Tuesday, December 14, 2010


1) We had such a good time at Steve's company party! Of course, we usually do, but it seemed like this year was extra fun. I dunno. Maybe someone put ecstasy in the spinach dip or something. :) It was held at the SpRocket (ptooey), and I went over there that afternoon to help put together cupcake stands and help do other things. I think I was mostly in the way, but I enjoyed helping the little bit that I did. I also got to visit with a whole lot of people I used to work with and it was nice seeing them again! As these things usually go, the different departments kind of grouped together, so the IT guys all shared a table. At one point I asked if that meant we were at the geek table and I was in formed that it meant were at the Awesome Table! Heehee. As usual, Steve didn't win any of the door prizes, but at least two of the guys won something! I didn't get to dance (again) but I can forgive Steve this time because he had minor surgery on his foot earlier in the week. Obviously, that is the only excuse I will accept in the future. There were cupcakes from Gigi's. Cupcakes, y'all! Also, my dress was about 4 inches too long, and I had a bad moment where I stepped on the hem and almost yanked the top part down. I would have given the Toys for Tots Marines the thrill of their lives had I not managed to grab my neckline and keep it where it needed to be. Oh, and I wore bedroom slippers the entire night. My dress was long. Don't judge me.

2) I've been busy making sock monkey hats for people I know. Initially, I only made one because one of my Facebook friends gave me the idea, but several people have asked for one! They're buying the yarn, I'm supplying the hands. I wish I could say I invented the idea, but Skymall beat me to it. Oh, well...mine are cuter. :)

3) We had a wonderful Thanksmas this year and I cooked, cooked, and cooked. Then I ate, ate, and ate. It was a lot of fun! I always enjoy visiting my Georgia family! We even got to see the first installment of Harry Potter with Amy and her family! We used to do that every time I new one came out until they started airing in the summer. Nothing too out of the norm happened, but Steve did get sick. I'm very grateful he kept away from everyone's kids after he started feeling bad. Mr. Lee and I had to go on a wild goose chase to try and find medicine that (we realized later) had been recalled, but all in all it was a great trip and we all had a wonderful time!

4) I feel like such a moron. Do you ever have one of those moments where your brain just can't wrap around a simple concept? I had that moment yesterday when I went to Target to run an errand. I happened to pass by a rack of t-shirts that were made for the BCS national championship game in January. It was a gray shirt that had Auburn Tigers printed on the left side, Oregon Ducks printed on the right and some kind of emblem in between the names. The emblem was in a shield shape and the pointy end extended towards the bottom of the shirt. On the left side of the emblem, underneath the word "tigers," was the number 20 and on the right side of it, underneath the word "ducks," was the number11. I stood there for quite a few minutes staring at the shirt thinking... "How do they know the score already?!" I couldn't figure out if it was some kind of mistake and that a bunch of shirts with scores on them had been pre-printed and sent out by accident, or (and I'm kind of ashamed of myself for this one) if maybe the real game had already been played but wouldn't be aired until January. After about 15 minutes, I realized that the 20 and the 11 were the year. If I facepalmed all day, every day for a month, I don't think it would cover it. Oy.

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Kenny said...

No. It wouldn't. But this cod be the antithesis of writing last year on this year's checks, though.

We need to see the monkey hat! How else are the rest of us to know if we should be jealous!?