Wednesday, October 27, 2010


If you live anywhere around my neck of the woods, you probably had to endure some pretty hinky weather yesterday. It was grossly warm and sticky that morning, but the bad weather moved in during the afternoon and settled in for a while. Luckily, I didn't get hit with a tornado (even though they seemed to be touching down all around us) but we did get some pretty heavy rain and the sirens went off a thousand times. My dogs really, really hate that siren, and they howl along with it whenever they hear it. I never really understood why until I went outside yesterday to look at the sky and it went off. That thing hurt my ears, and I'm almost deaf from years of blasting music into my head! I did manage to get a video and some neato pictures!

If you listen closely, behind the siren sound you can hear the dogs freaking out inside the house. I had to lay in the floor and talk to them to keep them calm. Also, when it looked like I almost dropped the camera, it was because a wasp landed in my hair. *shudder*

Here are also some shots of the sky. It was doing some pretty weird stuff right before the clouds covered everything. I thought it was pretty, though!

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