but almost always do it anyway. The patient doesn't get better. House snarks to the dark haired lady or the other man doctor. While he's talking to them, they say something that helps him figure out what is wrong with the patient. This in turn causes him to rush back to his team and tell them what to do just in time to save the patient. Ta dah!

House. Good show. About as predictable as a Scooby-Doo episode.

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