Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wow, it's been a while! Not that there are many of you who come and read my humble little blog, but I apologize if you have clicked the link in vain. I've just been kind of blah for the past couple of weeks and it hasn't been conducive to blogging. If you don't mind, I will go ahead and get started by writing about:

THANKSMAS '09!! (Say that with a deep and reverberating voice to get the right vibe.)

Thanksmas was really wonderful this year! We all had a lot of fun.

Steve and I rode out to Georgia with Mr. Lee that Wednesday morning, making a brief stop in Boaz to visit one of the outlet shops. Steve really likes Bass shoes and has stopped by the outlet store for the past few years to pick up a pair whenever he needs them. Unfortunately, the Bass outlet had closed, so I took it upon myself to make sure we didn't waste a trip by visiting the GAP outlet! You know, for morale. :) I spent the rest of the trip crocheting a hat, which made time go quickly, and we made it safely to Aunt Brenda and Uncle Garry's house. We talked, visited with all of the cousins and their offspring, ate and had a great time.

Thanksgiving day, Brenda and I cooked all morning long. We really didn't mean to do it it that way, because we actually weren't going to eat until much later on in the day. In our attempt to do a lot of the prep work in advance, we somehow ended up actually just making everything we were going to eat instead! It was all delicious, of course. :) I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't get to taste our dressing, because it is awesome! The whole family came over and we had a great time talking and eating. I think I ate way too much. I feel kind of bad, because when I went to sit on the couch after dinner, I sort of just leaned over and fell asleep without meaning to! I don't think I got to tell anyone goodbye or anything! Sorry, guys. I was in a turkey coma or something!

Friday was super packed and we started it all when we had the "Mas" portion of Thanksmas by having brunch at Kristin and Greg's house! They always have their house decorated so lovely, and all of the food was excellent (I snagged the French Toast recipe from Kristin, wheeee!) and afterward, we all gathered around the tree and exchanged our gifts! We got a lot of lovely things, and had fun watching the kids playing with their new toys. After visiting for a while, we headed back to make sure we were in front of the TV for the Iron Bowl! Well, OK, honestly, I took a nap until the last quarter, but I did watch that last quarter! Even though I normally don't care who wins, I was glad Alabama won this time simply because I didn't want to hear the Auburn fans I work with gloating. I apologize to my normal Auburn fan friends who wouldn't have been obnoxious about the win (or would you? Hmm. I choose to believe that you wouldn't have.) but if I had to listen to this one guy I know who takes football WAY too seriously, I'm afraid I would have beaten him to death with one of my fake Ugg boots. Luckily, the only obnoxious Alabama fan I would have had to deal with is my sister, and I can always delete her gloating from my inbox. After that (lucky & last second) win, Steve and I drove down the road a piece to visit Amy and Jon. They had wanted us to play on their Wii system, which we had never done before. It was So. Much. Fun. If you don't have a Wii, go out and buy one immediately! We bowled, we dueled with light sabers, and we played Mario Cart! Greg had stopped by and so he played along with us! I think we ended up staying out there until about 1:30 that next morning, but it was worth staying up late for. We had a really great time.

Saturday was a more mellow day. We cooked, visited, watched television, talked, and all of those "winding down after a holiday" things that people do. I got to have the epitome of after thanksgiving meals, the turkey sandwich, and we played games and visited until that evening. Then we watched the Georgia/Georgia Tech game, since the family are big UGA fans. Go dawgs, right? :)

Sunday we had breakfast and talked for a while before heading home. It was a wonderful holiday visit, and I hope we get to have many more just like it!


Kenny said...

I read!

But I don't gloat.

Well, I do, but only in a minimalist sense. And it is very directional. And usually over very quickly because, you know, I have other things going on the rest of the year.

So, you see, you should cheer for my team.


amy said...

Thanksmas rules!

Jon says the games usually say on the back if they can be played over the Net. He thinks Super Smash Brothers can be, but personally I'm not likely to play that, even though we have it. I'm sure there are others. And I think there are other things we can do, too.
Thanks for the Thanksmas writeup!