Thursday, December 30, 2010


1) Merry after Christmas! We had a lovely holiday, thanks for asking! We made the requisite rounds of family gatherings, ate hugely, played in a completely unexpected snowfall (well, I did) and exchanged gifts. We had a great time all around, I think. Steve, of course, had to bring a whole new set of sucky Christmas movies into the mix, but I forgave him for that since it was Jesus' birthday and all. :) Here is the snowman Seth and I made:

2) Steve gave me a funny/thoughtful Christmas gift this year. He remembered that when I was a little girl, I loved Wonder Woman. Not just loved her, but was planning on becoming her when I grew up. This was, of course, before I knew that she wasn't like Green Lantern and couldn't just pass off her image to a whole new person. (And now I've revealed I know too much about Green Lantern.) Anyways, he gave me a pendant with the Wonder Woman symbol to wear on a necklace! At least that's what I think it is. Maybe it's a Whataburger logo. Eh, either way. cool! I thought it was sweet he remembered my silly childhood ambitions. I'm just glad he didn't buy it at Zales.

3) I finally finished my 365 hat project! *snoopy dance* I know that most of you probably already knew what the "Hat Count" number was about all this time, but for those of you who didn't, I'll explain more fully now that I'm done. I set a goal for myself at the end of last year, to make one hat for every day of the year. My original goal was just to thin out my yarn stash and make 365 hats, period. However, in my search for hat patterns, I ran across a website for "The Hatbox Foundation," which is a charity that takes handmade hats and distributes them to hospitals across the country for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Since I've lost so many family members to cancer, this site kind of spoke to my heart, and I decided that I'd be able to reach my goal and do some good in the world at the same time! There are other similar charities, but since this one works with the hospital my very loved, late mother-in-law was in during her fight with cancer, I chose it. I won't be sending all 365 hats to the charity, unfortunately. I counted every hat I made into my total, and that included hats I made for myself, ones I made as gifts for friends, & some I sold. Also, some can't be sent because of the type of yarn I used or the pattern I used wasn't suitable because it wasn't tightly woven enough. However, the majority of them, somewhere between 280 - 300 (I have to go through them again to be sure), can be donated! Now my biggest concern is packing them up and figuring out a way to get them to California! I'll probably wait until the new year to figure out that one.

4) I'm going to have to go to the hospital next week and have a sleep study done. Fun, right? : ( My GP is trying to help me figure out some health issues (nothing major, just annoying) and so he sent me to a sleep clinic to see if I have sleep apnea. Steve has told me that sometimes I just stop breathing while I'm asleep and I struggle to start again. Apparently that's not normal. Anyways, I went to the doc (who looks like Stephen King...not cool) and now I have to spend the night in a clinic bedroom with wires taped all over my bod while someone watches me. Seriously, how am I going to fall asleep like that?! There is a slight chance that I may have to have a CPAP, which is just all kinds of sexy. Attention, guys who chose not to marry me...bullet dodged. Consider yourself extra lucky now. Of course, if it keeps me from suffocating in my sleep, I should probably not care one way or the other how it looks, right? Also, if it helps me feel better, I guess I'm willing to use it. I'll just look like Darth Vadar. Heehee. Honestly, I don't think it will come down to having to use a machine to breathe at night, but that is why "Dr. Stephen King" and his minions will be watching me sleep. Just to make sure. We'll see. :)

5) I only sent out one Christmas card this year! I had such plans!!!!!! I made one specifically for a friend/former teacher and his wife who were even bigger "Lost" nerds than I was, and I almost forgot to send that one out.

Maybe next year all of my loved ones will get one. Not necessarily a DHARMA card, but still... Sorry about that, loved ones. My bad!

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amy said...

Please send me a Dharma card. I don't care how late it is. Congrats on the hat goal, too!