Tuesday, August 11, 2015


1) When I was getting ready this morning, I just wanted to be comfortable, so I pulled out a sort of big, flowy tunic that I had bought so that I'd be thematically appropriate for VBS (and mainly so I didn't have to wear the t-shirt to work everyday.)  When I went to the mirror to make sure I had it on front-ways, (and also to make sure that I was wearing pants, a situation I was almost in yesterday but realized before I went outside) I realized that I looked exactly like my mother had in a picture my dad took of her years ago while she was pregnant with me. She was wearing a very similar shirt to what I had on, and our hair is cut very similarly, and because my shirt is so big, it kind of poofed out in the front. I'd post that picture of her on here, but she wouldn't forgive me for that. I got a good laugh out of it until I realized that I was dressed like a housewife from the late 70's who was about 14 months pregnant. Then I felt bad and wanted to go back to bed. I didn't change, though.

2) There is a wonderful, lovely British woman who goes to my church.  Well, she's an American citizen, but she was born in England. I love talking to her. She always says something funny. Today she came in to lead our Women's Prayer Group, and while she was in the office making copies, we started talking about how she came to American when she was 21. I asked her why she came to America, and she told me it was because she married an American man.  She told me "He was the only American man I dated. Good girls didn't date Americans. I didn't even want to date this one, he just kept coming around!"  She is a delight.

3) A couple of days ago I sprayed some cleaner on the bottom of the tub so that I could scrub it, and then promptly forgot about it, like I sometimes do. It wasn't until the next day, when I was about to get back in the shower, that I remembered that I had sprayed the stuff in there. I figured that if I let the water run for a bit, it would just wash the cleaner off and I would just put more in there later.  That is apparently not how it worked. After I thought plenty of time had passed, I stepped in the shower.  As I was in there, washing my hair, I realized that I was slowly sliding towards the drain.  I probably wouldn't have noticed, but I almost slid out from under the spray of the shower head.  I stepped back and then started sliding again.  You know how bathtubs are slightly angled so that all the water runs out? Well, that, and the fact that the running water had somehow reconstituted the cleaner instead of washing it down the drain, was causing me to slowly slide as I was trying to take a shower.  When I tried to adjust my feet, I started sliding more.  I suppose I'm lucky I didn't fall and hurt myself (oh, the horrors of being found naked and unconscious) but I managed to hang on and finish my shower.  It was funny, so I was laughing while I was in the shower. I'm so glad there is no one there to hear me when things like that happen.  People who laugh while they are alone in bathrooms are usually not normal.

4) Last Saturday Steve and I went to Lowe Mill!  It was so much fun!  Lowe Mill is a kind of artist collective, I guess you'd call it.  It's like of like a flea market for people who sell cool-ass stuff that they've made.  I'd wanted to visit it for a long time, but never took the time.  I'd never been to the artsy side of the place.  The only time I'd ever been there was when I'd applied for a graphics job for a company that used to be housed in one half of the old textile mill. Some of you might remember that it was the place I had to escape from because I felt like I was going to be murdered right in the middle of the interview?  You don't?  (OK, you can read about that here.) Anyway, it's an amazing old building filled with really talented people.  We looked around a bit, and I found a couple of classes I'd like to take someday!  It also houses Piper and Leaf, a local tea shop that usually has stands set up at farmer's markets (good stuff), and be still my heart, Pizzelles Confections, a real, live, local, fancy chocolate shop!  I'd never tried their stuff before, so I just got one of everything in the case!  Don't you judge me.  I don't know if their chocolate will be as good as the last fancy chocolate I had, but if it is, I might not survive. Neither will anyone else. ; )  We had a fun day!  I already want to go back soon!

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