Monday, August 01, 2011


1) Bear had a vet appointment on Saturday with a new doctor.  When Steve called to make the appointment, he was asked if he had a doctor preference and he said yes.  When they asked if it was our regular vet, he said no and asked for the nice, blonde lady we had once.  I didn't know this, of course, so I was in a state of pre-rage over having to face that condescending heifer we normally go to.  I know, I know, I shouldn't say things like that, but seriously, whenever we go to the vet I get that "First-Day-of-School" feeling in my stomach because I don't want to go and have to sit there while the  vet talks to us like we're children.  But I digress.  When Steve told me we were going to see the blonde vet, I was glad, because even though we've only seen her one time, we really liked her a lot and she genuinely seems to enjoy working with the dogs (even when they act like butt-heads).  I felt kind of sneaky, coming in to see a different vet, but I figured since it was Saturday, the regular vet would never know!  Bear's visit went fine, except that he's fat, but we made it through the entire visit without being talked down to or me flying into a rage and wanting to yank off the vet's arms, wookie-style.  I thought we were home free, until we stepped out of the examining room and the vet we don't like was sitting there.  I felt like I'd been caught cheating on her or something.  I wanted to step up to her and yell "YOU NEVER GAVE ME WHAT I NEEDED!  YOU NEVER TREATED ME RIGHT! I HAD TO GO TO GO ELSEWHERE!  IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!"  Of course, I didn't.  Coward that I am, I took the dog to the car while Steve payed and filled out paperwork so I wouldn't have to stand there in the cone of shame.  Oh, well.  It was definitely her, not me.

2) I think I linked to this a couple of years ago, but I'm going to do it again, just in case I didn't.  I realize that most people won't enjoy looking at these like I do, but the Tennessee Sampler Survey has been taking up my internet time recently.  It's a site dedicated to documenting and preserving needlework heritage from Tennessee.  The samplers (or cross stitch/embroidery pictures for those who aren't down with the lingo, heh) are almost all by young women who were in Female Academies in Tennessee in the early 19th Century.  Those are schools for women where they learned to be ladies, and to learn things ladies needed to know how to do!  I imagine they were like high schools where almost every class is home ec.  Most of the samplers can be proven to be from Tennessee, and since the names and dates were on most of them, the people who made them can be traced and a bit of information about the person is included with each sampler.  I like these because they weren't meant to be put in a museum or anything, and they are very personal to each girl who made them.  Basically, it was just a piece of homework they had, so they show different quirks and tastes from different parts of Tennessee.  I wish there were something like this from the female academies of Alabama.  It's funny to me that stuff like this was once taught in schools for girls, but then again, I guess young southern women in the early 1800s weren't exactly looking to become doctors and engineers.  They were most probableh tryin' to catch a husband, and you had to know how to do these things to be a propaaah lady.  Heeheehee.

3)  Over the past two days, I have found two giant roaches in our house.  I hate roaches.  I hate them.  When I see them, my skin crawls and all I want to do is sit in a very clean, empty room where I can see every inch of the floor around me.  I had to dispose of them myself, because both times Steve hasn't been available to get them for me.  I think they're only inside because it's been so hot outside, and because of the deluge of rain we got on Saturday, and because it's almost time for the exterminator to come, so I'm hoping that they go away after the bug man cometh on Thursday, but I've got to live here until then.  I've now been inspired to go into every room and box up anything that is on the floor, sterilize the house, spray poison on every inch of baseboard, and set fire to the whole thing.  Seriously, and I don't care how sissy this sounds to you, but after the one I found this morning, Steve was late for work because he had to calm me down. I went fetal.  If I'm ever in a place where the cockroaches fly or hiss, I will not survive. 

4) Steve and I went to see Cowboys and Aliens this weekend, and I liked it a lot!  It wasn't the greatest movie ever, but it was fun and Harrison Ford was in it!  Also, that last British dude who played James Bond.  I can't remember his name and I don't care enough to look it up.  Anyway, the movie was good, but a little weird.  I think it's just difficult to blend any kind of different genre with a western and have it mesh seamlessly.  Firefly is the only instance of sci-fi and western being completely successfully mixed that I know of!  This wasn't bad at all, though.  I mean, who knows, maybe aliens did visit earth in Wild West days.  Think of all the cattle they could mutilate!  :)

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