Thursday, June 26, 2014


OK, so you know how I said that this blog wasn't going to become all about my scaly arm rash?

I might have lied.

Nah, don't worry, I'll try not to talk about it much in the future, but since it is currently consuming me (possibly literally, if what my arm looks like is any indication) I needed to give you an update that is less a progress report on the arm thing and more a "Wow, I'm a genius" report.

Yesterday I finally just had to take the arm band and watch off.  It was starting to actually hurt to wear it.  Also, my inner wrist (is that what it's called?) had started breaking out in a weird rash too, even though the watch band itself was only made of plastic and not whatever material near the charging port that was trying to burn through my wrist bone. 

A normal person, a person with common sense, would have put the stupid watch into her purse, or maybe burnt it with some chicken feathers and grave dirt to try and reverse the damage it had done.  Did I do either of those things? 


No, because I'm a genius, I just switched the stupid thing to my other arm.  I didn't even think about it.  I moved the arm band and the watch to my right arm and left it there all day.  I left it there until right before I went to bed, and the only reason I thought to take it off was because my right wrist was stinging.

Now I have a brand new red, itchy, welted spot on my right wrist!  Also, it completely explains why it's taking so fricking long for the left arm to heal!  The arm band wasn't protecting me at all! I was being allergic through the damned thing the whole time!  What the hell is wrong with me?  Just because it is a different arm doesn't mean that it won't have the same reaction!  I felt so stupid.  In fact, to show myself just how dumb I thought I'd been, I made myself this little video:


I gave myself "Wife Face." Generally, that is reserved for only the dumbest things that Steve manages to do, and yet, I gave it to myself.  Feel free to save that and use it when you want people to know they've been an idiot, and yet you don't have the energy to tell them yourself.

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