Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today was not a bad day, per se, but it was a succession of unfortunate events. However, I'm going to play the Silver Lining Game!

I accidentally jammed a pair of sharply pointed beading tweezers underneath my thumb nail, which hurt like a bitch. My finger then decided to get infected and it hurt to look at it, much less try and use it for anything. I seriously thought I'd have to go to the doctor because it was so painful.

--Silver Lining - Neosporine, rubbing alcohol, and the ability to inflict pain on myself without passing out fixed my finger up fairly well! It still hurts, but at least it doesn't seem to be infected anymore!

I went to get my hair trimmed today and was lucky enough that the lady who cut my hair last time was there. She remembered my haircut, said she had been thinking about my haircut, and had even given another lady a haircut like mine not long ago. I told her I really liked the cut and I wanted to keep it, but I just needed it trimmed. She grabbed her razor comb and went to town on my head, blew it dry, and then fluffed it out. It looked fine, so I paid and left. It wasn't until I was in the car that I realized that she had given me a completely different hair-cut than the one I walked in there with. All she had to do was trim it! When she had fluffed my hair out, she had moved the front part (which should have been longer than the rest) and hid the fact that she had cut it off as short as the rest AND left a chunk out of one side. Now I do not like my hair. I do not like it at all.

--Silver Lining - Hey, at least I'm not bald. Also, it at least won't have to be cut again for a while.

I drove all the way across the mountain to the fu-fu Super Wal-Mart so that I wouldn't have to drive to two different places to get groceries and the specific non-food stuff I needed. Target didn't have the non-food stuff I wanted, so I couldn't go there. I managed to get everything else I needed at the Super Wal-Mart EXCEPT for the one thing I specifically went to Wal-Mart to get in the first place because this particular store was out of it. I had to drive all the way back to the Ghetto Wal-Mart to get what I needed.

--Silver Lining - It was a nice day and I didn't mind the drive.

I had an overwhelming craving for McDonald's chicken mcnuggets, so I decided to drive through and get some for lunch. I know they are not good for me, I rarely eat them, but when that craving hits, I have to get them. As soon as I was done with lunch, I thought I was going to die. I don't know what in the world is in the evil, delicious nuggets, but I hurt all over and I think I had a mild stroke. I also had trouble thinking after I ate. I kid you not, it was like my brain wouldn't function, and I wasn't like that before I ate lunch. Why do the nuggets want to kill me?

--Silver Lining - I won't have to eat chicken mcnuggets again for months. The desire has been fulfilled for a while.

I also realized, only after being at home for about an hour, that I'd done all of those errands and gone all of those places, and my fly had been open the entire time.

--Silver Lining- There is no silver lining for that. That's just mortifying.

Let's home tomorrow is better!

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