Saturday, October 15, 2011


So, I'm currently sitting in a Starbucks, with my iPad, not talking to Steve (who's on his laptop), and mothra-freaking blogging. Does that make me a pretentious hipster? I think it does. I'd like to apologize to everyone I know.

Ok, well, maybe not a hipster. But this strikes me as sad, to be sitting across from someone and ignoring them. I have the insane urge to reach over and start poking Steve in the forehead repeatedly so that we can at least have a little interaction.

Things I'm Thinking:

I don't like the new Starbucks logo. I know that the brand is ubiquitous and everyone knows them simply by the logo, but to have a logo with no company name smacks of hubris. Like they are the business version of Cher or Madonna. Strangely, I don't feel that way about other companies like Nike.

The salted caramel hot chocolate is delicious. They sprinkle big grains of salt on top of the whipped cream and it is awesome.

I'm only writing this so I don't look sad, sitting here not talking to anyone. Right now I'm socially-awkward penguin.

Yay, Steve just talked to me. The large group of friends who are over there having fun and having conversations don't have to feel sorry for us anymore!

If I am going to successfully look aloof, I should have worn one of my scarves. It's easier to be aloof while wearing a scarf.

Now Steve is describing Memes to me. It loses something when you can't see the picture.

Sorry to sound all complainy. I'm just uncomfortable playing with my computer toys in public. It makes me feel like I'm showing off.

Hey, they painted over the awesome mural. Boo! It was weird, but I liked it! Well, the green is nice too, but still...

I'm going to stop now and play a game.

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