Thursday, October 21, 2010


The other night I had another nightmare, and believe it or not, it was not caused by chocolate! I don't remember what happened except that I was trapped in a hotel with a bunch of other people and some dead bodies. I don't think the hotel was even scary. It was like a really brightly lit Marriott or something, but there was a killer on the loose and every once in a while we'd happen upon a body stuffed under a bed and stuff like that.

The one, very vivid image from the dream that refuses to go away is one where a group of people I was in the hotel with (about 7 or 8 of us) thought we had trapped the killer in one of the rooms, and we were going to keep him trapped in there. Apparently the only way we could know for sure if the man inside the room was the bad guy was to sing, and if he didn't know the words, it was him.

(Shut up, it was a dream!)

So there we were, standing in a group outside the door and we all start singing "Sweet Caroline." I started it off, and the others joined in. When we got to the chorus, the door opened and an old, fat guy in a suit walked out holding a toothbrush and starting singing with us! I suppose we weren't too concerned that we had pegged the wrong guy because we kept on singing so we could finish the song. When we were almost to the end, I looked up and the killer (wearing a creepy mask) rides by on this old bicycle. He was going really slow and looking right into my eyes. It probably doesn't sound very scary to you...but jeez, it was disturbing.

Of course, ever since then, I've had the darn song stuck in my head and because of that dream the song has become unsettling. I have no idea what the dream was supposed to mean, but I am fully aware that I am now scared to death of Neil Diamond.

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amy said...

Don't be afraid of Neil. He knows the words and is therefore not the killer.