Wednesday, September 08, 2010

*HeadDesk* *Repeat*

Yesterday the power went off. Well, it went off, came back on, went back off, flickered twice and went off again. In the process, my iMac got fried. It was plugged into a surge protector and everything, but it still died.

Steve messed about with it, and found out that the hard drive crashed, possibly for good.

I'm sad about my computer, of course, but the worst part about it right now is that my files may be irretrievable. The Mac is where I had all of my photographs, graphic files, and Adobe software. It's also where I kept the straggling remains of my professional portfolio. If the files are lost, then my portfolio won't just be slim, it'll be graveyard dead. Oy. That is everything I still had from college up to the freelance work I had been doing over the last week.

I'm sure the nice folks at Mac Resource will be able to retrieve my files (fingers crossed), and hopefully I will have some digital copies of at least SOME of my work stashed somewhere on thumb drives, I just have to find them.

I may cry.

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