Friday, September 06, 2013


1) Out of all the people I work with, I'd have to say that the person I talk to the most often is the youth minister.  His office door is right next to where I sit, so we're in each other's line of sight almost constantly.  This means we talk to each other quite a bit, because...we're right there.

I realized a while back that he's trying to figure me out, because he's always asking me questions just out of the blue.  They aren't weird questions or anything, but they usually are completely random and unprovoked.  I'm OK with this, because I love talking about myself, as you all know. Hee!  No, really, I don't mind answering questions, I just sometimes find the questions that he asks me to be a bit odd.

Usually it's stuff like: What is your favorite book (restaurant, music, and etc.) or sometimes it'll be something like: What is the most you'd spend to go to a concert, and who would you go see?  He'll also sometimes ask if I like to do things, like play sports or skate or swim.  I know part of it is that he's trying to figure out what he can con me into chaperoning for the youth group - because I've told him I'm not interested and he finds that unacceptable!  Other times, I have no idea, because he just goes back to what he's doing, like he's got interrogative Tourettes. 

Anyway, the reason for me telling you all of that, is that no one has asked me about any of that stuff in such a long time that I haven't really been thinking about what I like and what I don't, and usually the answer to the "Do you like to..." questions have ended up with me saying no, I don't.  I mean, an unusual amount of these things he's asked me about have ended with me saying that, no, I don't like to do those things. An alarming amount of things he's asked me about, I just don't like.  I can also rarely ever think of my favorite...whatever.  It's very weird and now I'm feeling incredibly self conscious about it.  I mean, I don't care what he thinks, but it's weird to me that there are so many things I'm not interested in.  I'm not particularly narrow minded, nor do I consider myself a stale misery biscuit, but I'm beginning to wonder if I am just world weary at the ripe old age of 35!  I hope not!  I promise, I do like things!  I can't think of any of them right now, but I promise!

2)  I'm sure most of you know that I started another blog a while back.  It's called "We Review All the Things" and it was intended to be collaborative with some friends, but I didn't realize at the time that those people were very, very busy and wouldn't be able to do it with me.  It is pretty much just something I do occasionally and so there aren't that many reviews on there, and they are mostly all for food!  See, I like food! 

Well, I was looking at the stats for both of my blogs, and according to the blogger analytic (is that the right word?) chart, the newer blog of food reviews, which I started in 2011, now is within 10 views of this blog, which I started in late 2003!  I can't decide if I'm just terrible at telling stories about my life, or fantastic at reviewing food! 

3) I fell off my bike the other day and it was very embarrassing!

Steve and I have been biking with Steve's band director, Dave, for a few weeks now.  I hadn't actually been on my bike in years before we started doing this, because it's a pain in the neck to haul it to one of the riding paths, and I'd gotten a little out of practice.  Granted, I didn't forget how to ride, but getting the feel of my bike again has been a challenge.  I had forgotten that you can't just clamp on the brakes!  We were on a new trail, and there was a hairpin turn I wasn't expecting.  I tried to simultaneously break and turn, by bike locked up and flipped sideways!

It scared me more than anything.  I've been worried about wrecking since we started riding, and it just happened so fast!  Granted, it could have been worse.  I could have been hurt badly.  However, I managed to fall smack on my right buttock, and I barely even felt it! (No jokes please.)  I also managed to fall right in front of this guy and his kids.  He jumped off his bike to help me, but the only thing injured was my pride.  Well, my leg did hurt after a couple of days, but not as badly as I thought it might! 

I think I may have the wrong type of bike for me.  Steve bought it for me when we first got married, and for what I use it for it works well enough. It's just heavy and a little bulky, and I think it might be more of a mountain bike than one better suited for riding paths.  Of course, I wouldn't dare invest in an expensive, new bike unless I get way more serious about riding, and that hasn't happened yet!  However, I do look adorable in a bike helmet, so I might have to ride more just to show that off! :)

Nah, I'm kidding, I look like something horrible from Mario Kart is perched on my head.

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I suck. I need to review at least some of the things.