Saturday, September 25, 2010


1) I still hate my hair. I gave it a week or so and I thought that maybe it would grow on me (heh) but I still don't like it and it makes me mad. How can the SAME stylist who cut my hair in the first place, ruin a haircut when all she had to do was trim it?! The one interesting looking thing about me and she ruined it. It's just...awful. It went from good haircut, past soccer-mom hair straight to little league football mom hair. Good thing I have lots of hats.

2) I went to the mall for the first time in a long while the other day, and I realized that I always rush past the "Dead Sea Mineral" Aveda (?) booth on the bottom floor. Those people creep me out! I mean normally, as a rule, if a good looking French guy pulled me aside and rubbed lotion all over me, I'd usually be all for it! However, when the cute French guy from the Aveda booth does it, it gives me the heebs. I shouldn't have to take a detour through Victoria's Secret to get from one end of the mall to the other. I'm going to start carrying a bottle with me and start spraying him like a cat every time he comes near.

3) I had the most frustrating dream! I dreamed I was getting married (to whom, I have no idea, but he was kind of cute) and all of my aunts were helping my mom get the venue ready for the ceremony. It wasn't bad at first, but things got out of hand quick. I completely lost control of what was going on and no one would listen to me. I didn't get to choose anything, my dress, my shoes, or the decorations. I ran out of the room to be alone for a second, and they basically dragged me into the ceremony! I was sitting there while they pulled the altar (or whatever it was) up to me. I was screaming "I don't like this! I don't want this!" as loud as I could, but everyone was just smiling down at me like I wasn't saying a word. It was scary! I woke up before it could go on too much longer and I don't think I slept again for the rest of the night. Weird.

4) The cats have become a problem. There are 3 of them now. Spot and Garry are still coming around, but now they have to compete with Macaroon (the Maine Coon). If any of them happen to be on our stoop when the door opens, they will run into the house! I don't allow this, but cats are wiley little critters! At one point this weekend, all 3 had managed to get in! I would chase one down, grab it and throw it out the door, turn to get the next one and the one I threw out would come back inside. I had to yell for Steve to come and help me. I still have no idea how we got them all out. I know they only hang around because I feed them (and I probably wouldn't do that anymore, but since Macaroon has been around, I don't think she/he has an owner like the other 2 and that thing YOWLS by the front door until I come out and feed it). I just wish they'd all make friends at least. There are literal hissy-fits on my stoop now and two of my plants have been damaged in the fray. :(

5) The weather seems to be getting cooler! Huzzah!

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