Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I think I had a mini stroke or something, because I've volunteered to to a talk to some of the church kids next week about Graphic Design as a part of "Operation Education."

Operation Education is something that the children's teachers put together so that adults from our church could teach skills to the younger kids.  I think that they were thinking more about practical skills, though, but so few people volunteered to do anything, they're taking what they can get. They'd actually originally asked if I could teach the kids crochet, but A) I'm horrible at teaching people to do stuff, and B) crochet is not something I could get those kids to understand in half an hour. I felt bad because I knew that they needed people to come and talk to the kids, but I couldn't think of one thing I could teach them that would be useful.  My only idea was to tell them about art/graphic design.  So...either I'll get some kids interested in it or I'll bore them to death.

I don't know how to talk to kids.

What have I done?

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Kenny said...

Think of this as an introductory level deal. This is an opportunity to find out if this might, may be, could be something they are interested in. It should turn them on or turn them off. But don't go overboard on the details. That's where you'll lose them here. You can't cram your accumulated experience and education in one quick series. You can show them a basic thing or two, explain why it can be fun and rewarding and share a war story or two.

If you have an hour you have enough time to teach them three things. That seems to of whack, but that's a fair rule of thumb, even among the motivated college student set.

Keep it fun.