Thursday, October 27, 2011


If this entry doesn't publish this time, obviously there is information included that the universe doesn't want you to read.  

1) I just got back from the gym and everything on my body is angry with me.  You'd think that it would be grateful that I'm trying to take care of it, but nooooooooo.  All it wants to do is sit in the puffy recliner and eat Krispy Kreme donuts and watch British sitcoms from the late 90s.  Why must my body fight me at every turn?  Also, it keeps complaining that it's getting old and it wants me to leave it alone.  Getting old sucks.

2)  Our sort-of cat (meaning that it is only sort of our cat, not that it isn't quite a cat. As far as I know it's 100% cat...but only DNA testing can tell for sure) Rorschach has decided that he loves me.  I think.  Whenever he sees me, he does the kitty-biscuit thing, which is very sweet, but he also has a darker side.  I suppose you could tell from the haiku posted a few days ago that he has started bringing me offerings of dead and mangled creatures.  Sometimes the critters are simply dead, and sometimes the critters are dissected and strewn about, but they are always on my porch.  Ugh.

Anyway, I wish you could have seen the cat's face the other day.  We heard the cat making really weird sounds, so I opened the door to see if he was OK, and of course, there was a dead mouse-thing on the porch.  It was in the "sacrificial corner" so I assumed it was a gift for us.  Blarg.  So I called Steve to come and sweep it off, because I'm a big sissy and I couldn't do it myself.  So he swept the thing off of the porch and the cat looked absolutely confused.  Seriously, the cat looked puzzled.  He'd look at me, the corner where the mouse was, the edge of the porch, and then back to me.  His face said "Hey! What...hey!  That was a gift, lady! That was a gift for the whole family!"  We just laughed and closed the door.  Later, when we had to go out again, the mouse was back.  I guess he thought maybe it had been a mistake.  Gross.  We just told him what a good kitty he was and thank you for the dead mousie.  Cats are weird.

3) Steve and I just refinanced our mortgage, and while financially it was smart...I absolutely hate paperwork.  Granted, it was only signing paperwork, but that is a terribly mind-numbing way to pass time, isn't it?  The notary came by with a huge stack of papers, and Steve and I waded in with our blue pens.  Of course, we managed to forget to initial one page in that stack, and the notary asked if we could meet her in the parking lot of the ghetto Wal-Mart to finish them up.  She didn't call it the ghetto Wal-Mart, of course, but that was the one she meant.  We met her in the corner of that lot like we were doing some kind of drug deal.  "Yeah, man, I got some interest rates you won't believe!  Just sign here.  Ooooh, cops!  Look natural...look natural..."  *whistles and looks away* 

4) When Steve went out of town last week, I wound up playing about 45 hours of Portal 2.  I'm not bragging about that, and honestly I'm a bit ashamed that I got so wound up the game, and the only reason I know how long I actually played is because there is a parental thing on the program that keeps track.  Geez, parents are sneaky! :)  Other than being ashamed I spent so much time playing a game, I had fun!  Portal 2 is longer and more complicated, and there is a robotic eye that follows you around and talks to you that sounds like Simon it was enjoyable!  A problem I have with playing that game is that it gets in my head and I think about it at odd times.  I'll be somewhere with white walls and I'll get an urge to fire a portal at it. Or I'll be in a room and I'll sit there and think about how I could escape if I needed to.  I even caught myself at church thinking "You know, I don't understand how the neurotoxin could flood that last room, because I KNOW I disabled the neurotoxin tubes, like...way earlier in the game!"  It's not a normal way to live.  Oh, well, I did manage to finish the game, with the help from hints and cheats when things got too difficult for me, so at least I can think normal-people thoughts for a while.  :)

5)  I went to the eye doctor at the very beginning of this year and got a new prescription for contact lenses.  I didn't want to fill the script right away, because I still had several pairs of my old contacts to go through and didn't want them to go to waste, so I didn't actually get around to getting the new ones until the end of September. When I put the new ones in, I felt that something was wrong with the right one, but I thought that maybe because it was a new prescription, I just needed to wear them a while and  get used to them.  So that's what I did, and sometimes I'd be OK, but generally, the right lens is just blurry.  Not so blurry that I can't function, but when I drive or need to read something far off, my eye starts feeling strange and it gets blurry.  So I made an appointment with my eye doc, just to make sure I didn't accidentally get the wrong kind or something.  When I went in, they did some tests and said... "Oh, you can see perfectly, but your eye is just really dry."  I know I must have looked as if I didn't believe them, because they kept telling me (as if they were trying to convince me) that nothing was wrong, it's just that I have dry eyes.  Actually, dry eye, since my left eye is fine. 

You know, I realize they are the "eye care specialists" or whatever, and I don't know anything about vision correction, and I know they know better than I do about what is going on with my eye.  However,  I do know that I wasn't having any problems what so ever with this dry eye thing until I put in my new contacts, and my eye is fine when I'm wearing my glasses.  That isn't to say I thought they were wrong, even, but they were telling me only one eye is dry and that's why my contact on that side is being weird.  OK.  So they gave me a bottle of cleaner, which I already had but don't use that often because it makes my eyes sting, and told me to use that instead of the cleaner that doesn't bother my eyes.  They also gave me a set of drops and told me to use them 3 times a day, every day, and my right contact will start working correctly.  Whatever.  I'm doing everything they say and the fracking contact lens is still acting weird and my vision is still blurry.  I guess I'll just tough it out until my next eye appointment, and hopefully the lady was right about my eye being dry and I don't go blind on one side from wearing a wonky lens. 

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