Thursday, September 10, 2015


1) Y'all, I've had a revelation.

I have finally figured out why I apologize for everything all the time. It isn't because I go out of my way to be rude to people (well, not often) and I'm pretty sure that I'm not so socially inept that I'm going to do the absolute wrong thing every single time I go somewhere.  Maybe sometimes, but not every time!  No, I figured it out and now I can't believe I didn't realize it a long time ago. (Or maybe I did know this and just forgot until recently. You know how my brain works!)

I don't know about wherever you live, but I happen to live in a place where a lot of people still consider themselves to be "genteel southerners."  Maybe not everyone feels this way, but for a lot of people I know, it was ingrained in them from the time that they were born that they needed to be respectful and sweet, even when they didn't want to be.  That's not a bad thing, really.  However, one of the aspects of being respectful and sweet is to never let on when someone has done something that hurts you or makes you mad.  I'm sure I'm generalizing a bit, but not much.  Granted, there are people who will come at you like a spider monkey, but a lot of times, people won't say a word. They just stop talking to you altogether.  It's just "Oh, well, I'm done with them now."

This has happened to me, so I'm not making it up. People just stop talking to you, and if you have no idea that you'd offended someone (which is usually the case with me since I don't mean to do it) then you just have someone who suddenly stops talking to, or in today's world, contacting you through whatever medium that you talk to them in.  You try contacting them and it's like talking into a dead phone. It's awful, passive aggressive and confusing. You're lucky if someone else finds out about what happened and tells you so that you can apologize before you never hear from the other person again.  I live in actual fear that I'm going to offend someone by accident and have them "Ghost" me without me knowing why.  I think that's why I'm always quick to apologize, just in case, because I don't want that to happen.  I'd hate it.  I'd honestly rather just have someone yell at me.  People suck.

2) I have discovered Dubsmash, and it is glorious.
I made this one for Josh, because he makes me think of Celine Dion. Can't imagine why...

I think someone knew how much I like to act silly and made this app just for me. True story!

I also made one where I sang to a cookie, but I don't have that one on hand. Sorry!

3) Last saturday, Steve and I kept hearing an irregular electronic chirping somewhere in our house.  We originally thought it was one of our smoke detectors, but we were afraid to take the battery out of it because it's tied into our home alarm system and we were afraid we'd accidentally set it off.  Steve called the alarm company and told them what was going on, but they kept telling us that they didn't show a low battery warning and there had been no issues that might have set it off.  That didn't stop the chirping, though.

It was very frustrating.  We had to leave it going on overnight because we never figured out how to make it stop. The alarm is right outside our bedroom door, so that was a lot of fun.  Finally, Steve just said screw it, and he pulled the battery out of the alarm.  That didn't stop the chirping.  Oy.  After reassembling the smoke detector, we wound up spending more than an hour walking to different parts of our house to try and figure out what the chirping sound was.  Sounds like that defy location sometimes, because no matter where you're standing, it always seems to be coming from someplace else!  We finally managed to narrow it down to our hallway, pretty much right underneath the fire alarm. But it wasn't the fire alarm!  Steve still has boxes from his old job sitting in the doorway of his office, so we figured that maybe something in one of them was losing battery power, although, for the life of him, he couldn't think of anything that would do it.  Every time we heard a chirp, we'd move one of the boxes to a different room to narrow down which one it could be so that we wouldn't have to rummage through all of them.  We moved all of the boxes and the chirping was still in the same place!

I was ready to just burn the entire place down.

I gave up and began to get ready to run some errands, and just when I stepped out of the shower, I heard Steve yell "I THINK I FOUND IT!"  He walked into the bedroom holding a box that said "Smoke Detector."  I didn't understand, because we'd already checked the smoke detectors, but he said "Come over here and listen."  So I'm wrapped in a towel, dripping all over the carpet, and we're standing in the middle of the room holding a little box between us.  It was very surreal.  We waited a long time, but the box finally chirped!  He'd found it!  We cheered!  Apparently, when he'd taken down the old fire alarm to install the new ones, he'd forgotten to take the battery out of the old one.  He'd boxed up the old one to throw it away, but got sidetracked and sat the box next to the door and forgotten about it.

Next time I'm just going to send an EMP through the house.  Does that stop things with batteries?

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