Monday, October 04, 2010


1) I am freezing! I've got on two shirts, a hat, and shoes! At the end of last week, I was burning up in the house, so I had to switch the thermostat from just circulating air to actually turning the air conditioner. Today I'm freezing, and I have no idea how to turn the gas on so that the heater will work! Steve didn't get back from St. Louis until 1:00 am, and he had to leave early for a meeting, so he didn't get a chance to switch it on before he left! I know I should know how to do this already, but I don't remember what to do and I don't want to blow up my house.

2) I've pulled out my polymer clay again and have learned to make some pretty little...mosaics? I don't think that is what they are, but I don't know the proper name for the technique. Imagine taking tiny (1mm or less) balls of clay, putting them on a larger, smoother piece of clay and punching them down into it with a sharp instrument to make a pattern. That doesn't really explain what I'm doing, exactly, but it's the best I can do. An artist in Singapore does this and everything she makes is gorgeous! I don't think I will ever be as good as she is, but I'm not doing too badly so far.

3) I've been sick for the past week, and that has been a lot of fun. I have just been so tired and sneezy, and yuck. I thought it was my allergies at first, but the medicine I take for the allergies didn't help any. I'd pushed myself to go run errands at first, but it got to be too much for me after awhile, so I pretty much stayed home after that. With Steve gone for the end of the week and weekend, it was very boring around here!

4) My sea monkeys are doing fine, thanks. I've only lost one of the originals thus far, which is better than I thought I'd do. One of them freaks me out, though. It's a male (I can tell by his "mustache") and if I lean down to watch the tank, he stares at me. I know that is what's going on because he'll be swimming around, playing in the algae, and when I look in, he turns his beady little eyes on me and stops what he is doing. He'll just hover there in one place. It's creepy. If any of them become self aware, it'll be him. *shudder*

5) Still no joy on the job front. There have only been a handful of openings for graphic artists, and the past few have required a secret clearance to already be in place to be considered. My application for secret clearance was stopped just short of being finished when I lost my secretarial position in 2001. Also, if HR from the sprocket has me on record as "revealing confidential information online" as the reason I was let go, it will not be easy for me to ever get secret clearance if I ever apply again! I mean, unless it is specified that the information wasn't classified or whatever. I honestly have no idea how that works, so...we'll see. I'm still looking, that's the important thing at this point, I guess.

6) I wish I were at the beach. It wouldn't even need to be warm, I just wish I were there.

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