Wednesday, September 07, 2011


1) OK, I'm having a much better morning this morning.  Seriously, I think I was traumatized by the events of yesterday.  No joke, I was cringing and washing my hands every 5 minutes, and I think I sat down at one point and went catatonic.  That sounds like an exaggeration, but I swear to you that I lost 3 hours of my life.  I heard the clock chime 11:00 AM, and the next thing I knew, I was looking at the clock and it said 2:45 PM.  I never once heard the clock chime again, nor do I have any idea what I was doing that whole time.  In my memory, I was sitting at my computer desk reading a website, but I don't think that I was reading anything so interesting that I wouldn't move for 3 hours or hear the clock chime.  Weirdness. 

2) It's so nice and cool outside that I finally got to break out my bluejeans again!  Oh, how I've missed them.  Besides that, I've been freezing cold, but I think that's because the temps changed so fast.   I prefer the cold, though, except that it makes me sleepy.  I have too much to do to be sleepy.  I wish the weather would hold right here for a while, but it's going to be sunny and warmer again before I know it.  Oh, well.  Right now it feels like football weather, which I love.  Only now I can enjoy it properly instead of wearing a wool band uniform!  I can't be certain, but my complete indifference to football may have stemmed directly from wearing those uniforms.  It was torture, I say!

3) Speaking of bands, Steve had his Madison Community Band Patriotic Concert last Saturday!  They were joined by the US Army Materiel Command Band, which was amazing.  They sounded so good, and I think it was better than usual because they were in a proper auditorium, plus they had 40-something more players than they usually do.  One of the Army guys played the oboe, and he was the first male oboe player I've ever seen.  He was also the best oboe player I've ever heard in person, plus he was big and buff enough to kick anyone's ass if they made fun of him for being a male oboe player.  I also got to meet Abraham Lincoln!  Well, not the original one, ' know...he's dead and stuff.  But Mr. Dennis Boggs, who often works with MCB, was there and he was just as good as the other one!  Maybe even better because he is alive!  Honestly, he did a great job at performing as President Lincoln, and I got to be his practice hand shaker as he walked down the aisle during rehearsal.  I kept cracking up while he was giving his speeches, because I've been reading the book "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter" which tells about his part in history, as well as weaving in the fictional bits of story within the framework of his real life.  I kept expecting him to pull out an ax and talk about the vampires he'd killed along the way!

There were also civil war reenactors there, too, and I have to say it was odd seeing some of those wearing blue coats.  Being from Alabama, I've generally only seen Confederate soldier reenactors, but Union soldiers were just as cool.  I'm just glad they didn't get too into the part and burn the place down.  It was a close call, though, because there was almost a ruckus when the bad director wanted to place the Stars and Bars next to the Union flag. The band director reminded them that it was a concert, not a reenactment, so they cooled their jets.  There was also a fiddle player who did period appropriate songs and dancers in hoop-skirts.  Ahhhh, I'd love to be able to do something like that.  I love wearing costumes, and I'm fairly certain I could learn the old dances.  Old school waltzing can't possibly be as difficult as medieval dancing, and I was good at that!

Anyway, the band itself sounded so good, and hopefully we'll have some video of it up soon, for those of you who'd like to hear it!  :)

4) Rorschach left a pile of dead bird remnants on our porch last night.  I'm fairly certain it was supposed to be a gift, but I'd much prefer a nice fruit basket.  What is wrong with these animals?  All they do is leave me disgusting things in weird places!

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