Friday, May 18, 2012


1) This morning I woke up convinced I was dying.  My stomach was hurting so much that I couldn't move, and I was also in Crazy Town, so my brain wasn't processing the idea of pain as well as it might if I were fully awake.  I even woke Steve up to let him know something was wrong, and that I might need some help if it didn't abate a little.  I managed to get up and walk around a little, which helped, but not very much.  I lay back down and eventually fell asleep again, and when I woke up I was feeling better, except that when I tried to stand up again I almost fell over.  All is well, though.  I finally managed to wake up enough to realize that I'd apparently pulled a muscle in my stomach (and arms, and legs, and side) while I was at the gym yesterday, and I had stiffened up while I was asleep.  What I had woken up to was basically like having a charlie horse in my abdomen, so that was a lot of fun.  I'm doing better now, except that I literally feel like I was in some kind of violent accident and bruised every part of my body.  I couldn't go to the gym today because I couldn't stand the thought of having to move my legs that much.  Why does trying to be healthy hurt so badly?  No wonder we have an obesity epidemic in this country. Working out sucks.

I may also be able to blame my initial over-reaction to my stomach pain on the fact that we watched Alien and Aliens last night.  Honestly, you see a couple of wormy aliens explode from someone's digestive tract and it can mess you up for life.

2) Speaking of going to the gym, I'm actually still at it. I didn't think I'd make it this long!  Things aren't going as well as I would like, weight loss wise, but I know it's mostly my fault.  I just like to eat, and there are days when that is all I want to do.  I manage it pretty well, normally, but sometimes it nearly drives me crazy.  I'm very sure that if I weren't seeing the dietician, this wouldn't be working for me at all, because the fact that I am accountable to someone keeps me from destroying the snack cabinet.  Also, this woman is so tiny and cute, and she seems so genuinely thrilled if I make any progress, that if I go in and show her my food journal and she sees something disappointing, it's like punching a kitten in the head.  She just looks so dang disappointed in me and it makes me feel terrible.  I have to go and see her next week, and the fact I haven't lost any weight plus the fact that I haven't been as careful with my meals as I had been before (usually out of convenience, really), is going to make her give me that sad kitten look.  I already dread it.

I have lost a couple of pounds, though, but not really enough for anyone to notice.  It's a slow and frustrating process!

3) Steve's band will be having a big, multi-family yard sale this weekend (weather permitting) so if you like to buy other people's old stuff, you should totally go!  We are putting in a bunch of clothes and kitchen stuff, for which I am grateful, because I think everything we own has been having babies.  I promise you, I went through my clothes not long ago and gave away a bunch of stuff I couldn't wear anymore, but when I went through it all again, I ended up finding three more huge garbage bags of stuff to give away and I still have a pile of clothes left!  I don't understand how that is happening.  I've also found things I didn't even remember we had!  It's insane the amount of things that can collect in a house.  So, anyway, the sale will be at United Methodist Church on Old Monrovia Rd. (or at least whatever road runs behind Providence).  Tell your friends. Buy our stuff. 

4) I was working on a decoration for Sara's wedding the other day, and the process included a lot of silver glitter.  I'd glued the glitter down, but had yet to spray it with acrylic sealant, so when I picked it up, some of the loose glitter got on my and went down my shirt.  I was oblivious of any of this until I got to church that night and looked down to see my chest covered in sparkles.  It was like I was trying to smuggle a couple of disco balls around in my shirt! 

5) I just finished reading Twilight this morning and I still hate it.  If anything, I hate it more now than I initially did.  Don't get me wrong, though...I think I finally understand why it became such a popular series, and why so many women love it, but I still hate it and I still want to punch Bella in the face until she dies. 

It actually made me angry to read it.  I don't consider myself to be a feminist, at least not one of the  militant and outspoken type, but to me that story is one of the most anti-feminist and misogynistic things I have EVER read, and the fact that so many women, young women mostly, love this book just blows my mind.  In fact, the knowledge that this book was actually written by a woman blows my mind even more!  The main character is supposedly a smart young lady, but at 16 she's willing to give up her life (quite literally) and everything else for a good looking guy who pushes he around, tells her what to do, puts her in terrible danger, is always on the verge of killing her, and who basically treats her like a child? Not to mention he's kind of an icky pedophile.  I don't care if he's an immortal, that's still disturbing.

No, no more...I can't talk about it anymore right now.  I might actually punch something, and I still have 3 more of these terrible books to go.  Could I stop reading them right now?  Of course, but I'm determined to finish this. 

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