Monday, November 01, 2010


1) As we all know, yesterday was Halloween and no hi-jinks ensued at our house. We were at church most of the day, of course, but when we got home, we were too tired to deal with anyone so we cut off all the lights and hid until a reasonably late hour. Shut up. I know, I know, and I'm sorry if that seems mean of us, but you can bite me. If we lived in a close, well lighted neighborhood I wouldn't be this way, but we don't and there aren't many children who come by and the ones who have come in the past were either creepy or way too old to be trick-or-treating. If avoiding them means I have to crawl around, marine-style, in the dark - I don't mind. We probably could have gone to Mr. Lee's house and helped him give out candy (he lives in one of those places where the houses are right up against each other and everyone knows one another) but I had to run the sound board for services last night, and by the time we got out, we just weren't in the mood! Bah, humbug! (or whatever the Halloween equivalent of that would be!) :)

2) I had to go to the dentist the other day, and the girl who cleaned my teeth spent the whole time talking about how good my teeth were and how well I took care of them. When the dentist came in, he looked at my new x-rays, which are now kept on some kind of awesome computer program that looks straight out of "CSI," and found a cavity! BOO! Bait and switch! I've been so careful about my teeth since the root canal and I got a stinking cavity! At least he found it before it got bad. Apparently it is in between two of my back teeth, which are very close together thanks to my early stint with braces and retainers, and difficult to get in-between. Ugh. Now I get to go and freak out while they stick needles into my mouth. I hate getting dental work.

3) Speaking of Halloween... When I was younger, we always had super-fun Halloween events with our church. They'd have parties, or take us trick-or-treating, and one year even had a haunted house for us. It was done to keep us safe and it was always a lot of fun! Of course, when we got older we got a few people in our church who decided that Halloween was evil. Oh, yes, it was a veritable mosh pit of demons and virgin sacrifices to the devil! At any rate, the church stopped the Halloween stuff and started having "harvest festivals" or taking us to Judgment Houses (I hated those things). Anyways...I suppose I can understand their point of view, sort of, but one lady always made such a big, stinking deal out of the whole thing. She even got incensed when one of the Sunday school teachers wore a dress with a jack-o-lantern on it. I mean, she actually stood up in church and sort of passive-aggressively called her out on it (she didn't use names, but we all knew who she was talking about.) Well, last night, I watched a documentary on the history of Halloween, and I wish I had known all of the stuff I found out back when that self-righteous heifer decided to ruin it for everyone. It never had anything to do with the devil, and in fact, the basis of what we know as Halloween came directly out of an early Christian celebration! Halloween as it is now celebrated was an American invention to keep neighborhood kids from causing too much mischief! The whole candy thing is almost a 100% commercial creation - like Valentine's Day- invented so that candy companies could make money. I know I sound awfully negative, but I don't mean to. I just don't like willful, narrow-minded, stupidity - and the fact that the woman from my old church sounded so completely convinced that she was right about it makes me wish I could go back in time and tell her to shut up.

4) Wow, I do sound really negative this morning! I'm not in a bad mood, I promise!

5) I had a long and drawn out fight with myself this morning about going to the gym. I lost. Now I have a cramp in my left calf and I'm scared to stand up! The TV that was on my end of the cardio section was playing The View, and I'm so glad I couldn't actually hear what was going on. That show gives me a headache! I'm fairly certain I'd physically attack that blonde lady and the one named Joy if I had to deal with them on a daily basis.

6) I bought a pomegranate last week and had no idea how to eat it. I think I bought one years ago, and it took me, like, 6 hours to eat it because I didn't realize you could eat the seeds! I Googled the question, but the only thing I found told me how to open the thing, not eat it. So, I posted the question to Facebook, and people finally told me I could eat the whole aril (yes, I also learned what the red thingies are called while Googling), and not just the red part around it! It was so good! My fingertips were stained maroon, and it took me 2 hours to eat all the little thingies, but it was worth it!


Mummyrella said...

thank you whilst you thought it may have been a negative post - your pomegrante story made me laugh out loud in the office! :)

Aliseyi said...
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