Thursday, November 18, 2010


1) You know how sometimes I say I feel like a certain color, or that something tastes like a color? It's because of this! I kind of hate that they've pared it all down to genes and biology, though. I'd rather just believe it was magic! :)

2) Last week was our 10th anniversary. That's hard to believe, right? Anyways, we had a nice day. It was kind of low key, but nice. We had dinner at The Melting Pot again, which was loverly as always. I only stabbed Steve with a fondue fork once, and we managed to get out of the place with only a tiny bit of cheese on my pants! It was fun! I'll say this too, we ordered the White Chocolate Creme Brulee dessert, and it was probably one of the best tasting things I've ever had, (and I'm saying that as someone who eats a lot. I mean, a LOT.) Fortunately, this year we didn't happen to run into anyone throwing up in the parking lot, so that was definitely a plus. Good times, noodle salad.

3) Saturday we headed out to Fayetteville, TN so that Steve could play with the Madison Community Band at the "Host of Christmas Past" festival.
First off, I had no idea Fayetteville was so close. Second, I had no idea that this festival thing was such a big deal. We went a couple of hours early, ostensibly to look around a while, but a great deal of that time was spent looking for a parking place and standing in line for the bathroom. Seriously, why does it take women so long to pee?! We didn't really look around much once we got outside, because Steve was uncomfortable in a tux and didn't want to walk around, it was very warm and very crowded. I wish I could have taken more pictures, but...there you go.
This was the only picture I managed to get of Steve while he was playing. The beardy guy on the end blocked him most of the time. The arrow was for the benefit of Facebook, because there are a great deal of people I know on there who don't know what Steve looks like, and as nice as the beardy guy is, I didn't want people to think I was married to a paw-paw.

In case you want to hear them, I got the first song in it's entirety. I wish it had better sound quality because they sounded great! Because of where I was sitting, the sound didn't blend as well as it would have if I was out front. I also wish I had a better vantage point, but as it was I had to punch an old lady in the ear to get the chair I was in! :)

4) Just so you know, I really will share my chocolate with other people. I wouldn't really stab anyone in the eye over it. Well, maybe not. Just felt I needed to get that out there...

5) Did you know that if you poke a sharp knife into the bone marrow of a Honey Baked Ham, it will squirt blood on you? I found that out the hard way last night at our church's Thanksgiving dinner. I was also reminded that trying to pull apart a Honey Baked Ham and/or turkey into manageable slices (even while wearing gloves) will render you a sticky, sugary mess that no manner of hand washing will help. I came home last night exhausted, sticky, crusted with sugar and spattered in pig blood. Eh...just my regular Wednesday night kind of thing, you know.

6) Here is a picture of the sky outside my house this morning! Beautiful, even with the power line in the way! It's kind of an awkward shot, but I didn't want anyones roof in the picture!

I'd once again like to apologize to the neighbors for going out without wearing pants. I didn't have time to go and get any because the sky was changing every second! Art doesn't wear pants, after all.

7) Google failed me! My illusions are completely destroyed! I had been talking about football and the subject of national championships came up. We were trying to find out if Auburn University had ever won one, so I went to Google. Absolutely nothing I found made sense to me. Luckily, The Kenny knows all about Auburn football and he told me the answer:

"1957. They were on probation, but won one and it counted. Auburn could also claim a few other minor ones, but they leave those trifles to Alabama.

Other seasons of note, if you really care: 1983, 1993, 2004. All great undefeated teams."

Mystery solved! your face, Google! Now I'm just going to ask him when I need an answer to something! You have failed me for the last time, search engine.

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