Monday, September 03, 2012



2)  Yesterday we had another "fun" weather day.  It actually didn't get too bad until right before we were going to have to leave for church in the evening, though.  That kind of sucked.  Honestly, we probably wouldn't have gone since the weather was getting ugly, but since Steve plays in the church orchestra and I run the A/V stuff, we didn't just want to not show up in case they had decided to have services after all.  The whole "snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night" stuff also seems to apply to Baptist ministers.

We were pulling out of our driveway just as the guy on the radio was saying "Please take cover now."  Great.  It wasn't raining or anything yet, and it didn't even seem to be that bad outside, so we pressed on.  Of course, by the time we had gone more than half-way, we finally saw the wall cloud of death hanging right over where our church is located.  Honestly, the sky looked like that scene in Ghostbusters when the gateway for Zuul was opening over the apartment building.  It was scary.  We were too close to the church at that point to turn around and drive home, so we drove as fast as we could to get there.  The bottom proceeded to fall out of the sky right as Steve and I were getting out of the car, and by the time we made it inside we were both soaked.  There was a little, crazy old woman standing by the doorway, convinced that she was going to drive herself and her 85 year old husband home through what was now an almost solid sheet of water, and we all but had to tackle her to keep her from trying.  I still don't understand why staying dry in a safe church with a basement was less appealing to her than driving over a mountain through a flash flood/tornado.

We ended up having a short service down in the basement, but luckily the tornado never materialized and we were all able to leave safely afterwards.

3) This is the weekend I'm scheduled to go to Talledega for the conference on the computer program we use at church.  I feel weirdly unprepared for the whole adventure, honestly.  All I was sent was an itinerary.  Maybe I'm just thick or something, but isn't it unusual for a conference of any kind NOT to send you some type of information packet if you're attending?  I mean, yes, I got the itinerary of the classes and lectures I'll be going to while I'm there, but there was zero information about what part of the conference center to go to, what time to be there, when to check into the room, whether or not I needed to bring a laptop and other little things like that.  Is that the way things like this usually go?  I even contacted the people who were running the conference to see if I needed anything else and they said no. I told my pastor that's I'd just show up, but that there had better be signs or something, or I might end up spending the weekend at a youth fellowship.  I could pass for a teenager, right? :)

4)  I've been giving  a lot of parenting advice lately. Of course, my ideas of parenting are not contaminated in any way with experience, so I think that makes them superior, no?  :)  Heh, just kidding!  I'm sure all my friends take my advice with a whole bag of rock salt.  At least I hope so.  Yesterday I offered a couple at my church, who have a troublesome 3 year old, Bear's old kennel to shut her up in when she's having a tantrum.  It probably sounded bad, but come on...throw a couple of My Little Ponies in there, a blanket and a juice box and she'd be fine.  :) 

5)  I've realized that almost every time I go into a building these days, I'm sort of unconsciously scoping it out to see if it would be a good place to be during a zombie apocalypse.   Well, not necessarily just a zombie apocalypse, but any situation where civilization has broken down and I'd have to be able to hide and/or defend myself.  That probably doesn't speak well about the way I see the future, does it?  I think reading "The Stand" at an impressionable age has warped my mind.

6) Oooh, I've been working on more stuff for Sara's wedding and this is a box I've done as a card holder for her reception.  I think it turned out pretty well.

I didn't even know I knew how to decoupage!  I love to decoupage!  This wedding is going to be awesome!*

*Not because of the decoupage.  Just in general.  Still, the decoupage** is also awesome. 

**I also like to say the word decoupage, but it really stops looking like a real word after a while. Decoupage.

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