Thursday, August 11, 2011


Mr. Lee's surgery went fine and he's at home and resting at the moment.  He's a little sore and stiff, but that's to be expected when someone takes a Drimmel bit to one of your most bendy joints, right?  :)

We sat in the pre-op area with him for 4 hours before they took him back.  FOUR HOURS.  It wasn't terrible or anything, but he was supposed to be taken back way sooner than he was and since his leg tends to hurt more while he was lying down, he wasn't too happy with the wait.  Luckily, one of his deacon friends was there and we all sat and talked until they took him back.

When they finally came and got him, Steve and I walked out into the post-op waiting room and attacked the vending machine.  We were starving by this point, because we hadn't thought we would be there that long and hadn't had lunch.  We only had enough time to have a bag of chips and a soda before the nurse came out and said he was all done and was waking up from sedation.  We were away from him for about 45 minutes total, and that encompassed him being wheeled back, being sedated, having the surgery, and waking up from his sedation.  The doc came out and showed us the pictures from the laproscopic camera (ew) and explained what they had done, and about 15 minutes later we were out the door.  Wow.  They should just install a drive through over at the surgery center!

Steve took Mr. Lee home while I stopped to get his pain meds and then got everyone something to eat.  Mr. Lee hadn't eaten since the night before, so he was quite hungry by the time I got over to his place.  We all sat for a while, and after making sure he was OK and didn't need us to stay the night, we left.

I called to check on him today and he's doing fine!  Thanks for the prayers! 

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