Tuesday, October 13, 2009


1) Steve was a hero this morning! Yay! I was sitting at the computer this morning when the phone rang. Phones that ring so early in the morning are usually bad news, so I snatched it up and answered it. It was our neighbor across the street, who is an elderly man. I like him. He talks like Foghorn Leghorn.

Anyways, he asked for Steve, who was in the shower, and I asked him if there was anything I could help him with. He didn't sound upset, but he said his wife had fallen down (and couldn't get up) and he needed Steve to come and help him get her up. I was all "?!" so I told Steve and he got out and went over to help. I was afraid that maybe the lady had been hurt, but once Steve got back he told me that everything was fine. The lady had just had a hip replacement and she tripped over her walker. Her husband is over 80 and couldn't help her back up because he is old and has back problems. So Steve picked her up and put her in her chair! Yay! Steve was a hero!

2) There are men outside fixing the roof on the SpRocket, and they are using my office as a hallway so that they don't have to climb up the side of the building on a ladder. They are nice guys, but they have been knocking things over all over my office. Also, they come in and explain to me what they are doing, and I have no idea what they are talking about, so I just smile and nod. I'm just grateful that they are fixing the leaks! So far so good. There is only one leak left and they are concerned enough about it to make an effort to fix it. It's nice to meet a contractor that is actually trying to finish on time AND do a good job. Of course, we have our COO coming up here every other day to oversee them and I think he makes them nervous. They're probably just trying to get away. :)

3) The cat has been back, and I guess that I might as well admit I've halfway adopted her. I still hope she has a real home, but she now has food and a toy at my house when she wants them. She still can't live inside, but only time will tell on that. I'm such a sucker.

4) I was hungry this morning and I ate my lunch for breakfast. Now what am I going to do?!

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