Saturday, November 06, 2010


Sometimes I wonder about stuff that is wildly improbable. I don't know why I do this, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with having a well developed imagination and a lot of time to use it. Although I am aware that we don't truly know how we'd act in certain situations until we actually experience them, these are some things I believe I know about myself:

1) I think I'm a pretty good candidate to have Stockholm Syndrome if I'm ever a victim of a long term hostage situation. It's not that I'd necessarily want to become complacent and accepting of abuse and being kidnapped, but I tend to want to get along with everyone if I can, even in pretty harsh situations. I'd actually like to think I'd rise up righteous and rip a bad guy's spine out through his stomach, but I'm fairly certain I'm more likely to offer to bake them cookies.

2) If I were in the medical profession, I could totally be a surgeon. I have no problem cutting people up or being bled upon. Not that I've ever cut anyone up before, you understand, but I am fairly certain I could do it. I even think I could eventually deal with the whole "life and death" thing easily. I could not, however, be a nurse. It takes a very special person to be a nurse, and I don't think I'm that kind of special. I can be bled on, sure, but the first time someone got vomit or poop on me, I'd run screaming from the building.

3) I believe I could kill someone if I had to. I don't mean that I'd wake up one morning and just decide to take someone's life, but if I had to do it to protect myself I could. I also think I might be capable of beating the living hell out of someone, if they caught me at the wrong moment. I've been mad enough to do it, but I hope I don't ever get tested on either of these things! I'd feel terrible once the rage-fog wore off!

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Amy said...

"Would you like a handmade hat Mr. Scary Captor?"