Saturday, August 11, 2012


1) So, I suppose you want to know where I'm working now, huh?  Nosy Parkers.  :)  It's not exactly a secret, but I've been holding off saying anything on here because I wanted to make sure I'd be there longer than a week before I got kicked to the curb!  Heehee.  No, actually I am currently in training to take over as our church's secretary! Close your mouths, people.  Indeed, I'm going to be a church lady. Isn't that special?

The girl (woman, really, but she seems so young to me) who is currently there is more than just a little bit pregnant, and she's going to be a stay-at-home mom when her son Owen is born.  She's also a missionary and the wife of a doctor in training, so it's probably inevitable that she will be moving to someplace where they can do their thing once her husband is fully inDOCtrinated (see what I did there?)  Heh.  Sorry.

Anyways, she isn't leaving until late October, so right now I'm there twice a week to learn how to do everything, but I'm almost afraid I'm not quite smart enough to handle the job.  That's not a cry for help or anything, I promise, but the position isn't just answering the phones and filing visitor slips.  I'm fully capable of doing the office work, I know.  However, it's more of an office manager position where I'll be dealing with budgets, paychecks, taxes and important keep-the-church-solvent kind of stuff, and I've never been any good with numbers.  I'm terrified that I'm going to somehow screw something up and all the money will disappear.  I have panic attacks thinking of screwing up taxes and giving the wrong people the wrong money.  That probably sounds silly to most of you but SHUT UP! YOU DON'T KNOW MY PAIN!!!!!  I'm math stupid.  If I wasn't, I'd be a doctor right now.  Honestly.  I wanted to go into medicine, but there are too many ways to kill a person when you can't do numbers. Oy. If I can just keep from panicking, I think I'll be OK, but budget stuff will never not scare me.  They are sending me to a two day class in Talladega to learn QuickBooks and other financial stuff specifically tailored for churches, so maybe I'll learn what I need to know.  I was upfront with my pastor about my math skills, but he still took a gamble.  Hopefully I won't let him down!  I hope not.

I'll let you know periodically how things are going.  I'd have done it long before now, but I'd forgotten the password for my blog and couldn't write anything while I was at work! :)

2) The cabinets are finally done, and they look great, but everything else is a frigging mess.

When I was young, I read a story called "The Most Expensive Curtains."  It was about a 19th century farm girl who's parents let her pick a new set of curtains for her bedroom.  She picked some she loved, but then decided that they made her walls look dingy, so she talked her brother into repainting her room.  The new paint made the bookcase look bad, and on and on.  You can see where the story went from there.

Yeah, I read awesome books as a kid.

Our cabinets turned into expensive curtains.  It wasn't completely a surprise, of course, because any new remodel does cause chaos, but I wasn't expecting the entire house to be affected.  Since the new counters and cabinets are in a different formation than the last, we had to replace the flooring.  We might not have had to if we could have found the same kind of vinyl tiling we already had, but it had been discontinued.  Sigh.  We opted to install a floating wooden floor on top of the vinyl.  The floor turned out great, but we had to remove the baseboards to put it in, so those and a lot of the trim in the kitchen will have to be replaced when we can find matching wood, which is proving difficult.  We will also eventually install the same kind of flooring in my office, the living room and the hallway so that it will all match, but that won't be anytime soon!  The walls look like hell because the old cabinets were hung a bit lower than our new ones are and there are holes and pits and gouges where they were removed.  We're going to have to work magic on what is underneath the cabinets and repaint the rest of the room so that the shades of red will match all over.  Since we had to move the fridge, a big bookshelf was displaced, and so my formidable collection of cookbooks are currently in the guestroom along with a ton of other stuff we had to move and haven't found a permanent place for.  We've got furniture all out of place because we had to reorganize to install the floor and cabinets, but we can't move them back until we get a chance to paint.  We're also going to have to repair the ceiling and replace a window.  You'd think we would have had plenty of time to finish everything by now, but we've also had a lot of other non-kitchen related things going on and when we do have spare time, we like to take baths and sleep and stuff.  Also, we don't want to do like we did when we first bought the house and only halfway finish projects, so we want to be able to do one thing at a time from start to finish, and that is going to take chunks of time we just don't have right now.  I'd say by the year 2015 we will be able to move about freely in our home again!  :)

But hey...awesome cabinets!  Pictures to come!

3) I'm a member of Pinterest, and I've come to have a love/hate relationship with it lately.  I didn't exactly jump on the bandwagon with the site, because I joined it before pretty much everyone else I know.  Oooooooh, that makes me sound kind of hipsterish. Sorry.  :)  No, I honestly didn't know what I was joining when I found it.  I was just looking for wedding inspiration stuff for Sara, and since I couldn't get the pictures from the site without joining it, I joined.  Baaaaaaaaaaaa.  However, it wasn't long before I was using it for the reasons it was intended...a digital bulletin board, if you will.  It's also been an invaluable tool for me so that I don't continue to bookmark a thousand pages that get lost in my bookmark list.  I have too many bookmarks as it is, and I usually can't remember why I saved the page in the first place.

I generally enjoy looking at it, because it's full of a lot of really great ideas in a very accessible format.  I found neato recipes and craft instructions that have helped me learn to do a lot of interesting stuff, and there isn't a day that I peruse the site that I don't find some kind of helpful hint I can use.  I also enjoy the fact that I can figure stuff out about people before they come right out and say it.  I'm fairly certain that on more than one occasion I've figured out who was getting married or having a baby before it became public knowledge.

However, I'm beginning to notice a few things about the site that get on my dang nerves.  For one, I get annoyed when it becomes obvious that the people I follow don't actually read the things from other users that they "re-pin."  There have been tons of "These three simple ingredients do this awesome thing when you mix them together! WOW!" pins that are obviously 100% wrong.  You cannot mix mountain dew and peroxide and make a giant glow stick!  I think those pins only bother me because it should be common sense that you can't make half of those things work with the directions given.

I also get annoyed with the "Pin Now, Read Later" ones because that just seems stupid. How do you know you want to pin something if you don't read it first?  If you pin everything that has a pretty picture and interesting tag line, you are going to end up with a lot of useless garbage cluttering up your feed as well as the feed anyone following you has.  Yeah, I went there... you know who I'm talking to.  ; )

It isn't just the pinners that get annoying, though.  I've started to notice that a lot of bloggers have started pandering to the Pinterest folks.  I mean, it isn't a bad thing to want people to pin your stuff in order to bring in new readers, but it doesn't do to whore yourself out for it.

Anyway, I suppose to nutshell my issue is to just come out and say that apparently I'm the only person in the universe who knows how to properly use Pinterest!  Hah! Yeah, that whole rant made so much more sense last night when I started writing it.

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