Tuesday, August 05, 2014


July 20, 2014

Today was pretty much just packing up and leaving town.

We had one last breakfast in the hotel restaurant (yum!) and we spent way too much time trying to figure out what to use our hotel credits for in the tiny shop in the lobby.  Each day you choose to be "Green" and allow housekeeping to skip your room, they give you five dollars credit for the store.  We skipped one day on purpose and one day on accident, so we went and spent it on snacks.  It was either food or toiletries, and we were going home, so food it was! I'm not 100% sure what a Luna Bar is, but I have one now.

Nothing exciting happened on the way back through the airport, except that we got to use accelerated security (meaning we got to keep our shoes on) and we finally got some souvenirs (I have the WORST time spelling that word. I never get it right and spell check has to come to the rescue)  at the Smithsonian Store.  I, of course, got cookbooks: one with recipes from the restaurant at the Native American museum, and one about recipes common during Abe Lincoln's days. I have no idea why I keep getting cookbooks, though, because all of my cookbooks are still in giant boxes in our now defunct guest room.  I can't, in good conscience, even really call it a guest room anymore.  It's a storage pod with a bed buried underneath the stuff we still haven't been able to redistribute since the remodel.  SIGH.


We were actually really, really early for our flight, and because we were on a small flight, we shared a gate with 6 other planes and it was very crowded.  There was a K-9 dog at the gate with a military man, and I wanted to pet it, but it was a pretty big German Shepherd and I was afraid it would try and eat my face.  I did wave at it, though.  I think we were there for a couple of hours, but finally, we got called.  We were in the very last seats on the plane, but I kind of liked that because no one was kicking my seat!  The bad thing about where we were sitting was that the bathroom was right next to us but, mercifully, few people used it.

We got back to Huntsville, got our luggage and went home. We have to go get Butler and learn how to give him shots tomorrow!

It was a great trip!  :)

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