Friday, February 17, 2012

1) I had a lovely birthday, thank you for asking!  This year I had a body guard, which really cut down on the bodily harm and fires. :)  Steve took the day off to spend it with me, and we had a nice, low key day.  We went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel (shut up, their bacon is amazing) and then we just wandered around town doing different stuff.  He took me to pick out my gift, because he knows I'm super picky about jewelry (he told me what he wanted to get me and I picked which one), and then he allowed me to drag him into a couple of girl stores.  I feel really tacky about one, though.  I went to Sephora because I am a member of some kind of points program and one of the perks is that I am entitled to a free gift on my birthday.  Before we had a store, if I wanted the free gift I'd have to order something online and have it included, but the email I got said no purchase was necessary if I went to the actual store.  I walked in and said "It's my birthday and I'd like my free thing, please."  I don't normally do that, and I wasn't comfortable doing it then, but I did it anyway.  I still feel really tacky, but I got my free thing. was a really nice free thing!  We also went to Toys R Us and then got groceries, so it was a wild, wild birthday.  I'm just glad no one called the cops.  :) It even ended on a nice note because I got a special birthday song emailed to me from a friend.  I hope to return the favor one day!

As for the annual bad juju, I felt it, but apparently now I'm just passing it along to strangers.  We were walking out of one store behind a woman and she ran her cart straight into one of those concrete barriers that they put in front of the entrance so you can't drive your car into the building, I guess.  If it had only been that, I wouldn't have thought anything about it, but on our way out of the grocery store we passed someone in a blue car was was trying to back out of a parking space, and the car jumped forward and ended up on the sidewalk!  Maybe it wasn't my fault, per se, but we went home after that just in case.

Of course, now that my birthday has passed without mayhem, I'm just waiting for it to catch up with me.  If any of you die, get maimed, lose your job, pet, spouse, or home in some kind of bizarre disaster, I apologize in advance. 

I need therapy.

2) I just heard something fall over and spill things.  I have gone into every room in this house and can't find what it was.  It was loud, and honestly I expected to go into the kitchen and find a mess or see my bead boxes overturned, but I can't find what it was.  Weirdness.  Ghost sounds, y'all!  Even the spirits in my house are messy. 

3) I saw the sweetest thing last night!  I had to pick Steve up from the airport kind of late last night.  Let me just say, I love watching people at the airport.  I love seeing happy people greet each other!  I saw a soldier come home and his mom and dad were so happy to see him, and I saw two people just light up when they picked each other out of the crowd.  However, the best and sweetest thing I think I've ever seen was while I was waiting for Steve to get his luggage.  There was an elderly man, clearly in his 80s, waiting by one of the dividers.  His face lit up and I saw an elderly woman come towards him and he wrapped his arms around her and they just stood there holding each other. I couldn't see her face since her back was to me, but the man reached down and kissed her on the cheek and they just stood there hugging while everyone milled around them.  They didn't let go for as long as I stood there.  It was so sweet that it made me cry.  Crying in an airport makes you look like a lunatic, so I tried not show it.  At least it wasn't ugly crying, but I had to take deep breaths and look up towards the ceiling so no one could see my eyes. Literally, it still makes me cry and I don't understand why because it was so, so, so sweet.  I didn't mean to watch them, and I kept trying to look away, but they were standing right in front of me.  I hope when I'm that old, someone will still be that happy to see me! 

4) Did you know that you can drop a bottle of carbonated juice from just around 3 to 5 inches off the ground and it will explode?  Yep! You know that fizzy grape juice that as in a wine bottle?  Well, I grabbed one off of the bottom shelf and the cap got caught on the shelf above it which caused it to slip out of my hand and the thing just went kablooey all over the aisle.  I stood there in a fizzing puddle of juice wondering what happened, because it took me a second to understand that the bottle could possibly break from that tiny distance from my hand to the floor.  Luckily a "clean up on aisle 4" guy came over pretty quickly and took care of things.  I was so embarrassed.  I had to ask for a paper towel to wipe off the bottom of my shoes so I wouldn't track it all over the store.  I spent the rest of that trip to the grocery store with my socks filled with juice.  Yuck.

5) I made one more round of the house to see if I could find what made that sound and I found it!  It wasn't ghosts.  It was forks.  Our box of plastic utensils fell over in the cupboard.  I have no idea how that happened, but I'd rather it be forks than ghosts in my house, thankyouverymuch.

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