Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I realized that I didn't want to leave that last entry about my Lizard-by-way-of-Naked-Mole-Rat rash just hanging out there, just in case a new reader pops in and only reads the first entry and thinks that all I talk about is gross, disfiguring allergic reactions.  I don't, really, do that on a regular basis, but it pays to be careful on the internet.   In fact, let me just say this:

Dear Reader,

Hi!  Welcome. I shake you warmly by the hand. I don't normally talk about gross things on my blog, but I thought it would be OK to talk about my weird rash, just this once, since I didn't post pictures of it. I actually try and talk about interesting stuff (when I have interesting stuff to talk about) so please don't judge me on that part.  Judge me on just about anything else, if you want.  Well, not just about anything. Pick something that know, never mind. Get to know me first and then judge me. Or not.  This isn't going well.  I'm babbling.  Instead, here is a picture of a Corgi in a bow tie.

It's hard not to like a person who could put up a picture of a corgi in a bow tie.

He's not my corgi.  If he was, his name would be Brandon.

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