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New Orleans, LA
October 6, 2012

Today was the big day!  *Insert girly, ultrasonic squeal here.*

Bridesmaid duty started early today, when we all gathered at Sara's hotel room around 8:30 to pack up the cars and hie ourselves thither to the wedding venue.  It sounds like much more of an epic journey than it actually was, because we were actually only staying about a block away from the place, but we couldn't carry everything all at once and we had a lot of stuff to do!

Sara and Ron were getting married at Margaret Gardens, an antebellum home in the Garden District.  When I first saw the place, I was a little taken aback, because it didn't look like a place people would get married in, but once you got inside...oh my!  The place is absolutely gorgeous, although in my opinion, they could have used more art! :) After we carried all of our things inside, we began to unpack the decorations that we had brought and put them around the parlor.  Sara and I had made most of the things that she was using, so I was very proud that everything looked so nice!  I can't take much credit for what was there, though, because Sara (who swears she doesn't have an artistic bone in her body) actually told me what she wanted.  I just made it flesh, so to speak.

After unpacking and making the owners of the building move tables around to our satisfaction (hee!) we headed out towards Cafe Amelie, an awesome little restaurant on Royal Street.  Hilary, another one of the bridesmaids, picked it kind of at random, but it couldn't have been a better place for us to go.  We were seated inside, because it was still hotter than the armpit of hell outside, and we got to have a nice, relaxed brunch.  The food was so very good.  So very, very good.  If you're ever in the area, I recommend this place!  I have a new, and completely unexpected love of grits now, and I've got to figure out how to make them like they do in New Orleans.  Also, and I'm not proud of this, I had dessert after what was essentially breakfast, but it was worth it!

Leia, Sara, Anna, Me, Hilary and Baby Rose!

 Once we got back to Margaret Gardens, we went upstairs to get all of our stuff settled.  We would be getting ready in the Bridal Suite, the bedroom and sitting room on the second floor of the building where Sara and Ron would be spending the next couple of days.  The room was set up with soda and  champagne, so we were ready to go!  Unfortunately, almost the minute we got inside, I sat on the bed and it collapsed!  I broke the honeymoon bed!  I don't know what happened, I promise!  I didn't jump on it, or take a flying leap, I just sat down and the mattress hit the floor!  We tried fixing it, realizing that the mattress had somehow fallen inside of the bed frame, but we couldn't lift it.  Leia, the bridesmaid who scared the wedding coordinator so badly, went out and found someone who worked there.  I'm not sure exactly what she said, except that the word unacceptable was used, but someone came up, post haste, and fixed the bed.  They even had to go to a hardware store for something to make sure it wouldn't fall again, but Leia cracked the whip and soon the bed was fixed AND remade. I suppose it was lucky I'm the one who broke it, instead of...well...it falling down later that night.

We decorated and did some last minute detail work until the hair and makeup ladies came by to get us all skanked up! This was some serious business.  The makeup lady had an air compressor in her arsenal because we were going to get the full airbrush treatment!  It was so weird!  She asked me what I wanted her to do, but I had no idea what to tell her because I tend to apply my makeup in the traditional manner, so I told her to do whatever she wanted as long as she didn't make me look like a drag queen.  It was cold and it tickled!  I also came within an inch of having a panic attack when she sprayed around my nose and I couldn't breathe in.  In case you're wondering, airbrush makeup is supposed to last longer and photograph well, and since we were getting ready roughly 5 hours before the wedding so that the pictures would be over before the ceremony began, we needed something that would last.  The makeup job looked great, as long as you didn't get too close.  Up close I looked the way a dead person at a funeral looks, but hey...no one was going to get that close, so I was ok!   The hair stylist came next, and she curled and pinned for what seemed like twelve hours, but she did a good job!  Well, at least I think so.  The front looked great, but even though I did the "two mirror reverse look" I couldn't tell what the back of my hair looked like.  There just wasn't enough light.  Eh, everyone said that it looked fine, so who was I to argue?

 I assure you I'm wearing pants.

We finally got dressed in our official bridesmaid attire, and while the photographers snapped away, we managed to get all 800 yards of Sara's gorgeous wedding gown on her body.  I've never seen such a cloud of beads, tulle and satin, but she looked absolutely perfect! I basically had to crawl under her skirt to get her shoes on, and after a few more pictures and final touches, it was time for us to go downstairs and begin taking photos with the rest of the wedding party!


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