Wednesday, September 29, 2010


1) Darn it! Target had a whole section of clearance priced clothes at 75% off yesterday while I was there, and I picked out a lovely, rust-colored t-shirt that was, like, $2.50. I brought it home and took the tags off and only then realized it's a maternity shirt. It doesn't look like a shirt for pregnant ladies, it just looks like a t-shirt, but I feel weird (and fat) knowing I'm wearing a shirt meant for someone gestating. Oh well, tags are off and I like the color, so I'll keep it. :(

2) I was having a slow morning until I opened up "Eye of the Tiger" on YouTube. If you ever have trouble getting going in the morning, just listen to that. It works amazingly well.

3) I watched Glee for the first time last night. I...I wasn't really fond of it. *Ducks as friends and family throw things at me for this.* To be fair I didn't watch a whole episode, and I'd even be willing to watch it again just to make sure I don't like it and maybe realize I did like it and I would admit to that immediately, but yikes. However, I did like the lady coach, the little gay dude and the stupid cheerleader. They were OK and can stay. Everyone else must go.

EDIT: I went to Hulu and watched the entire episode to be fair. I will include Wheelchair Guy in my list of people who can stay. The stupid cheerleader made me laugh out loud a couple of times, and girlfriend can dance, too. Brown haired girl got on my nerves, so she still has to go. All in all, I didn't hate it, but it still rates a solid "Eh."


amy said...

Well, those are my favorite characters, too.

I won't throw things at you. It's not like you said you hated Lost or Firefly or Avatar TLA. Glee is optional.

amy said...

Stupid cheerleader is the best dancer. She was a backup dancer for, I think Beyonce? Somebody. Asian guy is a good dancer too, and wheelchair guy, I think, has the best voice. And I also like Asian girl.

I too hate brown-haired girl (I assume you mean Rachel), and I also don't care too much for the counselor.

sis said...

I confess that I like Mr. Schu, too. He's cute. You ought to see him rap.