Monday, December 14, 2009


1) We had the Christmas cantata yesterday, and you'll never believe who had a solo. No, it wasn't me, it was Steve! Steve did very well singing the male solo in "More Than Wonderful", which isn't exactly a Christmas song, but it was arranged to fit into the cantata. I wish I had had a free hand to catch a video of him singing so you guys could hear him, but I was running the sound and microphones and couldn't get to my phone in time. He rarely talks, but be sang a solo. Will wonders never cease? Anyways, the whole cantata was really good and everyone sounded great! :)

2) I'm so tired! In fact, I've been extremely tired almost every day for over a month, but I can't figure out why. My doc did blood tests and everything, but nothing showed up. I suppose I should be grateful for that, but I was hoping that he could tell me something that would help. Silver lining, though, is that it definitely isn't anything serious, so I can be glad about that! Yay. Maybe I'm just lazy and am CONFUSING it with being tired. That is probably it!

3) As part of our Christmas, Steve and I got ourselves a Wii Fit and we've had a lot of fun playing with it. When we first set it up, we had to enter our vital statistics into the Fit program so that it can keep up with any progress we make. While I was doing that, the board started acting all weird and not responding to what I was doing. I thought, "Great, I'm so overweight that I've killed it!" Turned out that I just had the board turned around backwards. Oops. Another thing is that it checks your balance while you are setting up your file, and it asked me if I had trouble walking and not falling down. Not in those words, of course, but still... How did it know I'm clumsy? SKYNET! SKYNET!!! We don't have any extra games except what came with the system, but those are a lot of fun, too. I was skeptical about how useful, exercise wise, the actual Fit stuff would be, but surprisingly they will give you a workout. Through playing the games, I've found out that I have no rhythm and I can't follow directions worth a darn, but I am having fun. The only problem I have with the system is that it taunts you. Yes, TAUNTS you. If you don't get on the thing and at least weigh everyday, it says little snarky comments to you about it. It even knows what time it is, so if you get on the board after midnight, it tells you that you should be sleeping! I haven't tried all of the games yet, but so far my favorites are Tennis and Kung Fu. I'm not good at either one, but I don't care. :)

4) When we went to the gym this morning, I got to name a new guy! He's IRON GRANDPA! Seriously, he's old but ripped. I'd hate to see what he does to the kids that won't get off of his lawn!

5) The greatest Christmas song ever? O Holy Night.

6) I don't want to wrap presents. I don't like wrapping presents! I'm not good at it!

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