Wednesday, December 13, 2017


1) You guys, this is getting stupid.  I tried to get into the wrong car AGAIN this morning.  I was leaving the hospital after picking up some paper work, had finally managed to find the parking lot level where I left my car, and decided to put the papers in the trunk.  I kept hitting the trunk button and wondering why it wasn't opening.  I stood there longer than I'd like to admit before I realized I was behind a Toyota and not a VW.  To add insult to injury, the trunk of my car did open when I hit the button, and so my car was sitting there all alone with it's mouth open while I was standing behind and silently cursing someone elses vehicle for not opening.  That is some security footage that I'd like to have erased.

Every since the last time this happened (ahem, shut up) I've been looking to make sure that I see the VW emblem on the back of the car before I try to get in.  Not only that, but I put a Psych sticker on the back to make SURE that I'm getting into the right car.  However, I realized after today, all I've been doing is making sure that the car has a shiny emblem on it, not specifically looking for a VW emblem.  What is wrong with me?!  I'm going to accidentally get into the wrong car some day and get arrested for auto theft. I can't go to jail! I'm too cute for jail!

2) Starting sometime in January, I am going to start a weight loss program through the local hospital.  It's not a surgical thing, but it is a very intense, very specialized program that will take into consideration the medication that I'm on.  I'll have to have medical tests, blood tests, I have to see a dietician and a behaviorist (? That doesn't sound right, but it's something like that.) and I have to go to meetings, work with a trainer and all that jazz.  It's a program that is more suited for people with much more severe weight issues than I have, but I figure that if I'm having this much trouble controlling my weight, I need some kind of help.  Steve is going to do it with me, so hopefully by the summer we will see some results.  I'll never be a supermodel, and I wouldn't want to be, but maybe I'll be more comfortable in my own skin!  That happens rarely these days!  I mean, I have my moments, but it hasn't happened much recently. ;)

At any rate, if you notice that I'm angry a lot starting in January, it's probably because I haven't had chocolate in a while.  I'll try not to talk about it too much, but I have a feeling I'll need to vent occasionally.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

3) OK, so our heater had to be turned off last week because of a crack in our heat exchange.  Apparently that would have caused a small carbon monoxide leak (that could explain SO many things, y'all!) and we could have died.  We didn't though, so, you know...yay!

It's kind of weird, though. We had no idea that it was time for our winter HVAC evaluation, so when they called and said they were sending someone over to look at the heater, I said that it was fine.  He only had to look for a second before he realized that we were in some trouble.  I think someone was looking out for us.  Anyway, he said we'd need to either repair the unit we have, or buy a whole new one.  Yeah...that's expensive, so we called a guy who does HVAC for our church and he quoted us a lot less to fix it, so we're going to do that.  He had to order some parts, so I hope that they come in very soon!

We have been very cold in the house, though.  You know, I don't think I've ever fully appreciated having central heating before.  It has been about 54-56 degrees inside, and we have to wear coats and shoes and cover up with blankets when we are watching TV.  We have to wear pants.  PANTS, y'all!  It's been tolerable, although not pleasant.  Steve thinks it's like camping, but I think he's nuts. The worst part is the bathroom.  A freezing cold toilet is no fun and taking a shower in a cold bathroom is also unpleasant.  Also, trying to put in contact lenses that have been soaking in cold liquid is a special kind of hell, but a hell I can live with! My makeup doesn't behave the way it should, because some of the stuff that is supposed to be liquid has solidified, and some of the stuff that is solid has become difficult to use. I find myself feeling very pitiful at times, but I have to remind myself that there are people who don't have central heat, so really, I'm just being a big weenie about it.  It's cold, but I'm still inside.  I have a house and electricity, I just don't have heat.  I need to MAN THE FECK UP!  I do try and remind myself all of those things, but it's not easy when you are a spoiled white girl, you know.

4) As I'm sure you know, we had a rather important election here yesterday.  During campaigning, the rest of the country took the opportunity to run down the state of Alabama and judge it according to the most base stereotypes.  I found myself having to defend our state to a lot of strangers online, but my friend, the Very Reverend Kenny Smith (not the basketball player) did a much better job than I ever could.  You should read his Twitter thread about it.

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