Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Bear with me.

Last night as I was falling asleep, I was thinking about the people that I've met during my life so far that I immediately felt a connection with.  You know what I mean, right?  You meet someone, and it doesn't feel like you are strangers getting to know each other, but like you are old friends that are just catching up? You get that feeling of "Oh, there you are! I've been waiting on you!"  That has happened to me a wonderful few times, as well as the opposite where I've met people and immediately disliked them for no discernible reason. 

So I have this theory...

What if, sometime in the future, someone has developed a type of non-corporeal time travel.  You can't physically travel in time, but you can contact yourself mentally (or maybe someone else can connect to you mentally for whatever reason) and although you don't get completely clear messages, you can at least get feelings about stuff if you have the right kind of psyche.  So, let's say, my future self wants to go back to experience being a kid or teenager again and in the inexact science that time travel would be (of course) the day that I land on happens to be the day I meet a certain person.  Obviously, my future self would know this person and have warm (or icky) feelings about them from the experience of knowing them, and since I can't get clear thoughts, I only get that feeling of either happiness or disgust! Maybe some people can "hear" more clearly than others and so that's why you never question certain situations. Why do I like and trust this person immediately? I don't know, it's just the way it is!  Why do you want to punch this person in the neck even though you just met them? Who knows?  Just go with it!

That would also explain why sometimes you might do stuff that makes perfect since at the time, but completely confuses you later on when you think about it! You aren't being controlled by someone, exactly, but something just seems like a good idea at the moment and you make a decision based on that idea. Since the person time traveling in your head can't stay there forever, when they're gone, you don't know why you felt that way to begin with.  It makes sense.

Of course, that opens up the idea that people are mentally time traveling for important reasons, like, certain people have to meet because the butterfly effect of their meeting and being friends causes certain things to happen that are important in the future.  Maybe there are bad guys who mentally time travel, too, and they get people to do bad things, and then good guys have to mentally time travel to get people to do good things so that the future isn't destroyed!

So I tell Steve about this when he comes to bed and he pointed out that the fact that I have come up with this theory out of nowhere, I may be accidentally getting a message too clearly and understanding the whole time travel thing could cause irreparable damage to the future. Or....or..maybe since I'm writing about it here, some random person (hello, future time travel pioneer!) will take this idea and create the technology to actually make it happen!  (Name it after me!)

So, if I have accidentally created a rift in the space time continuum, I apologize.  If I've given someone the idea of non-corporeal, mental time travel, you're welcome. :)

You know...I like my going-to-sleep thoughts much better than my suddenly-waking-up thoughts.

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