Thursday, June 21, 2007


1) You know what one of the suckiest things about taking Zoloft is? Well, besides all of the bad side effects, anyway. When you are sad about something, you pretty much have to face the fact that it isn't a chemical thing and then you have to figure out how to make it go away. Pills don't make real sad go away. Yes, I had to start taking them again a few weeks ago and they still suck. However, I'm gradually getting it back into my system, so I don't fall over anymore at least. There is always a silver lining!

2) God bless the clothing designer who decided that smock tops should be in style. They may look like maternity clothes, but they are so freaking comfortable that I no longer care.

3) Ed scared the daylights out of me yesterday. I was listening to another Stephen King novel while I was working on the seemingly never-ending garbage can stickers (they need 220 of them and I'm only up to 119) and he walked up beside me. Since I had my earphones on, I didn't hear him and didn't think to look around until he was right next to me. I almost got him with the exacto knife!

4) My dad wouldn't tell me what he wanted for father's day, so I got him a case of Ginger Ale! Not just any ginger ale, but Buffalo Rock ginger ale. Don't worry, it wasn't just a random thing, he had never tried it, but said he liked that kind of thing. I told him if he didn't tell me something, that I'd get him something strange. He thought it was strange, all right, but he has enjoyed it. He's always been like that, though. He never wants anything and always says he doesn't need anything. Why is it that people like that are the ones you always still want to make a fuss over? I dunno.

5) I went shopping yesterday for my graduation gift to myself. A few weeks ago, I had the idea of going to a day spa and that was going to be the gift I got for myself. However, even though I got some good advice from people who had gone before and liked it, I just couldn't do it. I even got as far as calling the place to make my appointment, but I started thinking that it was an embarrassing amount of money to pay to have someone paint my toenails and rub mud on me. I can do that myself! heeheehee. So I went out to find a piece of jewelry. I didn't want a class ring because they are simply not attractive, and I'm so picky about jewelry anyways. I wanted something really nice that I could always have and eventually pass on. I wanted a sapphire ring, but it's almost impossible to find a sapphire that wasn't lab created (that I can afford, anyways.) I finally found one and it was perfect! All three of my favorites, white gold, natural blue sapphire and diamonds. It was very simple, bezel set, and is probably the kind of ring I'd make myself if I knew how to do metalworking. I even tried it on, and the store sample fit perfectly and the price was just right. Did I buy it? Nope. Now I feel weird about spending my graduation money on jewelry! What is wrong with me? When I don't have money, I find a million things I want, but when I do have money I can't make myself spend it. Oy. I'm going to think about it over the next couple of weeks. If I still want it then, I'm going for it! Maybe...

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