Monday, October 18, 2010


1) Oy, yesterday was busy. I mean, I didn't have a lot of things to do, but it seemed like everything happened all at once. We were going to have the Pastor Appreciation pot-luck for Bro. Mylon after morning services, and as you know, I work in the kitchen, so as soon as I got to church I had to run downstairs and intercept covered dishes as they trickled in. I was also going to need to run the sound system during the services since the regular guy wasn't going to be there, so with cornbread still under my fingernails, I had to run upstairs and make sure the projectors and things were on and ready to go. Don't let anyone ever tell you I'm not multifaceted. :) Everything was going swell until the minister of music stopped in the middle of our first song and told me to put the right slide up. I had no idea what he was talking about, because the screen I could see was working just fine. Everyone turned to look at me and I was non-plussed. I finally looked over my head and saw that the screen over my head (the one on the back wall) was stuck on the announcements. I have no idea how that happened (unless I somehow hit a wrong button when I was trying to center the images). With everyone looking at me and giggling, I didn't know what else to say but "Wha? OK, that is NOT my fault!" The music minister turned and saw that the screen behind him was working, so he just laughed and finished the song without his words. During the prayer, I managed to get the thing working again. I'd like to think Jesus didn't mind a bit of tech support going on while everyone else was talking to him. The rest of the service went fine, and just before it ended, Steve came to take my place at the sound board so I could run back downstairs and write the words on our pastor's cake. We were running out of time to get everything done, and so my attempt at writing "Thank You" on the cake looked like someone with a bad case of Parkinson's Disease did it, but at least it was legible. Then, of course, the meal happened and that was a lot of running about and cleaning up afterward. I only burnt myself once, so there's a silver lining! I managed to get a short nap at home before turning around and doing the sound again for the evening service. I was so tired by the time we got home.

2) I have a couple of pictures of the jewelry I am learning how to make. These aren't my favorites, but I had already taken the best ones to the lady who runs the store. Also, I apologize that the pictures are bad, but I think my sad little Easy-Share is showing its age. :)

I love making these, but it hurts my neck to hunch over the table! I still have a long way to go before I'm anywhere as good as the lady from Singapore, and the clay I'm using doesn't seem to want to cooperate a great deal of the time. Either it's too soft and gooey, or it's too stiff to stick together. These, along with my other stuff, will be taken to the NEACA Craft show and to Lobsterfest at St. Thomas' Episcopal (where Miss Donna will have a craft table), as well as being available at Lynn's Silks and More. I'm very blessed that Donna thinks these are good enough to carry with her to these events, but I am still not very convinced anyone is going to want them. Eh, well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

3) A couple of weeks ago, I bought myself a box of the seasonal Godiva truffles. I refuse to share these, as we all know, and I was roundly punished for my selfishness. There were only six of them in the box, and every night I happened to eat one, I had terrible nightmares. I don't even remember what they were about, either, but I have no doubt that the truffles caused them. I still stand by my notion that they cause the worst nightmares out of all the chocolate that I've tried this with. Of course, I haven't tried every chocolate in the world (yet...) but I think it must be the better quality chocolate that does this because cheap chocolate never gives me nightmares. I really wish I knew why it happens! If anyone out there wants to do real scientific research on this phenomenon, I'm still completely available to be a test subject! :)

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